Rating of the TOP 9 best gel polishes in 2020: durability, which one to buy, comparison with peers


The popularity of gel polish is at its peak today, and all because the material has many positive qualities: a variety of textures and colors, a high degree of stability, and so on. The product was invented by dentist Stuart Nordstrom in 1979 and named his company CND, and the first varnish was Solar Nail, and later shellac. This is where the double name of the material came from.

Today, the availability of shellac allows you to do manicures not only in salons, but also at home. On the shelves of stores there is a huge assortment of brands, colors and textures, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose. Therefore, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of popular gel polishes in 2020.

Gel polish rating

Bluesky Classic

Another representative of the budget line. The company was founded in 2006 in China and supplies the Russian market with a large color palette of gel polishes. They fit well, a lot of bright options (about 300 shades). But some components can cause allergies. This manufacturer is not used in salons. It stays on for about two weeks after application. The brush is not very comfortable to use, and such gel polish is not easy to remove.

Bluesky Classic
Volume, ml ten
Curing LED/UV 60/120
Density dense
Peculiarities shimmers and sequins
  • saturated colors;
  • good consistency;
  • does not streak.
  • may cause allergies;
  • chips may appear in a week;
  • often low quality goods.

Before trying Bluesky gel polish, I tested other brands. In comparison with them, I can confidently say that this varnish is not suitable for beginners. Yes, he has many shades and colors, but others have a lot of them. The gel has many drawbacks: the brushes are uncomfortable to use and have an uneven cut, which makes it difficult to accurately lay out the edge, the pigmentation is not strong, the density of some colors is weak. I do not advise taking tops from Bluesky without a sticky layer. Gloss is so-so.

Rules for storing gel polishes: do not expose them to light, do not shake or shake before use, do not allow the bottle to experience temperature differences.

TNL Professional Classic

Budget gel polish, which is produced in South Korea and Russia. In salons, it is extremely rarely used by craftsmen, as it has an average quality and low price. The palette of colors is large, but not all of them are qualitatively stained. The brush is medium in length and quite wide, but there are instances with an uneven cut. Suitable for home use at the initial stage, as economical consumption and low price.

TNL Professional Classic
Volume, ml ten
Curing LED/UV 60/120
Density dense
Peculiarities wide range of colors
  • sufficient pigmentation;
  • large scale;
  • worn for more than 2 weeks;
  • affordable price.
  • may cause allergies.

For several years I bought gel polish only from this brand, as it is inexpensive and worn for a long time. The stores have a large selection. In terms of quality, I would put a solid 4, as some specimens are striped. And once I came across a bottle with a defective brush and a lump of pigment in half the volume.

Bake the coating well on your thumbs. It is even better to dry them separately. If the varnish dries unevenly, then you will have to redo the manicure..

CND Shellac

The American brand CND Shellac opened the world to shellac or gel polish. The products are constantly being improved and have the “7 Free” formula, that is, they exclude components dangerous to human life and health. Therefore, the material can be used for allergy sufferers. The consistency of the gel is medium, that is, it does not spread, but not thick either. Therefore, it is not self-leveling. Shellac must be evenly distributed with a brush. Keep from 2 to 4 weeks, subject to the application technology. Does not emit unpleasant odors.

CND Shellac
Volume, ml 7.8
Curing LED/UV 60/120
Density translucent
Peculiarities sequins, mother-of-pearl, classic
  • safe composition;
  • many collections;
  • a large number of shades and variations;
  • hold on well.
  • liquid consistency, which you need to get used to;
  • light shades stripe;
  • does not completely cover the nail.

I have been buying and using CND gel polish for five years now. I liked it for its stockiness, variety of colors and translucent effect. At first I got used to its texture. It is liquid and you need to squeeze the brush hard so that there are no smudges. Dries quickly in powerful LED lamps. I think it will not suit lovers of dense colors, since shellac is translucent.


The young Russian brand ADRICOCO from the budget segment is quite well-established. It has a bright and multifaceted palette. The texture is dense and does not form stripes and unpainted islands when applied. But some manicurists complain about the quality of the material and its poor wear. Some shades are enough to put in two layers, while others require as many as 4.

