Top 10 Famous French Clothing Brands


Europe has always been and will be fashionable and independent. Many people talk about Italy. Italy, led by Milan, dictates fashion and all trends. This is true? Somewhere far away, indeed, Italy sets trends, but in France there are no less of them. France is an ideal place for active shopping. Everyone, coming to this beautiful country, cannot pass by numerous boutiques, where the assortment and quality of the clothes produced is simply at the highest level. Consider the top 10 famous French clothing brands that even a Russian shopping lover should definitely pay attention to.

ten Camaieu

An unknown brand in the CIS countries, but in France it is very popular. The main feature is the sale of inexpensive women’s clothing. The manufacturer is working on the development of a wide range of products:

  • t-shirts (only trendy ones);
  • denim (high quality);
  • dress.

Camaïeu makes primarily fashion clothing with an emphasis on designing in natural fabrics. Thanks to this brand, girls can dress themselves from head to toe without spending a lot of money.

INTERESTING: the company develops not only classic, but also sportswear (any style).

9 Brigitte Bardot

The famous beauty Brigitte Bardot managed to create her own line of clothes, which is in demand all over the world. The main feature is a real French style. One of the brands that produces all kinds of clothing (from lingerie to flowy dresses).

It is impossible to find clothes from Brigitte Bardot in Russia. So far, the brand has not been particularly successful, but in France it is gradually gaining momentum and even trying to go beyond the national market.

eight Jules

A very popular French brand of men’s clothing of a budget type. Jules is a place for every man. Budget does not mean poor quality (or irrelevant in terms of style and fashion). The company develops clothes and holds several collections every year, inviting leading European designers to the presentation. The brand allows a man of any age to dress, but the main orientation should still be called the representatives of the stronger sex under 35 years old.

The emphasis is on the classics. Jules releases several separate lines:

  • classic pants;
  • shirts;
  • jackets.

If a man prefers casual style, the company offers a huge range of olympics, jeans and sweatshirts.


Another French brand, where the main advantage is affordable prices. In Russia, it is quite rare to find clothes from BGN, but there is one on the market. The manufacturer focuses on the sale of dresses. It is not just beautiful design options, but also very comfortable and practical. Interestingly, over the past few years, BGN has entered the international market, but has not become one of the leaders. It is likely that within a certain time the company will be able to reach a new level.

6 Sisley

Sisley is not just a local brand that has reached the peak of its popularity. Sisley offers not only clothes, but also high quality cosmetics. The manufacturer works not only with women’s counterparts, but also with men’s and children’s.

INTERESTING: every year the company invites very famous stars in the fashion world to cooperate. This raises the brand’s status in the eyes of consumers, but it’s worth it.

5 Etam

Lingerie brand. It should be noted that Etam can often be found in Russia. Designers working in the company are trying to prove that every woman is beautiful. Here you can find lingerie for informal girls. Very often, Etam marketers shoot promotional videos with girls who do not have a slim figure. Comfort plays an important role in the underwear development process. Lingerie should not only look good, but also be comfortable. The price bar of clothes from the Etam company belongs to the middle segment. Many collections are made exclusively from natural fabrics, there is also a lot of lace. The main thing is affordable prices.

four Vicolo

Have you heard of trendy clothes? These are the first trends that are sold in every Moscow boutique. Vicolo sets these trends and is always on top. Clothing from Vicolo is quickly sold out in France, Italy, Spain and Germany. Most of the status European states have the opportunity to try clothes from the Vicolo brand, and, unfortunately, it has not yet reached the CIS countries.

INTERESTING: today you can often find clothes from Vicolo among world-famous stars.

3 Louis Vuitton

The third in the ranking of the best French clothing brands is Louis Vuitton. Earlier, we only talked about simple companies that are just starting to make a name for themselves, and Louis Vuitton is a full-fledged fashion house that appeared back in 1854. Today, the brand is focused exclusively on the production of luxury clothing, which significantly raises the cost of such.

Louis Vuitton in Russia has its own history. Leather goods are in the greatest demand today: bags, wallets, belts. Clothing is also present in almost every Moscow boutique, but its cost is far from suitable for every Russian.

2 Chanel

In Russia, they are accustomed to associate the brand exclusively with perfumery. Chanel perfumes are in great demand in the CIS countries, and their cost is very high. It should be noted that Chanel is not only a manufacturer of perfumes, but also clothing and numerous luxury items. This is a very expensive brand. It is difficult to find clothes from Chanel in Russia, but they are.

one Balenciaga

Number one in Russia! Balenciaga is a French fashion house, but the founder is the Spaniard Cristobal Balenciaga (originally from the Basque country). The most popular in the Russian Federation are shoes from Balenciaga. The sneakers of this brand are present all over the country, but the clothes are also in high demand. Again: the company belongs to the luxury, so not everyone can afford its clothes.

We have noted the top 10 famous French clothing brands. The list contains not very popular and luxury companies. If you are interested in French clothing, you can pay attention to the options of any company and choose the best one. The main thing is the financial situation of the buyer. Some can afford only inexpensive options, while others are in search of exclusively luxury ones.


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