Rating TOP 7 best submersible blenders for home: which one to choose, reviews


The modern kitchen is equipped with a wide variety of appliances, the main ones being a microwave, kettle, stove, oven and, of course, a blender. With it, anyone can prepare a variety of delicious and healthy cocktails, smoothies, juices and special baby food. Due to the large number of different ways of cooking with this device, every housewife wants to purchase it.

The device itself belongs to the type of small household appliances and is mainly designed for grinding, mixing and whipping products of different consistency and hardness.

Rating of the best immersion blenders


Our rating opens with a simple and reliable model that combines the minimum configuration and cost. Great for users who want a blender to perform all its basic functions and not take up much space in the kitchen. The high-quality plastic housing has a metal nozzle, the main purpose of which is the effective grinding of products of any size.

Type of submersible
Power 700 W
Control mechanical
Number of speeds 2


  • pleasant appearance;
  • small weight — 0.8 kg;
  • metal grinder.


  • no protection against overheating;
  • At the first time of use, a persistent smell of plastic appears.

In my opinion, this is the most budget model that is able to perform all the basic functions no worse than expensive analogues. Grinding beets, carrots and cabbage is not a problem for her. Whipping creamy cream? Easy! I really liked the blender, in the future I want to purchase a more modern analogue of the same company with a wider range of functions.


Another high-quality and efficient submersible blender from a popular Japanese manufacturer. Despite the budget price tag, it has a good package: whisk, measuring cup, knives made of stainless steel.

Housing material plastic
Submersible part metallic
Additional Modes impulse, turbo
Number of speeds 2


  • attractive appearance;
  • great for home use;
  • long service life — more than two years;
  • Has a measuring cup with a lid.


  • average power value — 750 W;
  • noise level exceeds 50 dB.

I have been using a blender for a long time now. With two small children, it is simply impossible to do without it. Both love and demand porridge and mashed potatoes. I often cook vitamin smoothies for the whole family. They serve as a real source of infinite health!


This device has a rather budgetary cost, but despite this it copes well with grinding ingredients of any size and density. The average power indicator allows you to quickly mix and beat any products. The set includes a whisk, measuring cup, grinder.

Mill capacity 0.5 l
Beaker 0.6 l
The weight 1.2 kg


  • original design;
  • does not make loud sounds and vibrations throughout the entire time of operation;
  • high-quality grinding and mixing of any ingredients.


  • the plastic handle breaks quickly.

I’ve never used a blender, but I’ve always wanted to try. I started looking for a budget model with basic work functions. After a month of fairly frequent use, I can not say anything bad about it. He does his job well and quickly.


Gained great popularity among users due to its power of 1350 watts. With its help, the process of preparing mashed potatoes, soups and various cocktails becomes simple and brings only pleasure. The extended type package includes a measuring container, a chopper and a whisk.

Dimensions 6x23x6 cm
Additional whisk there is
Control mechanical


  • high power value — 1350 W;
  • attractive appearance;
  • durable plastic case with metal inserts;
  • wear-resistant nozzles;
  • quickly cope with any amount of work.


  • short cord — 1.2 m.

I often cook cakes, so I always deal with various creams. All of them are finicky and require a very long whipping, but not with this mixer. With him, the process of preparing any cream has decreased by almost half. Now cooking has become my main hobby.


The 1000W power gives the user the ability to quickly chop, whip and mix ingredients of any size and density. This model provides work in turbo mode, which allows you to increase the speed of work several times.

Speeds 2
Miller 0.5 l
Weight 1.4 kg
Immersion material metal


  • convenient control due to smooth speed control;
  • high power — 1000 W;
  • copes well with the work of grinding;
  • the presence of a turbo mode;
  • original design.


  • the power cord reaches one meter.

I have been using this mixer for a long time, which is why I decided to give it to my sister for her anniversary. I did not at all lose with the gift, because she had long wanted to buy it, but her hands still did not reach. The device perfectly copes with the work of any complexity and does not emit strong noise.


This model is truly the brightest representative of the middle class. Users consider the main advantage to be the presence of 12 speeds, which can be chosen independently. Able to bring products of any consistency to a homogeneous mass in a matter of minutes. The kit includes the following things necessary for work: a glass with a measuring scale, a chopper, a nozzle for making puree and a whisk.

Speeds 12
Adjustment smooth
Power 750 W


  • low noise level during operation — 40 dB;
  • multifunctionality — 12 speeds;
  • attractive appearance;
  • high build quality, thanks to which the unit will last more than two years;
  • the gearshift buttons are nearby.


  • chopper blade reaches too close to the bottom.

Every day I use it to make smoothies and purees for my baby. Everything is homogeneous. In smoothies, it grinds even small bones into porridge in a matter of seconds. Recently I had to make mashed sweet potatoes. With the help of improvised tools, this would be almost impossible, but the blender copes with ease.


The immersion blender from the popular French brand has one very significant feature unlike its competitors: all its parts are made of high quality metal alloy. Thanks to this feature, the service life of the device and wear resistance increases by almost five times.

Submersible part metallic
Measuring cup capacity 0.8 l
Number of speeds twenty


  • a large number of operating modes — 15;
  • convenient use thanks to the special handle;
  • the manufacturer promises a guarantee of its product for a period of two years;
  • high quality build.


  • the immersion nozzle is not designed to work with large portions;
  • The grinder only handles small items.

I bought a blender two months ago. I wanted to try homemade smoothies and juices from natural products without a lot of sugar. This device pleased me with its quality work. The bones from raspberries and gooseberries are ground into a small slurry. All dishes are obtained with a homogeneous composition and do not require a long passage through the same circle.

What to look for when choosing

Making the right choice in favor of a particular model is always difficult, especially if they are all good. If you want to purchase a functional blender that can last more than one year, then before buying, special attention should be paid to the following parameters:

  1. Power. The higher this parameter, the faster the blender will work and the thinner it will heat up. If you plan to work with a large number of products, then it is worth buying a device with a power of at least 600 watts.
  2. Number of speeds and modes. Many manufacturers endow their devices with a large number of speeds, since the speed of rotation of the knives depends on them. In general, a blender can have from 1 to 30 speeds.
  3. nozzles. Initially, any model comes with three basic nozzles: blender, whisk, chopper.
  4. Body material. It can be made of plastic or metal, which the user chooses based on their own preferences.
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