Rating of the 30 best winter tires: for cars and SUVs, studded and Velcro


In winter, especially dangerous conditions for the movement of cars. Snow, ice, slush — all these are completely different road surfaces that require a special approach. Rubber manufacturers are trying in the best way to combine flotation, grip quality, hydroplaning resistance and other qualities in their products. However, not everyone can achieve a balance between these properties. The rating of winter tires will help you choose the best tires for cars and SUVs, as well as describe the highest quality studded models and Velcro.

The best studded winter tires

Studs give the car a better grip on the track, preventing skidding and skidding when stopped. They are especially effective on ice and hard packed snow. Their disadvantages include a relatively high noise level and increased rigidity when driving on asphalt.

The studded tire rating includes the following tire models from well-known manufacturers:

Nokian Tires Hakkapeliitta 9

This is the highest quality winter tire with a double row of studs. In the center, spikes made of durable metal alloy (contribute to rapid acceleration and braking). A slight bevel in their arrangement allows you to reduce the noise level when driving on asphalt. Side studs greatly improve handling. The rubber is based on a proprietary compound with the addition of rapeseed oil and bioplasticizers, which helps maintain elasticity during frost. The tires are moderately soft: the car runs smoothly, and they also provide good cornering stability, handling and wear resistance.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 215-315
Profile height 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65
Diameter R13-22
Maximum speed index T
Maximum load, kg 530…1250


  • excellent cross;
  • moderate noise level for spikes;
  • low rolling resistance reduces fuel consumption;
  • clings well to ice both during straight driving and during turns;
  • easily gets off track.


  • a relatively large number of spikes falls during the season (up to 20%);
  • on snow, braking is slightly worse than that of competitors.

Review: “Keeps the track clearly, does not feel the rut at all. Handling is absolutely predictable.”

Pirelli Ice Zero

One of the most popular models of winter wheels from the Italian manufacturer with the perfect balance between price and quality. The solution is focused on the harsh northern winters, including models with RunFlat available. The love for this rubber is due to the predictable and completely controlled behavior on snow, ice and asphalt. The braking distance is really short, and some more expensive analogues can envy the road holding. Its disadvantage is a high noise level even at a speed of 40-50 km / h, and at 100 km / h the hum becomes intrusive. It is also worth considering that these are soft tires, which are easily damaged at positive temperatures.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 205-315
Profile height 35, 45, 55, 65
Diameter R13-21
Maximum speed index H/T
Maximum load, kg 475…1285


  • a large selection of varieties;
  • reliable fastenings in the shoulder area;
  • fast braking on all types of surfaces;
  • perfectly holds the road;
  • tenacious;
  • spikes practically do not fly out.


  • quite noisy;
  • tends to «float» even at +1°C, suitable only for harsh winters;
  • does not feel very good in ice porridge.

Review: “I liked this tire for a passenger car. Why? First, for the balance of price and quality. Secondly, for predictable behavior on snow, ice and asphalt — this is exactly what you expect from winter spikes.

Bridgestone Ice Cruiser 7000S

Bridgestone tires have rightfully become popular and have earned a place in the TOP for cars with rim diameters R13, R14, R15 and R16. It has a directional tread pattern, so the rubber does not experience stability problems, there is no lateral drift. They are in demand because of their decent wear resistance; only a couple of spikes can fall out during the season, even with occasional driving on clean asphalt. It features a strong and wear-resistant sidewall. The car on this rubber will confidently stay on the road even on ice.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 175-275
Profile height 50, 55, 60, 70
Diameter R14-20
Maximum speed index T
Maximum load, kg 475…1000


  • adequate price for quality;
  • firmly planted spikes;
  • wear-resistant compound;
  • the car confidently holds the road;
  • noisy below average.


  • snow is clogged in the tread lamella, which can cause skidding on high snow;
  • those who prefer an aggressive riding style may lose a lot of studs.

Feedback: “You can immediately see the quality: perfectly boarded and balanced. Installed and enjoy. Gone are the constant slips. Lost only 1 spike in 2 seasons.»

Yokohama Ice Guard IG55

A decent winter studded tire can be considered one of the best for driving on ice. It has a directional pattern and deep lamellas, so there are no problems with water drainage. Shows itself positively on ice and slush. However, its weakness is driving on clean asphalt, in this case the braking distance is relatively long. In terms of handling on ice is one of the best options for the money.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 185-295
Profile height 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75
Diameter R13-22
Maximum speed index Q/T
Maximum load, kg 475…1360


  • noise in a comfortable limit, the driver and passengers are not bothered;
  • low price;
  • predictable behavior on almost any type of road;
  • short braking distance (especially on ice);
  • holds the road perfectly.


