TOP 10 best sofa factories in Russia: rating of budget and quality manufacturers


In the life of every person there comes a moment when he wants to update the furniture in the house — for this he has to engage in a thorough search for manufacturers who produce high-quality furniture. The best sofa manufacturers make models based on the tastes and preferences of consumers. When ordering products from the manufacturer, the buyer can significantly save his money, in addition, he opens a catalog of products that will satisfy all his preferences. Based on reviews, we determine the best sofa factories. The ranking contains the best manufacturers of sofas at an inexpensive price category and companies that produce the highest quality furniture in Russia.

Best Budget Sofa Factories

Borovichi furniture

The Russian company has a large warehouse base and a successful reputation. The supplied furniture is in demand in the European market and fully satisfies the demand of consumers. The production uses the latest technologies, environmentally friendly materials and powerful equipment, which allowed the factory to take a leading position in the CIS and Baltic markets. Sofas are made in several mechanisms: «book», «litali», «French folding bed». Many designs have removable covers that are easy to wash and pull-out chests of drawers for household items.

Characteristic Meaning
Region Novosibirsk region
Filler sintepon, polyurethane foam
Material wood, plywood


  • no special maintenance required;
  • quality material;
  • design;
  • efficiency;
  • combination according to the client’s taste.


  • meets marriage;
  • expensive delivery.

Reviews: “The manufacture of sofas is a very painstaking business — this must be approached with a special mind. The company fully justifies the expectation, it is very pleasing that today there is still cheap and high-quality furniture. We bought a sofa for our son, very soft, made of quality materials, we are happy with everything.”


The company is famous for its successful work for 15 years. A multi-level quality control system includes a full cycle of research from the purchase of material to its implementation. Many models are equipped with removable covers that simplify cleaning of the product. The furniture is made from high-quality, non-combustible materials, environmentally friendly for humans. Sofas are available in all common configurations: corner, straight, model. For each type, you can choose a comfortable orthopedic mattress with a different filler and thickness.

Characteristic Meaning
Region Ryazan Oblast
Filler polyester fiber
Material metal, chipboard


  • ease of use;
  • removable covers;
  • quality materials;
  • minimum space;
  • fast delivery.


  • not always high-quality stitched seams, although marriage is not so common;
  • big pillows.

Feedback: “We decided to buy a small sofa in the children’s room, read the reviews, consulted with consultants and finally chose the company. They did it pretty quickly, a month later they were already enjoying the purchase. The price is very affordable, despite the fact that they did as a custom order. Satisfied with color and material.


The company specializes in the production of upholstered and cabinet furniture. Sofas from the factory are delivered to more than 130 countries around the world. The best sofa manufacturers in the country can boast of quality workmanship and unique design. Upholstered furniture is made of hypoallergenic and durable materials — it can be leather or fabric. A wide range of colors, various material options allow you to choose a unique product. Brand sofas are divided into 2 categories: folding and non-folding. They are designed for a different number of seats — from two to four. Many models have pillows of medium or large size.

Characteristic Meaning
Region Moscow region
Filler spring block, polyurethane foam
Material carved wood


  • convenience;
  • durability;
  • reliability;
  • eco material;
  • soft pillows.


  • delay in production dates;
  • prices.

Reviews: “We decided to buy a sofa in the living room. Among the many models, we chose the option of leather. Waited quite a long time, but it was worth it. The sofa is qualitatively made, very soft and pleasant to the touch, resistant to abrasion. Easy to clean with regular soap. There is a choice of colors, but we settled on chocolate.”


For 15 years of operation, hundreds of thousands of citizens have used the services of the factory. When creating furniture, experts study interior trends, as well as use best practices and design solutions. Environmentally friendly materials are used in all production cycles, and the cases are exceptionally durable. The assortment includes different models, such as «eurobook», «roll-out», «dolphin», «tic-tac». The client can independently choose the color and material of the upholstery — fabric, eco-leather, genuine leather. The production process is controlled at all stages. Many sofa models have wooden armrests that serve as a stand.

Characteristic Meaning
Region Krasnodar region
Filler holofiber, spring blocks
Material chrome steel, stainless steel


  • design;
  • folding design;
  • reliable fastenings;
  • quality assembly;
  • retains its shape for a long time.


  • no rubber pads on the legs;
  • clever folding mechanism.

Review: “We were looking for a comfortable and beautiful sofa with the size of a double bed. Placed an order and within 2 weeks received a brand new sofa. The purchase is satisfied, the color is very saturated, all parameters are met. Successfully stood in the corner, there are removable covers for washing.


The company focuses on the production of upholstered furniture for recreation. Sofas from the factory are made from high-quality domestic and foreign upholstery materials and fillers, using the most modern technologies. The catalog contains a huge number of sofas — straight, corner and model. A mattress is selected for each model, which has an orthopedic effect and is made of coconut fiber. Sofa frames are made of steel or wood. Most models are transformers with a movable mechanism, they are folded in one motion.

Characteristic Meaning
Region Moscow region
Filler sintepuh, polyurethane foam
Material stainless steel


  • retractable;
  • qualitative;
  • design;
  • practical upholstery;
  • neat tailoring.


  • timber with chips;
  • There are cracks in the inner box.

Review: “I bought a sofa, took it from the window, did not want to wait long. Everything looked, felt, laid out, folded. The seams are good, high quality, brought in 2 hours. It has been standing in the living room for the second month already, everyone liked the design. Comes with extra pillows.

