Rating of the best Korean toothpastes: whitening, enamel health and gum strengthening


Korean toothpaste is a modern product made using high-tech equipment and advanced knowledge about the properties of natural ingredients. Most products are distinguished not only by their natural composition, but also by their multifaceted positive effect on tooth enamel, gums, or have a whitening effect. Korean toothpaste is the right investment in oral health and is perfect for home care. The best products from South Korea for the treatment and prevention of teeth and gums for the whole family are described below.

The Best Korean Toothpastes for Enamel Health


The best Korean toothpaste in terms of price, quality and effect. It is intended for children and is distinguished by an original formula that takes good care of the teeth, protecting them from carious processes. To ensure a strengthening effect on the enamel, calcium and fluorine are included in the composition, and a complex of vitamins helps to improve the condition of the gums. The hygienic toothpaste is devoid of harmful parabens and can be used from the age of two. The composition itself has a pleasant apple and mint smell, so children brush their teeth with pleasure.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Apple
Age 2+


  • convenient tube with a latch;
  • pleasant smell and taste;
  • quickly forms a thick foam;
  • delicate cleansing;
  • freshens breath.


  • may burn in the mouth;
  • not recommended for small children.

Reviews: “My daughter brushes her teeth with pleasure, constantly looking at the animals on the package. After using it (for 3 months already), the teeth stopped being covered with black dots, and the existing foci seemed to have become smaller.

Hanil With sea salt

Continues TOP Korean toothpaste based on sea salt. The product has a complex effect on the body, strengthening the enamel of the teeth and restoring the gums. Buyers note a pronounced refreshing effect, and experts note reliable protection against carious processes and the fight against tartar. This paste can be used both for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory processes in the gums. The composition does not have pronounced taste and aromatic properties. The product quickly whips up to a homogeneous foam, penetrating into the interdental spaces and disinfecting the gums.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste No pronounced taste
Age 4+


  • suitable for children;
  • pronounced antibacterial effect;
  • toothpaste can be swallowed;
  • can be used to treat sensitive teeth;
  • no discomfort while brushing your teeth;
  • freshens breath well


  • the effect may be insufficient in advanced cases;
  • no good taste.

Reviews: “Good pasta in a soft tube with a convenient lid. Easy to use, fresh breath. I don’t know about caries, because I don’t have it and didn’t have it before I started using it. ”

Mukunghwa Xylitol pro clinic

A distinctive feature of this toothpaste is an organic, all-natural formula. Herbal extracts known in the world for their healing properties are used as a basis: cloves, chamomile, rosemary, sage, peppermint. Such a collection, combined with low abrasiveness, guarantees reliable protection of the enamel, a pronounced soothing effect and a regenerating effect. Due to the natural composition, the product can be used from the age of 6, and it is also effective against pathogenic bacteria.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Sweet, slightly grassy
Age 6+


  • easy-to-use cream-like texture;
  • mild smell with hints of mint;
  • pleasant sweet aftertaste;
  • foams well, so little is consumed;
  • effective composition against plaque;
  • can be used by pregnant women


  • the taste of herbs is felt, which may not please everyone;
  • may tingle.

Reviews: “After cleaning, an indescribable feeling of freshness and cleanliness appears, which lasts for an hour. I have sensitive teeth, but with this toothpaste they have become less whimsical.

Rating of Korean toothpastes for strengthening gums

Perioe Pumping Herb

The composition is known for its complex effect on the oral cavity, featuring good cleaning abilities and a disinfectant effect. The product even has a slight whitening effect. In the case of regular use, it is possible to lighten tooth enamel by several tones, eliminating yellow plaque. The most noticeable effect is seen on gum health. The gel helps relieve inflammation and prevent bleeding. The composition quickly turns into a thick paste, which completely envelops the teeth and the entire oral cavity.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Subtle mint flavor
Age 6+


  • convenient dispenser;
  • suitable for people with sensitive enamel;
  • large volume of 275 ml, enough for a long time and for the whole family;
  • no unpleasant chemical aftertaste;
  • feeling of freshness in the mouth.


  • it will not be possible to use it to the end, since the tube does not reach the bottom;
  • high price, but it is profitable to buy at a discount.

Reviews: “Gentle toothpaste, in which, although there are abrasive particles, they do not irritate the gums and gently care for the teeth. Good for removing food debris from interdental spaces.


Korean toothpaste based on green tea extract, which is known for its high efficiency in the fight against gingivitis. The product has a soothing effect on the gums, as well as gentle removal of plaque. Zeolite is the next important element of the composition, which allows you to polish the gums and remove bad breath. It is also effective against pathogenic bacteria. Most buyers respond positively to the minty aroma associated with freshness. Toothpaste is great for regular use.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Sweet with minty notes
Age 6+


  • antibacterial effect;
  • economical consumption;
  • suitable for sensitive gums and tooth enamel;
  • cleans well of any kind of pollution;
  • fights the raid.


  • not very pronounced effect;
  • helps only with prolonged use.

Reviews: “When I started using this toothpaste, my teeth clearly became healthier. The dark spots stopped appearing, and the existing small dots remained the same size. It may not help to get rid of caries, but at least it prevents its development — this is also a big deal. I recommend buying it for people who often go to the dentist.

