Rating of the best walkers for the elderly: standard, with front wheels, rollators


Walkers for the elderly are special designs that make it easier for a person to move around a room or street. The basis of such a device is a lightweight wooden or aluminum frame. In the front there are legs or wheels. The ranking presents the best walkers with a standard design, wheels and rollators.

Standard walkers

Foshan Dayang Medical Technology W Universal 66-81 cm

Inexpensive, but high-quality walkers are distinguished by a stable and well-thought-out design. On the legs there are special rubber nozzles that prevent slipping, and the height of the product can be adjusted. The design of the walkers is foldable, so you can take them with you on trips. Additionally, the device has a single locking lock, which prevents the structure from folding during operation. The frame is made of lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum, and the handles are anti-slip.

Maximum load 135 kg
Width between handrails 46 cm
The weight 2.75 kg


  • universal use;
  • optimal height 66-81 cm;
  • light weight;
  • affordable cost;
  • stable construction.


  • rubberized nozzles need to be changed periodically;
  • not all users like the quality of the locking lock.

Review: “I bought this walker for my grandmother when she broke her hip. They are lightweight, comfortable, and most importantly — foldable. So when grandma was able to walk on her own again, we just folded the walker and hid it in the pantry.”

Armed YU710

Comfortable walking walkers that can be used by the disabled and the elderly. The lightweight aluminum frame makes the structure durable, and the four support legs make it stable. Between the vertical supports there are horizontal bridges that increase the stability of the structure. Rubberized inserts are provided at the bottom of the legs. Thanks to them, the walker does not slip even on tiles and ice. The handles are rubberized and ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. The height of the walker can be adjusted and the product can be folded for transport and storage.

Maximum load 100 kg
Width between handrails 46 cm
The weight 2.5 kg


  • simple high-quality construction;
  • light weight makes walkers suitable even for weak elderly people;
  • affordable cost;
  • Height is adjustable with the push of a button
  • The foldable design makes it easy to transport and store.


  • not intended for patients weighing more than 100 kg;
  • rubber pads wear out quickly.

Feedback: “Very light and comfortable walking walkers. The design is extremely simple: the grandmother herself learned how to fold them and adjust the height.

Walkers with front wheels

Quick XXL

Durable and stable walker made of stainless steel. A high-quality frame successfully withstands a weight of more than 200 kg. The rear legs have rubberized pads to prevent slipping. Wheels with a diameter of 12.7 cm are installed on the front legs. They facilitate the process of moving the user, and due to high-quality performance, they exclude accidental falls. The walker can be adjusted in height and can be folded for storage and transport. Additionally, the device has a double locking lock. In the upper part there are comfortable rubberized handles of an ergonomic shape that allow you to comfortably hold on to the walker.

Maximum load 225 kg
Width between handrails 43 cm
The weight 3.3 kg


  • solid steel construction;
  • withstand a lot of weight;
  • high-quality rubberized wheels on the front supports;
  • ergonomic shape of handles;
  • Reliable double lock.


  • high cost, in comparison with analogues;
  • tight height adjustment.

Review: “Walkers are good, though not the cheapest. The wheels are of high quality, they do not slip on their own, but they do not limit the movement of an elderly person at all.

R Drive

Support-walkers can be used both by the elderly and in the process of rehabilitation after injuries and operations. Wheels are placed on the front supports for easy movement, and on the rear — rubberized legs for fixation. The product is made of durable and lightweight aluminum, so the maximum load is relatively small. The design of the walkers is foldable, and so that they do not accidentally fold during walking, the product has a reliable double fixing lock. At the top, there are comfortable rubberized handles that allow you to comfortably hold the walker and prevent your palms from slipping.

Maximum load 115 kg
Width between handrails 50 cm
The weight 3.4 kg


  • strong and reliable design;
  • convenient height adjustment;
  • lightweight aluminum base;
  • anti-slip pads on the rear legs;
  • The foldable design makes it easy to transport and store.


  • small maximum load, in comparison with analogues;
  • the model has been discontinued, so it will be difficult to buy new walkers.

Feedback: “We bought these walkers already used, but the quality is still on top. The wheels are comfortable and stable, and the product itself is very light.”

