TOP 10 best fitness bracelets from Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.


Fitness bracelets are a useful and at the same time affordable gadget. With it, the user can track their physical activity during the day: pulse, calorie count, steps taken. Many models have access to the Internet, notify of incoming calls and messages. Bracelets are able to motivate for more activity, displaying visible and invisible results on the screen. Here is a true ranking of the best fitness bracelets. Only proven Smart (smart) bracelets with reviews, features, pros and cons.

The best fitness bracelets

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

A smart bracelet will emphasize the individuality of the owner, bringing more comfort and color to his life. The body is made of high-performance materials that can be worn in any environment. Advanced sensors will help you track your physical activity and show the results on a big screen. The notification function displays information about calls and messages on the screen. The device is equipped with a powerful battery that can hold a charge up to 14 days.

Characteristic Meaning
Display, inch 1.1
Power, mAh 124
Sensors heart rate, barometer, oxygenated


  • convenient size;
  • color resolution;
  • functional;
  • build quality;
  • magnetic charging.


  • errors in calculations;
  • requires synchronization with the phone.

Huawei Honor Band 5

The smart bracelet has a large dial for high-quality data display. Updated heart rate measurement technologies provide high accuracy of indicators. The bracelet is waterproof — allows you to dive to a depth of 50 m. The device monitors the heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned and step rate. The smartphone finder feature allows you to quickly find your missing device. Directly from the wrist, you can turn on tracks, adjust their volume.

Characteristic Meaning
Display, inch 0.95
Power, mAh 100
Sensors accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor


  • strong body;
  • waterproof;
  • interchangeable straps;
  • keeps the battery for a long time;
  • multifunctionality.


  • there is no payment system;
  • slows down the sensor.

Makibes AK12

The tracker has a large screen to display the desired content. With their help, you can accurately track the pulse in a calm and tense state. The bracelet is able to control the phases of sleep. Equipped with a waterproof case, so you can easily take it with you to the pool. A powerful battery allows you to charge the device once every 5 days. A stopwatch, calculation of calories, vibrations, blood pressure measurement, alarm clock and much more will greatly facilitate the life of a modern user.

Characteristic Meaning
Display, inch 1.3
Power, mAh 140
Sensors tonometer, heart rate monitor


  • comfortable;
  • easily personalized;
  • Russian-language application;
  • practical charging;
  • large display.


  • skype notification missing;
  • there is no way to add your messenger.


A new generation fitness watch with all the necessary functions. The device has a minimalistic design, bright and large display. The body of the product is made of high-quality, impact-resistant materials. Using the bracelet, you can easily track your daily activity, control the progress of your workout, remotely control the camera and player. The gadget is compatible with any operating system. The model is equipped with an additional interchangeable strap.

Characteristic Meaning
Display, inch 1.3
Power, mAh 135
Sensors heart rate monitor, pedometer, heart rate sensor


  • quality strap;
  • detailed sleep monitoring;
  • well-designed graphics in the interface;
  • measurement without errors;
  • water resistance;


  • braking with a large number of incoming SMS;
  • no GPS.

Rovtop M3

A health bracelet with rich functionality and at an affordable price. It has a bright display and a durable plastic body. In addition to standard operations, the gadget is able to calculate the distance, the number of calories burned. With it, it is easy to stay in touch with your family, because calls and SMS notifications will be displayed on the watch screen. The device is equipped with a powerful battery that provides up to five days of battery life.

Characteristic Meaning
Display, inch 0.90
Power, mAh 110
Sensors arterial pressure; pedometer, pulse


  • bright screen;
  • multifunctionality;
  • light;
  • pairing with a smartphone;
  • holds a charge for a long time.


  • instruction in English;
  • sensor does not work well.


An elegant fitness bracelet with a large screen, equipped with an NFC sensor that allows contactless payments in stores, as well as GPS for determining the exact location. Determines altitude and street weather. All data is displayed on the display or mobile application, which is fully Russified. When fully charged, the device functions for up to five days. There is moisture protection.

Characteristic Meaning
Display, inch 1.14
Power, mAh 130
Sensors ECG, accelerometer, heart rate monitor


  • multitasking;
  • Russian language support;
  • large screen;
  • convenient charger;
  • modern design.


  • low accuracy of measurements;
  • does not hold a charge well.


The most elegant bracelet from the fitness line. In addition to basic functions, it can measure blood pressure and pulse to closely monitor activity. The device is equipped with a second sports mode, so you can track your well-being during training. The model is very well thought out: a large LED screen, call alerts, a high degree of protection against moisture (it is possible to take a light shower). On a single charge, the bracelet can work up to 72 hours.

Characteristic Meaning
Display, inch 1.44
Power, mAh 140
Sensors blood pressure sensor, heart rate monitor


  • design;
  • quality of materials;
  • sit comfortably on the hand;
  • durable;
  • long battery life.


  • no vibration signal;
  • poor quality strap.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The best fitness bracelets from a well-known brand that have a bright, color display and a heart rate monitor. A smart device on your wrist will allow you to view the notification of calls and messages. The device monitors the quality of sleep in the fast and slow phase. A slight vibration will help you wake up in the morning. Heart rate monitoring allows you to monitor your health status. When fully charged, the device can function up to twenty days.

Characteristic Meaning
Display, inch 0.95
Power, mAh 135
Sensors gyroscope, accelerometer, PPG


  • optimal size and weight;
  • correct heart rate measurement;
  • Battery capacity;
  • moisture protection;
  • notification view function;
  • display brightness adjustment.


  • weak vibration;
  • uncomfortable strap.


This bracelet has an elegant design that is suitable not only for women but also for men. The gadget is distinguished from competitors by its aesthetic appearance and high-quality assembly. It has all the important features: a pedometer, calorie counting, sleep monitoring, camera remote control, and there is also a moisture protection standard that allows you to dive to shallow depths. Without recharge, the device operates for seven days.

Characteristic Meaning
Display, inch 1.3
Power, mAh 120
Sensors heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, blood pressure


  • design;
  • color display;
  • lungs;
  • long battery life;
  • functional.


  • take a long time to charge;
  • setup problems.

Doolnng M5

A novelty among fitness bracelets will be a wonderful addition to the image for tracking sports achievements. In addition to popular functions, the device has non-standard commands: it measures the level of oxygen, pressure, and also builds an ECG graph. It has an optimal, as for hours, screen. In sunny weather, it fades a lot, so it will be difficult to read the data. Under the panel there is a touch button to control the menu.

Characteristic Meaning
Display, inch 0.96
Power, mAh 110
Sensors heart rate monitor, pedometer, blood pressure


  • beautiful appearance;
  • multifunctionality;
  • equipment;
  • touchscreen;
  • interchangeable straps.


  • the strap is very dirty;
  • scratched.

What to look for when choosing smart bracelets?

Fitness bracelets make it easier to connect with the outside world and allow you to control your mobile phone from a distance. Before you buy a tracker, you need to clearly understand what it is for. Based on the wishes of users, the main selection parameters were identified:

  • The presence of a heart rate monitor. The device monitors the heartbeat and measures the pulse of a person in a different state.
  • Moisture protection. The most modern models have protection against water — they are designed only for fresh water, as salts can damage equipment.
  • Design and materials. Most manufacturers provide the ability to change the straps, which will allow you to combine them for different styles.
  • Battery. The more powerful it is, the more days the device holds a charge.
  • Display. Modern models have screens that clearly display information.

The rating of inexpensive smart watches will allow the user to choose a high-quality and practical model for daily use. Many functions will help you to always be aware of changes in physical activity, as well as keep in touch with loved ones.

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