TOP 10 best running shoes for women, men and for winter


During physical exertion, our feet take on a load that is several times greater than our body weight. Popular sports shoes for running make training comfortable and safe. High-quality sneakers should not be felt on the feet during intense training. Thanks to the orthopedic sole, the risk of flat feet or swelling on the legs is reduced to zero. We choose the best women’s, men’s and winter running shoes. Only quality running shoes from Asics, Puma, Nike, Salomon and more. The most popular running shoes for the 2020-2021 season.

The best men’s running shoes

Puma Whirlwind Classic

Quality running shoes with a stylish design. The upper part is made of genuine leather. Brand logos on the heel and tongue. The lacing securely fixes the foot in the shoe. Matches with different styles of clothing. The outsole contains EVA material, which reduces the weight of the sole and increases the cushioning ability. The combination of natural and synthetic materials provides a high degree of wear resistance and durability.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Cambodia
upper material textile
Sole foam


  • sit well on the leg;
  • do not create discomfort even during a long run;
  • lungs;
  • high quality seams;
  • soft sole.


  • quickly smeared;
  • some runners get pressure in the heel area.

Reviews: “I decided to buy sneakers for my boyfriend. He is an athlete, so he will appreciate the gift. The price of the product is optimal. The upper part is made of leather, it protects the foot from injury. There is a logo on the side surface. The laces fix the leg, and do not hinder movement.

Asics Jolt 2

The best running shoe with active cushioning technology. They are ideal for foot protection and comfort. The midsole is made from breathable materials, and an internal heel counter provides a comfortable fit. The insole allows the foot to not slip and overcome long distances. A durable, molded outsole adds durability, while a mesh upper enhances breathability. The backs provide a stable position of the leg without squeezing it.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Vietnam
upper material combined
Sole rubber


  • practically not felt on the leg;
  • comfortable model;
  • breathable mesh;
  • large size range;
  • sustainable.


  • the smell of glue;
  • no pierced holes for laces.

Reviews: “User reviews testify to the quality of the product. I bought it not so long ago and decided to try it — while running, the surface is practically not felt, thanks to the mesh, small pebbles do not fall under the insole. Satisfied with the quality, the leg breathes and does not sweat.”

Mizuno Wave Prodigy

The model of running shoes is designed for medium and long distances. The sole is made of foam, which provides a high density of the product and rebound. With the help of Smoothride technology, the step becomes smoother and more harmonious. The upper of the shoe is made of mesh, which perfectly ventilates the foot, preventing it from sweating. Anatomical removable insole follows the curves of the foot. The protectors are made of synthetic rubber. The material is resistant to negative environmental influences.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Japan
upper material fabric, mesh
Sole foam


  • tight to the leg;
  • sensation of blowing;
  • durable outsole;
  • stylish;
  • easy to wash.


  • the side surface is dirty;
  • the logo disappears.

Reviews: “Sneakers performed well in the sock. I have been wearing it for the second season and there are no complaints about the brand. I wash by hand, the material dries quickly. During the run I do not feel discomfort due to depreciation. Happy with the choice.»

TOP women’s running shoes


The manufacturer created the presented model for daily runs in the park or on the treadmill. They have good cushioning for runners. For better grip, rubber inserts were provided on the sole. Shock-absorbing inserts protect from blows and vibrations. The high instep ensures comfort during intense workouts. The product must not be washed in a typewriter, because this may cause shrinkage or peeling of some elements.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country France
upper material polyurethane, polyester
Sole foam


  • famous brand;
  • reasonable cost;
  • comfort;
  • go many seasons;
  • comfortable back.


  • does not always match the size;
  • cracks appear.

Reviews: “Shoes are designed for extreme loads. Used on any surface. Very light, have free space in the heel. This ensures the distribution of the load when running. The high sole allows you to move in wet weather.”

Nike Renew In-Season Tr 9

This model optimally supports the foot, providing cushioning and comfort. The top of the product is made of breathable materials that support maximum breathability. The cross strap provides a stable foot position and a comfortable fit. The heel counter is responsible for the secure fixation of the heel. The sole with special dual density technology creates elasticity and maximizes energy return, which leads to good athletic performance.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Vietnam
upper material textile
Sole rubber


  • neat tailoring;
  • wear resistance of materials and soles;
  • comfortable lacing;
  • make the foot visually smaller;
  • nice stuff.


  • moisture should be avoided;
  • white scuffs on soles.

Review: “Sneakers outwardly very interesting, designed for the average foot. They look pretty big. They are very comfortable to walk and run in. Suitable for summer-autumn, but do not tolerate moisture. The range of flowers is very large.”

Puma Flyer Runner

Another novelty of the company, which has gained popularity among fans of a healthy lifestyle. Stylish and modern model will fit into any image. The cushioned insole is paired with a foam insert for cushioning. The body is combined, made of textile and mesh. Sneakers have a traditional lacing, which is located in the center of the product and provides an optimal fit of the foot without unnecessary friction.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Cambodia
upper material mesh, textile
Sole EVA


  • withstands various kinds of loads;
  • well made;
  • a large assortment of colors;
  • do not tear when washing;
  • complement any look.


