Rating of the best finger pulse oximeters for newborns, children and adults


The main task of a pulse oximeter is to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, which allows you to find out about the state of human health. It can be used both in specialized institutions and at home, because the gadget itself is quite easy to use and shows the results in a readable form. Additionally, this device is designed to measure the pulse. Both indicators will help in monitoring human life and will allow you to understand whether intervention in the internal processes of the body is necessary. Let the doctors deal with the treatment, but we will help you choose the best pulse oximeters.

The best finger pulse oximeters


A good finger pulse oximeter, which will come in handy for diagnosing various chronic and acute disorders in the functioning of the lungs or the cardiovascular system in patients. It is used for acute respiratory viral infections, pneumonia and in the treatment of complications. This is a self-contained blood oxygen meter that works without additional sensors and almost instantly displays the saturation level of capillary blood. The device is compact, lightweight, so it will fit even in a small hip bag.

Characteristic Meaning
Measurement accuracy 2%
The weight 60 g


  • consumes little energy;
  • turns off automatically 8 seconds after the end of the test;
  • convenient LED-screen with a legible font;
  • occupies a minimum of space;
  • accurate readings.


  • high price;
  • a little pressure on the finger during use.

Reviews: «This is a convenient, simple and compact device for measuring oxygen in the blood, and even with a nice design.»

Choicemmed MD300C2

Miniature pulse oximeter for quick measurements of blood oxygen levels, equipped with a bright and fairly clear LED display. It can be used both for one-time tests and for monitoring, but only on a short-term basis. The adult device is suitable for home use as well as for use in clinics. It is especially useful for self-monitoring of the condition of patients with chronic diseases of the respiratory or cardiovascular systems. Highly recommended for people after a heart attack in the process of rehabilitation.

Characteristic Meaning
Measurement accuracy 2%
The weight 50 g


  • allows you to calculate the average heart rate;
  • the device is comfortable to wear;
  • informative display;
  • good build quality;
  • durable plastic.


  • difficult to find on sale;
  • dissipates relatively quickly.

Reviews: “A good device, it is worth buying it for everyone who has problems with the lungs or bronchi. Allows you to detect the problem at an early stage.

JZK 303

An advanced finger pulse oximeter designed for non-invasive measurement of blood oxygen saturation. Shows values ​​between 70-99%. It also knows how to determine the pulse in the range from 30 to 240 beats per minute. The maximum deviation value is no more than 2% when displaying the level of oxygen and 1 bpm when working with a pulse. Equipped with a good OLED display with economical battery consumption and high brightness. This solution allows you to provide 50 hours of battery life with monitoring of the remaining charge on the display.

Characteristic Meaning
Measurement accuracy 2%
The weight 57 g


  • you can manually select the method of displaying readings;
  • convenient button to turn on;
  • there is an automatic shutdown system to save battery;
  • beautiful and bright display;
  • works stably at temperatures from 4 to 40 ° C;
  • small size and weight.


  • high price;
  • can not be used outdoors in winter.

Reviews: “Not badly made, even the instruction was not required to figure it out. Just press the button, insert your finger and the result will soon be displayed. Particularly liked: OLED screen and the ability to get the result in a couple of seconds.”


SMARTERRA O2 is a worthy representative of the TOP, because it is a smart and compact device that shows the percentage of oxygen in the blood without the need for a finger prick. Moreover, despite the non-invasive method of operation, the accuracy of the readings is at a high level. It is recommended not only for people with health problems, but also for those who are actively involved in sports. The weight of the pulse oximeter clip is only 29 g, so the device does not cause much pressure or discomfort. It can work autonomously, without requiring a connection to a smartphone, all data is displayed immediately on the screen.

Characteristic Meaning
Measurement accuracy 2%
The weight 29 g


  • adequate price;
  • easy to use;
  • very light;
  • the whole procedure takes only 20 seconds;
  • big screen;
  • can even be carried in your pocket.


  • a novelty on the market, which is not yet very often found on sale;
  • inferior in accuracy to professional instruments.

Reviews: «A normal pulse oximeter for the money, no worse than more expensive analogues.»

Contec CMS 50FW

A wrist pulse oximeter with a remote sensor that is attached to the finger and connected to the main device with wires. It is convenient because it is always with a person, allowing you to quickly measure the level of oxygen. Works in a wide range of indications: from 0 to 100%. Data is displayed on a bright and vibrant 1.3-inch OLED display. There may be errors in the results, but they are only 1%. The pulse also measures with high accuracy (~1 bpm) in the range from 30 to 250 bpm. Powered by the battery that comes with the kit, its charge is enough for a day.

Characteristic Meaning
Measurement accuracy one%
The weight 50 g


  • there is pre-installed software;
  • comes with a PC disk;
  • the device is certified in Russia;
  • no need to change batteries;
  • All necessary information is displayed on the screen.


  • have to recharge frequently
  • the price is higher than that of analogues.

Reviews: “A handy device, much better than similar ones that you need to carry in your pocket. I always forget about them. Works well and accurately.»

