The best glasses for working at a computer: a rating of men’s, women’s and anti-glare


The mass computerization of the world entails a lot of problems and issues, among which eye health and good vision are not the last. To prevent vision problems, you should get special computer glasses. A useful accessory blocks not only the dangerous blue light of monitors, but also ultraviolet rays. This rating will help you choose a high-quality and really effective model.

The best men’s glasses for working at a computer

XIAOMI Turok Steinhardt Anti-Blue FU006-0100

Blue light protection goggles are suitable for daily use, for professional gamers and for medical reasons. Innovative nanomaterials block 35% of blue light. The thinnest diamond film delays part of the harmful light, passing only a small amount of it, which cannot affect the state of human vision. Original yellow lenses guarantee safety from any type of radiation, as they have a UV400 level (absorb 60% of UV rays).

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 8 g
frame material Polyetherimide
Lens color Yellow


  • Soft silicone nose pads;
  • Comfortable fit;
  • Versatility — suitable for working at a PC, and for a walk on a sunny day;
  • Flexible frame makes it easy to change lenses;
  • Impact resistant.


  • Flimsy construction;
  • Branded lenses.

Review: “I have been using glasses for two months now. Good quality lenses, eyes are less tired. The kit includes a cover and a cleaning cloth. I wear them at the computer and smartphone. With them there is no effect of dry eyes, I recommend.

SPG Comfort AF024

Rectangular full-frame glasses manufactured by Alice-96 with a special computer light filter were developed by ophthalmologists. Yellowish-tinted polycarbonate lenses block violet-blue light that damages the retina and other tissues. They not only reduce eye strain, but also improve picture clarity, optimize brightness and contrast. Certified products are suitable for working on a computer, tablet, smartphone, game console. The durable monel (nickel-copper alloy) frame is corrosion resistant and highly durable.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 23 g
frame material Monel
Lens color yellowish tint


  • Adjustable nose pads;
  • Three color options — black, dark gray, silver;
  • Ergonomic shape;
  • Improve color rendition;
  • Block the radiation of the monitor, fluorescent lamps, UV rays.


  • Soft case — for better safety, you should buy a hard one;
  • Attract dust particles.

Feedback: “Glasses are large, and not like other narrow ones like “for reading”. Price/quality is good, but could be a little cheaper. I read somewhere that these are Fedorov glasses (MNTK Eye Microsurgery), but they are made in China. The packaging leaves much to be desired. Comes with a soft case and a cleaning cloth. But it cleans well.»


Functional, lightweight and flexible glasses perfectly protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation and the blue glow of modern devices. They prevent the appearance of dryness, irritation, redness of the mucosa. Hoya’s nine-layer optical lens coating reflects 35% blue light and 99% UV light. Fingerprints are almost invisible on the double-sided oleophobic coating. Thanks to the original interchangeable temples, you can easily create a classic or sporty look.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 20 g
frame material ABS plastic
Lens color Transparent


  • Safe materials;
  • Various color options;
  • Interchangeable temples — standard and sports;
  • Lenses are 98% clear;
  • Wear resistant.


  • High price;
  • Require special care so as not to damage the attachment point of the bow.

Review: “They sit perfectly, do not slip and nothing dangles. Some arms are smooth, others are not. There are two sizes of nose bridges — larger and smaller. After working in them for a laptop for 8-9 hours, you immediately feel the difference in the evening. The eyes are not so tired and the muscles around the eyes do not spasm.

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Classic round glasses with a stylish frame are designed for PC work to prevent eye fatigue, reduced visual acuity and sharpness. The special composition of polymer lenses and the technology of multi-layer vacuum deposition on glass absorb blue rays in the visible spectrum and ultraviolet radiation. Sturdy metal arms move easily, as they are equipped with a spring mechanism. Silicone nose pads do not squeeze the bridge of the nose even when wearing glasses for a long time. This model can be worn both indoors and outdoors, in the car.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 25 g
frame material Plastic + metal
Lens color slightly yellowish


  • The design of the frame provides a comfortable viewing angle;
  • Stylish shapes;
  • Japanese brand specializing in optics;
  • The package includes a case and a cleaning cloth;
  • Improve the spectral composition of light.