Volume, ml eight
Curing LED/UV 60/120
Density translucent
Peculiarities saturated colors
  • affordable price;
  • many nude, bright shades;
  • comfortable brush;
  • dries quickly in a lamp.
  • some shades need to be applied in 4 coats to avoid streaks.

I am a beginner manicurist and I accept clients at home. The budget is limited and I decided to buy ADRICOCO in addition to my gel polishes, as I liked the colorful advertising. I took shades 42, 55, 72 and 89. As a result, they all went into the wastebasket. Some had to be applied in 4 layers, others did not dry well in a lamp. With the number 42 (delicate rose), in general, 4 clients at once complained about the complete detachment of the color a week later.

Masura Magnetic Pearl

Masura was founded in 2002. The brand is known to many nail service masters. The gel polish concentration is thick and excellent pigmentation. Series «Magnetic Pearl» with soft caramel shades and bright colors with mother-of-pearl effect. And you can also use magnets to give direction to the mother-of-pearl line. Gel polish is highly resistant and stays on nails for 2 to 3 weeks. The brush is short, oval at the cut and wide. It is not always convenient for her to work when applying the gel to the bends.

Masura Magnetic Pearl
Volume, ml 3.5
Curing LED/UV 30/120
Density translucent
Peculiarities mother-of-pearl, cat’s eye
  • fits perfectly on the nail;
  • gentle colors;
  • good pigmentation;
  • beautifully executed «cat’s eye».
  • the brush is short, so it is not always convenient to work.

I came across magnetic varnishes more than once, but Masura interested me in nude shades. I took the color of a dusty rose. I had to apply 4 coats, because it is very transparent. The last magnet and polymerized. The main thing is to immediately direct each finger after the magnet into the lamp. You can also wear it without a magnet, but in my opinion such a coating seems simple. I wore it for three weeks, so I can say that the product is of high quality.

KLIO Professional Estet Collection

The young European company KLIO, founded in 2016, produces gel polishes for the nail industry. It has an oily texture that can be quickly and evenly distributed over the nail plate. Therefore covering power in 1 or 2 layers. The bristle of the brush is dense and not very wide. It is convenient when applying gel polish to any width of the nail. The product dries quickly in UV and LED lamps, and is also quickly removed if the technology is followed. The composition is safe, does not cause allergies, does not have an unpleasant chemical odor. The palette includes more than 300 shades: nude, shimmer, pastel, warm and cold, dark and light. This allows you to diversify manicure.

KLIO Professional Estet Collection
Volume, ml ten
Curing LED/UV dense
Density dense
Peculiarities no effects
  • excellent pigmentation;
  • no more than 2 layers are required;
  • worn for a long time;
  • removed quickly;
  • safe.

I don’t buy Clio Estet gel polish myself, but I do a manicure with it in the salon. I have tried other brands before but this one is my favorite. The colors are vibrant and do not fade over time. Removes easily and applies in two coats. This is very important as I have a convex plate and thickness matters. For two weeks, not a single chip, turbidity and cracks.

Please note that this product from Clio is not recommended for lamps with a power of 48 W.

Kodi Collection

The Ukrainian brand Kodi, founded in 2005, is known to all masters of the nail industry. Available in volumes of 8 and 12 ml. Possesses high firmness and density of a pigment. At the same time, the gel is elastic, which reduces the formation of cracks and chips. The composition is safe, but there are still a small number of complaints from allergy sufferers. When polymerized, some varnishes give a slight burning effect. The consistency is neither thick nor runny. Gives a smooth gloss without bald spots and streaks. They work better with bases without a sticky layer.

Volume, ml 8, 12
Curing LED/UV 30/120
Density dense and translucent
Peculiarities sequins, mother-of-pearl, classic
  • convenient consistency of the product;
  • 1-2 layers are enough;
  • economical consumption;
  • high pigmentation;
  • easy removal.
  • inconvenient labeling of bottles without displaying the shade;
  • there are a small number of allergy complaints.

I really like Kodi gel polishes. Before that I tried CND and TNL. This brand has such advantages as: excellent self-leveling and creation of an almost mirror surface, a high degree of color density, so 1-2 layers are enough. The smell is typical and not poisonous. With a top and base, Cody is worn for a month, but it is not easy to remove. Does not conflict with other brands.

