TOP 20 best frame pools: round and rectangular, children’s and adults


Every city dweller who has acquired a small summer cottage or his own house thought about how to make his vacation as comfortable as possible. The frame pool is the best option for ennobling the backyard area. This purchase is useful for both a child and an adult. Today, there are quite a few types of frame pools, which differ in shape, size and volume. We choose the best frame pools of rectangular and round shape. TOP children’s and adult pools from inexpensive to the best on the market according to reviews of real buyers with advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing the best children’s frame pools

Intex Mini Frame 57173

The best frame pool for children. The reliable design is able to withstand any load that children come up with during outdoor activities. The frame is made of durable metal. Due to its small size, it takes up minimal space in the yard. The compact size together with small capacity promotes fast warming up of water under the sun. The presence of a drain will allow you to quickly replace the water with a new one. It is easily transported and installed on a flat surface. Produced in several colors.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 337
Height, cm thirty
Size, cm 122*122


  • comfortable;
  • lasting;
  • quality material;
  • moderately roomy;
  • assembly instructions.


  • the sides can withstand considerable weight;
  • not frost resistant.

Review: “I can say with confidence that this brand produces the best framed pools. Was sealed in a compact box, looks very attractive. The kid loved the pool, and we even more. Satisfied with the quality of the product, the material is completely safe for the baby.”

Bestway My First Frame 56217

This model of the pool is intended for entertainments in the water environment. The soft case is quite easy to install, completely safe for the child. The framework is made of anticorrosive materials. Installation requires a flat and smooth surface. The kit includes a repair patch. The dimensions of the device are small, so it will easily fit into any personal plot. The manufacturer has released several models of different sizes and colors.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 365
Height, cm 30.5
Size, cm 122*120


  • optimal size for children;
  • easy to assemble;
  • full set;
  • reliable design;
  • inexpensive.


  • difficult to find on sale in stores;
  • the depth is great for a child.

Review: “We took a frame pool for a summer residence. The price is democratic, packed very compact, but heavy. Easy to assemble, even a child can handle it. The only thing that had to be put on for softness was an old carpet. The pool can easily fit 4 people. The drain is at the bottom. Over the years of use, nothing has broken or torn.”

Intex Ocean Play 56452 Snapset

Inexpensive model of a children’s frame pool. It is made of durable vinyl that can last for many years with careful use. Quite spacious, which allows you to swim not only the baby, but also his peers. The pool has a bright color with a fascinating coloring in the form of fish, algae and other marine life. This design will be a great addition to the green meadow. It can be quickly inflated, and the material is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation and is easily transformed.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 520
Height, cm 38
Size, cm 183*100


  • ease;
  • ease of installation;
  • reliable;
  • does not require a lot of water;
  • equipment.


  • bad joints;
  • thin film on the bottom.

Review: “My wife and I decided to buy a pool for the child. Every summer we relax in a country house, and in order to diversify our vacation, we decided to make this purchase. We read a lot of reviews, recommendations from other users and our choice was on this model. Outwardly very stylish, folded in an hour. Fills up quickly with water. Under the sun, the material does not crack, very practical. The good news is that it can be easily transported to another site. Completely satisfied with the purchase.»

Quadro Large 11670

This model is equipped with a durable fabric base that stretches across the width of the frame. The pool is used in various variations — it can be filled with water, sand, balls. Aluminum profiles are able to maintain the reliability of the structure for a long time. This is the perfect solution for water battles. It can be combined with modular slides. Produced in several colors. The material is not deformable, does not heat up from the sun’s rays.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 430
Height, cm 45
Size, cm 245*125


  • classic design;
  • small sizes;
  • quickly assembled;
  • light;
  • durable material.


  • the drain cap does not hold well;
  • requires a perfectly flat surface.

Review: “For a birthday, they gave the child a pool, which he had long dreamed of. Among hundreds of models, we chose the best and most reliable. Completely satisfied with the quality. Not only did we like the colors, but so did the kids. There are complete assembly instructions, but in principle it is intuitively clear what needs to be done.”

