Top 10 best food waste shredders: main features, how to choose, reviews


A food waste grinder or disposer is a special device that is installed under the sink in the kitchen and serves to quickly and efficiently grind food residues with further washing into the sewer. The use of such a product in everyday life will be the most practical and effective way to dispose of organic waste.

To make it easier for you to choose your household shredders, a list of the most functional models has been compiled. Among the devices there are both the most ordinary devices and more advanced devices. When compiling the rating, the purpose of the dispenser, advantages and disadvantages, expert assessments and user feedback were taken into account.

Rating of the best food waste disposers

Bort Master Eco

The budget device helps in the shortest possible time to get rid of a variety of food waste without the subsequent appearance of an unpleasant odor. Despite the small size of the chamber (1 l), the product has excellent performance and a two-stage grinding system. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the dispenser fits optimally in a small cabinet in the kitchen in the sink drain. Installation of the model is safe and simple, it is possible to fix the device to the sink in a few minutes on your own.

Suitable for all types of sinks. Uninterrupted operation is ensured by a DC motor. All main parts of the grinder are made of high quality stainless steel. An effective soundproofing system ensures maximum comfort during use. The overload and jamming protection system guarantees exceptional operating safety. An excellent addition to the configuration will be a pneumatic switch and a drain pipe.

Maximum engine speed, rpm 2600
motor type Permanent magnet
Weight, kg 4.3
Grinding chamber volume, l one
Design features Pneumatic switch, filter mesh with rubber stopper, mounting assembly, drain pipe
  • compact dimensions;
  • light weight;
  • there are no cutting parts;
  • there is protection against overheating;
  • nice design;
  • quality of materials;
  • low power consumption.
  • uncomfortable fastening of the neck to the sink.

Bought this product 3 weeks ago after reading online reviews. It took half an hour to install the device. The start key was placed near the tap. Waste from fruits and vegetables went down inside, there were no blockages. Now there are no unpleasant smells in the kitchen. Everyone is happy.

Bort Titan Max Power

A functional and thoughtful dispenser at an affordable price. There are no cutting elements in the product, all crushing components are located at a considerable distance from the entrance, therefore, when using the product, there is no danger of injuring hands. The motor is equipped with permanent magnets, which provide a quick increase in speed immediately upon starting the product. There is a carefully thought-out protection against overheating and overloads. Thanks to the 3-level grinding system, the sewage system functions stably, since large waste does not fall into it.

The power of the electric motor will be 780 W, the maximum speed reaches 3500 rpm, which is enough for domestic use. The product has an additional soundproofing system, so there is no noise during operation. The design is made of materials that are characterized by increased wear resistance, most of the elements are made of stainless steel. The package includes a pneumatic switch, a filter mesh and a drain pipe.

Maximum engine speed, rpm 3500
motor type Permanent magnet
Weight, kg 6.3
Grinding chamber volume, l 1.4
Design features Mounting unit, pneumatic switch, drain pipe, filter mesh with rubber stopper
  • silent operation;
  • power;
  • safety at work;
  • ease of installation;
  • durable engine;
  • effective system of protection against overloads, power surges;
  • fast grinding.
  • the need to leave a jet of water at the end of cleaning.

They took it with caution, as they read that the attachment point is too weak. However, the product is of good quality. The husband put the product himself, nothing leaks, the dimensions are optimal, the price is small. Garbage has become much less.

Bone Crusher BC610

Functional dispenser, which is suitable for small families. Due to its small diameter, such a device fits easily under any sink. The model is quite powerful, any unpleasant odors do not occur during the operation of the product. The device is quite easy to install, as well as to use, does not require special maintenance. All active elements are recessed deep into the case.

The power of the device is 475 W, the motor is equipped with a permanent magnet. There is auto-protection against overloads, develops a speed of 2600 rpm. The grinding chamber is made of polycarbonate and has a volume of 940 ml. The main elements are made of medical stainless steel, the weight of the device is 4.42 kg.

