Top 10 best steam mops: important features, recommendations for choosing, pros and cons


House cleaning is often time consuming and takes a lot of effort. However, having modern devices at hand can make life much easier. For example, the steam mop is a revolutionary invention that is a combination of a standard vacuum cleaner and a powerful steam cleaner. The device helps to wash floors, mirrors, windows, clean carpets, furniture upholstery, steam curtains and clothes.

To make it easier for you to choose your steam mops, we have compiled a list of the best performing products. Among the devices you can find both economical devices and premium models. When compiling the rating, the purpose of the steam mop, the pros and cons of the product, expert assessments and user reviews were taken into account.

Rating of the best steam mops

Kitfort KT-1004

An affordable and easy-to-use steam mop that can quickly and efficiently clean your home from dirt. Despite the modest price, the device is distinguished by high performance. The power of the model is 1500 W, the water heats up quickly. The steam supply is 35 g/min — a water tank with a capacity of 0.35 l will allow you to clean for 10 minutes. In addition, the steam supply can be adjusted.

The action of a steam mop is based on the action of hot steam on the dirt, which softens and dissolves it, and then rinses it off with a rag or brush. The high steam temperature improves the cleaning process. It also comes with a scrubber attachment, a brush attachment, and a spot cleaning attachment.

Water tank volume, l 0.35
Power cord length, m 4.8
Power, W 1500
Weight, kg 1.9
Design features Steam control, scraper nozzle, brush nozzle, rotary and spot nozzles, carrying handle
  • light weight;
  • compact dimensions;
  • maneuverability;
  • several nozzles;
  • extension handle detachable option;
  • vertical installation;
  • smooth regulation of steam supply intensity;
  • long cord;
  • big tank.
  • increases indoor humidity.

Functional and easy-to-use mop. Floors are easy to clean, but they must first be vacuumed. Effectively washes intertile seams. Linoleum is cleared easily. Satisfied with the purchase.

Kitfort KT-1007

A handy device that easily copes with various dirt. The principle of operation is based on the supply of hot steam that penetrates the stains and their subsequent dissolution. The product is made of glossy plastic, the telescopic detachable handle is made of stainless steel. The handle itself can be extended, cleaning nozzles rotate 180 degrees. Comes with a handy 5m cord.

Management is quite simple and affordable. The mop is equipped with 4 power modes, the switch button is located directly on the handle, the water tank is fixed on the body. If necessary, you can add water during the cleaning process through a special valve. Using the included brushes and nozzles, you can remove stubborn dirt even in hard-to-reach places.

Water tank volume, l 0.33
Power cord length, m 5
Power, W 1500
Weight, kg 2.9
Design features Floor cloths, carpet frame, corner nozzle, water cup, extension handle, steam adjustment, squeegee nozzle, brush nozzle, spot nozzle
  • ease of operation;
  • nice design;
  • long cord;
  • compact dimensions;
  • great functionality;
  • number of nozzles;
  • convenient location of control buttons.

The mop is quite comfortable to use while mopping. Easily cleans tiles and laminate. Manually cleans the oven, stove, windows and mirrors. Even stubborn dirt is removed without problems.

When buying, you should focus on the size and weight of the device. Small-sized products are compact in size and will not take up much space, therefore they are easy to use and maintain. When the device is heavy, cleaning vertical surfaces becomes more difficult. The smaller the mop, the more maneuverable it is, which will speed up the cleaning process.

Vileda Steam Mop

Convenient steam mop that quickly cleans the floor with a minimum of effort and without detergents. The device is equipped with a powerful heating element, the heating time before operation is 15 seconds. Steam supply can be adjusted manually. The mop removes greasy stains from the surface without much difficulty.

The mass of the device is relatively small — 2.3 kg. The long nozzle is fixed on special Velcro. The triangular nozzle gets rid of dirt in hard-to-reach places. The mop is able to clean smooth and carpeted floors. It is easy to manage the product: water is poured, connected to the network, the coating is cleaned. You have to wind the cord yourself, however, for convenience, special brackets are provided for winding it.

Water tank volume, l 0.4
Power cord length, m 6
Power, W 1550
Weight, kg 2.3
Design features Measuring cup, floor cloth, steam adjustment, handle for comfortable carrying
  • high steam temperature;
  • rapid heating of water;
  • convenient handle for transportation;
  • long cord;
  • triangular shape of the nozzle holder;
  • nice design;
  • bulk tank.
  • water needs to be added.

