Rating of the 10 best vacuum cleaners with aquafilter: inexpensive and premium


A high-quality vacuum cleaner with high suction power will help keep your home clean. Experts recommend buying models with a water filter, since such devices not only collect dust, but also purify the air in the room. Many manufacturers produce vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter, the TOP of which is constantly updated. We have compiled our own rating, in which we have collected only the best devices, according to users and experts.

Rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners with aquafilter


The vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning is equipped with a fine filter to collect dust and purify the air in the room. The suction power of 380 W ensures high quality cleaning. The set includes the main nozzles: for collecting dust from carpets and smooth floor coverings, as well as a special nozzle for removing accidentally spilled water and carrying out wet cleaning. On the body there is a mechanical power regulator, a dust collector full indicator and a special button for switching to the liquid collection mode. Also in the case there is a separate reservoir for storing nozzles.

Aquafilter volume 10 l
Noise level 76 dB
The weight 7 kg


  • a long power cord of 5 meters does not restrict movement;
  • can be parked vertically;
  • affordable cost;
  • compact dimensions facilitate storage;
  • can work for suction and blowing air.


  • there is no button for automatic cord winding;
  • flimsy liquid container material.

Feedback: “In my opinion, this vacuum cleaner is the most inexpensive of all models with an aqua filter. It perfectly collects animal hair, it settles in a bucket and nothing flies around the room.


The vacuum cleaner is designed for dry and wet cleaning. There are special modes of air humidification and blowing function. A convenient telescopic handle allows you to adjust the vacuum cleaner to any height of the user. The fine filter traps the smallest dust particles, effectively cleaning the air in the room. The kit includes a metal nozzle for floors and carpets, as well as a special nozzle for removing dust from cracks and cleaning upholstered furniture. You can control the filling level of the dust collector using a special indicator on the body.

Aquafilter volume 6 l
Noise level 78 dB
The weight 7 kg


  • capacious dust collector allows cleaning even in large apartments;
  • easy to remove and wash the dust collector;
  • excellent quality of cleaning;
  • a wide range of nozzles included;
  • affordable cost.


  • some users find the vacuum cleaner too noisy;
  • flimsy dust collector.

Review: «Very good cleaner. It is, of course, bulky and noisy, but it cleans carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture just fine. I never thought my house was so dirty.”


A compact vacuum cleaner from a well-known manufacturer will become an indispensable assistant in cleaning. The suction power is small (350 W), as is the 1.2 liter dust container, so the container will often have to be cleaned during the cleaning process. A convenient composite pipe and compact dimensions provide convenient storage of the device. The set includes nozzles for cleaning carpets and smooth floors, crevices and collecting dust from furniture. For ease of use, an automatic cord rewinder and a foot switch are provided.

Aquafilter volume 1.2 l
Noise level 76 dB
The weight 4.3 kg


  • compact dimensions facilitate storage;
  • large coverage radius — 8 meters;
  • all necessary attachments included;
  • convenient compound pipe;
  • There is a foot switch on / off.


  • small volume of dust collector;
  • not suitable for vertical parking.

Review: “The vacuum cleaner is good, but more suitable for small apartments due to the small dust container. Despite the low power, the dust sucks up well.

Thomas Multi Cyclone Pro 14

The traditional dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter, which perfectly traps not only large debris, but also microscopic dust particles. Additionally, there is a fine filter, and the plastic dust collector can be easily and quickly removed to remove the collected debris. The suction tube is telescopic. The kit includes nozzles for floors and carpets, dust removal and cleaning of upholstered furniture. The cord rewinds automatically, and to turn the device on or off, just press the foot switch. The dust container full indicator will tell you when it’s time to empty the device.

Aquafilter volume 2 l
Noise level 80 dB
The weight 5.5 kg


  • small size;
  • stylish design;
  • excellent build quality;
  • long power cord and maneuverability make cleaning easier;
  • the dust collector can be easily removed.


  • some users do not like the limited number of brushes in the kit;
  • The case becomes very hot during operation.

