Rating of economical electric boilers for heating a private house


Electric boilers are relatively light in weight and size and do not harm the environment. The list of boilers released by 2020 is long, so it can be difficult to immediately determine how good a model is. For this, there is a rating with the best models in terms of reliability and quality.

Top most economical electric boilers for a private house 50 squares


Single-circuit model of an electric boiler, which is installed on the floor. The threshold thermal power is 4 kW. The light boiler has a remote control, but lacks a heat shield.


  • small dimensions;
  • elementary management;
  • low probability of breakage;
  • low cost.

The unit contains tubular electric heaters (TENY) made of high quality stainless steel. The possibility of boiler overheating is eliminated thanks to an automated return sensor.

MORA-TOP Electra Light

Single-circuit unit designed for wall mounting. The thermal power of the device is 7.5 kW, which is enough to heat small rooms up to 60 square meters. m.

On a note!

It is used for heating private houses, suitable for apartments and premises allocated for household use.


  • does not create noise;
  • adjustment is automated;
  • nice design;
  • the protection system provides for any breakdowns.

The air release in the model is automated. Equipped with a full-fledged protection system: from overheating, freezing, pressure drops, etc.

Protherm Skat 6 KR 13

A reliable model with a low probability of breakage due to assembly materials and a developed protection system. The thermal power of the device is 6 kW. The boiler has an expansion tank designed for 7 liters.


  • quality circular pump;
  • advanced fault protection system;
  • the ability to connect to the underfloor heating system.

The model has a thermometer and a display with indicators showing the performance of the device. It is possible to connect an external control system for additional comfort in operation. All of these devices weigh little, but their security parameters are enhanced. Conceived, these models consume electricity more carefully and show greater efficiency in everyday life.

At 100 m2

Protherm Skat 9 KR 13

Compact heating appliance with a heat output of 9 kW. The boiler is suitable for heating a country house, garage or apartment. It can work separately or function as an auxiliary redundant unit.


  • high operational safety;
  • the ability to connect to the «warm floor» system;
  • dimensions are small;
  • high-quality assembly materials;
  • ease of installation and use.

The boiler has elementary installation rules and can be installed independently. Can be used to heat water for the needs of the owner. In operation, it creates noticeable noise, and in case of instability in the mains, it tends to turn off.

Protherm Skat 12 KR 13

Small model with a thermal threshold of 13 kW. This is a single-circuit ergonomic electric boiler using 1.5 A for 3 phases. It has a simple and understandable control system. The boiler is used for heating domestic premises, private houses.


  • simple installation;
  • no noise during operation;
  • small sizes;
  • reliability.

The boiler is mounted on the wall and can be located in a residential area, since it does not produce noise. Can be connected to an underfloor heating system or used to heat domestic water. The protection system provides for all possible situations.


Electric boiler for heating a high-class private house. During assembly, durable stainless steel heaters were used. The device can be operated in a single-phase / three-phase electrical network. The threshold thermal power is 9 kW.


  • multifunctionality;
  • simple setup;
  • small size;
  • high strength.

Due to the dimensions, the electric boiler can be placed in a residential area — there is no need to allocate a separate room. It can serve as an auxiliary backup boiler. The noise level is negligible.


Most appliances are small enough to fit in living rooms, but some appliances have hum in excess of 28 dB.

At 150 m2


Functional economic model for heating of average rooms of any type. This electric boiler has a built-in thermostat that regulates the temperature of the device. Correction occurs smoothly — within 30-80 aboutC. The device is compatible with external thermostats — they can be connected if it is necessary to precisely regulate the air temperature in the room. The thermal power of the boiler is 15 kW.


  • affordable price;
  • high-quality assembly materials;
  • low noise level;
  • advanced security system.

The protection system monitors the conditions and switches off the boiler if there is a danger of overheating. The elements of the heating element of the boiler in question consist of high quality stainless steel.