  • at temperatures around 0 it starts to float;
  • tires are tread sensitive.

Review: “The behavior on snow and ice is wonderful! The spikes didn’t really fall out, even though I mostly drive on asphalt (urban Russian winter).»

Nokian Tires Nordman 5

The most affordable studded tires worthy of the attention of motorists. These are the best inexpensive tires for budget and middle class cars. They hold the road perfectly, and a car with such tires does not scour the rut. It also rides quite confidently in the snow, without a hint of aquaplaning or demolition. Like the rest of the spikes, there is noise, but it only increases when accelerating to 100 km / h. It has low rolling resistance, so the consumption is practically the same as driving on summer tires. However, bare asphalt is not their element, it slows down worse than we would like.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 155-275
Profile height 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75
Diameter R13-18
Maximum speed index T
Maximum load, kg 387…1180


  • relatively quiet tires;
  • strong sidewall;
  • spikes hold well;
  • low price with decent quality;
  • adequate behavior on snow, ice, rolled snow.


  • braking on clean asphalt leaves much to be desired;
  • doesn’t like the rut.

Review: “When driving around the city, the rubber does not fail. Offers excellent traction on snow, ice and even porridge. I consider it quiet for spikes. During the winter, the spikes were practically not lost.

The best winter tires without studs

The best winter tires without studs, popularly Velcro, are less noisy and have good running parameters on snow, slush and bare asphalt. However, they hold on to the ice worse and this is their main drawback.

Winter tire rating 2020:

Yokohama Ice Guard IG60

The product from a well-known Japanese company is focused on passenger cars. This version of rubber combines the best qualities of the entire family. The model received 15% longer useful life, 14% reduced rolling resistance and 5% shorter braking distances. The noise level has dropped by a quarter. Even without studs, the rubber offers enough stability for comfortable movement on icy or snowy roads. Differs in good passability, course and turning stability, high speed of braking.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 185-285
Profile height 35, 40, 45, 50, 60
Diameter R13-20
Maximum speed index Q
Maximum load, kg 325…900


  • really quiet tires, no buzzing at all;
  • does not float even at positive temperatures;
  • moderately soft;
  • slows down well;
  • behaves well in the snow.


  • icy, frozen and rolled snow does not cling very well;
  • on a wet road, the braking distance is significantly increased.

Feedback: “I think these are good tires, especially for Moscow. I can advise for snowy roads without ice.

Michelin Alpin 5

Perhaps the best winter tires for those who love fast driving and require maximum responsiveness from the car, even with minimal steering deviations. The tread pattern with a large number of grooves protects the car from hydroplaning and copes with the removal of snow, preventing strong clogging of the sipes. The special composition of the compound shows itself well at sub-zero temperatures, does not become too hard, but it also does not “flow” in the thaw (the machine retains directional stability and reaction speed).

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 205-315
Profile height 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55
Diameter R16-22
Maximum speed index H/T/V
Maximum load, kg 462…1120


  • perfect directional stability;
  • quickly removes water from the contact patch;
  • resistance to clogging of the tread with snow;
  • suitable for high speed driving;
  • in a mild winter will be the best option.


  • feels a bit stiff;
  • braking distance on ice is relatively long.

Review: «Good tires for a mild Moscow winter, but during the snowfall I got stuck on it several times.»

Bridgestone Blizzak Revo

Such tires should be bought for urban driving conditions, as it may have problems with the removal of high snow. The strengths of the tires include: short braking distance, high-quality grip (no slipping even during acceleration), confident handling. On wet pavement feels great: responsive, quiet and generally pleasant. Rubber is wear-resistant, even on poor pavement it is relatively soft and smooth. True, at positive temperatures it begins to soften a little, creating a feeling of flat tires.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 175-275
Profile height 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70
Diameter R13-19
Maximum speed index Q / R (up to 170 km/h) / S (up to 180 km/h)
Maximum load, kg 475…1030


  • moderately hard in the cold;
  • good grip on asphalt and other surfaces;
  • does not make noise;
  • rides gently;
  • excellent braking performance.


  • in warm weather are sensitive to cuts and breakdowns;
  • a high profile slightly raises the center of gravity, you should be careful when cornering.