  • Difficult to clean — the napkin rubs, but does not clean;
  • Lenses may become cloudy over time.

Review: “I use glasses not only when working with a computer, but also when watching TV. Protection, according to my feelings, is, but of course not 100%. When you wear glasses, the visibility of the screen becomes softer and a little darker. Now I can’t work without them.»

ALICE 96 AF024

Computer relaxation glasses with a special light filter reliably protect your eyes from dangerous blue radiation and ultraviolet radiation. The model, developed by Academician S. Fedorov, is designed to prevent visual fatigue, irritation and redness of the retina, dry eye syndrome. Glasses improve contrast and color sensitivity, visual acuity. The universal rectangular shape will suit different face shapes. Polycarbonate lenses have zero refraction, but corrective ±10 diopters can be ordered.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 23 g
frame material Monel
Lens color light yellow color


  • Metal alloy is resistant to corrosion;
  • Lenses are made of safe non-traumatic plastic;
  • Can be worn with contact lenses;
  • There is a state medical registration;
  • Minimum weight.


  • Not very suitable for artists, designers, as they slightly distort color reproduction;
  • Incompletely close the upper part of the eye from the action of fluorescent lamps.

Feedback: “The lenses of the glasses are light yellow, coloring the space around a little, the screen monitor in the glasses does not seem so bright, and does not hurt the eyes. Eyes get tired noticeably less, which prolongs the possibility of working at a computer monitor.

AROZZI Visione VX-500

In tinted glasses, you can work at the monitor of a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone for a long time without harm to the eyes. This model is designed specifically for those who experience digital eye fatigue. It meets high quality standards. Protective lenses reduce pain during extended time spent in front of the monitor. They block 99% of ultraviolet and up to 50% of shortwave blue radiation in the critical frequency range of 400-500 nm. Visione VX-500 are FDA registered and CE approved.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 25 g
frame material Stainless steel
Lens color Violet


  • Suitable for long term use;
  • Wide choice of flowers;
  • Spare nose pads;
  • The design does not bend, keeps its shape well;
  • Laconic design — there is nothing superfluous.


  • Straight arms without a bend — not everyone will be comfortable;
  • High price.

Feedback: “The glasses turned out to be of high quality, really protecting the eyes. It’s hard to believe how I ever managed without them. Eyes do not hurt and do not get tired, no irritation. At the end of the working day, there is lightness in the eyes, and not dryness and redness.

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SPG Cyberpunk Radiance

Ultra-light glasses for gamers made of practical and safe polycarbonate. The simple laconic design of the model is diluted with blue chaotic lines on the temples. The lens width of 41 cm completely protects the eyes from the blue light of the monitor. Prophylactic glasses block the intense radiation of the visible spectrum, which provokes dryness, pain, redness. By reducing the load on the eyes, a long stay at the computer will become safe and comfortable. The frame is made taking into account the anatomical structure of the head, so it does not cause discomfort.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 25 g
frame material Polycarbonate
Lens color yellow tint


  • Prevents the development of computer vision syndrome;
  • Optimization of transmitted light intensity;
  • Production is regulated by GOSTs;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • Really effective.


  • Non-adjustable nose pads;
  • For some, they will be tight.

Feedback: “In general, the effect of the lenses is felt. Your eyes are less tired, even when you sit in the dark and the only light source is the monitor. The view is quite decent, I like the color of the frame, the lenses themselves too. It seems that the lenses are slightly enlarged. And the image itself becomes clearer.”

TR-90 11751

Computer eye protection glasses are equipped with an anti-reflective polymer lens. It not only absorbs the blue light of the monitor, but also neutralizes glare that interferes with normal operation. The frame is made of high quality TR-90 plastic, a lightweight and durable polymer (25% lighter than a regular plastic frame). Comfortable nose pads are integrated into the frame, securely fix the glasses on the bridge of the nose and do not cause pain. Flexible arms can be bent without fear of damage.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight About 20 g
frame material Plastic
Lens color Transparent with a slight bluish tint


  • BPA-free plastic does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Refined forms;
  • Anti-blue technology blocks most of the blue light;
  • Low price;
  • Comfortable fit.


