TOP 10 best electric ovens: from inexpensive to premium


An electric oven is a compact assistant for any housewife, with which the house always smells of fresh pastries, meat and other dishes. Today, there are many models of ovens, both built-in and freestanding. However, not any of them will become a suitable attribute in the girl’s kitchen, and even more so — it will fit into the headset. Selection rules, available baking modes, equipment, size and other technical parameters will be presented in the review. Which electric oven to choose and how do they differ? The ranking of the best electric ovens in the budget, medium and premium price categories. With prices, reviews, pros and cons.

TOP inexpensive built-in electric ovens


An electric oven that will complement the kitchen and become its best part. The technique is made in a simple, attractive design. The case has silver and black elements. There is a grill function that allows you to cook meat and other products in a uniquely delicious way. Convenient switches are rotary type. They allow you to configure basic settings. Double glass is resistant to high temperatures. Comes with a rack and a baking sheet.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, l 62
Power, W 2200
Additional elements baking tray, wire rack, lighting


  • simple care;
  • design;
  • double glass;
  • numerous cooking modes;
  • compactness.


  • no convection;
  • doesn’t wash well.

Review: “I enjoy using the oven. Good, simple and compact oven with no frills. The case is made very carefully, has excellent thermal insulation, nothing heats up around during operation. I have tried all modes and love them. Satisfied with color. The price is democratic, corresponds to the quality.”


Built-in electric oven with 5 heating modes. On the grill you can bake meat, chicken, vegetables. The convection mode allows you to evenly distribute heat, so that the dish does not need to be turned over. You can control the baking process with a convenient backlight. The model belongs to the economical class of power consumption. You can set the modes using the rotary switches. Has a baking tray, roaster, skewer and wire rack.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, l 22
Power, W 2005
Additional elements timer, fan, skewer, baking sheet, grill


  • heats up quickly;
  • bakes well;
  • many functions;
  • high-quality folding doors;
  • appearance.


  • the door is very hot;
  • oven size.

Review: “Friends advised me to buy an oven of this model. I was sure of the quality, as I had seen her bake more than once. Bought the device at a discount. Now I bake pies, casseroles, chicken — all exits with a bang. The convection mode allows you to cook 2 dishes at the same time, and also speeds up the cooking process. Easy to wash.»

Indesit IFW 6220BL

The electric oven of this model will emphasize individual style of any kitchen. The device is equipped with a rotary control system with switches. Belongs to the class of energy-saving. An oven cleaning system with hot steam is provided. Has a grill, cooling fan and lighting. The door is hinged, has double glass, which is resistant to high temperatures. Produced in several colors. A 1 year warranty is provided.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, l 71
Power, W 3650
Additional elements cooling fan, pan, grill, lighting, grill


  • thick glasses;
  • electric grill;
  • backlight;
  • build quality;
  • optimum power.


  • sidewalls are scratched;
  • no grilled sword.

Review: “My husband and I decided to upgrade the oven. Reviews about different models were mixed, so we turned to a specialist who helped us choose the device. It has no extra features that would not be used. Everything is well baked and cooked. The beautiful design is the perfect addition to our small kitchen. Now I will bake cakes and cupcakes more often.”

Candy FCS 100 N/E1

Independent oven in a modern guise. The device is equipped with a backlight to control baking. It has a convenient mode adjustment mechanism. The kit includes: grill, baking sheet. The inner walls of the oven must be cleaned manually as they become dirty. There is no cooking timer. Produced in red, black and grey. You can bake several dishes at the same time. The kit includes instructions for familiarization with the nuances of the device.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, l 70
Power, W 2100
Additional elements baking tray, wire rack, lighting


  • appearance;
  • convenient control system;
  • quality material;
  • compact size;
  • heats up quickly.


  • little functionality;
  • heats up everything around the cabinet.

Review: “My husband gave me an oven for my birthday. I really dreamed about it and finally got it. I do baking — cakes, muffins, pastries. With this oven, the baking process has become faster and easier. Nothing burns, through the window I can control readiness. The oven is small and fits well in our kitchen. Mine is very rare, as it rarely gets dirty. Periodically I wipe the glass.