Review: “When accelerating quickly on dry and wet pavement, a slight whistling noise, but I even like it. Driving performance for the city is in perfect order.

Viatti Brina V-521

Another representative of the rating of urban winter tires, which is ideal for people who live in the metropolis and rarely leave it. The model provides decent driving conditions with the usual comfort both on snowy, bare roads and in slush. True, on dry and wet pavement they show low stability and braking distances, but on snow they are one of the leading tires according to test results. On ice, they also behave quite predictably, keeping the car responsive to steering movements.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 175-255
Profile height 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
Diameter R13-18
Maximum speed index Q / R (up to 170 km/h) / T
Maximum load, kg 475…1030


  • ideal for slippery and snowy roads;
  • moderately elastic;
  • maintain driving comfort in the temperature range from +10 to -45°С;
  • decent maneuverability even at high speed;
  • minimum stopping distance.


  • on the track in above-zero temperatures are too soft;
  • many stones are hammered into the lamellas.

Review: “I am completely satisfied with the rubber. On the snow it goes as it should, it gets out of the snowdrifts without problems. On the ice, of course, not as much as on the spikes, but there were no problems pah-pah. Our roads are cleaned very poorly, but the rubber copes. A good manufacturer, suits me.

Nokian Tires Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV

A good tire for a harsh winter, which is focused on SUVs and crossovers. She received all the best qualities of a similar tire for passenger cars (without an SUV identifier). It has an aggressive symmetrical pattern. Thanks to the crystalline parts in the rubber compound, the tires have received optimal stiffness. A sufficient number of sipes will protect against aquaplaning, and the tires are resistant to slashing. Suitable for all winter driving conditions.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 185-295
Profile height 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75
Diameter R14-21
Maximum speed index R (up to 170 km/h)
Maximum load, kg 530…1360


  • remarkably holds the road;
  • gets out of the rut without problems;
  • small braking distance on any surface;
  • perfect handling;
  • sufficiently soft and wear-resistant rubber compound;
  • durable sidewall.


  • tendency to light yaw on asphalt;
  • high price.

Review: «This is the quietest tire I’ve ever ridden.» Holds confidently on wet pavement, especially on wet and even rolled snow.

The best inexpensive tires for winter

You can’t sacrifice safety when buying winter tires, even with a limited budget. Having a small amount for the purchase of tires, it is worth choosing manufacturers in a more affordable price category. Some of them can be compared with more expensive counterparts, providing sufficient safety in use.

The best inexpensive winter tires:

KAMA Kama-505

Before us is a budget studded tire for small cars with a rim diameter of R13-R15. Her spikes are scattered so that there are always several of them in the contact patch. Thus, the rubber not only holds well on the road in snow and ice, but also does not create too much noise. It easily tolerates slush, which is facilitated by an extensive network of lamellas for instant water drainage. The sidewall is pretty solid. In general, the tires row well even in deep snow. The quality of the studs fit is normal, but with careless use, many of them fly out.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 175, 185, 195
Profile height 60, 65, 70
Diameter R13-15
Maximum speed index Q/T
Maximum load, kg 462…615


  • quiet;
  • well balanced;
  • holds the car well even on ice;
  • rows in snowdrifts, rarely gets stuck;
  • maintains predictable vehicle control.


  • low load index 81…91;
  • On a bare track, it doesn’t brake very well.

Review: “Rubber is very comfortable to use, honestly takes care of the time allotted to it without loss of grip quality for three winters. Lots of good stuff for a low price.»

Belshina Artmotion Snow

Tires from the Belarusian manufacturer are distinguished by an attractive combination of price and quality. According to the test results, the tires showed average and low values ​​​​in comparison with premium models, while slightly yielding to competitors. The tires did not receive spikes, which is why they behave somewhat imposingly on ice, but on snow and asphalt they drive perfectly, fully working out their price. Rubber quickly slows down, does not create noise, moderately elastic and durable, perfectly rows through snowdrifts. True, it is more suitable for city driving and a relaxed driving style.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 175-225
Profile height 55, 60, 65, 70
Diameter R13-16
Maximum speed index H/T
Maximum load, kg 475…775


  • resistance to lateral or frontal aquaplaning;
  • behaves predictably on snow, even packed;
  • easily balanced;
  • strong sidewall and hard cord;
  • very soft, dampens the bumps in the road.


  • sensitive to the track;
  • too soft, which is especially felt when cornering, you have to slow down.

