TOP 10 best bread machines: rating, number of programs, reviews


Some housewives prefer homemade bread, cooked on their own. This requires a bread maker. The household appliance allows not only baking pan bread, but also kneading the dough, preparing other pastries. Housewives believe that homemade bread is much healthier, it does not spoil for a long time, it does not contain preservatives and other components.

Different models of bread machines differ in power, maximum weight of baking, the number of pre-installed programs, additional functions, and equipment. In this article I will talk about the best bread makers from different manufacturers, their characteristics, features of choosing a device for the home.

Rating of bread machines


Ergonomic and easy to operate, the bread maker is presented in a laconic design. With its help, you can cook not only bread and dough, but also soups, cereals, yogurts, desserts. The device is equipped with 19 built-in programs.

The bowl of the bread maker has a non-stick coating, so that the dough does not stick to the walls, and it is easy to care for it. The device has the function of auto-heating and delayed start. If desired, additional components can be added to baking: nuts, raisins. You will be notified about this by a special signal.

Power, W 550
Maximum baking weight, g 1250
Number of programs 19
  • convenient to use;
  • good quality bread;
  • functional;
  • convenient location of the control panel.

Excellent bread maker with wide functionality, a large number of built-in programs. The device is compact in size, looks great externally. The control panel is conveniently located. The bread turns out divine, definitely better than store-bought.

Usually a cookbook is included with the bread maker.


The bread maker of this model will become the excellent assistant in kitchen. The device is equipped with 17 cooking programs, with which you can make not only bread and pastries, but also cereals, soups. During operation, special sensors maintain the optimum temperature necessary for dough kneading and rising.

Thanks to maintaining the temperature after cooking, your dishes will be warm for a long time. The baking dish has a non-stick coating. The body of the device is easy to clean.

Power, W 550
Maximum baking weight, g 1000
Number of programs 17
  • saving time;
  • bakes evenly;
  • functional;
  • convenient to use.

We have been making our own bread for a long time and it turns out better than store-bought. Add cumin, various herbs to the dough. In addition to bread, you can cook other different dishes: cereals, pastries. Thanks to the keep warm mode, you do not have to reheat the product. Little electricity is wasted.

Panasonic SD-ZB2512

The bread maker is made of stainless steel and high-quality plastic resistant to high temperatures. An informative display is installed on the removable cover, which displays all the cooking parameters. The device is equipped with 14 programs.

There is a delay in the start of the program. It is enough to load the products into the device, and it will turn on at the set time on its own. Thanks to the long power cord, the device can be installed where it is convenient for you. In the event of a power failure, the bread maker will continue to operate for another ten minutes.

Power, W 550
Maximum baking weight, g 1250
Number of programs fourteen
  • silent;
  • easy to clean;
  • long-term storage of bread.
  • not detected.

The device does its job perfectly. Any bread turns out delicious, with a crispy crust and is stored for a long time. The dough kneads airy, it’s difficult for me to make it myself, so the bread machine helps me a lot with this. Works almost silently.

Kenwood BM250

The bread maker is compact and easy to use. You can choose the size of the product and its type. In this oven it is possible to cook bread, pastries, muffins and even jam. Thanks to the recipe book, you will not be mistaken in the proportions of ingredients. The set also includes a measuring cup and a spoon.

Thanks to the delayed start function, the bread will be ready exactly at the right time. If there is a power outage, the oven will continue to operate for another eight minutes. The device provides electronic control, 12 programs. All information is displayed on a digital display.

Power, W 480
Maximum baking weight, g 1000
Number of programs 12
  • easy to use;
  • inexpensive;
  • many programs;
  • the shape of a classic loaf.

Great product, have been using it for 3 years now. I am glad that the shape of the bowl is a classic rectangular, and not elongated upwards. Management is as simple as possible, the device itself is compact, it does not take up much space in the kitchen. Well, and the price is adequate can not but rejoice.

Garlyn BR-1000

The device is characterized by a stylish, concise design. The body is made of metal, which guarantees the strength, reliability and durability of the furnace. This model allows you to cook different types of bread, dough for many well-known products.

The bread maker is equipped with a dispenser for adding additional ingredients to the dough: nuts, raisins or dried fruits. You can delay the start of baking by up to 15 hours. Adjustment of the size of finished baking is provided. It is a choice of 500, 750 or 1000 grams. In addition, it is possible to choose the intensity of roasting the crust. The control panel is installed next to the cover and is characterized by compactness and functionality.

Power, W 550
Maximum baking weight, g 1000
Number of programs fifteen
  • compact;
  • many programs;
  • high build quality.
  • not detected.

Ingredients are easy and simple to put into the bread machine. Average cooking time is about three hours. It is easy to get the finished product, nothing burns to the bowl. The shape and body of the oven are also easy to clean. The display is quite informative, even the stage of bread preparation is displayed.

Bread makers with a jam-making function are more expensive than regular bread makers. They are characterized by high power, strong body.

Midea BM-220Q3-BL

The device allows you to cook bread, dough, jam, yogurt. The bread maker is characterized by a stylish, concise appearance and convenient operation. An informative display and a touch panel are installed on the case. The device is equipped with 11 cooking programs.

You can choose from three crust roasting options. After cooking is finished, the oven will maintain the temperature for about an hour. Also, you can set a specific start time for cooking. Even if there are power outages, the bread maker remembers the last installed programs.

Power, W 580
Maximum baking weight, g 1000
Number of programs fourteen
  • bakes well;
  • kneads the dough well;
  • Beautiful design;
  • uniform crust.

