Top 10 best Zanussi air conditioners: key features, recommendations for choosing, reviews


The air conditioner is the ideal solution for continuously providing fresh air to an apartment or office. In the air conditioning market

there are a large number of manufacturers, among the best is the Italian company Zanussi. It manufactures high quality air conditioning equipment. The products combine a unique Italian style with the latest technology, excellent quality and reliability.

A large number of models of equipment from Zanussi will complicate the choice. To facilitate it, a list of the most productive air conditioners was compiled. Among them there are conventional and inverter split systems, as well as mobile devices. When compiling the rating, the purpose of the device, advantages and disadvantages, expert reviews and customer ratings were taken into account.

Rating of the best Zanussi air conditioners

ZACS-18 HPF/A17/N1

Split system with outdoor and indoor units, designed to create a comfortable air temperature in the home and office. High efficiency is achieved thanks to a modern compressor and advanced technology. Due to the elaborate shape of the fans and the quality of the materials, the units operate quietly and do not disturb others.

The protective system against power surges protects the device from damage. The self-diagnostic mode helps to identify violations and report problems to the user. In addition to cooling and heating, you can use the product for air dehumidification and as a fan. The user also selects the air flow rate, adjusts the position of the louvres, or selects their constant rolling mode. The “Home frost protection” option allows the appliance to maintain the temperature at +8 degrees.

Power in heating mode, W 5000
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 10.83
Served area, sq. m fifty
Power in cooling mode, W 4800
Design features Airflow regulation, settings memory, display, dehumidification mode, auto temperature maintenance, error self-diagnosis, night mode, timer, remote control
  • profitability;
  • self-diagnosis of errors;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • dehumidification and ventilation mode;
  • air flow rate adjustment;
  • night mode;
  • silent operation;
  • auto restart;
  • timer.
  • no Wi-Fi control.

I bought an air conditioner for my grocery store. I’ve been using for about a year. Operates without noise, cools quickly. I note the quality of plastic, comfortable remote control. There was no need to study the instructions, everything is available. I checked each of the 4 modes, no complaints.

ZACS/I-24 HPF/A17/N1

Inexpensive inverter air conditioner for home or office. The product is extremely economical, due to the presence of modern energy-saving technologies and an inverter compressor, high energy efficiency is ensured. Also, the compressor helps to accurately maintain the temperature, significantly reduce the overall noise level.

The user can easily adjust the speed and direction of the air flow. The high-density filter effectively traps dust, wool, various allergens, and is easily removed and cleaned from dirt. The standby heating mode allows you to maintain a favorable temperature inside the room with the least expenditure of energy during a long absence. Night mode guarantees a comfortable night’s rest by reducing the noise level from the air conditioner.

Power in heating mode, W 6864
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 14.17
Served area, sq. m 65
Power in cooling mode, W 6432
Design features Drying and ventilation mode, automatic temperature maintenance, error self-diagnosis, night mode, remote control, timer, settings memory, airflow direction control
  • nice design;
  • large service area;
  • convenient remote control;
  • dimensions of the indoor unit;
  • several modes;
  • profitability;
  • there is a timer;
  • hot start.
  • The outdoor unit is noisy.

Split system installed in the country. The air is now cleaner, the multi-level filter fully justifies itself. After power outages, you will not need to select the operating mode again, since there is an “Autostart” option. During operation, the timer is very useful.

ZACS-07 HPF/A17/N1

Budget and efficient air conditioner for the home, which involves wall installation. It has a classic layout, has outdoor and indoor units, which are connected by a freon pipeline. Distinguished by a simple and reliable design using a reliable compressor and an automated microprocessor. Included is a remote control with a large LCD monitor and backlight.

To manage the split system, you do not need special skills, it works in auto mode, maintaining the specified temperature range. Productive turbo mode helps to quickly cool the room up to 20 square meters. m, the heating mode effectively heats the air even at temperatures down to -7 degrees. It is possible to install a compact indoor unit in the bedroom, the night mode will provide the right temperature for sleep with a low degree of noise.