Review: «If there is no extra money, and even if there is, feel free to buy, the quality of rubber is at its best, compared to Pirelli, Belshina is better.»

Cordiant Snow Cross

One of the most popular and affordable studded car tires that are suitable for Russian winters. They have high traction on ice, which is facilitated by light and durable Spike-Cor studs. Inside the aluminum case is an 8-sided tungsten carbide core. The spines are arranged in such a way that about 10 claws are always located in the contact patch. All this made it possible to make a short braking distance and a quick start. During braking and movement, the car drives smoothly and predictably without skids and slips, even on virgin soil.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 175-265
Profile height 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70
Diameter R13-18
Maximum speed index Q/T
Maximum load, kg 387…1250


  • clearly holds the road on snow and ice;
  • well and quickly balanced;
  • the protector successfully removes water and snow porridge;
  • in the case of proper running-in, the spikes last a long time;
  • moderate noise level.


  • it is difficult to get out of a deep rut;
  • slightly hard rubber compound, which affects at a temperature of -30 ° C.

Review: “2 winters on this rubber. Amazing!!! Plus one long trip in the spring on asphalt 140 km / h. (noisy, but not deafening).

Yokohama Ice Guard IG50

One of the most popular Velcro is available in a wide range of sizes and has an asymmetric pattern. Tires are perfect for city residents who rarely travel outside the metropolis: the maximum speed is 160 km / h. The rubber is soft, literally swallows bumps in the road, and is also quiet even when compared with analogues without studs. The increased elasticity of the tire affects the lubricated response when driving, and it is also sensitive to breakdowns while driving on low wheels.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 135-265
Profile height 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
Diameter R12-19
Maximum speed index Q
Maximum load, kg 315…900


  • high-quality rubber compound;
  • practically does not create noise during movement;
  • helps to comfortably overcome bumps on the road;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • correct behavior both on wet pavement and on loose snow.


  • tires are highly sensitive to pressure;
  • not suitable for high speed driving.

Review: “I put four of these wheels on Grant. They have good directional stability, excellent softness, ride quietly. I also liked the low rolling resistance.”

Gislaved Nord Frost 200

This is not the most affordable, but still high-quality and quite inexpensive winter tires with spikes. It creates a noise that most owners describe as moderate. Due to the deep tread rubber quickly removes moisture from the contact heel, and rather sharp edges on the outer shoulder contribute to good handling at any speed. Tri-Star studs are used here, which hold up well in the tread and are also quiet on the pavement. In general, tires are soft, so the risk of damage must be taken into account.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 155-245
Profile height 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
Diameter R13-20
Maximum speed index T
Maximum load, kg 387…1250


  • ideal for SUVs;
  • high-quality and quiet spikes that are securely held in the tires;
  • decent cross-country ability on snow, especially on large sizes;
  • behaves normally in a rut;
  • good grip and short braking distance on pavement.


  • on narrow tires of small diameter, the lamellae tend to clog;
  • on the ice you need to behave carefully, you can drive a little.

Review: “Very quiet for a spike. Before that was Michelin Ace 2 spikes. These win in every way. However, the driving style should still be CAREFUL in winter. If a fool, no wheels will help.

Best quality winter tires

World-famous manufacturers regularly release flagship tire models, which are the best product of the company at the moment. They have the highest driving performance, but also quite expensive cost.

The best premium winter tires are:

Hankook Tire Winter I*Cept Evo 2

This is a high-performance tire from a well-known manufacturer, which allows you to move with sufficient comfort even at high speeds on winter roads. Due to the special tread pattern, the rubber is practically immune to hydroplaning both on a wet track and on a road with slush. Tires are distinguished by remarkable maneuverability at any speed. Only patency can be called a weak feature of rubber, tires row through snowdrifts not in the best way. All other types of coatings are “too tough” for them, while the noise level while driving is similar to summer counterparts.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 195-295
Profile height 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70
Diameter R15-22
Maximum speed index H/T/V/W
Maximum load, kg 545…1250


  • predictable behavior on asphalt, including wet;
  • good grip on ice;
  • moderately soft rubber, does not create unnecessary vibrations, but does not float;
  • suitable for lovers of high speed;
  • moderate price.


  • on snow and packed or wet ice it does not feel confident enough;
  • the cord is level with the disk, so it can be easily damaged.

Feedback: “In general, so far I’m satisfied with the rubber, the weather is -2, -5 warm, it rows perfectly in the snow, it’s super on asphalt, but I haven’t found ice yet.”

