Rating of the 10 best eye patches: for puffiness, bags, wrinkles, dark circles


Patches have become a popular way to give the skin a fresh look. This product, impregnated with valuable ingredients, looks like jelly plates. They quickly moisturize the area around the eyes, smooth mimic wrinkles, and remove swelling. To correct the problems of different skin types, there are various patch options. The result after their action is noticeable almost immediately. Here is a popular rating with the best patches, with reviews, descriptions and characteristics.

Best eye patches for puffiness and puffiness

MINABAO with collagen and algae extract

The moisturizing patches presented by the Korean brand use aquatic plant extract. This ingredient smoothes fine lines, stimulates the production of collagen necessary for the skin, increases blood circulation, which helps to eliminate swelling under the eyelids. The tool does not require additional moisturizing of the skin, to perform the procedure, it is enough to apply them to the cleaned area. They can be used several times as an additive. Before use, it is necessary to dip the patches in liquid for a better result. Keep it worth no more than 20 minutes, then remove and wipe off excess moisture.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, g 90
Properties nutrition, hydration, anti-edema
Volume, pcs 60
skin type all types
Brand country China


  • do not slip when applied;
  • convenient to apply;
  • do not fall off when worn;
  • saturate with moisture;
  • tighten and give freshness.


  • inconvenient shape of the petals;
  • thin;
  • cause tingling.

Review: “I have been suffering from dark circles under my eyes for a long time. I tried folk methods, but nothing could eliminate the unpleasant gray tint. Not so long ago, I learned from a friend about Korean patches. Decided to buy to test. They are in a convenient, beautiful package. After removal, they do not leave a sticky effect, the skin does not dry out. Satisfied with the outcome.»

PETITFEE Q10 Collagen & CoQ10 Hydrogel Eye Patch

The product is made on the basis of restoring collagen and coenzyme, they reduce the activity of mimic micromuscles. This regenerating treatment quickly saturates the skin with active substances and smoothes fine lines. The patches of this brand are made of environmentally friendly materials, they are self-dissolving, so their disposal is not difficult. The active ingredients brighten and reduce dark areas in no time. Herbal extracts restore vitality and radiance to the skin. The package contains 60 applicators for a month of use.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, g 120
Properties refreshment, rejuvenation, restoration
Volume, pcs 60
skin type problematic
Brand country Korea


  • convenient packaging;
  • economical consumption;
  • moisturize well;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • colorless.


  • cause burning;
  • uncomfortable shape;
  • compound.

Review: “For a long time I chose for myself a remedy that can eliminate the defects that appeared after lack of sleep under the eyes. Based on reviews, I found popular Korean patches on the Internet and ordered them. Delivery expected 3 days. The result of monthly application was tightened skin, it took on a fresh look, small wrinkles were smoothed out. I advise you to try this product!”.

SENANA with seaweed extracts

Products with a lifting effect are richly impregnated with the serum of aquatic plants and contribute to active recovery. The product provides a healthy lipid balance in the problem area, works within minutes from the first application, hides the effects of fatigue and lack of sleep. Pearl extract, kelp regenerates natural metabolism and nourishes the eyelid area. Collagen, in the composition is in sufficient quantity, gives the skin freshness and elasticity, small wrinkles disappear, and deep ones become less visible.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, g 300
Properties relieves inflammation, anti-aging effect, elimination of bruises
Volume, pcs 60
skin type dry, combined
Brand country China


  • reduces swelling in the eye area;
  • brightens dark pigments;
  • pleasantly cools the eye area;
  • keeps well;
  • does not slip when applied.


  • liquid spills when opening the package;
  • there is a slight burning sensation.

Review: “Finally, I bought a good and effective product to combat fatigue on my face. I have been eyeing them in the store for a long time, the price was a little expensive, but I bought it anyway. Patches are produced in colorful packaging, they shine and shimmer. The petals themselves are golden in color and are in a container with a clear solution. Soft and slippery to the touch. They attach well to the skin, the eyelids are moisturized and tightened after the procedure.

