TOP 10 best heaters: pros and cons, types


Home heaters are sure to come in handy in the off-season, when it’s already cool outside, and central heating has not yet been turned on. Which heater is better to buy: infrared, gas, oil or quartz? The rating, which contains a large assortment of the best models, will help you find the answer to this question.

Rating of the best infrared heaters

Wester IH-2000

A compact and inexpensive infrared heater is equipped with a powerful heating element, which allows you to maintain the optimum temperature in a room up to 40 square meters. There is only one operating mode in the device, and there is no ventilation program without heating, so the device is used exclusively to increase the temperature in the room. The body of the device is made of durable white plastic, and the shape of the heater is flat, so it will be almost invisible under the ceiling. In combination with an affordable price, this makes this model one of the best for the home.

Heating area 40 sq.m
Mounting method Ceiling
The weight 6.8 kg


  • warms well and does not dry the air;
  • can be controlled remotely;
  • simple installation: even one person can mount the heater on the ceiling;
  • attractive appearance;
  • almost invisible on the ceiling.


  • some users find the heater too noisy;
  • no wires for connection and fasteners included.

Review: “I bought this heater for my dacha. While satisfied. It doesn’t get in the way under your feet, it warms up a room of 20 squares quickly.”

Polaris PKSH 0508H

A compact floor heater will not only help keep the room warm, but will also become a stylish addition to the interior. The carbon heating element serves as a reliable and safe source of heat, and the power of the device is enough to heat an average room up to 20 squares. The device has a simple but reliable mechanical control, and next to the switch there is a light indicator that notifies the user when the device starts to work. Safety of operation is also ensured by protection against overheating and automatic shutdown in the event of a rollover.

Heating area 20 sq.m
Mounting method Floor
The weight 2.6 kg


  • there is a timer for 3 hours;
  • convenient carrying handle;
  • can be placed vertically and horizontally;
  • affordable cost;
  • consumes little electricity.


  • short power cord;
  • some users are disturbed by the light from the heater at night.

Review: «Very good heater. It heats perfectly, gives a pleasant warmth and does not burn out oxygen. I also liked that it can be placed vertically and horizontally.

Almac IK11

If you need to buy a heater for a summer residence, this model definitely deserves attention. The device is presented in several types of body colors, so it will not be difficult to choose a device that fits the interior. The power of the heater is enough to maintain heat in a room of 20 squares. At the same time, the device is infrared, warms up, but does not dry the air. The kit includes not only a detailed and understandable instruction manual, but also the necessary accessories for self-installation of the device.

Heating area 20 sq.m
Mounting method Ceiling
The weight 3.3 kg


  • compact dimensions combined with high power;
  • stylish design;
  • very simple installation that you can do yourself;
  • quickly warms up the room due to the power of 1000 watts;
  • durable and lightweight aluminum body.


  • connection wires and plug must be purchased separately;
  • Only ceiling brackets are included in the kit, no other fasteners are provided.

Review: “The heater heats up the room really quickly. Mounting is also convenient, but the quality of painting leaves much to be desired, although it is still imperceptible from below.”

Ballu BIH-L-3.0

A high-quality infrared heater can be used both as a primary and as an additional source of heat. Power of 3000 W is enough for spacious rooms with high ceilings. There is only one mode of operation, but there is a thermostat on the case and the function of turning the device, so uniform heating of the room is ensured. The appliance is designed for wall mounting, and simple mechanical controls allow the user to easily adjust the temperature and set it to the optimum level.

Heating area 30 sq.m
Mounting method Wall
The weight 4.1 kg


  • the device automatically turns off when overheated;
  • chrome-plated grill on the outside of the case prevents accidental burns;
  • built-in thermostat protects the device from overheating and helps maintain the optimum temperature in the room;
  • is resistant to moisture;
  • compact dimensions.


  • many users find the device noisy;
  • consumes a lot of electricity due to the increased power.

Review: “We bought this heater for an outdoor gazebo. We’ve been using it for two years now and have no complaints. But it’s really noisy.»

TOP best oil heaters

Resanta OM-7N

A stable oil cooler designed for heating houses and apartments. The device has two operating modes, and switching between them is carried out using a simple mechanical knob. The switch is equipped with a light indicator, so the user will know exactly how the device is turned on and working. The device has a fireplace effect, and wheels and a convenient handle are provided in the case for transportation. If the device needs to be hidden for storage, the power cord can be wound into a special compartment in the case.

Heating area 15 sq.m
Mounting method Floor
The weight 7.4 kg


  • convenient mechanical control;
  • automatically turns off when overheated;
  • affordable cost;
  • easy to move from one room to another;
  • saves electricity.


  • not suitable for large rooms;
  • not a very good thermocouple.

Review: “The heater is only suitable for small rooms. I have only 10 squares. It heats well, does not take up much space, but it is unlikely to work in a larger room. ”

Zanussi ZOH/CS-11W

The robust oil heater has the optimum power to raise the temperature in medium-sized rooms. The device has 11 sections, so it quickly gives off heat, warms up the room, but does not dry the air. There is only one operating mode, although the user will be able to adjust the temperature using a simple rotary switch on the case. The device is designed for floor installation, and for its transportation at the bottom there are comfortable stable wheels.

Heating area 27 sq.m
Mounting method Floor
The weight 11 kg


  • the case has a convenient cord storage compartment;
  • wheels and handle for transportation;
  • reliable mechanical temperature controller;
  • the switch is equipped with a light indicator;
  • proven European manufacturer.


  • most users find the heater too heavy;
  • loud relay clicks.