  • elastic at the back pushes the foot;
  • lose their original appearance.

Reviews: “Excellent model. It has a narrow shape that does not look heavy. The sole is well cushioned, bought for a fitness room. Very comfortable to wear, looks very stylish. I am satisfied with the choice, I will definitely buy a similar model only in a different color.”

Under Armor Hovr Infinite 2

This model offers a balance of flexibility and cushioning. The rigid heel counter keeps the foot in a stable position, preventing it from slipping away. The insole provides extra cushioning that absorbs some of the adverse vibrations, keeping the athlete strong and maintaining a high level of comfort. Shoes have a special sensor that monitors the results of training, analyzes and saves. Durable outsole provides durable traction on all types of surfaces.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country USA
upper material synthetics
Sole rubber


  • original tongue;
  • two pairs of laces;
  • good depreciation rates;
  • easy to put on;
  • suitable for different purposes.


  • poorly ventilated;
  • sole sags.

Review: “Not so long ago I bought a new model of sneakers, I have been waiting for its release for a very long time. I picked up the size quickly, everything sits tightly and does not press. The sole cushions well. The leg is tightly fixed, the laces can be loosened at will. I bought it in a dark color, because I often run in parks and quickly smear it. ”

The best running shoes for running in winter

Salomon Snowspike

The best option for sports in difficult conditions. They are not afraid of snowdrifts and frosts. Sneakers have a special membrane that fits snugly to the foot and provides moisture protection. A convenient lacing system allows you to adjust the grip strength. Reinforced toe box protects the runner from unexpected obstacles. Solid studs on the outsole guarantee traction even in icy conditions. The model is considered the most popular for winter walks.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country China
upper material leather
Sole spikes


  • natural material;
  • shock absorption when walking;
  • adhesion to the surface;
  • high-quality insulation;
  • design.


  • sole relief;
  • laces break.

Reviews: “I love sneakers and I’m glad that there are winter models. Very comfortable to drive in them. Inside is a high-quality insulation that retains heat for a long time. The leg does not sweat, does not emit an untidy smell. I picked up the size the second time, I am satisfied with the choice of the model. ”

ASICS Gel-Fujisetsu 2 G-TX

The shoes are designed with harsh environments in mind. Water-repellent membrane keeps feet dry and warm. The top of the model is equipped with zonal inserts for high-quality fixation. The midsole is made of two-layer foam, the inner part is made of high-density foam, which ensures a stable position of the foot, eliminating “rolling over” to the right side. The embossed tread is made taking into account the peculiarities of running on a certain terrain.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Japan
upper material waterproof textile
Sole foam


  • thermal insulation properties;
  • suitable for any weather;
  • multicolor;
  • withstand aggressive temperatures;
  • practicality.


  • the predominance of synthetic materials;
  • rub off badly.

Reviews: “The model is very attractive. It is very comfortable and warm in it. I use an extra insole for more comfort. The lower back does not rub or press. They lace up easily, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The outsole is well cushioned.

Salomon Spikecross 5

The shoe features a new floating tongue construction that enhances comfort and looks. They are well cushioned and retain traction. Designed for loose, soft and uneven surfaces. Modern lacing provides a snug fit. The moisture protection system keeps the foot dry both outside and inside. Dense mesh prevents debris from entering. The insole provides comfort, breathability and durability. Even after a long stay in shoes, the feet do not emit an unpleasant odor.

Characteristic Meaning
Producing country Vietnam
upper material artificial leather
Sole spikes


  • outsole grip;
  • wearing comfort;
  • protection against ingress of dirt;
  • does not lose sight for a long time;
  • ecological fur.


  • soiledness;
  • uneven insulation.

Review: “By purchasing this brand of sneakers, you get quality material, fashionable design and comfort. On bright models, traces of dirt are very noticeable, which are difficult to clean. The shoes have reflective details to help you be more visible in the dark. Sneakers do not emit an unpleasant odor and warm in severe frosts.

What are the best running shoes?

Shoes that are made for athletic purposes reduce the risk of injury and achieve superior performance, but that’s not all you need to know about them.

There are a number of criteria for choosing sneakers:

  • Depreciation. It is located in the heel or toe area, so as not to injure the foot during intense running.
  • The sole should be flexible and soft in the front of the product.
  • The material from which the shoes are made must be breathable so that the foot can breathe.
  • The laces should be in the central part, squeezing the foot for a firm fit. At what models without lacing for running are not the best choice.
  • The insole should be removed and be orthopedic.
  • The weight of the product must not exceed 400 grams.

Summer models are lighter and more breathable, they get wet quickly, which cannot be said about winter ones. Winter sneakers are made of dense materials, keeping the foot warm and comfortable.

Feels like products from different manufacturers may vary. Each brand has its own manufacturing technology. «Asix» uses gel in depreciation, «Sikony» foam. All of them are made to perform the same task, but they behave differently, in certain conditions.

Most of the characteristics can be determined visually by feeling the product, but some criteria are determined after using special equipment. Neither one nor the other factors should be neglected, because the comfort and health of the athlete depends on the quality of the materials. The rating takes into account the main features of sneakers and offers the best of those that can now be bought on the market.

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