MICHELIN Latitude X Ice 2

High-quality, but quite expensive winter tires are specially designed for cars that need increased cross-country ability even in harsh winters and poor road surface quality. Even without spikes, they cling well to a slippery road, providing a short braking distance. However, first of all, they are focused on driving on asphalt, rolled snow and virgin soil, while rowing is really notable. The listed properties became possible due to the large clutch patch, which contributes to the stability of the car on ice and asphalt.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 215-285
Profile height 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 75
Diameter R15-20
Maximum speed index H/T
Maximum load, kg 800…1360


  • quite soft, but not excessively;
  • provides acoustic comfort;
  • easily gets out of the rut;
  • durable;
  • confident handling, especially on snow, and behaves well on ice.


  • very expensive;
  • on a strong porridge can swim.

Review: «Great tires! Soft, comfortable, handling at altitude. «

Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

Before us is a high-performance Velcro, focused on mid-range and expensive SUVs. Its tread pattern promotes rapid fluid evacuation, protecting against hydroplaning. Rubber provides decent grip in all riding conditions and is suitable for different driving styles. Tires are based on a mixture of SmartNet Silica, which shows moderate elasticity even at significant positive and negative temperatures. From it you can expect really high-quality grip on a dry road, excellent cross-country ability in snowdrifts and an accurate response to changes in the position of the steering wheel in snow and slush.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 205-355
Profile height 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65
Diameter R16-21
Maximum speed index H/T/V/W
Maximum load, kg 387…1120


  • excellent cross-country performance;
  • quickly removes snow masses from the lamellas without clogging;
  • Suitable for driving around the city, and for movement outside it;
  • not roll tires, enters turns confidently;
  • starts as quickly as possible.


  • on ice and packed snow it does not feel as reliable as on spikes;
  • vulnerability to side cuts.

Review: “If you use it only on the track, that’s what you need. Good for high speeds. In the off-season and on a dry track, it feels like a quality summer.”

Continental ContiWinterContact TS 810 Sport

One of the best winter tires without studs, designed for almost all passenger cars. It is distinguished by a high quality of grip with the roadway in the winter period and the absence of the need to give up high-speed driving. Suitable for both classic sedans and sports coupes. Tire offers decent handling, directional and dynamic stability on difficult surfaces, as well as on dry pavement. Even on ice, the tires behave adequately in both the transverse and longitudinal directions. Optimum rubber stiffness allows you to enter turns at any speed.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 175-295
Profile height 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65
Diameter R15-20
Maximum speed index H/T/V/W
Maximum load, kg 475…975


  • lamellas with adaptive stiffness quickly remove moisture;
  • sufficient vehicle stability in difficult conditions;
  • there are models with RunFlat technology;
  • optimum elasticity of rubber, maintains even very low temperatures;
  • adequate price for decent quality;
  • designed for high speed driving.


  • not very common, little information from real owners of tires in Russia;
  • low maximum load.

Review: «It’s expensive, but it’s worth the money. Even at speed it feels confident. Of course, on the ice I behave more carefully, after all, Velcro. On other types of coatings, it’s almost like on summer tires. ”

Michelin Pilot Alpin 4

This is a popular tire for large passenger cars without studs, classified as UHP. Tires are designed for installation on vehicles designed for fast movement and characterized by dynamic characteristics. However, it can be recommended for regions with mild winters, in Siberia it becomes too hard. In addition to excellent dynamic properties, the tires offer sufficient stability on snow, icy roads. They have a relatively short stopping distance even on ice.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 215-335
Profile height 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55
Diameter R17-21
Maximum speed index H/V/W
Maximum load, kg 560…1060


  • practically does not create noise;
  • confidently holds the road on packed snow even on difficult turns;
  • predictably slows down on ice;
  • optimal softness;
  • excellent grip on pavement, including wet.


  • increased rigidity at too low temperatures, beyond -20 ° C;
  • tendency to cut under excessive or low pressure.

Review: “Much better than the previous model. On wet roads and through puddles is beyond praise. On the snow, too, everything is fine, really fast acceleration and fast deceleration.

The best winter tires for a car

Not all tires that are suitable for SUVs are equally good for cars. It is usually better to choose tires specially designed for sedans and similar bodies.