Maximum engine speed, rpm 2600
motor type Permanent magnet
Weight, kg 4.4
Grinding chamber volume, l 0.6
Design features Technologies Bio Shield, Torque Master, Master Mounting System; electric wire 90 cm, overload protection
  • small dimensions;
  • low degree of noise;
  • ease of installation;
  • fast grinding;
  • ease of use;
  • there are no foreign odors.
  • insufficient wire length.

An indispensable assistant at home. I send all organic waste (including bones) there. The device is budgetary and compact, the volume of the grinding chamber is small, but the product is enough for a family with 2 children. Installed in half an hour, maintenance is not required. Recommend for selection.

In Sink Erator ISE Evolution 100

Durable dispenser, which is made of high quality materials, with anti-corrosion coating. Due to the presence of a powerful electric motor, the product can easily cope with bones from fish and chicken. The device is distinguished by the possibility of a constant supply of waste and a large waste bin. Installation of the product is quite simple, it takes about 30 minutes. Disposer is placed directly on the sink, replacing the regular drain.

The grinder is started by means of a pneumatic button. The circulation speed is 1425 rpm. Thanks to centrifugal force, the waste will be rubbed along the walls of the grinding chamber, where self-sharpening “graters” made of metal are fixed. To ensure proper noise isolation, the grinding chamber is equipped with a sound-absorbing screen. In order to extend the life of the device, it is necessary to wash the device from time to time under running hot water with salt and detergents.

Maximum engine speed, rpm 1425
motor type Induction
Weight, kg 8.8
Grinding chamber volume, l 1.005
Design features Auto reverse, overload protection, filter housing and stainless steel plug
  • ease of installation;
  • ease of use;
  • build quality;
  • 2-level grinding;
  • anti-vibration technology;
  • low degree of noise;
  • safety.
  • large dimensions.

Bought this dispenser after reading online reviews. Grinds almost all organic waste. We throw out household garbage no more than 1-2 times a week, there is no unpleasant smell from the bucket, there were no blockages. Satisfied with the choice made.

Bort Titan 4000 Plus

Compact and functional dispenser with good functionality. The motor is reliable and productive, which ensures durability during the operation of the product. The chamber has an increased volume (1400 ml), a power of 560 W is enough for a small family. Pretty economical and quiet in operation. The probability of injuries during work is excluded, since there are no cutting elements and screws.

The device is reliable, as it is endowed with the option of protection against overheating, has the technology of three-mode grinding. The grinder turns itself off after 3 minutes of inactivity. The model is quite easy to install, so you can handle it on your own. The low degree of vibration will allow you to install the product on any sink. The package includes a pneumatic switch, a drain pipe and a filter mesh.

Maximum engine speed, rpm 3200
motor type Permanent magnet
Weight, kg 6.1
Grinding chamber volume, l 1.4
Design features Pneumatic switch, filter mesh with rubber stopper, mounting assembly, drain pipe
  • large volume of the chamber for grinding;
  • power;
  • application safety;
  • overload protection system;
  • effective sound insulation;
  • long warranty.
  • there is no soft start system.

Reliable grinder with good functionality. There is enough power, food debris easily grinds at several levels. There is almost no noise, the installation is simple. The grinding chamber is quite large. I advise.

In Sink Erator ISE 56

Ergonomic chopper designed for a family of 2-3 people. The device is equipped with a powerful induction motor that consumes electricity up to 380 W / h. The cabinet diameter is 17 cm, which makes it easy to install under the sink. Dispenser with 980 ml chamber withstands continuous loading with parallel water flow. It grinds coffee beans, grapes, citrus fruits, fish and chicken bones, etc.

The developer recommends being careful with watermelon rinds, onion husks, and clam shells. The device is equipped with an overload protection system, the electronics controls the excessive load in the motor winding and turns it off. In addition, a splash guard is installed here, which prevents fragments from flying out of the siphon when crushing garbage.

Maximum engine speed, rpm 1125
motor type Induction
Weight, kg 7.16
Grinding chamber volume, l 0.98
Design features Pneumatic activation button, two outer plates, overload protection
  • quality assembly;
  • long warranty;
  • self-sharpening graters;
  • ease of installation;
  • parts made of durable stainless steel;
  • silent operation;
  • plastic stopper for the sink.
  • does not grind fibrous products.