Clio Geonchi Beauty Toothpaste

Special Korean toothpaste designed for sensitive gums. It allows you to strengthen the soft tissues in the mouth. It is also useful for freshening breath, preventing tartar and fighting plaque. The composition is almost completely natural, it does not contain various dyes, as well as potentially dangerous and undesirable elements, such as: parabens, fluorine, triclosan. The presence of extracts of medicinal plants helps to improve the oral cavity. Due to its dense consistency, the product allows you to achieve high-quality cleaning of the interdental space.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste apple mint
Age 8+


  • does not contain fluorine;
  • slight whitening effect;
  • perfectly freshens breath;
  • strengthens teeth, reducing their sensitivity;
  • the feeling of cleanliness lasts for a long time.


  • no protection against opening;
  • relatively high consumption.

Reviews: “Delicate toothpaste for cleaning the oral cavity, which allows you to carry out hygiene in comfort, without burning sensation and bleeding from the gums. Much better than the mass-market products that are sold in supermarkets.

The best Korean whitening toothpastes


Most likely the best Korean whitening toothpaste with an adequate price, which perfectly cleans the teeth and gently affects the gums. The active ingredients in the composition kill pathogenic microorganisms that cause the formation of caries, as well as periodontitis. The composition is designed in such a way as to effectively protect against the formation of tartar. Due to the thick consistency with small abrasive inclusions, cleaning is really high quality. After a hygienic procedure leaves a feeling of freshness, which lasts for several hours.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Mint
Age 6+


  • copes with plaque;
  • brightens the enamel by several tones;
  • does not increase the sensitivity of the enamel, gently polishing it;
  • very refreshing;
  • no discomfort during cleaning.


  • there is no foil that protects against opening;
  • foams quite a bit.

Reviews: “What you need for a normal oral cavity. Caries does not develop, the smell is pleasant, the whitening effect is really there, although not very pronounced.

La Miso with charcoal

An interesting product from a popular cosmetics manufacturer from South Korea, the formula of which uses natural ingredients. It combines charcoal, propolis extract and xylitol to help remove plaque, prevent tartar build-up and have anti-inflammatory effects. Toothpaste has a pronounced effect and pleasant taste, and also helps to maintain the natural microflora in the oral cavity. The whitening effect is present, but due to the soft texture and moderate abrasiveness, it will take time to achieve a visible result.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Unexpressed
Age 10+


  • has an antibacterial effect;
  • effective prevention of gum disease;
  • the composition completely envelops the enamel;
  • protects teeth from the negative effects of acids;
  • suitable for regular use.


  • somewhat high price tag;
  • unusual black.

Reviews: “It looks unusual, I have not used black toothpaste yet. Cleans well, slightly brightens. No strong smell or taste.»

Oats White Toothpaste

Natural toothpaste for high-quality, soft and safe teeth whitening. Its regular use does not harm tooth enamel. The gel-like texture quickly foams in the mouth and envelops the teeth and gums from all sides, preventing their destruction, providing a healing effect. Despite the abrasive particles, it does not lead to sensitivity and fights tartar. The toothpaste has a pleasant minty taste, with a slight sensation of chill and freshness, but not overbearing.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste menthol
Age 8+


  • natural composition;
  • freshness effect that lasts for a long time;
  • mild whitening effect;
  • good texture;
  • strengthens the gums.


  • can only be bought online;
  • tingles slightly.

Reviews: “It cleans well, indeed the teeth have become lighter. At the same time, there were no problems with them, such as sensitivity, which many people talk about. I can recommend.»

Perioe Pumping Citrus

A whitening toothpaste is recommended for regular use. Unlike analogues that harm the teeth, this product reveals its positive properties with prolonged use without damaging the enamel. Comes with a pump dispenser, which may not be to everyone’s taste, but in most cases provides a more economical flow rate. Sodium fluoride in the composition prevents the formation of caries, restores already damaged enamel and creates a protective layer against harmful acids and bacteria.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Citrus with mint notes
Age 8+


  • foams well;
  • pleasant taste;
  • economically spent;
  • whitens;
  • Good gel consistency.


  • not very convenient dispenser;
  • the paste comes out of the spout on both sides.

Reviews: “Cool pasta in a convenient package. There really is whitening, and the taste is pleasant, vaguely reminiscent of orange chewing gum. Suitable for those who are tired of vigorous mint pastes.

What are the best Korean toothpastes?

It is unlikely that you will be able to choose the ideal toothpaste only on the basis of theory, but knowing their features will still help narrow the circle and, with a high degree of probability, achieve the desired result.

What Korean toothpaste should be:

  • Natural. Natural components in the composition have a positive effect on the condition of the oral cavity.
  • Age appropriate. Some products, especially whitening products, are undesirable for children. Special children’s pastes can even be swallowed without risk to health.
  • With a pleasant taste. Peppermint pastes are very refreshing, but can cause a burning sensation in the mouth, and can be boring. If you are tired of the menthol flavor, you can choose options with apple, citrus or another flavor.
  • With the right effect. It is necessary to set priorities correctly: strengthening the gums, enamel, lightening the color of the teeth, fighting caries, etc.
  • In good packaging. Usually this is a tube, which should have a valve of the first opening. Packages with a pump dispenser also have a place to be.

If you take into account all the tips for choosing and study the objective rating of the best Korean toothpastes, each buyer will be able to choose the best product for their needs. This is more than enough to make the right decision.

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