The floors after washing with this mop are clean — barely damp, warm and dust-free. I walk without shoes with pleasure, no discomfort. It is important to vacuum the coating from large debris before washing. I recommend to buy.

Kitfort KT-1012

With this mop, floor cleaning will be as fast and efficient as possible, regardless of the type of surface. The design is distinguished by an increased power level — up to 1415 W, it can be used after a minute. Control is possible thanks to the rotary control, which is responsible for starting and turning off the device. The product produces a significant amount of hot steam under pressure. The device is environmentally friendly, since it is not necessary to use different chemicals to clean the surfaces.

The water tank will last for 15 minutes of continuous operation. The device comes with a large number of nozzles, with which it is possible to easily penetrate even the most inaccessible places. The mop is equipped with a tilt indicator, so the steam flow changes in its direction vertically and horizontally. The length of the cord is 5 m, which means that the room can be cleaned without switching the outlet.

Water tank volume, l 0.38
Power cord length, m 4.7
Power, W 1415
Weight, kg 2.2
Design features 2 microfiber floor cloths, carpet frame, measuring cup, cord holder
  • surface treatment with hot steam;
  • light weight;
  • cord length;
  • nice design;
  • maneuverability;
  • can be placed vertically if needed.
  • noise at work.

I bought this steam mop for my daughter, excellent model. Parquet, laminate, tile cleans perfectly. I note the convenience, ease and ease of use. The kit includes interchangeable nozzles, a frame for carpets and a measuring cup. I advise you to pay attention.

Tefal VP6557

Convenient mop, which provides high-quality and fast cleaning. The device heats the liquid to high temperatures using modern Steam Power technology. In view of this, the product will be able to cope even with ingrained dirt. Steam will penetrate into the old stain and destroy it. There are several modes of operation for various dirt.

You should also focus on the futuristic design of the device. The handle of the product is made in a telescopic form factor, the stand is adjustable in length. The mass of the mop is 3.1 kg, so it is quite comfortable to work with it. The product does not require the use of chemical additives, you will need to fill in distilled water and enjoy the result of cleaning. The developer recommends using the product in a house where there are pets or allergy sufferers.

Water tank volume, l 0.6
Power cord length, m 7
Power, W 1200
Weight, kg 3.12
Design features Microfibre nozzle, adjustable steam, anti-calc, manual cord winder, carrying handle
  • several modes of operation;
  • power is adjustable;
  • fast heating;
  • rich equipment;
  • fixation system through the pedal;
  • cord length;
  • vertical storage;
  • comfortable handle;
  • protection against scale;
  • big tank.
  • when cleaning, the key will need to be held all the time.

I liked the model, I advise you to use it. I will note the excellent design, comfort in operation. Deals with dirt and stains. There are 3 modes of steam supply, with the help of which it is possible to get rid of any dirt from all coatings. The heating lasts 30 seconds and comes with a protective mat for drying after cleaning. I advise you to buy.

When choosing, you should take into account the functionality of the steam mop: it should be highly functional and equipped with several nozzles. In order to clean the floor covering, it is possible to use a mop suitable for cleaning various surfaces.

Kitfort KT-1009

The steam mop is made in a strict design, has wide functionality and ergonomics. Hot steam effectively fights bacteria, dust mites, mold, fungus, softens and dissolves dirt. During cleaning, no household chemicals are used. The device has a power of 1300 watts.

To start cleaning, you need to collect the mop, fill the tank with water, plug the cord into the outlet and press the start button. The product is equipped with a floor brush rotating in 2 planes and penetrating into hard-to-reach places. The mop is complemented by a start and shutdown button, a light indicator that indicates the start of heating. The kit also has a carpet frame that helps the device slide over a long pile, effectively cleaning the carpet.

Water tank volume, l 0.35
Power cord length, m 5
Power, W 1300
Weight, kg 1.79
Design features Carrying handle, floor cloths, carpet frame, water pouring glass
  • compact dimensions;
  • comfortable position of the handle;
  • fast heating;
  • ease of care;
  • small consumption of water;
  • quality of materials;
  • nice design.
  • inconvenient valve in the tank.