TOP frame pools for adults

Intex Metal Frame 28200/56997

A round frame pool of the usual blue color, in which not only children, but also adults can swim. The framework is made of steel galvanized pipes which hold a design. It is able to withstand a large pressure of water. The sides are made using a special technology: two layers of vinyl and a layer of fiberglass. Requires a flat area for installation. Assembled in 30 minutes, after which you can enjoy the cool freshness of water. With proper use, it is very practical and durable.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 4485
Height, cm 87.6
Size, cm 311*273


  • elementary assembly;
  • design;
  • film quality;
  • maximum equipment;
  • filter pump.


  • rapid stagnation of water;
  • pipes rust.

Feedback: “I bought a pool without a cover in the minimum configuration. The price is quite adequate, the frame is quite rigid, it can easily withstand my weight. The depth, as for me, is not very great, but it is quite enough to cool off on a summer day. In fact, I got more from the product than I expected.”

Bestway Steel Pro MAX 56026/56406

This model is characterized by stability and high strength. The bowl is made of high-quality three-layer material: two layers of vinyl and polyester. The frame is entirely made of metal, which is resistant to corrosion. To install the pool, you do not need to dig a hole — you just need to clear the area from unnecessary sharp and piercing objects. It is recommended to disassemble it in cold weather. Assembly takes less than an hour. The drain valve makes it easy to change the water and clean the bowl.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 4678
Height, cm 76
Size, cm 305*115


  • bowl strength;
  • the quality of all components;
  • convenience;
  • fast assembly;
  • occupies a minimum of space in the yard.


  • smells like glue;
  • heavy.

Reviews: “Bought last year. The bottom is made very high quality — if you suddenly come across a small pebble, you don’t have to worry about the fact that there will be a hole. I change the water once a week so that it does not stagnate. According to the parameters, it became good in the yard, it does not bother anyone. I am satisfied with the brand, if I ever have to replace it with another one, then I will choose it.”

Summer Escapes P20-1042

The pool was distinguished by its great depth and compact size. Such parameters will make both children and adults feel comfortable. It is quickly installed using a minimum of technical devices. Stylish design, versatility, convenience — all this will give a lot of joy to the family. The assembly process and the time before filling takes no more than an hour. The strength of the model is determined in the frame, which is able to withstand heavy loads.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 6298
Height, cm 107
Size, cm 307*305


  • big size;
  • comfortable depth;
  • quality seams;
  • comes with a pump;
  • strength.


  • no awning;
  • performance.

Review: “For a long time we were looking for a swimming pool for the dacha, so that it was roomy and deep. Mostly they sell large ones, but small ones, and only this manufacturer found one that completely suits me. Immediately under it I ordered an awning and a ladder. The installation took me less than an hour. We have been using it for about a month — it brings great pleasure not only to me, but also to children and friends. ”

Intex Rectangular Frame 28273/58982

The pool is quickly established on a smooth surface. Made of PVC, which significantly increases the strength of the bowl. The framework is made of the galvanized pipes covered with anticorrosive material. The bottom is equipped with a drain hose. You can connect any type of hose to it and drain the water in a convenient place. The kit comes with a special bedding and awning cover, but there is no pump for water circulation to avoid stagnation. Differs in the increased term of operation, on condition of the correct storage and use.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 7127
Height, cm 84
Size, cm 450*220


  • spacious;
  • comfortable;
  • strong;
  • comfortable to swim;
  • secure fasteners.


  • the drain valve is difficult to open;
  • pump.

Review: “The pool is quite big. A very good option for home use. Depth enough to dive and jump. It assembles very easily, the side walls are strong. For convenience, I bought a ladder so that it was easy for children to climb. The kit does not include a pump that would purify water from stagnation. And overall I’m happy with everything.»

The best rectangular frame pools

Intex Rectangular Frame 28271/58980

The pool is aesthetic. The process of assembly and filling with water takes about half an hour. The design is extremely reliable and time-tested. The walls of the pool are made of durable materials — vinyl and polypropylene. Additional reliability is provided by the frame, which is made of stainless steel, thanks to which it is able to withstand heavy loads when bathing several people at the same time. The drain valve connects to the drain and cleaning hose. Does not require soil preparation.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 2282
Height, cm 65
Size, cm 260*160


  • clear instructions;
  • easy to assemble;
  • well packaged;
  • durable metal frame;
  • occupies a minimum of space.


