The best drops for dry eyes: TOP 10 for fatigue and redness


When working at a computer for a long time, being in a strong wind, a physiological lack of tears and other conditions, uncomfortable sensations appear. Dry eye syndrome often results in pain and a feeling of a foreign body on the mucous membrane. To feel comfortable, you need drops for dry eyes, they are also often called «artificial tears». The task of the rating is to help you choose good and inexpensive drugs for redness, dryness and fatigue.

The best inexpensive drops for dry eyes


The most budgetary drops for dry eye syndrome, which cost about 10 rubles. They are analogous to «Taufon» in composition (based on the amino acid taurine), but are ten times cheaper. The main component is a natural substance for the human body, because there it is produced due to the metabolism of cysteine. Its main effect is the stimulation of energy, reparative and regenerative processes. The substance helps with any deviations and diseases of the eye associated with a change in metabolism in the eye tissues, and also helps to restore cell membranes.

Characteristic Meaning
Active substance Taurine
Recommended age From 18 years old
Producing country Russia


  • comes in a convenient dropper bottle;
  • gives a feeling of hydration;
  • effective in dystrophic diseases and in prevention;
  • improves visual clarity;
  • saturates tissues with oxygen.


  • slightly stings the eyes immediately after instillation, the effect lasts a couple of seconds;
  • there is no vasoconstrictor action, so it does not quickly help with redness.

Review: “Very cheap eye drops for dryness, which gradually help to get rid of the consequences of a lack of tears: redness, the feeling of a veil disappears, involuntary lacrimation. In general, it improves the well-being in the eyes.


Another inexpensive dry eye drops related to hypromellose derivatives. In appearance, it is a colorless liquid with a high viscosity that mimics the optical properties of the natural film on the eye. It can be used not only for diseases that cause thinning of the mucous membrane, but also after operations, for prevention, diagnostic manipulations. The drug does not cause damage to the eye and adjacent tissues, and there are no known cases of overdose, so it can be applied to the conjunctival sac up to 8 times a day, in some cases more often.

Characteristic Meaning
Active substance Hypromellose
Recommended age From 4 years old
Producing country Russia


  • affordable price;
  • moisturize well;
  • protect the cornea;
  • sold without a prescription;
  • safe for the body.


  • after opening, you can store only 1 month;
  • haze effect after instillation due to increased viscosity.

Review: “Applied after an eye burn with ashes from a cigarette. They helped quickly, even the swelling did not form. Now I always keep it on my desktop as effective eye drops for dryness when working at a computer. True, it takes a little time for the substance to be distributed, at first it is slightly cloudy.


One of the cheapest drugs that are recommended for dry eyes caused by microbial diseases. Plus drops — high efficiency, in most cases, you can deal with the problem in just 1 week, subject to regular instillation 3 times a day. Drops are compatible with other drugs, but may have an undesirable effect in case of overdose (clouding). The composition is quite aggressive to microorganisms, therefore, after instillation, redness may appear, which disappears in about 10 minutes.

Characteristic Meaning
Active substance Chloramphenicol
Recommended age From 1 month
Producing country Russia


  • noticeable effect already on the 3-4th day of regular use;
  • give a feeling of freshness;
  • remove the feeling of tension;
  • sold in most pharmacies;
  • effective against conjunctivitis, including in infants.


  • can not be used for a long time;
  • short shelf life when opened.

Review: «Great, cheap, easy to use eye product.»

Rating of eye drops for dryness and fatigue


High quality eye drops based on high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. They are used for moisturizing purposes, as well as for long-term use, they fight dry eye syndrome. Most often prescribed for people who are forced to be under prolonged visual stress. The composition does not contain preservatives or aggressive components, so they can also be used by those who wear contact lenses. The drug is not cheap, but it is economically consumed and can be stored open for up to six months. The tool is very often prescribed after ophthalmic interventions.

Characteristic Meaning
Active substance Sodium salt of hyaluronic acid
Recommended age From 18 years old
Producing country Germany


  • quick effect;
  • removes the feeling of fatigue;
  • no preservatives;
  • suitable for lens wearers;
  • can be stored after hiding 6 months.


  • not a very common drug;
  • high price.

Review: “Good eye drops for tired eyesight from the monitor. I am a streamer, so I can sit at the computer for 12 hours. These drops have become my salvation.

Riboflavin mononucleotide

A vitamin complex in the form of a liquid for internal injections, which is also suitable for instillation into the eyes, with an adequate cost. They include a lot of useful substances that not only help get rid of the symptom, but also improve the general condition. Due to the fact that the drug is available in the form of capsules, it is inconvenient to bring it into the conjunctival sac, but it is easier to control the flow of fluid and it lasts longer (you can open it in turn). The main disadvantage of the drug is the restriction on the use of 2 times a day.

Characteristic Meaning
Active substance Riboflavin
Recommended age From 3 years
Producing country Russia


  • natural composition;
  • suitable for the treatment of infectious diseases;
  • helps with redness and dryness;
  • low price;
  • long enough.


  • inconvenient form of distribution;
  • may tingle after instillation.

Review: “Good liquid for the eyes, I use it during long-haul flights. Really helps.»


One of the best drops that are used to instantly moisturize the mucous membrane of the eye. They are highly appreciated by the rapid onset of the effect and the safe composition. They have been clinically tested and are recommended for the treatment of various diseases associated with dry eye, and are also prescribed for prevention. They differ from analogues in economical consumption — no more than 8 drops per day: 1 drop in the eye 4 times a day. The drug can also be used in combination with other drugs, so it is often prescribed in complex therapy.