TOP firms with the highest quality sofas

Living sofas (Moon)

The factory has been known in the market for many years. In its assortment there are armchairs, pouffes, beds, sofas, decorative pillows. It is considered one of the largest industrial enterprises in Europe. The workshops housed equipment that meets international requirements. Raw materials and materials are approved only after testing. Sofas are produced in 2 mechanisms: eurosofa and sedaflex. The most popular models are «pantograph», «eurobook», «dolphin», «accordion» — the maximum capacity is 4 beds.

Characteristic Meaning
Region Krasnodar region
Filler latex, periotec
Material metal frame


  • strong;
  • qualitative;
  • large bed;
  • no smell;
  • good materials.


  • poorly stretched latex at the bottom;
  • creaks.

Reviews: “The sofa is very good, compact and practical. The room takes up a minimum of space, it is easy to pick up bed linen. The sofa is under warranty, but for half a year nothing has fallen off, it does not creak. The material is pleasant to the touch, very soft. Satisfied with the choice.»


A domestic company that produces upholstered furniture for home, summer cottage or office. The range has calm floral prints, focusing on modern minimalism. The full production cycle allows you to control the entire process: from design development to its implementation. Sofa models are equipped with reliable transformation mechanisms — from eurobook, click-clack and to junior, sesame or coupe. Sofas are upholstered with a dense sheathing, which is resistant to dirt. Some have three-layer covers.

Characteristic Meaning
Region Yekaterinburg region
Filler foam rubber
Material wood, metal


  • spacious;
  • Smooth surface;
  • convenient folding mechanism;
  • a large selection of fabrics;
  • beautiful patterns.


  • overall armrests;
  • folded hard back.

Reviews: “I chose probably the most comfortable and beautiful sofa that the company has. The delivery service staff helped to collect, told how to coordinate. Fits perfectly in the living room. I wash the covers very rarely — the gray color is not easily soiled, the spots on it are almost invisible. Great option for relaxation.”


The products of the factory have long been recognizable: the furniture has a bright, individual design and affordable price. A wide range of products is able to satisfy the tastes of the most sophisticated customers. The catalog contains a large number of sofas and upholstery. The factory offers various types of sofas: straight, double, model, corner, couches. Particular attention is paid to premium segment models. Designers follow the latest fashion and style in European markets, develop their own collections of sofas.

Characteristic Meaning
Region Moscow region
Filler sintepon, polyurethane foam
Material wood


  • unique and vibrant colors;
  • comfortable mattresses;
  • soft;
  • practical cover;
  • reliable framework.


  • no armrests;
  • the filler falls off.

Reviews: “I took a sofa for a child, I took a transformer. Very comfortable, springy. I ordered the color at my own discretion. Removable covers are easy to unfasten, washable and dry quickly. The sofa has a compartment in which you can store things or other household items.”

Furniture Holding

The factory is considered an innovator in the field of furniture production. There is no doubt about the quality of raw materials — materials of the highest grade are used. Sofas are produced both economy and premium, for home and offices, with and without a transformation mechanism. Modern and classic models have a wide abundance of upholstery, a variety of colors and texture solutions. They are produced in the shortest possible time. A well-established process and in-house production allow the customer to design his own, individual piece of furniture.

Characteristic Meaning
Region Minsk
Filler spring block, spunbond, latex mattress
Material plywood, metal, timber


  • light weight;
  • comfortable;
  • simple transformation system;
  • quickly assembled;
  • many models.


  • no box for linen;
  • bolts are loosened.

Reviews: “Good sofa, for the whole family. Suitable for living room. If guests come, you can sit comfortably. Nice upholstery fabric. Can be wiped with a cloth or washed. The legs of the sofa do not scratch the parquet, there are special rubber pads.”


The management completely abandoned the use of synthetic fillers, and they were replaced by eco-friendly materials that are completely safe for adults and children. Designers are developing new models of products that can be purchased in different colors. The factory specializes in the production of modular, straight and corner sofas in classic and neoclassical style. Sofas for sitting are produced with foam filling, with lower drawers and armrests. For greater comfort, you can purchase an orthopedic mattress of your own production.

Characteristic Meaning
Region Moscow region
Filler foam rubber, polyurethane foam
Material wood, plywood, metal


  • lasting;
  • comfortable;
  • comfortable side armrests;
  • pleasant fabric;
  • secure fasteners.


  • smell;
  • difficult to open.

Review: “Not a bad sofa model. We did not take a folding one, since the room is not large. We made an individual design, chose the type of fabric, filler. Made within a month, delivered and folded. The color is not easily soiled, so it is extremely rare to wash. I really like the model.»

How to choose the best sofa manufacturer?

When visiting furniture stores, the client discovers a wide range of leisure products. The cost of some models reaches many tens of thousands of rubles. In order not to overpay, you need to understand the category of manufacturers.

  • Budget factories are designed for mass consumption. This is a relative condition, because each company sets its own prices. Inexpensive materials are used in them, the design is standard, new, non-standard solutions for furniture production are occasionally worked out.
  • Manufacturers of the middle category are distinguished by a careful selection of materials, use high-quality fittings and approach production from a design point of view. Products are aesthetically pleasing and designed for long-term use.
  • Manufacturers of premium segment sofas pay great attention to the reliability and branding of the product. The company focuses on the domestic manufacturer, providing him with goods of European quality.

Each company chooses for itself in which direction to move. The 10 firms listed above went in the right direction. The presented review will help customers decide on the choice of a furniture manufacturer that will decorate their home in the future.

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