The best quality winter tires for a car:

Hankook Tire Winter i*Pike RS2 W429

This is an updated version of the popular tire series with a new tread pattern, which has an increased number of drainage grooves. Thanks to them, the rubber is quickly cleared of snow and instantly removes moisture from the contact patch. The 12-row stud pattern made it possible to achieve excellent grip, in which there is no slipping or skidding either during the start or during braking. At the same time, the compound is quite soft, it “swallows” surface irregularities, and also tolerates movement on ice well. Multi-directional 6-sided lugs help protect against lateral and longitudinal drift.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 155-275
Profile height 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80
Diameter R13-19
Maximum speed index T
Maximum load, kg 365…900


  • securely clings even to ice;
  • large tread blocks protect the tire from penetration and cuts;
  • fast acceleration and deceleration;
  • high-quality 12 row spikes;
  • feels good even on ice.


  • it is undesirable to drive at a speed of more than 170 km / h;
  • in snow porridge it can slip or slightly throw.

Review: “I would definitely recommend rubber! Compared to the W419 model, this one is an order of magnitude more grippy and less noisy.”

Toyo Observe G3-Ice

Premium rubber with a very soft compound that is a joy to ride. This also results in a slightly sluggish steering response. In terms of patency and comfort is one of the best. On the ice, too, rides confidently. It calmly overcomes the snow, even rides through snowdrifts normally, although it can still get stuck. The spikes hold up perfectly, even with regular movement on the track on a dry surface, 1-2 pieces may fall off during the season, or even all of them will remain in place.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 175-325
Profile height 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75
Diameter R13-22
Maximum speed index H / Q / T / Y (up to 300 km/h)
Maximum load, kg 365…1400


  • suitable for lovers of high-speed driving;
  • comfortable to ride on most types of surfaces;
  • brakes confidently both on ice and on asphalt;
  • rowing even in high snow;
  • moderate noise level.


  • on dry and wet pavement, the braking distance is slightly longer than on ice;
  • valkost during rebuilding.

Review: “Drove 70,000 km on this rubber. For this price, you can’t buy anything better, and Nokia is too expensive, two or three times higher than this.”

Yokohama W.Drive V905

Good winter tires from Yokohama do not contain studs, but this does not prevent them from providing reliable grip in winter. Thanks to the modern rubber compound, the tires have received high tensile strength, and also better cling to the road even with a strong drop in temperature. At what, even the “pluses” she also does not swim. A large number of lamellas make you feel like the king of the roads in rain and slush. The risk of hydroplaning and slashplaning is minimal.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 205-295
Profile height 35, 45, 55
Diameter R13-22
Maximum speed index H/T/V/W
Maximum load, kg 387…1250


  • very quiet tires;
  • comfortable handling;
  • excellent ride and brake on asphalt, porridge, ice;
  • hydroplaning resistance;
  • performs well on dry and wet surfaces.


  • light roll during acceleration and braking;
  • rubber is soft, which is why it has an increased risk of cuts.

Review: “It feels like you are driving on a carpet — such a quiet rubber. Didn’t expect it myself, but really great tires. They cling tightly to any road … Dry, wet asphalt, snow — nothing at all. Take it, you won’t regret it.»

Pirelli Ice Zero FR

The updated tire has found the perfect balance between soft «Scandinavian» and «European», which is traditionally harder. She managed to achieve high-quality grip on ice and snow, even in harsh conditions with northern frosts. Feels great on pavement, including wet, offering decent grip and handling. Rubber is able to almost instantly remove moisture and snow porridge from the contact patch. Thanks to the narrow and soft shoulder areas, the tires confidently get out of the rut without stress for the driver and skidding of the rear wheels.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 175-305
Profile height 45, 55, 60, 65
Diameter R15-20
Maximum speed index H/T
Maximum load, kg 475…1250


  • soft;
  • fairly quiet at low speeds;
  • tenacious;
  • durable compound;
  • rowing on any type of surface.


  • makes a lot of noise, especially after 100-120 km / h;
  • not the best strength of the sidewalls.

Review: “I also changed my shoes to this new product, first impressions are a bomb. Kumho, which drove 2 winters, and did not stand next to it. While there was dry asphalt, I didn’t notice any difference with the summer one. Now the snow has fallen, spinning on the ice — it holds perfectly. ”

Kumho I’Zen KW31

An excellent tire for passenger cars, which will allow you to achieve decent handling even in harsh winter conditions. The manufacturer has focused on maximum cross-country ability, durability, increased grip and responsiveness in control. Thanks to the technology of protection against the sticking of wet snow and mud, the car on this tire will be able to enter turns without problems and row on virgin soil with ease. Special sticky tread blocks help to achieve stability and traction, as well as improve the quality of movement on loose snow.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 145-265
Profile height 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 80
Diameter R13-19
Maximum speed index Q / R (up to 170 km/h) / V
Maximum load, kg 355…1250


  • first-class grip with the track;
  • quickly slows down on asphalt and snow;
  • durable rubber compound;
  • acoustic and driving comfort;
  • predictable control.


