The best Korean mascaras: lengthening, for volume, with the effect of false eyelashes


Korean decorative cosmetics are very popular all over the world. It is of high quality, safe compositions and high efficiency. Korean-made mascara performs not only a decorative function, but also carefully cares for the hairs, making them thicker and more voluminous. Super long-lasting mascaras keep flawless make-up all day long and won’t let you down at the crucial moment.

Best Korean Lengthening Mascaras

FarmStay Visible Difference Volume Up Mascara

Budget Korean lengthening mascara has an unusual, enveloping texture. The curveless silicone brush with short bristles makes application easy. Lightweight texture glides on lashes without weighing them down. It gives natural volume and lovely fluffiness. Long-wearing mascara stays on all day long. In addition, it does not dissolve in cold water, so neither rain nor snow on the street will ruin your makeup. To remove the product, moisten the eyelashes with warm water and roll up the “stockings”.

Characteristic Meaning
Color Black
brush material Silicone
Volume 12 g


  • Affordable cost;
  • The formula is enriched with nourishing beeswax and carnauba wax;
  • Does not cause allergies in sensitive eyes;
  • Suitable for lenses, as it does not crumble;
  • Well fixes the bend of the eyelashes, which makes the eyes more expressive.


  • The brush may leave lumps or stick together hairs;
  • You need to apply at least two coats for an acceptable result.

Review: “Great mascara, seems to lengthen the eyelashes. What I liked the most is that it does not crumble and is easily washed off without leaving gray circles under the eyes. It paints eyelashes well, does not stick together, does not lie down in lumps. I recommend».

MISSHA The Style 3D Mascara

An excellent tool for creating a natural make-up with an expressive focus on the eyes. Natural wax, as one of the main components, ensures uniform application along the entire length of the eyelashes without lumps, gluing. It protects the hairs from external factors, nourishes and moisturizes them. The moisture-resistant formula doesn’t run or smudge all day long. A convenient triangular brush paints over each hair, giving the eyelashes volume and length.

Characteristic Meaning
Color Black
brush material Pile
Volume 7 ml


  • The original shape of the brush creates a three-dimensional effect;
  • Easily washed off with hydrophilic oil, gel or milk;
  • Beautiful fixed bend;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Low price.


  • Small volume;
  • After a couple of months of use, it begins to thicken and does not fit well.

Review: “I have been using the mascara for a month now, it has not dried. Colors eyelashes well. There is no effect of extended eyelashes, it looks very natural.

DEOPROCE Secret Longlash Mascara

Miniature Korean mascara with collagen makes eyelashes fluffy and voluminous. It is suitable for creating a light daytime look. The classic brush with fine bristles completely paints over every hair. It gently separates and curls lashes without damaging them. The safe formula of the mascara gently cares for the hairs and delicate skin of the eyes. Carnauba wax, panthenol and hydrolyzed collagen moisturize, nourish, make eyelashes stronger and healthier.

Characteristic Meaning
Color Classic black
brush material Pile
Volume 4 ml


  • Pleasant perfume scent
  • Compact size — perfect for travel
  • Comfortable brush with an elongated handle;
  • Makes the look deep and expressive;
  • Intense, long lasting color.


  • Begins to crumble after a few hours;
  • It is necessary to apply on the base or in 2-3 layers.

Review: «Good mascara. It paints neatly, does not crumble, which for me is an incomparable plus. The bottle itself is tiny, like a sampler. Mascara does not give volume, but separates normally.

The Saem Saemmul Perfect Mascara

Hypoallergenic mascara can be used by people with sensitive skin or lenses. The medium consistency makes it easy to apply one or two coats without clumping. Long-lasting, bright pigment does not crumble and does not get wet in the rain. Curled eyelashes with a smooth curve attract the attention of others. Chamomile, rose, birch and sweet almond extracts improve hair growth and reduce hair loss. Beauty Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes the action of free radicals.

Characteristic Meaning
Color Black
brush material Pile
Volume 9 ml


  • Flawless curl;
  • The composition is enriched with nutrients;
  • The arcuate shape of the brush easily stains the eyelashes;
  • Excellent durability;
  • Intense deep color.