The Best Mid-Range Electric Ovens

Beko BCM 12300 X

The oven is presented in the color “stainless steel”. The design will fit perfectly into the style of any kitchen. Rotary switches smoothly regulate the heating temperature, allow you to set the desired operating mode. In a state of convection, it will ensure uniform cooking of the dish from all sides. The grill function will fry meat or chicken to a crispy crust and the desired shade. There is a time indicator. The child lock prevents the door from being opened unintentionally. Has 8 operating modes.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, l 48
Power, W 2400
Additional elements timer, baking sheet, wire rack, light


  • compact;
  • quiet;
  • powerful;
  • many functions;
  • stylish, versatile design.


  • inconvenient manual settings;
  • the display is not blocked.

Review: “I was limited by the power of the outlet, so we chose a small oven that does not consume much electricity. She bakes everything perfectly — chicken, duck, charlotte. Maybe a little warm, but for me it does not matter. The purchase is completely satisfied. It cooks quickly, the timer helps a lot, because I often forget that I put something in the oven.”

Hansa BOES64002

The oven belongs to class A energy consumers. It is made of high quality materials and has easy control. The inner coating is enamel. There are various cooking modes — top and bottom, both separately and together, grill. The doors include a cooling system. Practical and ergonomic design will suit any style of kitchen. The rotary switches are located on top — they spin well and do not stick. There is a backlight.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, l 67
Power, W 2000
Additional elements baking tray, wire rack, lighting


  • bakes well;
  • many cooking modes;
  • build quality;
  • convenient doors;
  • simple installation.


  • warms up for a long time;
  • food burns.

Review: “I read reviews about the oven and decided to take this particular model. It fit well in design, however, before the first cooking, I had to ignite it for 4 hours, until everything was burned and the factory smell was gone. I like cooking in the oven. The backlight allows you to control the cooking process. There are many modes with which you can both bake and reheat. ”

Electrolux OPEA 4300 X

This manufacturer has the best electric ovens. The current model provides even cooking thanks to the heat on two levels. The self-cleaning system starts working when it reaches 250 degrees. The LED display allows you to monitor the status of the dish. The grill function helps to perfectly bake dishes to a crispy crust. The convection mode speeds up the heating of the oven, saving not only time on electricity. Has an elegant design.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, l 57
Power, W 2500
Additional elements timer, baking sheet, grill, backlight, sound signal


  • several modes of operation;
  • easy control;
  • uniform cooking;
  • rotary knobs;
  • heats up quickly.


  • the lower ten buzzes;
  • comes with 1 baking sheet.

Review: “I bought the oven 3 years ago, during this time I managed to cook a huge number of different dishes. Casseroles and pastries are ideally obtained, the inside does not remain raw. The meat is cooked on a wire rack using the grill mode, so a golden crust is obtained, and the meat remains juicy. The cabinet is easy to clean, after each use I wipe it with wet wipes.

Rating of the best premium electric ovens

Gorenje BO 7530 CLB

The ideal oven for professional results. Air circulates freely, enveloping the product from all sides. Modern MultiFlow technology allows you to cook on five levels at the same time, while smells and tastes do not mix with each other. The ventilation system ensures uniform baking of the dish. The product is made of resistant and durable enamel that can withstand high temperatures and pyrolytic cleaning. The internal elements are triple-coated, which makes them more resistant to temperatures.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, l 71
Power, W 2700
Additional elements timer, baking sheet, wire rack, light


  • simple control;
  • closer;
  • an abundance of programs;
  • build quality;
  • compactness.


  • no clock backlight
  • warms up for a long time.

Review: “I have long dreamed of such an oven. It is of very good quality, well-known manufacturer. Immediately after installation, I decided to test it. The pies turned out very ruddy, baked well, and the ruddy crust is simply delicious. The husband began to cook more often — he likes meat and fish more. After buying an oven, our house constantly smells like food. Happy with the purchase.»