Characteristic Meaning
Active substance Azelastine
Recommended age From 4 years old
Producing country Italy


  • can be used in courses of 2 weeks;
  • effective for allergies;
  • quickly remove itching;
  • convenient to bury;
  • good composition.


  • immediately after instillation causes heaviness in the eyes;
  • high price;
  • can provoke the appearance of bitterness in the oral cavity.

Review: “Quite good drops, they really help. The allergy is gone. But the price doesn’t make me happy.»


Known ophthalmic drops in the form of a white emulsion. This is an expensive drug that differs from analogues in the ability to create a barrier layer, while moisturizing the eyes. Thanks to a special coating, the mucous membrane loses moisture more slowly, eliminating the feeling of dryness for a long time. Also, the drug helps protect against small irritants and strong wind currents. Ophthalmologists advise «Cationorm» to people whose activities are associated with intense stress on the eyes, and are also prescribed as a complex therapy for glaucoma, conjunctivitis of allergic origin.

Characteristic Meaning
Active substance mineral oils
Recommended age From 18 years old
Producing country Finland


  • retains moisture in the mucous membrane, helping to get rid of dry eye syndrome for a long time;
  • rich composition, which includes effective mineral oils;
  • helps to restore the natural volume of the mucous membrane;
  • there are no preservatives and other substances that contaminate contact lenses;
  • almost instant effect.


  • uncomfortable pipette;
  • high price.

Feedback: “I don’t like the pipette, the drop takes a long time to collect, which makes it easy to miss. In terms of effectiveness, there are no complaints, it removes the feeling of dryness.

Better eye drops against redness and dryness


One of the most popular ophthalmic drops in the middle price category. They can be used for hyperemia, as well as the allergic origin of conjunctivitis. Suitable for people with increased tearing, helps with redness and eye fatigue. The complex effect on the organs of vision helps to get rid of numerous unpleasant symptoms. To feel the improvement, it is enough to continue using the remedy for 3-4 days. The action persists for 12 hours after instillation.

Characteristic Meaning
Active substance Tetrizoline
Recommended age From 2 years
Producing country Belgium


  • good moisturizing effect;
  • quickly removes dryness, discomfort disappears almost immediately after instillation;
  • sold in 3 different forms;
  • easy to find even in the local pharmacy;
  • complex effect on the eyes.


  • pinch eyes after instillation;
  • it is not recommended to use more than 4 days without a break.

Review: «I think these are the best drops for dryness and irritation of the cornea.»


Inexpensive drops with high efficiency against allergy symptoms from the organs of vision. They have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. The drug has proven itself both in the treatment of acute ailments, and in the treatment of chronic forms of disorders. The positive point of the drops is the possibility of their use from the age of 4. The tool is quite effective, it is safe for the body and compatible with most other drugs.

Characteristic Meaning
Active substance Cromoglycic acid
Recommended age From 4 years old
Producing country China


  • remove redness and itching;
  • well moisturize the eyes;
  • help with allergic conjunctivitis;
  • low price;
  • convenient to take with you.


  • difficult to find on sale;
  • short-term effect after instillation;
  • a light veil may appear immediately after application, which lasts 2-3 minutes.

Review: “Quality drops with virtually no flaws, except that the shelf life is only 1 month. I use it for a couple of days, and then I have to throw out almost the entire package.”

Systane Ultra

The drug has earned a place in the ranking due to the presence of various positive effects. It helps with dry eye syndrome, and is also useful for inflammation and irritation. Can be used by people who work a lot at the computer and are faced with a feeling of fatigue. One bottle of drops is just enough for a 1-2 week course of treatment. It should be borne in mind that the drug may not be combined with other drugs, so it is worthwhile to clarify in advance about the compatibility of the funds. Otherwise, it may cause unwanted effects.

Characteristic Meaning
Active substance Hydroxypropyl Guar + Hyaluronic Acid
Recommended age From 18 years old
Producing country USA


  • there are no recorded cases of overdose;
  • can be used by pregnant women;
  • help at the stage of recovery after operations;
  • shelf life after opening is 6 months;
  • soft texture;
  • suitable for people wearing contact lenses.


  • high price;
  • not suitable for everyone.

Feedback: “Very good drops for those who work at a computer or in a dry room. They cope with their task: moisturize, give a feeling of lightness, and increase visual acuity.

What are the best drops for dry eye syndrome?

To pick up good drops for dry eyes, you need to consider:

  • Price. If you just need to moisturize the organs of vision, inexpensive drops are suitable — a synthetic analogue of a natural tear. For more complex tasks, it is better to choose combined compositions with several effects, but also at a higher cost.
  • Purpose. There are simple formulations only for moisturizing, but there are also more specific preparations on the market: against redness, itching, allergies, to speed up recovery after operations, etc.
  • From what age can it be used. For children, special preparations are needed that can be used in a specific period of life.
  • Active substance. If the previously used drops based on one active ingredient did not fit, it is worth trying the product with another active element. It should also be clarified if there is an allergy to this substance.
  • Contraindications, side effects, overdose. It is necessary to clarify all the listed features of the drug in order to reduce the risk of adverse reactions from the body.

It is important to consult an ophthalmologist before choosing drops for dry eyes. He will not only help determine the best drug, but also give additional recommendations for restoring clear vision.

Listed above are the best and most effective moisturizing drops that help with dry, tired and red eyes. The reader needs to compare the description of the drug with the characteristics of the body, the recommendations of the doctor and make the right choice of the drug against dry eyes.

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