I’ve been using the mop for about a month, I’m happy with everything. I note the presence of a nozzle with a comfortable swivel mechanism, which will help clean the floors in the most remote places. I will highlight the convenient location of the handle. I recommend to purchase.


Ergonomic and functional mop, with a pleasant appearance. Thanks to the displaced center of gravity, it will not be necessary to apply additional efforts to move the case forward. It destroys all known harmful bacteria and germs. The device is completely safe for people with allergies and asthma. There is also an intelligent protection against the appearance of scale in the water tank.

The steam boost option will remove even old, ingrained dirt. The integrated anti-calc system will protect the mop from lime deposits. Steam is supplied automatically — for this you do not need to press the button. The special nozzle in the form of a steam glove allows you to manually clean even the most remote places.

Water tank volume, l 0.5
Power cord length, m 6
Power, W 1300
Weight, kg 2.7
Design features Carrying handle, anti-calc, steam adjustment
  • steam boost option;
  • powerful steam supply;
  • fast heating;
  • light weight;
  • protection against scale;
  • steam glove;
  • compact dimensions.
  • limited period of operation.

Extremely comfortable mop. Quite light, comfortable, there are several attachments. The device reaches even under low beds. In fact, 2 in 1: a steam mop for the floor and a small steam cleaner for other surfaces. Everyone is happy.

Kitfort KT-1008

Ergonomic and easy to use steam mop. It is comfortable to hold in your hand, the quality of materials is quite high. The device effectively fights mold and mildew. The unit is reliable, which guarantees a long period of use. The length of the cord is 5 m, the volume of the water tank is 0.37 l, and a measuring cup is provided for easy filling. Due to the power of 1500 W, heating occurs in 30 seconds.

On the body there is a rotary regulator of the steam supply force, taking into account the type of surface to be treated and the degree of contamination. The kit comes with an extension handle, a triangular special nozzle and 2 rags. A carpet frame helps to remove lint, a scraper cleans windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Nylon brushes of various sizes and shapes remove stubborn grime. The base of the steam mop is quite mobile, so it reaches the most remote places.

Water tank volume, l 0.37
Power cord length, m 5
Power, W 1500
Weight, kg 2.6
Design features Steam control, squeegee and brush head, floor cloths, carpet frame, corner nozzle, water cup
  • savings on detergents;
  • effective cleaning;
  • several nozzles;
  • ease of use;
  • wide functionality;
  • steam regulator;
  • build quality;
  • nice design.
  • difficulty in removing residual water from the tank.

I’ve been using it for 3 months, no complaints. In addition to the floor, I cleaned the sofa and mattresses. The time spent on cleaning was reduced to 20 minutes. Heating is fast enough. For allergy sufferers, such a model will become simply an indispensable assistant in the house. I recommend.

ENDEVER Odyssey Q-606

A functional 1200W steam mop with a modern design. Disinfects various floor coverings with a steam generator, helps to remove small debris with an electric brush. The device is suitable for processing sensitive surfaces.

The mop is equipped with several modes. The water tank holds 0.37 liters of water, which guarantees continuous operation for 45 minutes. Another characteristic feature of the steam mop will be the option to adjust the steam power. The cord is easy to wind and attach to the holder, which increases storage convenience. The total weight of the device is 2 kg, which will be a fairly good indicator. It is also worth noting the extremely high power of 1700 watts.

Water tank volume, l 0.37
Power cord length, m 6
Power, W 1700
Weight, kg 2
Design features Replaceable microfibre cloth pouch, measuring cup, steam adjustment, brush attachment, carrying handle
  • steam supply adjustment;
  • large water tank;
  • nice design;
  • cord length;
  • wide functionality;
  • several nozzles;
  • light weight.
  • poor-quality assembly of the steam supply regulator.

I chose an inexpensive steam mop without additional nozzles. I settled on this model, never regretted it. Heating is fast enough (in 30 seconds). The length of the cord is sufficient, the mop reaches even in remote places. At maximum, the device operates continuously for 10 minutes. For its price, the best choice for maintaining cleanliness in the home.

