Rating of the best Canon cameras: SLR and mirrorless


Many users can confidently say that the best professional camera is Canon. It is this brand that occupies a leading position in the video equipment market. Excellent quality is achieved by a large sensor and optical shooting function. Professionals who are engaged in art or documentary photography, for the most part, choose this particular brand of devices. High definition, fine details, color reproduction and more — all this is inherent in Canon. We select the best Canon cameras, from the amateur class to the semi-professional, professional level. People’s rating of Canon DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

TOP of the best Canon SLR cameras

Canon EOS 250D Kit

The camera has a compact size, making it easy to fit in your hand. Equipped with a sensor and image processor. The optical viewfinder is capable of capturing high-quality professional footage. With it, you can shoot video in 4K format with excellent color reproduction in low light. Sharing interesting shots with friends has become even easier — you just need to connect the device to your smartphone, and the camera transmitter will do everything on its own.

Characteristic Meaning
Number of megapixels 28.5
Shooting speed, fps 5
Battery capacity, mAh 1040


  • compact;
  • ergonomic body;
  • light weight;
  • fast autofocus;
  • pairing with a phone.


  • the flash must be raised by hand;
  • camera positioning.

Review: “Camera for consumers, not for professionals. I decided to buy to capture important moments of my life. The camera is very light, the swivel screen allows you to take pictures from any angle. The functionality is very simple for me, quickly pairs with the phone and works smoothly. High quality video footage.

Canon EOS 77D

The best Canon cameras in the budget line deservedly top this model, it is capable of capturing highly detailed shots in bright and shadowy places. The autofocus function allows you to capture the moment even on the move. Continuous shooting at a speed of 6 frames / sec will capture even a fleeting facial expression. The device is equipped with a tilting touch screen. Easily pairs with wireless devices to transfer photos and videos.

Characteristic Meaning
Number of megapixels 24.2
Shooting speed, fps 6
Battery capacity, mAh 1080


  • comfortable;
  • high-quality pictures;
  • smooth autofocus;
  • equipment;
  • rich functionality.


  • no climate protection;
  • battery.

Review: “We chose an inexpensive camera for a long time, because we love to travel and want to capture as many interesting places as possible. We read customer reviews, listened to friends and finally decided on a model. We have been using it for half a year already — a very compact and functional SLR camera. Focus by pressing works perfectly. I like that you can shoot videos in high resolution. We are satisfied with the purchase, the price for the device is optimal.”

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Body

A versatile and advanced camera that has an attractive design. The model is equipped with improved detail, which became possible thanks to the new sensor, it provides increased clarity of shooting. The camera is resistant to weather conditions, has high performance. Allows you to shoot video in 4K format. It comes in a compact package that you can store your lenses in. Comes with a handy carry bag and a shoulder strap.

Characteristic Meaning
Number of megapixels 30.4
Shooting speed, fps 7
Battery capacity, mAh 2000


  • design;
  • sensitive autofocus;
  • 2 slots for memory cards;
  • comfortable grip;
  • permission.


  • quickly discharged;
  • intermittently freezes when shooting.

Review: “After changing the camera, I can’t get enough of it. Due to the increase in the matrix, detailing has improved, but at the same time, the weight has also increased. Dark time shoots very clearly. It has good autofocus in live shooting mode. I’m not a professional, but this camera is enough for me. More than 1000 frames fit on the device, and they can be edited on the device itself.”

Canon EOS 6D Mark II Body

Compact and very powerful camera, which is equipped with protection against dust and moisture. Portrait shots have a shallow depth of field, but in landscape shots, the device creates shots with even the smallest details. The large viewfinder will allow you to shoot video intuitively, without additional settings. The tilt-adjustable screen facilitates shooting from both low and high angles. The camera has built-in GPS to mark the points where the photos were taken.

Characteristic Meaning
Number of megapixels 26.2
Shooting speed, fps 6.5
Battery capacity, mAh 1090


  • autofocus;
  • rotary display;
  • exposure setting;
  • the size;
  • Lots of options for customizing pictures.


  • no slot for a second memory card;
  • no moisture protection.

Review: “A good option for a beginner photographer. The touch rotary screen is very convenient for shooting in various angles. The quality of the picture is still satisfactory — good detail, autofocus. Convenient buttons for setting shooting parameters. You can pick up accessories such as a case, a holder, lenses.”

Best Canon Mirrorless Cameras

Canon EOS M100 Kit

A stylish, compact mirrorless camera that captures your favorite moments thanks to its touch screen and Bluetooth, Wi-fi connectivity. It has an automatic shooting function, motion sensors, a touch interface, which allows you to achieve original pictures in high quality. A powerful processor with fast startup will help you never miss a single dynamic frame. The touch screen allows you to use the selfie camera. This model has a wide variety of accessories.

Characteristic Meaning
Number of megapixels 25.8
Shooting speed, fps 6.1
Battery capacity, mAh 875


  • high speed of work;
  • convenient management and configuration;
  • screen;
  • wireless synchronization;
  • Quiet at high ISO.


  • lathers around the edges;
  • no fast charging.

Review: “I took it for traveling light. I immediately bought a spare memory card and battery for it. The device exceeded all my expectations. It starts up quickly, convenient for those who use a smartphone. Sometimes I corrected exposure. Landscapes, portraits, night shots — everything is handled in the best possible way. To be honest, I did not want to switch to manual mode at all. The camera weighs very little, so you can hardly feel it in your bag.”

Canon EOS R Body

Innovative mirrorless camera with amazing detail and high sensitivity. The model sets the standard for small and lightweight full-frame cameras. The body is made of titanium alloy with the ability to configure a high-definition hidden camera. Compatible with semi-professional and professional grade optics. Innovative mounts help create truly impressive shots. The model has a comfortable grip, an electronic viewfinder with a variable angle.