Review: “They say that the power is low, but in my opinion the vacuum cleaner pulls just fine. The only negative for me is that the telescopic tube is a bit short and you can’t collect dust from the upper shelves with a vacuum cleaner.


The vacuum cleaner is designed for dry cleaning, equipped with an aqua filter and a fine filter for high-quality collection of animal hair, hair and microscopic dust particles. A telescopic suction tube and a long power cable (5 meters) allow you to clean even in hard-to-reach places. High suction power ensures high-quality collection of even the smallest particles of debris. There is a mechanical power regulator on the body, which allows you to adjust the suction intensity depending on the degree of contamination of the coating. There is a footswitch, automatic cord rewinder and vertical parking option.

Aquafilter volume 3.5 l
Noise level 78 dB
The weight 7.3 kg


  • qualitatively filters the air due to the built-in aquafilter;
  • there is a dust bag full indicator;
  • comfortable handle;
  • maneuverability and long range;
  • nice modern design.


  • some users consider the cost too high;
  • does not always wind the hose well.

Review: “The vacuum cleaner itself is cool, but the brushes in the kit are kind of flimsy. The upholstery nozzle broke after a year. For that kind of money, I would like better brushes.

TOP premium vacuum cleaners with water filter

ARNICA Bora 4000

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a patented DWS filtration system, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner thoroughly absorbs dust and completely dissolves it in water, contributing to high-quality cleaning of the room. Due to this design, the vacuum cleaner is ideal for allergy sufferers. A distinctive feature of the model is that it can be used not only for cleaning, but also for cleaning the air in the room. To do this, just fill the tank with water, disconnect the hose and leave the vacuum cleaner on. Also, essential oils can be poured into the device to aromatize the air in the room.

Aquafilter volume 1.2 l
Noise level 79 dB
The weight 6 kg


  • there is a fine filter;
  • convenient fastening for accessories on the case;
  • long power cord (6 m);
  • extended equipment and a wide selection of nozzles;
  • There is an automatic cord rewinder and a footswitch.


  • some users find the vacuum cleaner too heavy;
  • short telescopic tube.

Feedback: “There are no complaints about the vacuum cleaner. It cleans great, removes animal hair from a carpet with a long pile quickly. But it is very difficult to carry a vacuum cleaner to the second floor, so it seems to me that it is more suitable for an apartment.

Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a stylish bright body will help not only to collect dust from the floor and upholstered furniture, but also to clean the air in the room. A convenient telescopic handle allows you to adjust the device to any user’s height. The kit includes a wide range of nozzles: for cleaning carpets and smooth floors, a special brush for upholstered furniture and a crevice nozzle. Also, the functionality provides a separate mode for collecting accidentally spilled liquids. There is the possibility of vertical parking, and on the case there is a foot switch on / off and a separate button for automatic cord winding.

Aquafilter volume 4 l
Noise level 79 dB
The weight 8.4 kg


  • long range (9 m);
  • simple and convenient management;
  • qualitatively cleans any surface;
  • does not leave streaks;
  • purifies the air in the room.


  • no storage container
  • most users find the vacuum cleaner too heavy.

Review: “Excellent, albeit expensive vacuum cleaner. Perfectly washes fleecy carpets, a tile and linoleum. For me personally, he has no shortcomings.

Bosch BWD41720

Outwardly, this vacuum cleaner looks quite ordinary, but its power and functionality explain the positive feedback from users. The device is suitable for dry and wet cleaning, it has a fine filter to remove fine dust particles from the air, and a rich selection of nozzles allows you to carry out high-quality cleaning throughout the house. On the body there is a convenient power regulator, there is an automatic cord rewind function, a separate container for storing attachments and a convenient foot switch.

Aquafilter volume 5 l
Noise level 80 dB
The weight 10.4 kg


  • advanced equipment for thorough cleaning of the whole house;
  • effectively cleans the air in the room;
  • high power ensures the suction of even small dust particles;
  • suitable for vertical and horizontal parking;
  • simple and convenient control.


  • not very clear instructions;
  • makes a lot of noise during operation.