  • the drain tube is above the bottom;
  • no filter.

Review: “Experience using the pool 2 months. I am satisfied with the purchase, especially the 4-year-old kid. I chose the pool specifically so that the height of the board was around 70 cm — and an adult can sit and a child can swim. The dimensions are quite satisfactory. My brother bought the same, only a little smaller. In general, everyone is happy.”

Bestway Splash Jr. Frame 56040/56401

The pool model is made of stainless steel. Reliably holds the structure under load of various types. The side walls are made of durable reinforced material. Resistant to damage, UV and chlorine. There is a valve to which a garden hose is attached to drain water or clean the pool. Easy to install, even easier to assemble. The kit includes a repair patch. It is assembled on a perfectly flat surface without piercing objects.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 1167
Height, cm 43
Size, cm 221*150


  • convenient form;
  • practical material that does not require special care;
  • drain hole:
  • compact;
  • reliable construction.


  • short-lived seams;
  • hard to find an awning under the pool.

Review: “A very decent pool for both kids and adults, however the child needs to be carefully supervised as it is very deep, but suitable for those who are trying to learn how to swim. They put it on the ground, pre-leveled with sand. Did great in the garden. Water can be easily drained with a garden hose. I’m completely satisfied with the quality.»

Intex Prism Frame 28316/26788

The model has a nice blue color and impressive size. The racks of the frame are placed at an angle, so they are easily mounted, due to steel pipes, and provide stability. The kit includes a filter cartridge pump that purifies water well from contaminants. When folded, it is very compact and easy to transform. The bowl is made of PVC. It is resistant to the rays of the sun and chlorine. The pool is equipped with a bedding and an awning. The drain is located on the side with a branch in the right place.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 6836
Height, cm 100
Size, cm 400*200


  • large size;
  • optimal depth;
  • easy assembly;
  • quality of materials;
  • high product strength.


  • the weight;
  • The service life can be greatly reduced by inaccurate use and care.

Review: “We bought a pool yesterday on the advice of a friend. Today I assembled it, began to fill it with water, noticed that the design holds a large amount of water very well. I put linoleum under the bottom so as not to be a pebble. I really liked that they delivered the product home, as it is very overall. I am glad that for such a price I was able to get a durable and high-quality product.”

Rating of round frame pools

Intex 28726

The company has released the long-awaited round pool model. It is easy to install on a horizontal surface. The peculiarity of the model lies in its depth — 122 cm. The pool is made of PVC, which is made using the new Super-Tough technology. The sturdy post is coated with quality paint for long-term storage and rust protection, allowing you to install a ladder. The bottom has a valve to which a hose is attached to drain the water. Not equipped with a skimmer.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 10685
Height, cm 100
Size, cm 366*122


  • lasting;
  • comfortable;
  • cute design;
  • ladder included;
  • strong frame.


  • no cover;
  • Not the best quality pad.

Review: “The pool is just a fairy tale. So I waited for the summer to quickly lie in it. Husband puts it together in an hour. We lay linoleum under the bottom, because we had a negative experience — we just bought it and immediately punched it. The quality of the material is decent. I just had to buy a cover to store in the pantry.”

Bestway Steel Pro MAX 56420

This model of the pool has a cartridge pump for cleaning water from stagnation. The bottom is equipped with a drain. The kit includes a bedding that spreads on a flat surface for assembly. The awning protects the water from debris, dust and the sun. The design is known for its strength and stability, which is achieved by the use of stainless materials. The top is coated with anti-corrosion coating. The pool is sold in a compact case, which is useful during storage, and also allows you to conveniently transport it.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 10200
Height, cm 122
Size, cm 370*130


  • strong frame;
  • the presence of a filter;
  • quickly assembled and disassembled;
  • easy to clean;
  • spacious.


  • water drains for a long time;
  • minor maintenance issues.

Reviews: “We bought a large pool so that we could swim in plenty. For us, collecting and draining water is a whole event that takes the whole day. Despite this, the build quality is very high. Accommodates up to 7 people comfortably. The depth allows you to dive and jump. Drain water is required every few weeks to avoid stagnation.