Rating of the best eye patches for wrinkles

JOMTAM Seaweed Hydrating Eye Mask

A set of moisturizing patches is produced in a compact jar filled to the top with serum. Universal petals prevent the accumulation of fluid in the lower part of the eyelids, and also smooth out the so-called «crow’s feet». A light tonic effect allows you to quickly cheer up. Irish moss acts as a thickening agent, it moisturizes the skin well, filling it with moisture. Spirulina has a firming effect, and extracts of rejuvenating flowers improve blood circulation. After a monthly course, the skin has a healthy color, becomes fresh and radiant.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, g 160
Properties recovery, nourishment, hydration
Volume, pcs 60
skin type all types
Brand country Korea


  • convenient to apply;
  • intensively moisturize;
  • whiten bruises;
  • refresh the look;
  • tone the skin.


  • there is a slight burning sensation;
  • do not smooth out deep wrinkles.

Review: “I ordered patches for smoothing wrinkles on the Internet. The reviews were good, the price is also not bad. On the box there is an instruction for use in Russian. There is practically no aroma, there is a lot of serum, so they do not slip off the skin. After 30 minutes, I noticed that the wrinkles became less visible, the blueness disappeared, the skin became very soft to the touch. ”

AYOUME Collagen+Hyaluronic Eye Patch

The petals are created using a unique technology with abundant collagen and revitalizing hyaluronic acid. A practical container allows you to keep products in the refrigerator. They are close to the face. Collagen creates a lifting effect, retains fluid. The tool is able to eliminate fine lines in the eyelid area, smooth out the zone of active facial expressions. Mineral components penetrate deep into the epidermis, thereby preventing cell damage. Patches are applied to cleansed skin.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, g fifty
Properties anti-aging, moisturizing
Volume, pcs 60
skin type dry, problematic
Brand country Korea


  • effective action;
  • removes swelling;
  • eliminates fine wrinkles;
  • nourishes the skin;
  • compact package.


  • serum is very liquid;
  • dries quickly on the skin.

Review: “Applied patches before the photo shoot, as it did not look very fresh. The pads quickly brought back a fresh look. They are easy to attach and do not fall off, they do the job well.”

The best patches for dark circles under the eyes

PETITFEE Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

These cosmetic overlays strengthen muscles, regenerate cells, and improve circulation in blood vessels. The components of the petals allow you to quickly hide unwanted swelling, which often appears after a short sleep. Plant extracts saturate the skin with useful trace elements and relax it, relieve fatigue, while gold nourishes, supports regeneration and prevents the appearance of wrinkles in the future. The coolant is produced in the form of pads of gold color. Packed in a plastic container. The set comes with a spatula for comfortable use.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, g 280
Properties restoration, rejuvenation, regeneration
Volume, pcs 60
skin type all types
Brand country Korea


  • good quality;
  • effective;
  • Beautiful design;
  • works in problem areas;
  • instant action.


  • no protective cover;
  • viscous serum.

Review: “I bought patches for a course of 30 days, I chose specially those that would completely remove my problem. They have a lot of gel, the effect is noticeable after 30-40 minutes of use. The area of ​​the eyelids is moisturized, the skin is tightened. Korean cosmetics really like their quality. I am satisfied with the purchase.»

SECRET KEY Gold Racoony Hydrogel Eye & Spot Patch

Gold has been added to the composition of the cooling petals. Products provide restoration and renewal, are used for all areas where deficiencies need to be eliminated. For a satisfactory effect, you need to apply a long-term period. The serum is very concentrated and has a noticeable result. Rosemary clears rashes, rose nourishes and softens the deep layers of the skin, camellia saturates with moisture for a long time. The ergonomic shape allows them to be applied to all areas of the face. Reliable fixation on the skin allows you to comfortably use the pads. In a short time, the dermis becomes smooth and elastic.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, g 180
Properties moisture saturation, lifting effect
Volume, pcs 90
skin type dry, normal, combination
Brand country Korea


  • refreshes;
  • removes noticeable signs of fatigue;
  • beautiful packaging;
  • nice smell;
  • lots of serum.


  • uncomfortable shape;
  • very thin;
  • hard to find for sale.