  • tans in the cold, after the night you need to warm it up a little;
  • on ice, the braking distance is greatly increased.

Review: “I bought Kumho and WOW, then another WOW WOW Wow, a lot of pluses. I have no regrets, I feel more confident on winter roads than before.”

The best tires for winter on an SUV

Off-road vehicles differ from passenger cars in an overestimated center of gravity, greater mass and all-terrain properties. All of the above should take into account winter tires for him.

The best winter tires for an SUV:

Continental IceContact 2 SUV

The manufacturer has created tires that allow the driver to experience maximum comfort in any winter situation. They easily row through snowy porridge, maintain control on snowy, wet, ice-covered asphalt. Studded tires bite into the road even on slippery surfaces, preventing drifts (with the exception of controlled drifts). Like any spike, there is noise, but it does not interfere, an order of magnitude lower than most competitors.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 205-295
Profile height 35, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70
Diameter R15-21
Maximum speed index T
Maximum load, kg 710…1250


  • the right choice for harsh winters;
  • minimum noise;
  • tenacious on any type of coating;
  • spikes are held clearly, extremely rarely fly out;
  • durable rubber, wears out fairly slowly.


  • a certain roll during sharp maneuvers;
  • in porridge does not feel very good.

Review: «The best studded tire to date for urban use.»

GOODYEAR Ultra Grip Ice Arctic SUV

Tires of the middle price category show first-class grip properties, providing timely braking on ice and snow. It is intended for residents of the northern regions of Russia, since the rubber compound does not tan even in severe frost, allowing you to comfortably start moving even after night. Multicontrol Ice technology has made it possible to achieve comfortable vehicle stability on difficult tracks, including at high speed. The spikes are held securely, even though there is no glue in the seat, they do not fall out. Smooth transitions in the size of the spikes help with acceleration and when performing maneuvers when the center of gravity shifts to the side.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 205-285
Profile height 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70
Diameter R15-20
Maximum speed index T
Maximum load, kg 710…1400


  • fast braking and sharp acceleration;
  • keeps the car on any surface;
  • excellent cross-country ability on snow and snow porridge;
  • confidently behaves on the ice;
  • does not tan in the cold.


  • quite noisy;
  • hydroplaning resistance could be better.

Review: “Tires for a solid five. There are tons of snow in St. Petersburg, but despite this, even the ESP has never been turned on, the tires are raked out with a bang.

Dunlop Grandtrek Ice03

Winter studded tires are designed and feel perfect on SUVs and 4×4 vehicles, especially in premium cars. The model offers reliable grip on the track, both snowy and icy. It retains the traction characteristics laid down by the manufacturer and a short braking distance for 3 seasons or more. Tires of the Ultra High Performance level can be installed on vehicles designed for fast movement. The composition of the rubber is designed in such a way that it does not tan at low temperatures.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 215-285
Profile height 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65
Diameter R16-20
Maximum speed index T
Maximum load, kg 800…1250


  • very fast braking;
  • the developed system of spikes provides a high-quality hook on the track;
  • acceleration and longitudinal grip at the proper level;
  • behaves predictably on snow and wet asphalt;
  • easily gets out of the way.


  • there are problems with balancing;
  • drifts occur in deep loose snow.

Review: «I really liked this rubber for SUV, for the money I think this is one of the best options.»

Toyo Open Country W/T

High-quality and very reliable tires with high strength of the sidewall and the compound itself. Invented specifically for SUVs. It can be used in moderate and harsh climates, including on snowy roads in the northern regions of the country. Thanks to the wide asymmetric pattern, the tires are able to overcome deep snowdrifts without losing control and compromising passenger comfort. Numerous deep-seated sipes help to feel comfortable even on ice covered with snow.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 205-295
Profile height 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75
Diameter R15-20
Maximum speed index H/T/V
Maximum load, kg 690…1120


  • good grip on ice;
  • suitable for high-speed driving style;
  • practically silent;
  • on snow and porridge rows perfectly;
  • rides confidently on the ice.


  • medium sidewall stiffness;
  • when balancing, weights up to 60 gr will be required.