Protherm Skat 14 KR 13

Electric wall-mounted high power boiler with one circuit. The threshold thermal power of the electric boiler is 14 kW, the initial one is 2 kW. Able to heat water when connected to an outdoor boiler.


  • weighs little;
  • easy to install;
  • the boiler is easy to care for;
  • has a high quality circulation pump.

The boiler is used in rooms with an area of ​​\u200b\u200bno more than 150 squares as the main heating device. Works at the expense of a three-phase electric network.

MORA-TOP Electra Comfort 15K

Wall-mounted boiler with a threshold output of 15 kW. The device is placed in rooms of any type — it does not create strong noise during operation. The heat carriers of the device are capable of heating up to 80 aboutC. The boiler has an advanced system of protection against overheating and freezing.


  • high power;
  • small dimensions;
  • easy control;
  • the presence of a safety valve.

The boiler has an automatic control system. Installation and operation are not associated with difficulties. The heating circuit can withstand liquid pressure up to 3 bar.

Most powerful boilers are volumetric, but manufacturers are trying to reduce their noise level during development. So many large, but silent boilers can fit into the design of residential premises.

For 200 sq. m

Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 28

Powerful electric boiler for heating large areas. Due to the high threshold thermal power (28 kW), it is able to heat a house of almost any size — from a small cottage to a cottage.


  • reliability;
  • presentable appearance;
  • easy control;
  • compatibility with underfloor heating system;
  • advanced breakage protection.

The coolant can be controlled through the navigation panel. In operation, it creates an acceptable level of noise.

Bosch Tronic Heat 3000 24

24 kW model, often installed as an auxiliary heat source. Economical, expansion tank or circulation pump not provided.


  • ease of management;
  • small dimensions and weight;
  • overheating and hypothermia protection system;
  • modern design.

The model has high functionality, it is easy to move and mount. It creates almost no noise during operation and can be installed in one of the living rooms.

Kospel EKCO.L2-21

A boiler with one circuit for heating country houses, utility rooms or a garage. Can work with a water heater. Requires a three-phase electrical network.


  • heating elements are made of high grade stainless steel;
  • 6 power levels.

It has an automatic air outlet.

Which electric boiler to choose for a summer residence

Evan Warmos QX-18

Boiler designed for heating residential and non-residential premises. Works from a network, but control of the device is mechanical. The threshold power is 18 kW — this is enough for the full heating of a small cottage in cold weather.


  • volumetric expansion tank;
  • complete protection system;
  • reliable assembly materials, resistance to breakage and temperature changes;
  • built-in pump;
  • work from a single-phase or three-phase network.

The system runs on plain water or antifreeze. The electric boiler resists well to possible power outages and energy fluctuations. Able to work on a user-defined cycle.

Reko 6P

The device is suitable for small country houses or garage buildings. Reliable and ergonomic — does not consume excess energy, resistant to temperature extremes. Works from both types of a network — single-phase and three-phase.


  • intelligent system control;
  • automatic control of heaters;
  • collection and processing of data on external conditions occurs automatically;
  • compatibility with the underfloor heating system.

The device can work with water and antifreeze, well resists surges in electricity. Navigation elements are located on the LCD display, which displays information about the status of the system elements.

ZOTA 9 Lux

A single-circuit simple device capable of heating small and medium-sized private houses. The boiler is easy to install and connect, no special skills are required for its maintenance. The threshold power of the apparatus is 9 kW.


  • light weight, small dimensions;
  • protection against excessive temperature;
  • assembly strength;
  • variety of built-in sensors.

The device makes almost no noise, and maintenance is simple due to easy access to the heaters. This appliance is a good value for money.

On a note!

All these devices are united by resistance to external conditions and ease of maintenance. They are poorly suited for heating all year round.

Choosing a boiler with the right power rating, low energy consumption and good reliability is easy. The models listed in the rating have been approved by users and technicians during independent reviews. But the efficiency of the boiler is determined by individual parameters — the type of dwelling, the density of the walls, external conditions. Therefore, they are taken into account in the first place, considering electric boilers.

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