Review: “I decided to try patches for bruising under the eyes, as I always struggled with this shortcoming. I found this product offer on one of the sites, searched for opinions on the Internet, did not find any negative ones, and ordered it. The product met all my expectations. The skin became smooth, firm and pleasantly cooled during the procedure. In addition, shadows under the eyelids are noticeably reduced. I am very satisfied with the result, I recommend!”.

L’SANIC Collagen and black snail premium

The product is used for women of the middle age category. The active substances are marine collagen (restores cells) and black snail mucus, which has nutritional and anti-edematous properties. Both are the main concentrated ingredients that allow you to rejuvenate skin areas after the first application. Petals abundantly moisturize it, strengthen and saturate it with nutrients, which makes the eye area smooth, brightens shadows. Marine collagen is close to what is independently produced by the human system. It restores the natural healthy look and invigorates. The patches are made of gentle to the touch, cold hydrogel, they are tightly fixed to the skin and do not slip during movements.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, g 84
Properties regenerating, rejuvenation, moisturizing
Volume, pcs 60
skin type mature, dehydrated, dry
Brand country Korea


  • fast action;
  • just apply;
  • richly moistened;
  • well fixed;
  • dense consistency.


  • short term result
  • dry quickly.

Review: “Petals are easy to apply, they do not “scatter”, despite their gel texture. Perfectly soften and nourish the skin, cool during the procedure, in a word, they do what they must. If you pre-cool them, the effect will come immediately. I recommend».

Rating of the best hydrogel patches under the eyes

PETITFEE Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel

The Korean brand has released another product that is perfect for delicate skin. Stimulating components penetrate deep into the epidermis, strengthen the micromuscles. Pearl particles are able to reflect and scatter light, and also have acids, which positively affect the condition of the eyelid. Green tea, cucumber and aloe contribute to nutrition in the eye area. The use of the product on an ongoing basis allows you to restore the dead areas of the epidermis, delivering the necessary trace elements inside. Ergonomic shape adheres well to the skin.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, g 140
Properties moisturizing, refreshing
Volume, pcs 60
skin type all types
Brand country Korea


  • smoothes the skin;
  • smoothes fine lines;
  • convenient to use;
  • beautiful view;
  • eyelid relaxation.


  • no cumulative property;
  • Strong smell.

Review: “The set is delivered in an ergonomic container along with a spatula, which greatly simplifies the process of the entire procedure. Korean eye patches work well with demanding skin, really do not repair. Many products have not worked on my skin, but it even smoothes wrinkles. I recommend».

KOELF Ruby & bulgarian rose eye patch

The drug nourishes the skin around the eyes with a cocktail in an optimal form. It contains flower water in a jelly-like form, with its help, the visibility of wrinkles is effectively reduced, elasticity is increased. Ruby powder is responsible for tightening the skin, makes it more elastic, guarantees the maximum level of moisture in the desired area, accelerates cell renewal, improves the contour around the eyelid and gives a fresh look. A special spatula allows you to carefully remove the product from the box and attach it to the lower eyelid.

Characteristic Meaning
Weight, g 220
Properties refreshing, nourishing, smoothing
Volume, pcs 60
skin type normal, oily
Brand country Korea


  • cooling effect;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • eliminates swelling;
  • refreshes;
  • Beautiful design.


  • strong aroma;
  • stickiness after application.

Review: “A wonderful cosmetic product, a friend gave me for my birthday. The patches have a very good composition, a pleasant aroma of fresh roses. After prolonged use, the product visibly tightens and brightens the skin around the eyes.”

How to choose the best eye patches?

Revitalizing facials often offer comprehensive care. However, special and spot moisturizing will enhance this effect several times. Pillows, in this case, work as efficiently as possible. When choosing the best eye patches, you should pay attention to:

  • moisturizing, as well as regenerating and anti-aging properties;
  • do not choose products based on alcohol or other irritating and drying ingredients;
  • aloe, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, vitamins (mainly C and K), collagen, caffeine, ginkgo, arnica — ingredients recommended for the skin around the eyes;
  • the serum should cover the petals, before applying they should be wet so as not to stick to the skin.

When standard eye creams do not work, more concentrated preparations should be used. Eye pads produce impressive results in a very short time, making them a must-have product for any woman.

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