The first dispenser model we bought. They were selected by price and by the name of the manufacturer. The operation is almost silent, grinds without difficulty. Fibrous products do not grind. For the rest, everyone is happy.

Electric dispensers need to be connected to the mains. Each connection tube must be smooth, not corrugated (so that the fragments do not get stuck in the folds). The smallest size of the sink drain hole for stable operation is 90 mm.

Bort Alligator Max

A specialized electrical appliance that is installed in the sink drain hole and connected to the sewerage system. A high-quality 560 W induction motor, an integrated power amplifier and a grinding chamber volume of 1600 ml allow the device to be used at home, as well as in small eateries.

Using it is quite simple: you need to turn on the water and press the wireless button. Food debris is removed by means of a pusher cover. When the work is completed, it will turn itself off. The auto-reverse option will help you easily crush a large amount of waste. The productivity of the device is 5.2 kg / min. The package includes a filter mesh, a special pusher, a remote control, a mounting assembly and a drain tube.

Maximum engine speed, rpm 1680
motor type Induction
Weight, kg 9
Grinding chamber volume, l 1.5
Design features Filter mesh with rubber stopper, pusher, remote control, mounting unit and drain tube
  • chamber volume;
  • auto-reverse option;
  • amplifier;
  • overload protection system;
  • induction motor;
  • wireless key;
  • effective soundproofing.
  • the wire is located directly under the nozzle.

We took this dispenser for a large family of 7 people. He copes with the tasks optimally, does not wake up children during work. Reliable assembly, waste has become much less. Functions quickly, use is safe. I advise you to buy.

Bort Titan 5000

Handy device with good functionality. Helps quickly eliminate unpleasant odors and get rid of bacteria. The design functions on the basis of an electric motor, its power is 550 W, the grinding chamber is quite capacious (up to 5.2 kg / min). The unique 3-stage grinding system helps to cope with small bones, fruit peels and vegetable peels. All sharp elements are located deep in the grinding chamber.

The design has a remote control key, so there is no need to make a hole for the start button next to the sink. The grinder has an effective noise isolation system, so the device operates quite quietly. The dispenser is easy to install, so installation can be done on your own. The package includes a filter mesh, a mounting assembly and a drain pipe.

Maximum engine speed, rpm 3200
motor type Permanent magnet
Weight, kg 6.3
Grinding chamber volume, l 1.4
Design features Pneumatic switch, filter mesh with rubber stopper, mounting assembly, drain pipe
  • silent operation;
  • there is no vibration;
  • safety of use;
  • remote control button;
  • no special maintenance required;
  • productive engine.
  • does not cope with large bones.

Excellent model. It works silently, there is almost no vibration. Powerful enough, finely grinds food debris. It is virtually impossible to overload the disposer if only to stuff large bones. When it is necessary to fill the sink with water, there is a special cork made of rubber. I also note the presence of a special pusher in the configuration. I recommend.

Bone BC 910 Slim Line

The original device that copes with virtually any debris. Suitable for grinding food waste in any quantity. The device has a diameter of 15 cm, which will make it one of the narrowest dispensers. The crushing ring and cams are made of stainless steel and are cast, which increases their reliability and resistance to corrosion.

The induction motor has a power of 520 W, grinds food waste of any hardness. Despite the thin body, the product has a complete noise isolation. The product is equipped with auto-protection against overloads, which is triggered when the disc rotates for too long. The developer placed a magnetic catcher in the device, which keeps spoons and other cutlery from penetrating into the disposer.

Maximum engine speed, rpm 2700
motor type Induction
Weight, kg 4.9
Grinding chamber volume, l 0.6
Design features Overload protection, magnetic catcher, unique structure of the working chamber
  • no restrictions on the type of organic waste;
  • fast grinding;
  • high performance;
  • small dimensions;
  • low degree of noise;
  • cutting parts made of stainless steel.
  • when “chewing” solid waste, strong vibration.

Bought this chopper 3 weeks ago after reading reviews online. The installation process took about half an hour. The device effectively copes with food waste. When something gets stuck, you can gently pull it out of the hole with your hand. Satisfied with the choice made.