Power in heating mode, W 2350
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 7.83
Served area, sq. m twenty
Power in cooling mode, W 2250
Design features Ventilation mode, automatic temperature maintenance, error self-diagnosis, night mode, remote control, timer
  • there is a night mode;
  • rapid cooling;
  • there is a timer;
  • surge protection;
  • convenient remote control;
  • turbo mode;
  • profitability;
  • long warranty.
  • There is no temperature indicator on the remote control.

Universal model with good functionality. Put the device in a country house. I will mark the option “Protection of the house from freezing”, the temperature is maintained at +8. When there is a power outage, the settings do not go astray. Can be used in ventilation and dehumidification mode. I recommend.

When choosing an air conditioner, you should understand which type of device is suitable for a particular case. Mobile models are optimal for those who often move or want to mount the device in the country. Split systems will be the best option for large apartments or country houses. Before purchasing, you need to calculate the power of the air conditioner.

ZACS-09 HPF/A17/N1

Powerful and reliable air conditioner, which is equipped with advanced equipment and is characterized by high energy efficiency. This cost-effectiveness is achieved through the use of the latest technology. The device makes it possible to cool the room in the summer, as well as maintain the desired temperature in country houses without central heating in the winter.

The “Home Frost Protection” option maintains temperatures up to +8 degrees, consuming a minimum amount of energy. The high quality and reliability of the device operation are confirmed by a long-term warranty. The small dimensions of the unit and the option of connecting drain pipes on the left and right allows you to mount the unit in any place. Power surge protection will make it possible to connect the device to an unstable network.

Power in heating mode, W 2650
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 7.83
Served area, sq. m 25
Power in cooling mode, W 2550
Design features Airflow direction control, anti-ice system, settings memory, remote control, dehumidification mode, 3 fan speeds
  • reliability and practicality;
  • turbo option;
  • there is a timer;
  • strict design;
  • dry mode;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • protective functions.
  • remote control without backlight;
  • no ionizer.

We installed air conditioning in an apartment on the 4th floor, searched for a long time and looked at a lot of models. Such a split system liked the design and characteristics. Never regretted, it works silently. Management is convenient, happy with the choice.


The most powerful monoblock from the brand, delivering 3,500 watts at maximum. It is equipped with options for auto-maintenance of temperature and self-diagnosis of errors. The design will allow you to adjust the direction of the air flow, use a timer. It actually does not need the attention of the owner — the condensate will evaporate on its own.

If necessary, the monoblock can be easily transported on wheels to any room or transported in the trunk. In the ventilation mode, the device also functions effectively, which is especially important in spring or autumn. On top of the device, a special mount for the remote control is provided, which allows you to always have it at hand. The air conditioner operates in dehumidification, cooling and ventilation modes. It is supplied with the option of automatic operation of the blinds and a round-the-clock timer. An ideal solution for cottages or rented apartments.

Power in heating mode, W Missing
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 10.83
Served area, sq. m thirty
Power in cooling mode, W 3520
Design features Fan speed control, ventilation mode, automatic temperature maintenance, error self-diagnosis, night mode, display, timer
  • mobility;
  • convenient remote control;
  • effective cooling;
  • compact dimensions;
  • there is a timer;
  • low noise level;
  • nice design;
  • sleep mode.
  • corrugation does not hold well.

I bought a split system in order to cool an office of 28 sq. m. It copes with its duties optimally, reduces the temperature from 30 to 20 degrees in 1-1.5 work. The mounting and air outlet system is convenient, the air conditioner is easily installed. Satisfied with the purchase.

ZACS-07 SPR/A17/N1

A reliable air conditioner that allows you to create the desired microclimate at home. The model also complements the interior and is easy to operate for many years. In addition, this product improves air quality and has a positive effect on well-being.

The split system is distinguished by high efficiency in operation, build quality and durability of materials. Various programs are available to users. It is possible to select and configure using the remote control or through a mobile application, since such an air conditioner is equipped with a Wi-Fi module.

