Top 10 Best Mascaras of 2020


The selection of a good mascara that will decorate the eyes, hiding the flaws and highlighting the dignity, is a headache for all women. The first step is to decide on the shape and function of her brush.

Best Inexpensive Mascaras

L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss

A good enough option that will equally paint over the cilia along the length without lumps. A plastic brush with an excellent limiter that is enough to color the eyelashes and create volume with curling and lengthening.


  • not designed for walking in the rain;
  • due to the stiffness of the bristles, they can hurt the eyelid.

Bourjois Eye Catching

Ink with beautiful kittens on the lid. Compete with the best models. Perfectly creates volume and elongation when used in several layers.

The disadvantage is that it takes a long time to dry, which can stain your eyelids.

Extreme Exciting Exclusive

Excellent mascara of Belarusian manufacturers. Allows you to achieve volume and length.

Cons — looks bad on fluffy cilia, long drying, crumbles by the end of the day.

Pupa Vamp! Extreme

A voluminous silicone brush will add volume, well painting over the length of each eyelash. Due to the thick brush, staining the corners of the eyes becomes almost impossible. The rest of the mascara is very practical.


A big plus is the presence of several colors, which will be appreciated by professional makeup artists.

Cons — May cause irritation.

Gosh Boombastic

Gives the look a natural expressive look. A large brush with a ball at the end will paint well both the eyelashes themselves from the base to the tips, and the corners of the eyes. The organic oils in the composition will provide nourishment to the eyelashes, and the wax will give them elasticity.

Cons — it can float, after a while it starts to crumble.

Isadora Big Bold Mascara

Big bottle with big brush. It applies well and spreads evenly from base to ends. Great for defining lashes. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of water to wash it off.

Cons — you need to adapt to working with it, it crumbles.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Limited Edition

It is produced in two classic colors — brown and black. The curved brush perfectly copes with its task, coloring the cilia of different lengths, without leaving even the shortest ones unattended. Prevents the appearance of lumps and gives an artistic deflection to the eyelashes.

There are no cons.

Masterpiece Max by Max Factor

Creates a false lash effect when used as a double layer, giving lashes a neat look without clumps or clumps. A very convenient brush will make the cilia lush and voluminous.

Cons — a beautiful bottle is quickly erased, the composition dries quickly.

Rimmel Extra Long

Despite the budget cost, the composition pleases with the presence of organic oils, a vitamin complex and other useful substances. Lengthens, gives a bend, at the same time placing each eyelash separately. A good base that will be useful for daily use.

Minus the design of the bottle.

Vivienne Sabo Femme Fatale

A synthetic brush does not paint well along the length, but at the same time it perfectly separates the hairs. Even with one application, it gives natural beauty, emphasizing all the advantages of the eyes.

Cons: Dries quickly.

Main categories of brushes

In addition to getting acquainted with the top ten models of cosmetic products, it is important to know how to choose exactly what will suit a particular type of eyelashes.

Oval brush

If there is a great desire to have voluminous eyelashes, then you should think about such brushes with thick and dense bristles. This type of brush allows you to pick up the right amount of product and evenly distribute it along the entire length of the eyelash. For example:

  1. The best mascara for short lashes is They’re Real. It makes short and thin eyelashes noticeably longer. Gives volume thanks to a special brush that captures and colors all the eyelashes at once.
  2. Bobbi Brown No Smudge is a waterproof mascara. Thanks to the patented brush, the mascara is applied evenly, lengthening the lashes. It is also good because it is safe for wearers of lenses — tested by ophthalmologists.
  3. Lauder Sumptuous is a mascara that delivers incredible volume with a false lash effect without clumping. The vibrant effect makes the eyes look bigger and more attractive than ever.


A regular teardrop-shaped brush consists of 2 types of bristles — some are soft, others are hard. The former distribute the mascara along the entire length, the latter separate the cilia among themselves. This mascara does not dry out for a long time, retaining its properties.

Thin brush with sparse bristles

The choice of beauties who want to make their eyelashes longer. Colors all lashes individually. These brushes add volume and curl eyelashes:

  1. Diorshow New Look Mascara. Creates a great volumizing effect on lashes. With the help of your miracle brush, it is easy to achieve density and length.
  2. Nars Langer Than Life Longthening Mascara. Provides extra length to lashes thanks to a specially designed formula. It is durable and easy to wash off.
  3. Guerlain Noir G Mascara. Mascara has a formula containing ultra-black pigment.

The latest model creates voluminous and curved eyelashes, which is impossible not to envy.

Curved tassel

If the cilia have different lengths, then this brush shape is the best fit. Evenly distributing mascara from the base to the tips, it gives expressiveness to the look.

Max Factor Clump challenges all brands of mascara. Its innovative brush prevents clumps from forming on lashes. It stands out from the rest of the carcasses, thanks to a brush with natural fibers and a density formula.


A great option for not taking mascara separately for each purpose. Includes a triple effect — length, twist and volume.

Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara delivers volume, definition and length. This model is also considered one of the best in the world, because it was created on the basis of carnauba extract (gives intense volume) and natural wax (allows you to create an artistic deflection of the eyelashes).

Rectangular brush with a ball at the end

On a note!

The rounding on such a brush is done in order to reach all short eyelashes, painting them equally.

Eyelashes at the edges of the eyes are easily stained and the effect of a wide-open look is given.

Clarins Instant Definition Mascara enhances the natural beauty of lashes with volume and intense color thanks to its rich formula.

Straight brush with silicone bristles

Such a brush is needed to solve problems with lumps on the eyelashes. It captures just the right amount of mascara and then distributes it evenly over the lashes.

If we consider the best lengthening mascaras, then Chanel Le Volume Mascara is in the lead. It gives the eyelashes intense volume and density. It only takes one layer to achieve the expected result. This feature of the brush well lengthens even short eyelashes, making them silky and voluminous. The product dries quickly and does not spread.

Any mascara can be considered in terms of achieving the expected result:

  1. Lengthening mascara. They contain fibers that, sticking to the base, are distributed over the entire surface, thereby giving volume.
  2. A great mascara that mimics false eyelashes. Such models lengthen and increase volume due to the presence of organic oils in the composition.
  3. The dream of all girls is to dive into the water, and so that the mascara does not flow. For these cases, they invented waterproof mascara based on micellar oils.
  4. Caring. It will not only create a beautiful look, but also heal the eyelashes.


For women with allergies, they also created mascaras on a hypoallergenic basis, which do not affect the eyes.

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