After applying a layer of Self-Styling Gel Polish, flip your hand over and wait a couple of seconds. After that, shellac can be polymerized. This is done to evenly distribute the product and eliminate irregularities..

In’Garden X-Gel

The American manufacturer of gel polishes In’Garden, founded in 2007, produces several lines. But X-Gel has become the most popular due to its high degree of safety and durability up to 6 weeks. The degree of pigmentation is very high, and shellac also refers to thick products. It self-levels easily and gives a smooth finish. That is why it does not require applying a large number of layers. Despite the firmness and density, the gel is easily removed. The X-Gel collection has over 100 shades, including shimmery ones. It has no unpleasant odor and is safe for health.

In’Garden X-Gel
Volume, ml eight
Curing LED/UV 60/120
Density dense, translucent
Peculiarities well pigmented
  • very resistant up to 6 weeks;
  • one layer of application;
  • dries quickly;
  • economical consumption;
  • nice set of colors.
  • some masters need to get used to the density.

Just an indestructible gel polish that can be worn for a month or more. I took one color to sample, and then bought a few more bottles. The palette is rich and there are plenty to choose from. It does not give off unpleasant odors while working, like some varnishes.

Grattol Opal

Shellac is applied in one layer and has a high durability of 4 weeks. During this time, the coating does not chip, does not crack and does not fade. Self-leveling concentration eliminates bald spots, smudges and gives the nails a mirror finish. In this collection, microglitter (sequins and mica) is present in the varnish, creating a feeling of opal shine. The palette consists of 14 shades (light, bright and dark), which can be combined with other colors.

Grattol Opal
Volume, ml 9
Curing LED/UV 90/120
Density dense
Peculiarities microglitter
  • high durability from a month;
  • self-levelling;
  • fabulous shimmer in the sun;
  • does not bald and one layer is enough.

A bombshell gel polish that my clients love. Who has tried at least once, all the time returns to this collection of Grattol Opal. It is easy to use and economical in work, as it is thick, applied in one layer and self-levels. Worn from a month.

Highly pigmented gels require a lamp of at least 48 W, otherwise the coating will simply shrink due to partial drying..

Secrets of resistant manicure

An ideal manicure is a quality work, that is, without smudges, a coating carefully applied to the nail plate that will last at least 14 days. To do this, it is important to follow the technological process.

  1. We wash and dry our hands.
  2. Gently push back and remove the cuticle. If you work with a machine, then turn on a low speed, work smoothly so as not to hurt your hands.
  3. Give the same shape and length to each nail.
  4. We give a light roughness with a buff. You need to drive with minimal pressure and without changing direction. Don’t stay in one place more than once. The procedure allows you to remove irregularities from the surface.
  5. Remove dust with a brush and degrease the plate with a lint-free cloth. To do this, you can use special tools or alcohol.
  6. After that, the base is applied in a thin layer and dried from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the manufacturer and the power of the lamp itself.
  7. The color coating is applied in thin layers and the edge of the nail is sealed before each audition.
  8. The top or final coat is also applied in a thin layer and sealed. If it has a sticky effect, then remove it with nail polish remover.

For greater stability, it is better to apply the primer with the first layer, and after drying it — the base.

How to choose the right gel polish?

When choosing a gel polish, you should pay attention not only to the company and price, but also to the details. This will reduce the risks of allergic reactions, get a convenient product to use and enjoy a beautiful manicure for a long time.

  1. Concentration of funds. Liquid will leave unpainted places, especially for light shades. Too thick for a beginner it is difficult to evenly distribute. Pick something in between.
  2. The brush should be thick, dense and at the same time not too long, but not short. Check it for any protruding lint.
  3. No strong odor. By itself, it is not harmful and disappears at the end of work with varnish. But given that a manicure is not done in 15 minutes, it is worth considering options without an unpleasant odor or with its minimization.
  4. Application system. There are three types of coatings. Single-phase — these are “3 in 1” products that do not require the purchase of a base and top. But they fall off very quickly. Two-phase — includes a base and a fetal component, but requires a top coat. Three-phase — for this gel polish you need a base and a top, so their durability is higher than the previous two.
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