  • You need to get used to the brush;
  • Creates modest volume.

Review: “The mascara doesn’t stay on the eyelid (I often have a problem with this). Washes off well. Very satisfied! The effect of this mascara is natural, but it lengthens well, if you make several layers, then the volume will be greater.

HOLIKA HOLIKA Holipop Detailcara 02 Long & Curl

The best Korean mascara for extra lengthening of eyelashes has an unusual small brush. Short bristles made of cellulose fibers are arranged in a chaotic manner. They capture and stain even short hairs, which visually increases the length and volume. For the best effect, the manufacturer recommends that you first paint over the tips of the eyelashes, and after a minute apply the mascara completely from the base to the tips. The formula of the product is enriched with panthenol, vitamin H and biotin, which accelerate hair growth, saturate them with nutrients and strengthen the cuticle.

Characteristic Meaning
Color Black
brush material Cellulose
Volume 3.5g


  • Does not imprint on the lower eyelid and does not crumble;
  • Effectively separates eyelashes;
  • Does not overload, looks quite natural;
  • Comfort brush;
  • Original design.


  • Freezes very quickly;
  • A bottle only lasts for one month.

Review: “Ink is just super. Excellent brush evenly distributes the product over the entire surface. It lifts well, does not crumble and is washed off with hydrophilic oil.

Rating of the best Korean mascaras for volume

Etude House Lash Perm Proof Shockcara

Korean waterproof mascara is amazingly durable. With it, you can safely go to the pool, fitness room, walk in the rain, burst into tears while watching a movie. Even after 24 hours, the mascara does not crumble and does not smear under the eyes. To remove make-up, you need to use a special tool for removing waterproof decorative cosmetics. The shape of the rigid brush repeats the smooth curve of the eyelashes — longer along the edges of the villi, shorter in the middle for simultaneous staining of the entire length of the cilia.

Characteristic Meaning
Color Intense black
brush material Silicone
Volume 10 g


  • Quality dispenser;
  • Closes tightly with a click;
  • Liquid homogeneous consistency without lumps;
  • High resistance to moisture;
  • Visibly lengthens and perfectly separates lashes.


  • You need to apply quickly in one layer, as it dries instantly;
  • Too big brush.

Review: “The mascara is great for those looking for unrealistic, cosmic staying power. Looks natural enough. Eyelashes resemble dense needles.

Deoproce Easy & Volume Real Mascara 8ml

Natural Korean mascara with the effect of false eyelashes delicately cares for the delicate, sensitive skin of the eyelids and eyelashes. Black garlic extract strengthens hair follicles, preventing hair loss and brittleness. Valuable black caviar deeply nourishes and saturates eyelashes with useful micro- and macroelements, protects against the harmful effects of UV rays, and supports melanin synthesis. Soy extract improves microcirculation, makes eyelashes more voluminous and thick.

Characteristic Meaning
Color Ultra black
brush material Pile
Volume 8 ml


  • Hypoallergenic agent;
  • Does not contain harmful components;
  • The spindle-shaped brush combs and curls the hairs, creating the effect of false eyelashes;
  • Does not leave dark circles under the eyes after rinsing;
  • Effective bottle design.


  • Harsh pile;
  • Washes off with warm water only.

Review: “The mascara is very resistant, lasts all day, does not crumble, does not make lumps, makes the eyelashes mega fluffy, voluminous and long. For lovers of the puppet effect.

Missha Pop-Up Cara Volume pop

Heat-resistant mascara creates a spectacular volume and is highly resistant throughout the day. Therefore, you can not constantly check your makeup, the Missha product does not crumble and does not imprint on oily skin of the eyelids. Waterproof mascara is washed off exclusively with warm water, tears, rain, snowflakes, sea water do not threaten it. A neat brush curls eyelashes, visually adding density to them. The carnauba wax acts as a fixing polymer for a soft and easy application.

Characteristic Meaning
Color intense black
brush material Pile
Volume 5 g


  • Glamor effect;
  • Make-up stays fresh for many hours;
  • The silky structure is evenly distributed;
  • Bright colored bottle;
  • The contour brush carefully paints over each hair.


  • Difficult to find on sale;
  • A big price for such a volume.