In Sink Erator ISE Evolution 200

Convenient and functional dispenser from the famous American brand Emerson Electric Company with a grinding chamber volume of 1.18 liters. In the manufacture of the device, high-quality stainless steel was used. The product in question has a fairly powerful engine that allows you to quickly and intensively grind food debris. The grinder also easily grinds large bones.

The product is activated using a vacuum switch, which eliminates the presence of electrical wires near the sink and running water. The continuous loading method increases the productivity of the instrument and the amount of waste disposed of. The original Jam-Sensor Circuit system makes it possible to increase the motor force by 500% in the presence of clogging of the mechanism with food residues. A 3-stage grinding system with an auto-reverse option is provided in order to improve the quality of processing.

Maximum engine speed, rpm 1425
motor type Induction
Weight, kg 11.6
Grinding chamber volume, l 1.18
Design features Auto reverse, overload protection, mesh filter
  • induction motor;
  • auto reverse;
  • pneumatic start button;
  • ease of installation;
  • complete soundproofing;
  • effective overload protection;
  • stainless steel materials.
  • not the highest power.

We took this device home. Looks harmoniously under the sink, does not take up too much space. The amount of waste in the kitchen has been significantly reduced. In addition, I note the quality of the knives. Grinds everything except glass and plastic. Extremely comfortable dispenser.

When using the grinder, it is forbidden to throw non-food, but other waste into it. For example, glass shards, buttons, coins and other items will not be crushed. When the device is not equipped with a fuse, the motor may burn out.

Top Manufacturers of Food Waste Disposers

In the process of selecting a quality shredder, it is necessary to focus on those manufacturing companies that best represent the respective products on the market. Most popular:

  • board. Production of products is carried out by German engineers. Production technologies are constantly improving. Products are tested at maximum load.
  • Zorg. Czech brand that specializes in the production of high-quality plumbing and household appliances. Products are distinguished by reliability and durability. User responses to food waste grinders from this brand are extremely positive. The combination of cost and quality in the models of the brand is optimal.
  • Bone crusher. An American brand of Anaheim Marketing International, which specializes in the production of food grinders of various capacities, as well as other equipment for the food industry. Products occupy leading positions all over the world.
  • FRANKE. A trademark from Switzerland that has been on the international market for over 100 years. The products of the manufacturer in question attract the attention of users in many countries with their quality and practicality. The functionality of the products of this brand is distinguished by the introduction of the latest technologies in the process of their development.
  • In Sin ERATOR. An American manufacturing company that produces luxury household appliances. The products of the trademark are distinguished by the highest quality, high functionality and long service life with the provision of an official warranty period.
  • Teka. A brand from Germany that manufactures kitchen appliances. The company manufactures products strictly following all necessary international standards. The materials that are used to create dispensers are distinguished by anti-corrosion, hygienic and wear-resistant qualities.
  • status. A company from Italy that has been offering users modern devices for home and professional use for 20 years. Products are quite in demand among consumers, they are distinguished by versatility, duration of operation.

Tips for Choosing Food Waste Disposers

Before buying a suitable dispenser, you need to study the key product selection criteria. Main parameters:

  • Inlet. In order to avoid difficulties during the installation of the product, you must first measure the diameter of the drain. According to it, the value of the inlet of the grinder is selected.
  • Motor protection available. Important for electrical appliances. In that situation, when an object too hard for grinding gets into the system, the engine will turn off by itself and will not burn out.
  • Shaft rotation speed. The number of revolutions of the grinding part of the equipment is an indicator of the grinding speed. It will depend on the type and performance of the motor.
  • The degree of noise. The level of sound insulation and motor power will affect the overall parameter of the generated noise. In the best models, this figure at idle without garbage loading will be approximately 40 dB.
  • Weight and dimensions. For a small kitchen and sink, a dispenser no more than 5 kg is suitable, and for larger sinks — any other in accordance with other parameters.
  • Power. The higher the indicator, the more likely it is that the device will grind solid residues.
  • Material. It is recommended to take models made of stainless steel and plastic, and knives with a corrosive coating.
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