Kitfort KT-1006

Relatively light steam mop with steam control and proper glide on the floor. An indispensable assistant for families with children or pets: disinfects, removes stains, guarantees a feeling of sterility of the floor, cleans carpets and upholstery. Stylish steam mop with high power brings water to a boil. The tank holds about 0.45 liters of water.

Due to its lightness and compact size, it is comfortable to use. The water tank can be detached for easy filling. The device is equipped with a comfortable handle, so that the hands will not get tired during operation. There is a special holder for winding the cord with a quick release lever. The set includes a cloth made of reliable material and a measuring cup. There is a vertical parking option.

Water tank volume, l 0.45
Power cord length, m 5
Power, W 1500
Weight, kg 2.5
Design features Floor cloths, carpet frame, water pouring glass, steam adjustment, brush attachment
  • rotation of the nozzle in 2 planes;
  • steam supply intensity adjustment;
  • rapid heating of the liquid;
  • ease of operation;
  • cord length;
  • there is a removable extension handle;
  • big tank.
  • Poor quality plastic on the case.

We have been using the steam mop for several months. Heating occurs in 30 seconds. We mainly clean tiles and laminate. It copes with the surface in 1 pass at half power. It was possible to wash the old dried glue on the floor, clean the tiles. The steam mop is easy to store. The purchase is satisfied.

Which floor can be washed

The following types of flooring can be cleaned with a steam mop:

  • Laminate. This type of coating can be washed only if it is waterproof, and the seams are treated with a sealant. The steam mop is only used for general cleaning. It is possible to wash the laminate with the least heating of water without any detergent chemical additives.
  • Parquet. With the help of a mop, it is washed only in rare situations. With constant washing, the parquet will become cloudy, and the seams will darken. In addition, the parquet surface is prone to deformation.
  • Tile. Such a coating can be cleaned without any restrictions. The product effectively cleans all tile surfaces and tile joints. In addition, by means of steam it is possible to eliminate various fungi and mold that appear in the bathroom due to high humidity.
  • Carpet and carpet. Such surfaces can be cleaned when they are made of natural pile. Do not use steam to clean carpets that are made of synthetics, otherwise they may be damaged.

Tips for choosing a steam mop

Most manufacturers of home appliances are engaged in the manufacture of steam mops, which are distinguished by an affordable price and a pleasant appearance. But to buy the models you like, it’s not enough just an attractive design. When choosing a steam mop for cleaning, the following important characteristics should be considered:

  • Power supply. All modern mops are connected to the mains. In addition, there are wireless models, but their price is much higher, the range of such mops is much smaller. When a decision is made to purchase a wireless model, it is recommended to focus on a floor steam cleaner.
  • The length of the power cord. The longer it is, the larger the cleaning radius. This will allow you to continuously clean the room without switching the device to other outlets.
  • Power. The higher the power of the steam mop, the sooner the water is heated to the desired temperature.
  • The volume of the water tank. The larger its capacity, the longer you can work without interruption to add water. The downside is that a large water tank will add weight to the product. Also, when choosing a mop, you should check whether the tank is removable, this will greatly simplify its cleaning.
  • Operating time with full water tank. The shorter the duration of operation, the more often you will have to make stops to add water to the device.
  • Weight. This parameter will affect the quality and convenience of work. Massive steam mops create difficulties in work and discomfort.
  • Existence of a tip for washing of panels and a tile. It is important to pay attention to the presence of a tip for cleaning the grout of tile joints. It is recommended to choose models with a rubber wiper.
  • Functional. Multifunctional models work as standard mops and steam cleaners. A number of products are equipped with a steam glove that allows you to wash windows and walls.
  • Operating mode. Depending on the model, mops can have one or more operating modes. The option of adjusting operating modes will allow you to better clean the surface. In addition, the presence of special operating modes is extremely important when cleaning laminate or wood surfaces, where more gentle cleaning is required.
  • The presence of a filter for water purification. This parameter is important for hard water. It helps to prevent the formation of scale and helps to increase the life of the device.
  • The shape of the cleaning tip. Some steam mops have a standard rectangular tip, but it will be difficult to clean corners with it. Some models have triangular tips, which makes it possible to carry out a thorough cleaning. Therefore, in the process of choosing a suitable product, this parameter should also be taken into account.
  • Manufacturing company. It is extremely important to pay attention when buying a steam mop to a brand that manufactures a particular model.
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