Rating of pulse oximeters for newborns and children

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

A modern and affordable device for monitoring the health of the body, especially the respiratory system and cardiovascular system. The optical properties of the device allow it to shine through human tissue and measure the level of oxygen. It is aimed at all age groups: children and adults. The model is distinguished by simple setup and the ability to transmit an alarm signal in case of a decrease in performance to a certain level (set independently). Designed for real-time monitoring of values, i.e. suitable for extended wear.

Characteristic Meaning
Measurement accuracy one%
The weight 40 g


  • has a built-in heart rate sensor;
  • affordable price;
  • simple setup;
  • compact size;
  • fairly accurate readings.


  • low screen brightness;
  • do not buy in a regular store.

Reviews: “I liked this children’s pulse oximeter, please carry it with you and put it on every 3-4 hours. If there is little oxygen in the blood, she will catch her breath and continue her classes, and then we report the incident to the attending physician. With him, the number of ambulance calls decreased by 5 times.

Med-Mos CMS 50QB

Compact pulse oximeter for newborns and children with sound indication of pulse measurements. It is presented in several popular colors: pink and blue for girls and boys. On the front panel there is a good screen, and under it is the only button that is responsible for control. The model is suitable for long-term monitoring of the condition of babies, which is facilitated by the graph on the main display and the accurate display of readings. Supports the alarm function for large drops in values.

Characteristic Meaning
Measurement accuracy 2%
The weight 55 g


  • comes with battery;
  • quite stylish and durable case;
  • the device has been certified in Russia;
  • convenient to use;
  • does not press and does not create discomfort for the child.


  • from one charge works only 6 hours;
  • 0.96 inch dual color OLED display.

Reviews: “What you need for a child. Nothing special, but it gets the job done.»

Oximeter LED-DL50

A small, reasonably accurate pulse oximeter for children to measure pulse and oxygen percentage in the blood. The device is designed in such a way as to perform the tasks without damaging the skin of the child. All data is displayed on the screen, where they are easily distinguishable in both low and natural light. If an arrhythmia is detected, the device triggers a visual alarm. The device is intended for medical institutions, but can also be used at home, including by people who are fond of sports.

Characteristic Meaning
Measurement accuracy one%
The weight 50 g


  • color LED display;
  • intuitive control;
  • there is an auto-off function to save battery;
  • compact, fits in your pocket;
  • big font.


  • a little tight;
  • no battery included.

Reviews: «Good device: fast, accurate and hassle-free.»

Beijing Choice Electronic Technology Ltd MD300C

A semi-professional fingertip oxygen measuring device, which is mainly used in medical institutions. It can also be used for continuous health monitoring at home. The non-invasive device is notable for good accuracy, and also can read the pulse rate. It is equipped with an informative display, where, in addition to the amount of oxygen, heart rate and charge level are displayed. Includes 6 modes of displaying information on the screen.

Characteristic Meaning
Measurement accuracy 2%
The weight 50 g


  • can work autonomously for about 30 hours (from batteries);
  • supports brightness change;
  • compact dimensions;
  • there is a plethysmogram;
  • automatic shutdown.


  • two-color screen;
  • not the highest measurement accuracy.

Reviews: «We bought a child with chronic lung disease, now we sleep peacefully.»

ChoiceMmed MD300C12

A well-known pulse oximeter model with a fast measurement and a large screen that displays numerical values ​​from measurements. It is compact so you can carry it in your pocket or around your neck. Designed for autonomous operation on batteries, and it also has a charge level indicator. The model has a pulse bar — a scale on the display that displays the heart rate at the current time. It allows you to track the movement of blood in the arteries and more accurately calculate the results.

Characteristic Meaning
Measurement accuracy one%
The weight 50 g


  • 2 monitoring modes;
  • there is a pulse bar;
  • a plethysmogram is provided;
  • displays the charge level;
  • auto power off.


  • does not always quickly display saturation values, sometimes you have to wait;
  • burns out under the bright rays of the sun.

Reviews: “It is convenient that it is not necessary to perform any complex manipulations. It is enough to attach a clothespin to your finger and in a matter of seconds the result will be displayed.

Why do I need a device to measure oxygen in the blood?

Determining saturation is useful in different cases. A pulse oximeter is needed for:

  • determination of pathologies in the respiratory system;
  • increase the effectiveness of training;
  • monitoring the patient during the operation;
  • monitoring the condition of people with chronic diseases;
  • therapy control, etc.

How to choose the best pulse oximeter?

When choosing a good pulse oximeter, consider:

  • Type of. There are stationary and portable ones, but the latter are more functional and easier to use at home.
  • Work speed. It is highly desirable that the device quickly turns on and displays the values.
  • The minimum level of error.
  • Dimensions. Compact devices are better.
  • Display. It should be bright and informative enough.
  • Body material. The presence of shock-resistant properties will be a big plus.

All of the above will allow you to choose the best pulse oximeter for adults and children at a reasonable price. Here are 10 good blood oxygen measuring instruments, one of which should be the best solution for the reader.

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