Review: “The overall impression of the rubber is 4 ++. For three years of use it was erased, but the mileage on it is 92,000 km. I think this is a good indicator. I recommend it for a measured ride, for those who like to put pressure on the gas — the edges are too soft (cut off).

Continental ContiVikingContact 6 SUV

The last tire in the expensive price class, which is rightfully considered one of the best. It has excellent driving characteristics: perfect directional stability on snow, elasticity even at low temperatures, excellent traction and easy cornering. Handling on any tracks remains quite predictable. It shows itself on the positive side both on dry pavement and on wet ice, although on slippery surfaces it is worth being careful with it, as with any Velcro.

Characteristic Meaning
Profile width 215-275
Profile height 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75
Diameter R15-21
Maximum speed index T
Maximum load, kg 710…1250


  • really quiet tires, like summer tires;
  • driving comfort;
  • fast braking on asphalt and snow;
  • predictable management;
  • high quality rubber compound.


  • too soft, because of which it wears out relatively quickly;
  • not geared towards harsh winters.

Review: “On snow / mud, it rows like on asphalt, and on a dry road there is less noise than in the summer. Excellent handling on any surface, however, unusually light steering, as the rubber is very soft.

The best winter tire manufacturers

There are different manufacturers on the market: some make inexpensive products, others offer a range of budget and expensive models. When choosing tires, you should focus on a specific modification of rubber, because each company has better and less successful options. However, each company has already developed a general attitude and impression about its products, which will be true when considering most tires.

TOP 10 best winter tire manufacturers:

  • Continental is a US company that produces rubber for difficult road conditions, which is environmentally friendly.
  • Michelin — the company develops wear-resistant and comfortable tires in most respects. They are characterized by high quality and the same price.
  • Goodyear is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. Products are distinguished by acoustic comfort, high-quality water drainage from the contact patch. The very best Goodyear tires are made in Germany.
  • Pirelli is a tire supplier for Formula 1. They are known for excellent grip and excellent handling even at high speeds. Belongs to the premium class.
  • Kumho is a fairly young company from South Korea. Its range of tires with the best combination of price and driving performance, as well as self-sealing tires.
  • Nokian Tires is a true legend among manufacturers that needs no further introduction.
  • Bridgestone is considered one of the world’s leaders in innovation and testing. Customers appreciate the products because of the durability and maneuverability.
  • Dunlop is one of the oldest manufacturers with a huge range of tires in different price ranges. All of them are of high quality.
  • Yokohama is interesting because of the large selection: it has both tires for bicycles and tires for cars, trucks and even aircraft.
  • Hankook is a proven tire manufacturer with the largest selection of tire sizes.

Which winter tires are better: studded or not?

It all depends on where you live. If the roads are often icy or have a lot of snow on a regular basis, studded winter tires will be much better. It cuts into slippery surfaces, providing stability in motion. However, on pavement it is too noisy, and the quality of grip will be worse.

In megacities, where roads are cleared or snow melts quickly, it is better to buy a model without studs. The so-called «Velcro» is an order of magnitude quieter and offers better driving performance on hard surfaces. On the other hand, on ice, they are significantly inferior to spikes.

What to look for when choosing high-quality winter tires?

To make the right choice, you need to carefully study the main characteristics:

  • Under what conditions is rubber intended. The Scandinavian tread is softer, so it’s better in the snow. The European one is more suitable for riding on paved roads, it gets out of the rut better and is more maneuverable.
  • The presence of spikes. More details in the previous section.
  • Size It is necessary to take into account the tire width, profile height, rim diameter, load index and speed. The most suitable option should be chosen based on the model of the car.
  • Driving performance. From the recall, it is easy to understand the positive and negative sides of rubber, which are difficult to visually determine.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive winter tires?

Price differences are due to:

  • Manufacturer markup. There are firms that produce expensive products, all tires are expensive and vice versa.
  • The amount of modern technology. The more a company spends on technology development, the more expensive and better the rubber is.
  • The composition of the rubber compound. More expensive manufacturers often add additives that extend the life.
  • Spike material. Models with a stronger base are more expensive.

In general, both among expensive and between cheap tires there are good and bad models. You should not choose based on price, it is better to focus on driving performance.

This rating will help you cope with this difficult task of choosing the best winter tires. It has all the necessary information that is needed to select the perfect winter tires for cars and SUVs, with and without studs, cheap and expensive price range. Set the right tasks, and we will help with the selection of the optimal rubber.

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