Review: “The mascara is light, does not crumble during the day. Quickly stains and does not stick together eyelashes. Good for summer, easy to remove.

Limoni Maximalist

Moisture-resistant mascara perfectly separates the eyelashes and creates a natural volume, emphasizing the natural beauty. Gel polymers in the base guarantee maximum color fastness. The creamy consistency is easily applied with a stiff brush, without gluing the hairs together and without forming lumps. Rice bran wax, carnauba and synthetic bee wax envelop eyelashes, making them visually thicker and more voluminous. Weightless film-forming substances protect the hairs from external factors.

Characteristic Meaning
Color Black
brush material Silicone
Volume 12 ml


  • Products approved by ophthalmologists;
  • Has no smell;
  • False eyelash effect;
  • Wide dispenser;
  • Moisturizing and gentle care.


  • The fluffy brush, when applied, stains the upper eyelid;
  • After a month of use, it begins to dry out and is applied worse.

Review: “I have been using this mascara for a long time. Very durable, never smudged. And it washes off well with micellar water, unlike other persistent carcasses.

FARMSTAY Visible Difference Volume Up

High-quality Korean heat-resistant mascara gives extra volume to eyelashes and ensures perfect durability of makeup. The fluffy brush perfectly paints over the first time, capturing even the shortest hairs. The result is a deep and dramatic look with natural ease. Precious waxes nourish and moisturize the eyelashes, give them the desired curl and keep it throughout the day. The natural thickener stearic acid has a softening effect, gives the carcass an elastic, uniform consistency.

Characteristic Meaning
Color Intense black
brush material Silicone
Volume 12 g


  • Bottle with a limiter;
  • The ergonomic shape of the brush is very comfortable to use;
  • Beautiful lasting color;
  • Suitable for daily makeup for work or school;
  • Does not cause irritation.


  • It is difficult to apply 2 or more layers;
  • Presence of methylparaben.

Review: “I didn’t notice any special volume, but it lengthens the eyelashes well, lumps really don’t form, the eyelashes don’t stick together and everything looks very natural.”

Comparison table

Name Color brush material Volume
FarmStay Visible Difference Volume Up Mascara Black Silicone 12 g
MISSHA The Style 3D Mascara Black Pile 7 ml
DEOPROCE Secret Longlash Mascara Classic black Pile 4 ml
The Saem Saemmul Perfect Mascara Black Pile 9 ml
HOLIKA HOLIKA Holipop Detailcara 02 Long & Curl Black Cellulose 3.5g
Etude House Lash Perm Proof Shockcara Intense black Silicone 10 g
Deoproce Easy & Volume Real Mascara 8ml Ultra black Pile 8 ml
Missha Pop-Up Cara Volume pop intense black Pile 5 g
Limoni Maximalist Black Silicone 12 ml
FARMSTAY Visible Difference Volume Up Intense black Silicone 12 g

Tips for Choosing the Best Korean Mascara

Before you buy a particular mascara, you should pay attention to:

  • Declared effect — decide what you need first of all: lengthen, create volume or curl eyelashes.
  • The material and shape of the brush is silicone or bristles, the density and length of the bristles, whether the shape is comfortable (straight, oval, curved, triangular). It all depends on individual preferences and skill.
  • The condition of the eyelashes — if they are long, then you need to create a beautiful bend and fix it. Short hairs need lengthening mascara, and for brittle and problematic ones, it is better to purchase a product with caring components.
  • Desired color — even black pigment has many shades: from classic to ultra saturated.
  • Hypoallergenic — be sure to look for this designation on the package to avoid trouble in the form of itching, burning and redness.
  • Durability — Korean mascaras are heat-resistant and waterproof. Heat-resistant products do not react to cold water, but are washed off with ordinary warm water. Completely waterproof carcasses are washed off only with special means.
  • Consistency and flavor — best applied medium-thickness product that does not form lumps and is easy to spread.

Properly selected mascara plays a decisive role in makeup. It makes the look more spectacular and expressive, riveting the attention of others to the eyes. To find the perfect Korean mascara for creating voluminous eyelashes, this review with detailed descriptions and customer reviews will help.

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