Intex Prism Frame 26718

The pool is equipped with durable oval pipes, has a light blue color. Installed on a flat surface, preferably sand or soil. Equipped with a special bedding. Durable metal racks are painted for long-term use. Not too bulky, which allows you to place it in any convenient place, but at the same time large. The bowl is made of a material that is easy to clean. A special drain allows you to periodically drain the water to avoid stagnation.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 10268
Height, cm 122
Size, cm 380*131


  • design;
  • easy to assemble;
  • large volume;
  • strong fasteners;
  • there is a ladder.


  • heavy;
  • difficult to wash.

Reviews: “We bought for a child to learn how to swim, well, for adults, so that in the summer you can relax. Putting one design is very difficult, together with my husband we managed in a few hours. At night we cover with a shade to save from flies, dust and mosquitoes. It took more time to drain than to assemble. We clean once a month. If you do not take all this into account, then everyone is happy.”

A selection of small frame pools

Intex Rectangular Frame 28270/58983

The compact model is designed for families. The parameters of the pool cavity are suitable for safe swimming. The inner bowl is made using the mosaic technique and is made of durable material. It is better to collect the pool at a positive temperature, however, frosts will not greatly affect its density. The polymer material is strong, durable and completely safe, resistant to impact, sunlight, stretching and abrasion. The frame is made of galvanized steel.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 1662
Height, cm 122
Size, cm 310*260


  • strong;
  • a lot of space;
  • equipment;
  • water flows easily;
  • easy assembly and maintenance.


  • blooms without chlorine;
  • volume.

Review: “Advised to buy this pool. Like the color of the product is easy to assemble and disassemble. Water heats up quickly and is easy to clean. Due to the small sides, it is convenient for children to climb into it. I hope it will last much longer than its predecessor. The price is acceptable, does not require additional investments.

Bestway Splash Jr. Frame 56040/56401

The best frame pool for recreation, which is highly durable. The frame is made of metal with anti-corrosion coating. Installation takes a minimum of time — it requires only a flat surface and improvised materials. The drain valve is placed in an inconspicuous place and easily connects to the garden hose. Assembly and connection takes no more than 2 hours. The bowl is made of three durable, non-slip layers. Does not require concreting and pit preparation.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 1167
Height, cm 43
Size, cm 221*150


  • drainer;
  • filter connection;
  • the form;
  • ease of assembly;
  • strong metal pipes.


  • thin bottom;
  • the walls and bottom are made of different materials.

Review: “Very decent pool for kids and adults. Put the pool on a flat surface, leveled with sand. One can not assemble it, as it is very overall. Filled with water within a few hours. The walls do not heat up, which does not cause additional discomfort for children. The purchase brought a lot of positive emotions to the family.”

Intex Prism Frame Rectangular 26784

Rectangular pool with a large area. The sturdy frame is made of powder-coated galvanized steel tubes. The model is equipped with a powerful pump. The framework is not exposed to corrosion and ultra-violet light. The inner bowl has a unique print — it copies the pattern of a marble mosaic. To improve comfort, the tank can be accessed from a folding ladder. Installation will not take much time and effort. Has a small weight.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 3539
Height, cm 80
Size, cm 300*175


  • compact;
  • comfortable;
  • pleasant material;
  • durable construction;
  • practicality.


  • a small assortment of flowers;
  • requires a large area for installation.

Review: “I tried a bunch of inflatable options, but as it turned out, I threw money away. We came to the conclusion that you need to buy a frame model. The design is very reliable, the volume and size is enough. At the end of the season, it is recommended to fold to extend the life of the product. We have been happy with the purchase for a year now.”

The best large frame pools

Intex Ultra XTR Frame 26334

The round frame pool is made of tubular racks, lintels that quickly fold. The surface of the parts does not rust. It is made of PVC — this durable material has increased durability. It comes with a water sand pump with filtration, which is very easy to operate. For ease of care, the pool supports six modes of operation with backwash. Comes with a pad to protect the bottom. The awning protects the product from debris and dust.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 30079
Height, cm 100
Size, cm 610*122


  • easy assembly;
  • water warms up quickly;
  • equipment;
  • easily transported;
  • strong packaging.


  • long drain;
  • weak filter.