Review: «The vacuum cleaner is heavy, but this is fully compensated by the increased suction power and a huge selection of nozzles.»

KARCHER DS 6 Premium Mediclean

Compact yet powerful and functional vacuum cleaner for cleaning the whole house. The device has a fine filter and a HEPA filter. In combination, they provide complete air purification in the room. A traditional floor and carpet nozzle, a furniture brush and a crevice nozzle are also provided. There is an automatic cord rewind function, a separate container for storing nozzles in the body, a foot switch on / off and the possibility of vertical storage.

Aquafilter volume 2 l
Noise level 76 dB
The weight 7.5 kg


  • convenient telescopic suction tube;
  • effectively cleans the air in the room;
  • powerful traction promotes the absorption of even small dust particles;
  • high quality materials and assembly;
  • The dust container is easy to remove and wash.


  • many users find the vacuum cleaner too heavy;
  • impressive dimensions.

Review: “Very cool vacuum cleaner in terms of suction power. But it is really heavy and overall, although this, in my opinion, is typical for all washing models.

Thomas Aqua Pet & Family

Stylish, functional and high-quality vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning. It not only cleans surfaces from dust and dirt, but also perfectly filters the air, creating an optimal microclimate in the room. The device has a water tank, but, at the request of the user, a bag can also be installed in the device. Consumers positively evaluate the expanded configuration of the device. In addition to the standard brush for floors and carpets, the set includes a special nozzle for upholstered furniture, removing dust from cracks, and special spray nozzles for wet cleaning.

Aquafilter volume 1.8 l
Noise level 81 dB
The weight 8 kg


  • convenient mechanical power regulator on the case;
  • advanced equipment for more thorough cleaning;
  • can be parked vertically;
  • in the case there is a container for storing nozzles;
  • the cord rewinds automatically.


  • many consider the vacuum cleaner too overall;
  • the dust container fills up quickly during wet cleaning.

Feedback: “Very cool vacuum cleaner, carpets and floors clean really well. But after each use, you need to wash the tank, but this is not a drawback, but a feature of washing vacuum cleaners.

Comparison table

To buy the best water filter vacuum cleaner, you need to compare the key characteristics of the devices. This will help the table, which shows the main parameters of the models from the top.

Product name Aquafilter volume Noise level The weight
SUPRA VCS-2081 10 l 76 dB 7 kg
FIRST AUSTRIA 5546-3 6 l 78 dB 7 kg
LG VK76A02NTL 1.2 l 76 dB 4.3 kg
Thomas Multi Cyclone Pro 14 2 l 80 dB 5.5 kg
VITEK VT-1833 3.5 l 78 dB 7.3 kg
ARNICA Bora 4000 1.2 l 79 dB 6 kg
Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter 4 l 79 dB 8.4 kg
Bosch BWD41720 5 l 80 dB 10.4 kg
KARCHER DS 6 Premium Mediclean 2 l 76 dB 7.5 kg
Thomas Aqua Pet & Family 1.8 l 81 dB 8 kg

Tips for Choosing Aquafilter Vacuum Cleaners

When choosing a separator vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter, you need to pay attention to several important technical characteristics. The ease of use and functionality of the device depends on them:

  1. suction power. The higher this indicator, the better the device will clean various surfaces. But it should also be remembered that high-power devices are very noisy, therefore, if the noise level plays a decisive role, it is better to choose a less powerful device.
  2. The weight. All vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter are heavy and overall. This is a feature of these devices. But, if a pensioner or a fragile woman will use the device, it is better to sacrifice the power and capacity of the tank, but buy a lighter and more maneuverable device.
  3. Additional filters available. As a rule, HEPA filters are installed in washing vacuum cleaners. They purify the air from fine particles, so these vacuum cleaners are ideal for allergy sufferers or families with small children.

It is also desirable to pay attention to the number of nozzles in the kit. The more of them, the better the cleaning will be.

All vacuum cleaners presented in the rating have excellent assembly and well-thought-out functionality, so users can safely buy any of them. Each model is able to clean the coatings and air in the house from any small debris.

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