Power in heating mode, W 2200
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 7
Served area, sq. m twenty
Power in cooling mode, W 2100
Design features Smartphone control, remote control, hidden display, timer, fan speed control, anti-icing system, settings memory, dehumidification mode
  • pleasant appearance;
  • control via Wi-Fi;
  • profitability;
  • option to create a volumetric air flow in the room;
  • low degree of noise;
  • high-quality heat exchanger coating;
  • self-diagnosis of errors;
  • autorun.
  • no ionization.

We took the split system for a dance studio, we are fully satisfied with its work. Helps to quickly cool an area of ​​25 square meters. m. Occasionally turn on the ventilation to ventilate the room. There is a diagnostic option that helps to independently identify problems in the work.

The air conditioner must be cleaned immediately when it ceases to cool effectively, leaks, squelching, increased energy consumption, or an unpleasant odor forms during switching on. With regular cleaning of the air conditioner, such difficulties will not arise.

ZACS-09 SPR/A17/N1

Technologically compact air conditioner with a pleasant design and excellent functionality. Such a split system can be used in various modes, operates virtually without noise and is always environmentally friendly.

The “Golden Fin” anti-corrosion coating of the outdoor unit body and the “Defrost” anti-ice system will help protect the device even in the most difficult weather conditions. Each mode and option of the air conditioner will be displayed on the LED monitor, which is hidden under the translucent plastic. You can control the settings using the wireless remote control that comes with the package, or from a mobile application.

Power in heating mode, W 2700
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 7.5
Served area, sq. m 25
Power in cooling mode, W 2700
Design features Control via Wi-Fi from a smartphone, remote control, hidden display, timer, ventilation mode, automatic temperature maintenance, self-diagnosis of errors, night mode
  • Wi-Fi control;
  • compact indoor unit;
  • silent operation;
  • convenient remote control;
  • great functionality;
  • night mode;
  • timer;
  • convenient display.
  • slow cooling.

The air conditioner effectively works for cooling and heating, in auto mode. Firmly maintains the specified settings. Unpretentious in care. I live on the 1st floor, in an apartment, there is high humidity from the basement — it helps to eliminate it. The assembly is of high quality, there are no backlashes. I recommend.


A mobile air conditioner that effectively cools the room to the desired temperature by changing the direction of the air flow. Despite its small size, it easily cools a room up to 25 square meters. m. The functionality remains at a high level — control via remote control, night mode, automatic temperature maintenance, self-diagnosis of errors.

The product will effectively cope with cooling, make the air fresher. Operates almost silently, the control is quite simple. Condensate is eliminated automatically, however, in case of excessive air humidity, it is collected in a built-in tank. When it is full, a special indicator will work.

Power in heating mode, W Missing
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 5.83
Served area, sq. m 25
Power in cooling mode, W 2640
Design features Airflow direction control, display, fan speed control, ventilation mode, automatic temperature maintenance, error self-diagnosis, night mode, remote control
  • quality assembly;
  • dry mode;
  • reliable body;
  • nice design;
  • powerful airflow;
  • simple installation;
  • self-diagnosis option.
  • control only from the remote control.

Reliable air conditioner with good functionality. Convenient remote control. I note economical energy consumption. It is convenient that the condensate evaporates in auto mode, there is an auto-off timer. Room of 20 sq. m cools in 1 — 1.5 hours. Satisfied with the purchase.

ZACS-12 SPR/A17/N1

A quality split system suitable for heating/cooling rooms up to 35 sq. m. The standard noise level, which is declared for the indoor unit, will be 27 dB, the maximum for the outdoor unit is 52 dB. The permissible length of communications for the air conditioner is 15 m.

Among the main advantages of the model, it is worth highlighting the presence of the anti-corrosion coating “Golden Fin”. It helps to protect system elements from early wear and makes heat transfer more efficient. In addition, the device is distinguished by the comfort of control: either through a convenient remote control or via Wi-Fi. Among the useful options are self-diagnosis of errors and a timer. All elements are made of reliable materials.