  • The nose pads are not silicone;
  • Comes with a soft case.

Review: “Good glasses, fully met expectations. The eyes are less tired even after a whole day spent at the computer, there is practically no uncomfortable feeling of dryness. Really light frame does not press.

GUNNAR Ellipse

Computer glasses from the world brand are made in a popular vintage style — round lenses in a thin frame. The frame material is high-quality stainless steel, which is wear-resistant. The frame design is made by hand. Patented blue filter lenses block out 35% of harmful blue light and 100% of UV rays. Wide format lenses provide a panoramic view. Silicone nose pads can be adjusted for a more secure fit.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 25.4 g
frame material Steel
Lens color transparent and amber


  • Fashionable silhouette, which can become a bright accent in the image;
  • Ultra-thin temples are compatible with headphones;
  • No pressure points;
  • The fit is adjustable for maximum comfort;
  • Strong and flexible frame.


  • High cost for such an accessory;
  • Fixed lenses.

Review: «Great glasses. The blue light lenses work very well, significantly reduce eye strain and also lead to a noticeable improvement in sleep.”

AROZZI Visione VX-600

Safety goggles with tinted lenses help reduce the harmful effects of blue light and prevent eye fatigue and soreness. This is a great way to make your computer work more productive. Effective lenses block out 50% of shortwave blue light and absorb glare. Soft silicone nose pads do not press on the bridge of the nose and securely fix the glasses. Stylish frame available in several colors. The model is not full-framed, the lenses are completely frameless.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 25 g
frame material Steel + acetate
Lens color Violet


  • High quality;
  • Certified products;
  • Bright design;
  • Complete set — there is a hard case;
  • Seven levels of lens protection.


  • Changes the color rendition, so some will not work;
  • You need to get used to it — the adaptation period can take several days.

Feedback: “Most often I used these glasses for typing. Most of all, my eyes get tired when working in text editors. And this is where glasses come in handy. The eyes, when wearing these glasses while working with text, get really less tired.

Comparison table

The product’s name The weight frame material Lens color
XIAOMI Turok Steinhardt Anti-Blue FU006-0100 8 g Polyetherimide Yellow
SPG Comfort AF024 23 g Monel yellowish tint
ROIDMI B1 20 g ABS plastic Transparent
MATSUDA MA895 25 g Plastic + metal slightly yellowish
ALICE 96 AF024 23 g Monel light yellow color
AROZZI Visione VX-500 25 g Stainless steel Violet
SPG Cyberpunk Radiance 25 g Polycarbonate yellow tint
TR-90 11751 About 20 g Plastic Transparent with a slight bluish tint
GUNNAR Ellipse 25.4 g Steel transparent and amber
AROZZI Visione VX-600 25 g Steel + acetate Violet

Rules for choosing the best safety glasses for working at a computer

In order to buy good safety glasses for your computer, you need to pay attention to:

  • Lenses are the most important element on which the protective properties of glasses depend. Manufacturers offer seven-, nine-layer coatings. But the most important thing is that there should be an anti-reflective, anti-static, metallized coating and “blue light blocking”.
  • The color of the lens is most often a yellowish tint, but you can choose to taste. There are clear, purple, bluish, green lenses.
  • Frame — shape and material. Lightweight metals or high-strength plastics are now used to make frames. The shape of the glasses should be selected according to the type of face.
  • The material of the nose pads is better to choose silicone, they are softer and more flexible. They do not rub and fix the position of the glasses well.

Special glasses for working at a computer can prevent many vision problems (dryness, redness, itching, fatigue). Such an accessory is needed not only for gamers, but also for ordinary users of PCs, smartphones, game consoles. It protects against harmful radiation, relieves eye strain, fatigue and improves work productivity.

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