Top 10 Famous French Shoe Brands


France is one of the most powerful European countries, which has a significant influence in the fashion world. The French state dictates its rules for more than one century. The number of French fashion houses is growing every year, but popular brands do not disappear anywhere. Consider the top 10 famous French shoe brands that are in huge demand in France, Europe and even around the world.

ten Aigle

An unknown company in Russia, which began its existence 200 years ago. The main specialization is the production of rubber boots. Aigle uses vulcanized rubber as the main material, while the upper trim is made of genuine leather. Today, Aigle is not only rubber boots, but also sneakers, sneakers and shoes.

9 Balmain

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of the Balmain brand on the world of French fashion. The company broke into the market back in 1946 and is still very popular. Today, this fashion house attracts world-famous stars for cooperation, who do not hesitate to wear Balmain clothes and shoes, advertising them far beyond Europe. Since 2001, Balmain has been producing shoes, accessories and Swiss watches for women (cooperating with local companies).

eight Celine

From the very beginning, the brand positioned and started its business on the basis of the production of children’s expensive (luxury) shoes, but already in 1960, active tailoring and accessories began. What today? Céline brand clothing, shoes and accessories are sold in many countries. With more than a hundred boutiques around the world selling the company’s products, Céline is in great demand among buyers.

7 Art Peaux

Domestic French clothing manufacturer. Art Peaux is a custom shoe company. First, the manufacturer takes measurements from the buyer, and only then develops the design. Shoes from Art Peaux are quite expensive, but all customers are satisfied, first of all, with their quality.

6 Christian Louboutin

If you’ve been looking for expensive designer shoes, this is for you. The company was launched in 1991. The central office is located in Paris. Christian Louboutin makes original shoes, which have a lacquered or metallic surface (matte tops are also present in the collections). The designer line of shoes from this company is very unique, but the main thing is quality. The lining is made of genuine leather in order to extend the life of the shoe, as well as to make the shoes comfortable in the first place.

5 Dimitri Gomez

Quite a well-known shoe designer, but only in the narrow circles of Paris. The Dimitri Gomez brand focuses on the development of very high quality boots and shoes. It offers its customers both discreet and more flamboyant designs. Basically, the specialist sheathes specific clients, but not so long ago, for the first time, he launched a line of his own shoes. The brand is growing and maybe in the next few years a lot of people will start talking about it.

four Isabel Marant

Maybe this brand would remain unknown, but in 2011 the company presented sneakers with heels. It is thanks to this novelty that Isabel Marant managed to gather a rather impressive army of fans around the world who are still watching her work.

3 Louis Vuitton

Who doesn’t know Louis Vuitton? All of Russia is well acquainted with the brand and actively uses its fruits. In the CIS, the brand specializes in the sale of bags and wallets. Also, an impressive part of the goods is on the shelves as accessories, but … All those who are very familiar with Louis Vuitton are well aware of the release of luxury clothing and shoes. The popularity of the company is growing along with the prices and wishes of customers.


One of the brands about which a huge number of books have been written. At the heart of LACOSTE is a story that started at the very beginning of the 20th century. Today LACOSTE is one of the most famous brands in the world. First of all, we know the company as a manufacturer of luxury clothing (t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, windbreakers and much more), but the manufacturer is increasingly focusing on the production of shoes. It is likely that the brand will soon conquer the global market.

one Balenciaga

Every newcomer to the fashion world will definitely recognize a brand called Balenciaga. A well-known company that conquered the youth with its original and catchy images. Luxury clothing is the brand’s main focus, but in Russia it is increasingly possible to meet his shoes. Balenciaga sneakers are known all over the world and are in fantastic demand. In the boutiques of St. Petersburg and Moscow, original and new Balenciaga models simply fly like hot cakes.

We have reviewed the top 10 famous French shoe brands that you should definitely pay attention to. These are big companies. The owners of these pay attention to every aspect: both quality and trends.


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