Power in heating mode, W 3700
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 9.33
Served area, sq. m 35
Power in cooling mode, W 3600
Design features Dehumidification mode, remote control, hidden display, Wi-Fi control, ventilation mode, error self-diagnosis, settings memory, display
  • silent indoor unit;
  • there is a timer;
  • anti-corrosion protection;
  • remembering settings;
  • choice of air flow direction;
  • Wi-Fi control;
  • fast cooling.
  • there is no flow ventilation.

I installed an air conditioner in a country house, turned it on for heating in winter, and for cooling in summer. Functions powerfully, there are several fan speeds. Often I turn on auto mode, the device independently selects the desired temperature. I recommend.

ZACS-12 HPF/A17/N1

An efficient split system designed to create the required air temperature in the apartment and office. The cost-effectiveness of the product is achieved thanks to a modern compressor and advanced technologies. The elaborate shape of the fans and high-quality materials ensure the silent operation of the device.

Power surge protection system protects the device from damage. The self-diagnosis mode allows you to detect various errors and report them to the user. In addition to cooling and heating, you can use a split system to dehumidify the air and as a fan. The user independently chooses the airflow rate, adjusts the location of the blinds. The “Home Frost Protection” option will help maintain an air temperature of +8 degrees, while consuming a minimum amount of energy.

Power in heating mode, W 3400
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 9.17
Served area, sq. m 35
Power in cooling mode, W 3250
Design features Timer, remote control, airflow direction control, anti-ice system, settings memory, hidden display
  • several modes;
  • there is a timer;
  • self-diagnosis of faults;
  • profitability;
  • long warranty;
  • Ease of controls;
  • nice design.
  • no ionization.

Multifunctional split system with a pleasant design. In the fall, we turn on “House Frost Protection”, which ensures that the desired temperature is maintained. It operates silently in night mode. The plastic of the product is of high quality, does not fade, and is easy to clean. During operation, there are no extraneous noises in the blocks.

Types of split systems

Air conditioners can vary in how they are installed. The choice of the type of installation is important both from the point of view of design and taking into account the distribution of air flow in a room of different sizes. Main types:

  • Wall. They blow air in one direction only. Such air conditioners are often purchased for apartments. The air in a small room cools quickly enough, so the uniform distribution of cold streams is not very important.
  • Floor and ceiling. They are distinguished by features of air distribution. In such devices, the air flow spreads along the wall or ceiling. As a result, the air masses are distributed evenly, there are no drafts.
  • Cassette. Products very evenly distribute air flows. Directly such split systems can often be found in offices and shops. It is difficult to install such air conditioners in an apartment: high ceilings will be required to hide the indoor unit.
  • Channel. They are often found in hotel rooms. In addition, they are mounted in a private house and a very large apartment. The outdoor unit is made in the same way as in standard wall-mounted models, the indoor unit is hidden and integrated into the ventilation system: the outside air goes through the air ducts and is distributed throughout the room.

How to choose an air conditioner

Before you buy a quality air conditioner, you need to study the main selection criteria:

  • The degree of noise. For bedrooms, it is recommended to purchase low-noise products, as they do not create discomfort at night. It should be borne in mind that mobile models in many situations will become a temporary solution, therefore it is optimal to purchase a split system, despite its higher price.
  • Energy efficiency. It is recommended to choose air conditioners with energy efficiency class “A” or higher. You should not save on this parameter, as this will directly affect the operation of the purchased split system.
  • Control. It is extremely important to focus on the way the air conditioner is controlled. A number of models, in addition to the usual remote control, make it possible to control the device using a standard smartphone. This is quite convenient, since the remote control is often lost.
  • Developer choice. To date, the climate technology market is quite competitive, so all brands are trying to «keep the bar». You should focus on your impression, as well as take into account the recommendations of the seller before buying.
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