Top 10 Smartwatches for Kids in 2020


Smart watches for children are not just a modern gadget that allows you to stay in touch while doing sports and monitor your health. A kind of «decoration» on the child’s hand ensures the peace of mind of parents, perfectly coping with security tasks: the device allows adults to monitor the movements of the child, hear and even see the situation around him.

Rating of smart watches for children with GPS and Wi-Fi


Improved modification. Like the previous FIXITIME, the device is made in the spirit of «Fixies». But behind the cartoonish design lies a functional device with a capacious battery, GPS location tracking, LBS and Wi-Fi. Another useful option is the built-in phone. Its capabilities allow you to abandon the use of a separate device. Using the watch, you can both make calls and send voice messages, SMS with emoticons, visit pages on social networks.

An SOS button is provided for an emergency. The battery capacity of 600 mAh is enough for a week of operation without recharging. Optionally, you can set up a power-saving mode by setting up scheduled tracking so that the GPS does not work all the time. The gadget has a high degree of moisture protection — IPx5. There is an option to set up locations, thanks to which parents will instantly receive a notification if the child leaves the safe area.

Elari KidPhone 3G with Alice

A development in which there was a place for the functions of a tracking tracker, telephone, and video communication. If desired, video calls can be made unilaterally: young users will only answer. To implement the function, a 2 MP camera is provided, with its help you can also take photos. Alice’s voice guide is provided, making use as comfortable as possible. The age range of users is 3-12 years.

Wi-Fi and GPS/AGPS/LBS were used to accurately designate the address, and 3G technology was used to exchange text files in chat, video calls and work with the explorer Alice. There is a special SafeFamily utility to configure the device (designate a safe zone, add contacts to the phone book, prohibit video calls and receive calls from unknown numbers).


According to experts, the introduction of a voice guide has turned the watch phone into the most advanced gadget.

DokiWatch S

An advanced development in the global market of smart gadgets, which includes many options in the list of features: video and voice contacts, text data exchange, tracking the location of the ward. The device is intended for children 7-12 years old. It supports 3G, GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi standards.

Allows you to configure a safe area beyond which the user is not allowed to go. The device will notify parents about the violation of the ban at the same second. Like many models for adults, the device is equipped with fitness programs to maintain excellent physical shape. A capacious battery is responsible for the autonomy of the gadget.

Jetix DF50

The gadget got into the top models for a good degree of moisture resistance. The body is also protected from dust ingress. A watch phone has been developed for users aged 7-13 and includes a set of standard tools: GPS tracking, emergency call, geolocation, voice messaging, two-way communication in chat or voice mode, vibration signal. But the capabilities of the gadget are not limited to the usual options: the device offers a game program for the development of elementary mathematical skills.

The device uses GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi to determine the exact location. The global standard for digital mobile cellular communication GSM is responsible for telephony. SIM-cards of various operators are suitable, including MTS, Beeline with optimal tariffs. The basic package includes a durable protective glass for the screen.

Smart watch Q360

The model has a number of features that distinguish them from other children’s watches: in addition to the round display, the presence of a camera and a flashlight, the device comes to stores in different colors. This makes the model more buyable, as it simplifies the choice. There is a slot for a nanoSIM card to access the Network, control movement through a mobile utility and use telephony. The developers also offered a number of standard options for tracking the user’s location, controlling his physical activity and communicating with him via chat.


For the operation of the gadget, the Setracker software is more often used. But you can find models customized for other applications, depending on the vendor.

Watch with GPS-navigator and built-in phone

Smart Baby Watch Q50

A popular option designed for toddlers from 2 to 6 years old. The watch phone is made of food-grade silicone gel, which is absolutely environmentally friendly. After installing a SIM card, the ward has the opportunity to communicate with selected subscribers. Communication can be two-way. The model has built-in GPS technology for constant monitoring of the user’s location. On the case there is an alarm button for an emergency call to pre-allocated subscribers. The list of such contacts is limited to three.

The clock is set using the Setracker utility running on the parent smartphone. The menu has the ability to designate a safe zone for the baby. For a small user, the option of sending the address of their location to the parent phone is available, which makes it easier to find a child who has fallen behind the group, for example, on a hike.

Wonlex KT03

A recently improved modification, the basis for which was the main functionality of its predecessor. The device was provided with the ability to make a call to the required subscriber directly from a specially designated submenu. The developers have implemented a module for photography. The device is made in the spirit of the superhero from the Marvel comics — «Iron Man». The watch phone is displayed in the showcases in several colors, has support for a microSIM card with 2G communication standards. Intuitive control makes the operation of the watch as comfortable as possible.

Smart GPS Watch T58

Next generation tracking device. It is universal and will come in handy for both teenage owners and adults. Due to its ease of use, it is especially suitable for the elderly. The presence of a section for installing a SIM card provides the possibility of two-way voice communication. The owner can conduct active correspondence, and parents or persons with the main smartphone online will receive data on the movement of the device via SMS notifications or on the website.


The purpose of the development of the device is to perform serious tasks. It does not provide games and entertainment.

LEXAND Kids Radar

The gadget is distinguished by minimalism. This is the exact opposite of colorful models, which have games in the list of functions. For a child, this device is not too interesting and does not distract from real life. At the same time, the gadget copes with its direct tasks by 110%. A watch phone with a monochrome screen gives the child only one thing, but the most important thing is safety.

The model is able to track the user’s location using GPS and cell towers, plot the route of movement on popular Yandex.Maps. An interesting feature is the ability to monitor the ward with the whole family: the gadget can be paired with 6 phones at the same time.

Lighthouse A20

The gadget, produced by a domestic developer, has earned the recognition of analysts. The case is made with a high degree of moisture protection — IP67 standard. It has a number of significant advantages: the presence of a sleep sensor, a notebook, the possibility of «wiretapping». Thanks to the last option, the parent can hear what is happening around the gadget.

Of the options for parental control, there is an emergency key for instant alarm, as well as an alert when the user leaves the safe zone set in the settings. The device is compatible with Android and iOS. Work is possible both with Mayak utilities and SeTracker software. Autonomy of functioning is provided by a battery with a capacity of 500 mAh.

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