Bosch HBF534EB0R

Built-in electric oven with 3D hot air function. EcoClean Direct coating makes the cleaning process more efficient. The hot air mode allows you to achieve good results in baking and frying. The heating element in the form of a ring evenly distributes the air flow over the cooked products. The special shock-absorber closes doors without excess noise. The system of telescopes allows you to control the process of baking dishes.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, l 66
Power, W 3300
Additional elements timer, baking sheet, grill, light, cooling fan


  • high-quality case;
  • great functionality;
  • advanced frying modes;
  • convenient installation size;
  • recessed handles;
  • understandable management.


  • glass is poorly washed;
  • unbreakable door.

Review: “Bought the oven for Black Friday. We have been using it for several months, the results of cooking are simply excellent. It heats up quickly, so we decided to abandon the microwave — now we heat all the food only in the oven. Pies and biscuits are very lush and delicious. I often use the convection function to cook food evenly.”

Electrolux OEF5E50V

An oven that can cook several dishes at the same time. The touch display and the timer allow you to monitor the status of cooking. The Even Cooking system distributes heat throughout the cabinet without the need to constantly turn food. The presence of a grill will make dishes crispy and savory. The thoughtful arrangement of the backlight helps to accurately determine the moment of cooking.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, l 72
Power, W 2790
Additional elements timer, baking sheet, grill, lighting, cooling fan, convection, grill


  • multifunctional;
  • thermostats;
  • bakes well;
  • protection from children;
  • simple control.


  • heats up for a long time;
  • the grill scratches the inner case.

Reviews: “I really like the oven, you can cook several dishes at the same time. It bakes evenly thanks to convection. I liked the steam function — water is poured into a baking sheet and fed into the oven automatically. There are all important functions for normal and comfortable cooking. I really like the automatic cleaning system.”

Which oven is better gas or electric?

All ovens, regardless of models, are divided into gas and electric. This difference is paramount in choosing a device. Most modern models are already electric. There are fewer and fewer people who want to buy a gas device. So which oven is better gas or electric? Everyone chooses a device based on the budget, goals and cabinet mounting location.

  • The mechanism of operation of a gas oven has not changed for decades. It works from the centralized gas network. These have simple controls that even a child can handle — a mechanical switch allows you to adjust the intensity of the flame. Minus gas-type ovens in a small number of modes. The burners are located at the bottom, and this often leads to the burning of the dish. Sometimes the problem is solved by rearranging the pans. Convection is not available on all models of gas ovens.
  • An electric oven is safer, has more functionality. It can be connected in any convenient place, since it does not require a gas pipe supply and installation of an exhaust hood. The temperature is adjusted using the rotary knob. Expensive models are equipped with a self-cleaning function.

If the consumer wants to save on electricity, does not need a variety of cooking modes, then a gas oven is suitable for him. In the event that cooking in the oven is carried out regularly, using the grill or convection modes, of course, it is better to give preference to an electric oven.

Tips for Choosing Electric Ovens

When choosing an electric oven for baking, you need to familiarize yourself with its functionality, study the technical side of the device, and also choose a model that fits into the design of the kitchen. The main criteria that you should pay attention to before buying an oven:

  • Design. It is built-in and freestanding. The first type is suitable for those who do not want to spoil the interior and take up a lot of space. The second variety is better for preparing simple recipes in the country, in a small kitchen. They are meager in functionality and ideal for a small family.
  • Size and volume. The larger the volume, the more food you can cook at a time. The size should match the parameters of the kitchen, ideally complementing it.
  • Power. It is worth giving preference to ovens of type A, A ++. They are less voracious, and the cooking process will be much faster than that of classic models.
  • Grill available. It provides an opportunity to brown food, make the taste of the dish more interesting.
  • Types of management. It is mechanical and sensory. Here the choice depends only on personal preferences.
  • Additional functions. Some models can be equipped with a steamer, a spit, a temperature probe, a cleaning system, a microwave.
  • Installation and connection. Free-standing models are placed on the floor, built-in ones are mounted in the kitchen cabinet at the level of the torso or below.

Every housewife dreams of a home assistant in the form of a high-quality oven. Now it’s more realistic. The presented models of different price segments will allow you to get acquainted with each brand in more detail and choose the best device with wide functionality.

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