Characteristic Meaning
Number of megapixels 31.7
Shooting speed, fps eight
Battery capacity, mAh 1865


  • ergonomic;
  • rotary screen;
  • focusing system;
  • color rendering;
  • protection from the external environment.


  • dynamic range;
  • no matrix stabilizer.

Review: “The camera was bought mainly for shooting video. Bribed most of all the presence of a LOG profile. The body is made of pleasant material, comfortable grip, lightning-fast focus. Very pleased that there is protection from dust and moisture. The only disappointment is 1 card slot. In principle, as long as there is enough memory, I immediately transfer all the footage to the tablet.

Canon EOS R Kit

The current model of the device has a full-frame image sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. A powerful adapter will allow you to create images without loss of clarity at high speed. A macro lens with a short focus distance, making it versatile for daily use. The camera is lightweight, making it easy to handle and transport. The model allows you to perform precise focusing, shoot smooth video with stabilization and accurate color reproduction.

Characteristic Meaning
Number of megapixels 30.3
Shooting speed, fps 6
Battery capacity, mAh 1400


  • silent shooting;
  • bright display;
  • light;
  • simple menu;
  • focus accuracy.


  • few lenses;
  • crop at 4K.

Review: “The camera is very good. The menu is simple without problems, nothing is buggy and does not freeze. I am very pleased with shooting in different modes — the quality is excellent both during the day and at night. Moving objects can be captured with high definition, without blurring the frame. Several times we filmed a video that was viewed through the TV — it really deserves attention.

The best Canon professional cameras

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Body

This model is designed to capture unique moments in motion. Suitable for shooting sports events, thanks to high accuracy and live shooting technology. Two DIGIC 6 processors are used for better performance. The camera has 65 focus points that allow you to shoot both horizontally and vertically. The autofocus response speed can be adjusted by yourself. The device accommodates two memory cards, which allows you to automatically make backups.

Characteristic Meaning
Number of megapixels 20.2
Shooting speed, fps ten
Battery capacity, mAh 2000


  • powerful processor;
  • quality matrix;
  • moisture protection;
  • advanced focusing system;
  • ergonomics.


  • does not hold a charge well;
  • dynamic range.

Review: “The best camera for crop. It is suitable as an additional device if you are a wedding or reportage photographer. The camera is sharpened for professional activities. Heavy, difficult to master and quite expensive. Not a bit sorry that I chose this particular model. From personal experience, I can say that canon is a very reliable and durable device, and the presence of moisture protection significantly extends its life.”

Canon EOS 6D Kit

Stylish and practical camera, which is designed to create both portrait and landscape shots. The heart of the camera is a 20.2 megapixel sensor with a powerful image editing processor. Thanks to them, it became possible to take clear shots with the smallest details. The device is ergonomic, which allows it to be used in different weather conditions. Built-in GPS automatically determines the geolocation even when the camera is turned off. It is possible to carry out remote shooting by connecting the device to a smartphone or tablet.

Characteristic Meaning
Number of megapixels 26.2
Shooting speed, fps 4.5
Battery capacity, mAh 2180


  • full frame;
  • powerful battery;
  • light;
  • sensitive autofocus;
  • low noise matrix.


  • 1 cross focus point;
  • low sequential shooting speed.

Feedback: “This model is the best SLR camera in terms of signal to noise ratio. Built-in Wi-Fi really helps when shooting remotely. I don’t really like the layout of the buttons, but you quickly get used to it. Over the years of work, there were no glitches and breakdowns, the only thing in the cold can slow down a little in the menu. On bright days, I set ISO 50 and shutter speed to 1/4000, which is quite enough for shooting.”

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II

A sleek design camera based on a new generation 20.2 MP sensor. The cross-type auto focus system provides additional flexibility during framing. High processing speed allows you to shoot up to 14 frames per second. There is 4K video recording. The kit comes with a strap for the device, which is made of durable material, as well as a convenient case for the lens and camera for the first time.

Characteristic Meaning
Number of megapixels 20.2
Shooting speed, fps fourteen
Battery capacity, mAh 2750


  • big screen;
  • touch control;
  • built-in GPS;
  • high sensitivity;
  • natural color rendering;
  • shooting in 4K.


  • no built-in Wi-Fi module;
  • cost of accessories.

Review: “I have been professionally engaged in photo art for more than a year. I began to choose a technique and this model immediately rushed to my eyes. It fully satisfies my needs, has good technical characteristics. Portrait shots are of high quality, it is possible to change lenses. I rarely shoot videos, but they are in high resolution. I am satisfied with the purchase».

Which Canon camera to choose?

The camera is a fairly complex device that has many different parameters. Before asking the question: “Which is better — budget or expensive”, you should familiarize yourself with the technical side of each of them.

  • Matrix size. Of course, the best quality of shooting will be provided by the device with which it is larger.
  • Completeness. In addition to the device, the presence of an additional lens will be a big plus. It is worth giving preference to devices with interchangeable lenses for shooting different formats, but the difference in price can be significant.
  • Light sensitivity and noise level. The settings greatly affect the quality of the shots. The higher the light sensitivity, the better the shots will be in limited light.
  • The number of megapixels. The more pixels in the camera, the less noise appears, the higher the sensitivity and the better the color reproduction. The most common models with 24 MP.

The presented overview will help you choose the camera with the best parameters for shooting. It makes no sense to buy an expensive professional device for amateur shots, because many models convey emotions just as well, allow you to shoot in live view with high quality indicators. However, for professionals, the capabilities of amateur devices will not be enough. When choosing, first of all, it is worth considering the purpose of the camera. The best Canon cameras in different categories are described above, so there should be no problems with the selection.

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