Review: “Three years ago we purchased a pool of the specified model. This year will be the third summer since he became our friend. Kids and wife just love the pool. The good news is that you can not blow it off at the end of the season, but leave it for the winter, just covering it from above. Assembly takes a minimum of time. I do a water change once a month.

Bestway Power Steel Kit 56883

A moderately sized round pool can be installed in any convenient place. Rigid premium steel pipes make the pool structure more reliable. The bowl of the pool is made of three-layer polyvinylchloride. There is a chlorine dispenser that allows you to keep the water clean, preventing the growth of microorganisms. A special frame tube improves the mechanical rigidity of the structure. Resistant to high temperatures and damage.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 33240
Height, cm 95
Size, cm 610*132


  • comfortable depth;
  • durable materials;
  • equipment;
  • hard bottom;
  • safety for children.


  • difficult to wash;
  • not a very efficient filter.

Review: “Not so long ago we tried a frame pool with friends. He sunk into our souls so much that we decided to buy them for our dacha. You often don’t go to the river, but the pool is always at hand. Very satisfied with the material, strength and dimensions. This is the best purchase ever. There are no complaints. Let’s use it carefully.»

Intex Ultra XTR Rectangular Frame 26374

The largest frame pool of high quality. It is made of oval pipes, which makes it durable and reliable. The rectangular shape is suitable for cottages and country houses. It comes with a sand pump with a filter, an awning and a safe ladder. The bowl consists of two layers of thick and durable PVC. Installation requires two people who can install the pool within a few hours. Produced in several colors.

Characteristic Meaning
Capacity, l 54400
Height, cm 132
Size, cm 975*488


  • frame;
  • transportation;
  • long period of use;
  • no special care is needed;
  • there is a cover.


  • dimensions;
  • you need a strong filter.

Feedback: “We are breeding fish and thought about the pool for a long time. Friends advised me to buy this model due to its durability and reliability. Bought, glad that we chose the largest in size. Fills up with water fairly quickly. Launched the fish — they have more free space. Installed several filters to purify the water. The material of the pool is durable, does not tear. Metal tubes withstand heavy loads. Happy with the choice.»

Which pool is better: frame or inflatable?

«Which pool is better — frame or inflatable?» — This question worries many buyers. The inflatable pool is the most popular due to the fact that it is quite cheap. The soft inflated roller is completely safe for children who love active games so much. The inflatable pool is easy to install — it is worth spreading it on a flat surface and pumping it up with a roller. The disadvantages of an inflatable pool include instability — with gusts of wind it can be blown away, and the water will simply pour out of it. In addition, it is made of low-quality materials that are exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

As for the frame models, they are significantly ahead of the inflatable ones. Rectangular devices have won the hearts of buyers. The strong framework holds a bowl of the pool and excludes spontaneous outflow. There are no inflatable parts in it, which increases the life of the pool. In general, frame models are more stable, more durable, more spacious than inflatable ones, but inferior in mobility.

Types of frame pools

Frame pools are of the following types:

  • Rectangular is bought for those who like to swim. An excellent option for a large suburban area.
  • The oval design is much easier to install and has a simple design. Water does not spill overboard, and a person can safely lean on his sides without fear of damaging them.
  • For children, the most suitable option is a round pool. It has no corners, which means it is completely safe.

All models are divided into:

  • Seasonal, dismantled and stored at the end of the season.
  • Frost-resistant, can stand on the street all year round. Before frost, they are covered with an awning and filled with water. Liquid circulation is carried out by pumps with removable cartridges.

How to choose the best frame pool

To choose the right pool, you need to decide on the design and dimensions:

  • If the pool is bought for a large family, you should choose a depth of at least 120 cm and a width of 366 cm.
  • Before buying, you need to measure the territory. The area should be flat, close to power sources to which the filter and pump can be connected.
  • If the pool is chosen for children, then it is necessary to take into account the capacity of the bowl, it must be safe for the child.
  • The instructions indicate for what age the product is recommended.
  • The packaging of the product is also important. Many models have pumps, shade and earth covers. This will avoid additional costs.

The presented overview of modern pools will allow the user to choose the best and high-quality product for bathing on hot days. The review will allow you to get acquainted with the best pools for children and adults.

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