Review: “The heater is like a heater. It raises the temperature, the air does not dry out, it’s easy to manage, but it constantly and loudly clicks, and this interferes with sleep.”

Polaris PRE W 1125

A reliable quartz heater, reviews of which are extremely positive, consists of 11 sections and runs on a standard power supply. The device has only one mode of operation (for heating), but this is enough to maintain heat in a room up to 25 square meters. The power of the device can be adjusted using a reliable mechanical regulator. A switch with a light indicator will help you control the operation of the device, and an automatic shutdown in case of overheating ensures safe operation.

Heating area 25 sq.m
Mounting method Floor
The weight 10 kg


  • there is a fireplace effect;
  • wheels and handle for transportation;
  • optimal ratio of price and build quality;
  • safe operation due to protection against overheating;
  • does not dry the air in the room.


  • not very reliable wheel design;
  • not always on sale.

Review: “For the money this is a great heater. Quickly warms up the room, but the room does not become stuffy. It’s lightweight and can be carried from one room to another.»

Selection of quartz heaters


An inexpensive but reliable electric heater that will help you quickly heat a small room in a house or apartment. The device has a quartz heating element. It heats up quickly and maintains temperature for a long time, which saves energy. The heating element itself is protected by a metal grill for safe operation, and a handle is provided for carrying the heater in the upper part of the body. You can adjust the intensity of heating using a small mechanical switch on the body.

Heating area 20 sq.m
Mounting method Floor
The weight 11 kg


  • reliable quartz heating element;
  • simple and clear mechanical control;
  • high quality materials and assembly;
  • affordable cost;
  • compact dimensions.


  • only suitable for small spaces;
  • short power cord.

Review: “The heater is good and inexpensive, but only for families without children. My personal experience of use has shown that the case gets very hot during operation, so you need to be careful with the heater.

Polaris PQSH 0208

A compact, reliable and inexpensive heater with a high-quality quartz heater will help maintain the optimum temperature in medium-sized rooms (up to 20 sq.m). The device has two heating modes, and control is carried out using mechanical buttons on the case. The device is equipped with protection against overheating and automatically turns off in case of accidental overturning. The heater gives soft heat, but it does not dry the air and does not change the microclimate in the room.

Heating area 20 sq.m
Mounting method Floor
The weight 1 kg


  • light weight makes it easy to move the heater around the apartment;
  • the plastic case does not heat up during operation;
  • does not make noise during operation;
  • does not burn oxygen in the room;
  • safe operation.


  • some users find the white case too easily soiled;
  • glows with an unpleasant red light at night.

Review: “Loved this heater. The room warms up quickly, but consumes little electricity. It does not make noise, although at night the red glow of the heating element interferes a little.

NeoClima NQH-1.2i

An infrared heater with a horizontally positioned quartz heating element will not take up much space in the room, but will provide steady, pleasant heat. The power of the device is small (600-1200 W), but it is enough to heat a room up to 12 sq.m. The control is mechanical, carried out using a small button on the case. Next to it is a light indicator that will tell you when the device is turned on. For operational safety, the manufacturer has provided automatic shutdown in case of overheating or accidental tipping.

Heating area 12 sq.m
Mounting method Floor
The weight 1.2 kg


  • affordable cost;
  • simple and clear mechanical control;
  • nice design;
  • quickly warms up the room;
  • light weight makes it easy to transport.


  • short power cord;
  • The surface in front of the appliance becomes very hot.

Review: “If the heater is used infrequently, this model will fit perfectly. The power is not enough for a large room, but to quickly warm up a nursery or other small room, it is quite suitable.

Varieties of heaters

When choosing an electric heater, first of all you need to decide on the type of device.

All devices for space heating are divided into types depending on the type of heating element:

  1. Oil — outwardly similar to a conventional battery. Inside the housing there is oil and a heating element. From the heated oil, the body of the device heats up, and then the whole room.
  2. Infrared heaters are also called reflectors. They do not heat the air, but the surface of the room. Experts recommend buying a maximum power device. It will warm up the room faster, objects and surfaces will begin to give off heat, and the heater can be turned off.
  3. Quartz heaters are equipped with a special heating element, for the production of which quartz sand is used. As a rule, these are inexpensive, functional and lightweight devices that can heat a small and medium-sized room.

How to choose the right heaters?

When choosing a heater, first of all, they are guided by the power of the device. It depends on it on what area the device can maintain heat. If the heater is planned to be moved frequently, it is advisable to opt for a lightweight model or a device with wheels and a handle.

If there are children in the house, the advantage should be given to a safe model with a plastic case that will not heat up during operation. But ceiling and wall heaters are considered the safest, although they will have to involve specialists for their installation.

Comparative characteristics of heater manufacturers

Choosing a quality heater is not easy, but a comparison table with the main characteristics of the devices will help you choose the most suitable model.

Product name Heating area Mounting method Weight, kg)
Wester IH-2000 40 sq.m Ceiling 6.8
Polaris PKSH 0508H 20 sq.m Floor 2.6
Almac IK11 20 sq.m Ceiling 3.3
Ballu BIH-L-3.0 30 sq.m Wall 4.1
Resanta OM-7N 15 sq.m Floor 7.4
Zanussi ZOH/CS-11W 27 sq.m Floor eleven
Polaris PRE W 1125 25 sq.m Floor ten
CENTEK CT-6140 20 sq.m Floor eleven
Polaris PQSH 0208 20 sq.m Floor one
NeoClima NQH-1.2i 12 sq.m Floor 1.2 kg

Each heater described in this rating has sufficient functionality and reliability, so it is great for domestic use.

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