This is my first bread maker and I really like it. Beautiful appearance, many built-in programs. Management is intuitive, it will not be difficult to understand. The bread is soft, airy, with an evenly fried crust. I think that the price of this device corresponds to the quality.

Midea BM-210BC-SS

The bread machine is equipped with 13 built-in cooking programs. If you could not immediately get the bread after cooking, the device will maintain its constant temperature for an hour. The convenient display shows detailed information about the cooking stages and installed programs.

Even if there is a power failure at home, you can not worry, because the oven continues to work for another 10 minutes. And when the electricity turns on, the device that remembers the last program will continue to work on it.

Power, W 580
Maximum baking weight, g 1000
Number of programs 13
  • metal case;
  • quiet;
  • bread turns out delicious;
  • convenient management.

I did not expect that the first time I would get perfect bread. Easily comes out of the bowl, does not burn. Pleased with the excellent build quality and materials. The metal case looks reliable, it is easy to take care of it. Clear, informative display. Includes two spatulas.

Gorenje BM910WII

The bread maker is presented in a white plastic case. The maximum power of the device reaches 550 W, which is enough for cooking any kind of product. The oven can cook a loaf with a maximum weight of 0.9 kg. In the settings, you can even choose the intensity of the doneness of the crust.

The device is equipped with 15 built-in programs. Here you can even cook cake, baguette, jam and yogurt. An informative backlit display is installed on the case. If there is a power outage in the house, the bread maker will continue to operate for another ten minutes.

Power, W 550
Maximum baking weight, g 900
Number of programs fifteen
  • compact;
  • silent operation;
  • good non-stick coating.
  • not detected.

It turns out that a bread maker is a useful and interesting thing. In two months of use, bread did not turn out only once, but it was my fault, because I incorrectly laid the ingredients. In normal mode, the bun is cooked for about three hours. The oven is reasonably priced.

Moulinex OW240E Pain and Delices

The bread machine is equipped with 20 built-in cooking programs. With its help you will prepare bread, dough, other bakery products, muffins, yogurt, cereals. Thanks to the settings, you can choose the shape and weight of the finished product. The maximum power of the device reaches 720 W, which is why cooking is very fast.

The weight of the finished baking can reach a kilogram. The set includes a square bowl. An informative display with a timer is installed on the case. Touch control. The compact dimensions of the device allow you to store it in the kitchen, while not taking up much space. Thanks to the rubberized feet, the bread maker keeps stable on the surface.

Power, W 720
Maximum baking weight, g 1000
Number of programs twenty
  • functional;
  • many modes;
  • ease of use;
  • quiet work;
  • start delay.

In general, the impression is positive. I bought this model specifically for baking yeast-free bread. In addition, I periodically make yogurt, muffins, cottage cheese in the oven. I often knead the dough in it. It turns out soft, airy.

After the purchase, before the first use, the bread machine must be wiped, all stickers, labels removed, and accessories inside the appliance removed.


The bread maker is equipped with 15 cooking programs for various dishes: several types of bread, baguette, muffins, dough, yogurt, pastries. The maximum weight of finished baking is 900 g, but you can choose a smaller weight of the product. There is a 15 hour delayed start function.

At the end of cooking, the oven will maintain a constant temperature for about an hour. An informative LED-display with LED backlight is installed on the case. Thanks to the rubberized feet, the device stands firmly on the table.

Power, W 710
Maximum baking weight, g 900
Number of programs fifteen
  • powerful;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • inexpensive;
  • Russian language menu.

I really liked the bread machine, I regularly bake homemade bread in it, knead the dough. Enough power to make even very thick dough. Outwardly, it looks beautiful, stylish and modern. Lots of built-in programs. For such a functional device, a good, adequate price.

Pros and cons

The use of a bread machine comes with its advantages and disadvantages, which I will describe in the table:

pros Minuses
There is always fresh homemade bread on the table. Some appliances make noise when kneading dough.
Bread from a bread machine does not spoil for a long time, up to a week.
You don’t need expensive ingredients to make it.
You don’t need to knead the dough yourself.
Some models make delicious jams and jams.
Making your own bread is more cost-effective than buying it from the store.

As you can see, the advantages are much greater, and the disadvantages are not so serious.

How to choose

Now there are many different models of bread makers on the market, so you can even get confused in the choice. Before buying a bread and dough maker, pay attention to the following features:

Power This value affects the speed of preparation and the quality of the finished product. Usually 500-750 watts of power is enough for users. This will allow you to get bread within three hours, while the power grid will not be heavily loaded.
Finished product weight This characteristic should correspond to the number of people in the family and their preferences.
Modes Depending on the model of the bread machine, from 3 to 20 cooking programs are built into it. In addition to standard bread baking and dough kneading, the device can make a baguette, dough for pizzas and Easter cakes.
Housing materials Usually bread makers are made of metal or plastic. The first look outwardly solid, but more expensive in price. Plastic is easy to clean, cheaper, but less durable.
Control It can be pushbutton or touch. You should choose based on personal preference.

It is worth paying attention to the additional functionality that the manufacturer offers. For example, it is convenient that the appliance can keep the article warm for some time. Also, on bread machines, you can adjust the degree of browning of the crust. It is convenient if the bread machine supports a user mode, where the settings can be set independently.

Many housewives praise the delayed start function. Simply load the ingredients into the bowl, and the oven will turn itself on at the appointed time. Some models are equipped with a dispenser that allows you to add additional components during cooking: raisins, dried fruits.

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