Rollator walkers


Comfortable and functional rollators with a seat, which provide a quick movement of the user. Under the seat there is a small basket for storing personal items. The frame is made of aluminum, so the device is lightweight, and the wheels with a diameter of 15 cm provide increased cross-country ability of the product. In the front part there are comfortable ergonomically shaped handles that make it easier to control the product. If personal items or purchases do not fit in the basket, they can be hung on the handle. The foldable design makes it easy to store and transport.

Maximum load 110 kg
Width between handrails 45 cm
The weight 6.2 kg


  • convenient folding design makes transportation and storage as simple as possible;
  • high-quality wheels spin easily, providing user mobility;
  • height adjustment is provided;
  • there is a basket for storing things;
  • implemented a brake for safe movement on slopes.


  • do not always enter the elevator;
  • hard to find for sale.

Review: “With this walker, walking in the yard just got a whole lot better. The wheels are very easy to control, almost no effort is needed. The design itself is reliable, but it fits into the elevator back to back.


The support walker is equipped with a hand brake that prevents accidental slipping. Due to the wheels of different diameters, the rollator turns into a reliable support and helps the patient or the elderly person to move quickly and safely. The special rubberized coating of the wheels does not slip on asphalt and tiles, so the walker can be used both for moving around the premises and for walking on the street. The frame of the product is made of lightweight aluminium. Its design is foldable, so the device can be easily transported or stored compactly in the pantry. Additionally, the walker is provided with a seat and support under the back.

Maximum load 114 kg
Width between handrails 55 cm
The weight 7.5 kg


  • there is a removable bag for storing personal items;
  • an additional holder for a cane is provided;
  • safety of movement is provided by a hand brake;
  • convenient folding design;
  • increased stability.


  • high price;
  • Not suitable for users taller than 180 cm.

Review: “Good and light walker. They are more expensive than other trolleys, but the price is offset by a well-thought-out design.

Mega Optim FS965LH

Inexpensive, but functional walkers on four wheels are perfect for moving around the street and at home. Wheels of the same diameter make the product passable and stable. Comfortable ergonomic handles facilitate the operation of the device, and a reliable hand brake prevents accidental slipping. Also in the walker there is a seat and a small basket for storing personal items or purchases. The frame is made from durable yet lightweight aluminium. The base is foldable, so the walker can be easily transported in a car or stored in an apartment.

Maximum load 120 kg
Width between handrails 57 cm
The weight 7.4 kg


  • light weight;
  • rubberized cross-country wheels;
  • there is a basket for storing personal items;
  • ergonomic shape of handles;
  • reliable hand brake.


  • does not drive well in the mud;
  • does not fit into all elevators due to the large distance between the handrails.

Feedback: “We needed a walker on wheels, but we didn’t have extra funds, so we bought the cheapest ones. The quality was a pleasant surprise: the wheels slide well, there is a handbrake and, in general, the design is very comfortable.”

Specification Comparison Table

It is necessary to select a walker for a disabled person or an elderly person according to technical characteristics. The table will help you make a choice. It contains the main parameters of products from the top.

Product name Maximum load Width between handrails The weight
Foshan Dayang Medical Technology W Universal 66-81 cm 135 kg 46 cm 2.75 kg
Armed YU710 100 kg 46 cm 2.5 kg
Quick XXL 225 kg 43 cm 3.3 kg
R Drive 115 kg 50 cm 3.4 kg
Armed FS966LH 110 kg 45 cm 6.2 kg
Barry Smart 114 kg 55 cm 7.5 kg
Mega Optim FS965LH 120 kg 57 cm 7.4 kg

How to choose the right walker for the elderly?

There are several criteria by which a walker should be selected:

  1. User growth. If the product is properly adjusted, the handles will be at wrist level. Otherwise, neck and back pain will occur when using. Before buying a walker, you should definitely ask what height they are designed for.
  2. Patient weight. Each walker model has its own maximum load. This criterion is also taken into account when choosing. If the patient’s weight is more than the maximum allowable, the device will quickly break down.
  3. The convenience of the handles. They can be coated with rubber or plastic. If the patient’s palms sweat a lot, it is better to choose a product with rubberized handles. In addition, the handles should not be too narrow, especially if a patient with arthritis will use the walker, because it will be painful for him to hold on to such handles.

Wheel diameter also plays an important role. Walkers with small compact wheels are suitable for moving around the premises, and for walking in fresh air it is better to give preference to models with large diameter wheels, as they have increased cross-country ability.

The above tips and the list of the best walkers for the elderly are the necessary foundation to make the right purchase that will bring the maximum benefit.

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