8 Best Cocoa Powder Manufacturers: Features, Which is Better, Comparison with Analogs


Powdered and dried after pressing, cocoa pomace is one of the most popular grocery products, which can be used to make delicious chocolate desserts, pastries and drinks. The semi-finished product is rich in useful trace elements, but this is only if the manufacturer did not save on raw materials.

On the shelves of stores you can find dozens of brands of cocoa for cooking, but not every one of them can boast of a natural composition. We selected 8 popular brands of cocoa powder for review to study in detail the characteristics of each of them. How to navigate when buying and which of the manufacturers makes a truly high-quality product — we will tell further in our material.

Rating of manufacturers of cocoa powder for cooking

«Gold Label»

Cocoa powder for cooking from the Red October concern. The product does not contain sugar, it contains vanilla flavor. The consistency of the product is homogeneous, well crushed and without grains. Suitable for preparing hot drinks, chocolate icing, cream base and desserts.

Organoleptic properties and physico-chemical properties correspond to GOST, however, the starch identified during the study by Roskontrol should not be present in the composition of this product. Made in the Moscow region. The shelf life is 12 months.

Package cardboard box
Weight, g 100
Calorie content, kcal 350
Compound cocoa powder, vanilla flavoring
  • pleasant taste;
  • correct consistency;
  • affordable price;
  • sold everywhere.
  • starch included.

The product is proven, I have been using it for a long time, recognizable packaging and a well-known brand, you can buy it in any store. The price is also good, quite acceptable for such quality.

Cocoa beans always contain starch of natural origin. However, during the examination of Roskontrol, starch was found, which is obtained from other plants. This was revealed by examining the powder under a microscope: the starch grains were different from each other. According to GOST, this is considered a violation.

“Russia is a generous soul!”

Cocoa for cooking with a reduced fat content from the confectionery factory «Nestlé Russia». The product is made from natural cocoa beans and contains no added sugar. The powder is characterized by a rich brown tint and a bright chocolate aroma. Suitable for preparing drinks and desserts.

According to the examination of Roskontrol for 2016, a low acidity index was revealed, which is characteristic of the alkalized type of cocoa, and the fat content is 15% higher than indicated (in fairness, it should be noted that the analysis is outdated and a new check is required to confirm the quality). Expiration date: 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Package zip package
Weight, g 100
Calorie content, kcal 268
Compound cocoa powder
  • does not require cooking;
  • natural product;
  • delicious;
  • low price;
  • crumbly and without lumps.
  • suspicion of mislabeling.

Cocoa is delicious, natural taste is felt, without any impurities and additives. Suitable for everything and for baking, and for hot chocolate, and for ice cream! It brews well even with boiling water.

alkalized cocoa This is a semi-finished confectionery product that is produced by grinding cocoa nibs or grated powder using an alkali treatment. The result is a finished product with a brighter flavor, as well as a lower level of bitterness and acidity. Its use is safe for human health.


Crushed cocoa powder for cooking from the Belarusian confectionery factory of the same name. The consistency of the product is crumbly, the color is light brown. Made from natural cocoa beans that have been ground and partially defatted by pressing. Contains flavoring — vanillin.

The content of cocoa products is 99.98%. Successfully passed the quality test and can be recommended for purchase. The product is valid for 12 months.

Package package
Weight, g 150
Calorie content, kcal 328
Compound cocoa cake (partially defatted by pressing cocoa liquor), vanillin flavoring
  • high organoleptic;
  • suitable for baking;
  • natural composition;
  • fragrant.
  • not detected.

The Belarusian brand has proven itself well, I love bar chocolate from them for a long time, I decided to try cocoa and didn’t guess. I make milkshakes out of it, it turns out very tasty.


Natural powder from cocoa beans without added sugar and vanillin from the coffee company «Vokrug sveta» near Moscow. Brown powder has a homogeneous crumbly consistency without lumps.

As the examination of «Roskontrolya» showed, the product is safe and has a natural composition, but the level of fat is in fact lower than stated by the manufacturer. Recommended for use within 24 months from the date of production.

Package cardboard box
Weight, g 100
Calorie content, kcal 316
Compound natural cocoa powder
  • rich taste of chocolate;
  • inexpensive;
  • good composition;
  • suitable for making desserts.
  • awkward packaging.

For the money, the product is not bad, but among competitors you can find a better sample. It tastes good, but has a rather weak aroma. The bag inside is a little annoying, it’s completely impractical and everything spills out of it.

«Golden Anchor»

Sugar-free cocoa powder for cooking from the Bogorodskaya confectionery factory near Moscow. It has a rich taste and aroma of chocolate. It dissolves well in water, has a fine grinding without clots and lumps, does not squeak on the teeth. Suitable for making dessert drinks, pastries and icing.

The manufacturing standard specified by the manufacturer: GOST 108-2014. The shelf life is 12 months.

Package cardboard box
Weight, g 100
Calorie content, kcal 312
Compound natural cocoa powder
  • excellent taste;
  • without additives and fragrances;
  • versatile in cooking;
  • budget.

For the preparation of cocoa and hot chocolate, I buy this particular brand, the taste is like in childhood! The finished drink becomes very tasty and nutritious, the aroma is simply incredible. Everyone in our family loves it.


Natural ground cocoa without roasting and added sugar from the Kuban producer «Dobrynya-Rus». The color of the powder is light brown, the texture is finely ground, uniform and crumbly, the taste is soft and balanced. The aroma is rich chocolate, without extraneous flavors.

Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST 108–2014. It is recommended to store no more than 365 days from the date of production.

Package zip package
Weight, g 100
Calorie content, kcal 420
Compound natural cocoa powder
  • natural composition;
  • convenient zip-lock packaging;
  • soft and delicate taste;
  • high protein content.

I can’t imagine my morning without a cup of cocoa, I have already tried many different brands. I like Dobrynya for its soft and enveloping taste. The aroma is subtle and very chocolate, naturalness is felt. During cooking, lumps sometimes form, but if you mix thoroughly, they disappear.


Cocoa powder without sugar and flavors from the Moscow manufacturer Orgtium LLC. The color of the product is a rich dark brown, which can be easily seen through the transparent window of the carton. The contents have a rich smell of natural chocolate without additives. Suitable for making chocolate drinks, pastries and desserts.

The fat content of the dry product is 11-12%. Country of origin of cocoa beans: Indonesia. Valid for one year from date of manufacture.

Package cardboard box
Weight, g 100
Calorie content, kcal 400
Compound natural cocoa powder
  • high quality;
  • natural composition;
  • does not crunch on the teeth;
  • tasty and fragrant.

In terms of quality, this cocoa is an order of magnitude better than most analogues presented in chain stores. Perfect texture without grains, deep brown color and great taste All this justifies the high price tag. For delicious chocolate desserts what you need.

“Dr. Oetker»

Alkalized powder from ground cocoa beans without sugar and flavors from the Russian branch of the German company “Dr. Oetker. The product has the smallest grinding without lumps, the color is rich brown. It has a tart, slightly bitter taste of natural chocolate. The packaging is disposable, without a zip lock — suitable for making muffins, brownies, puddings and hot drinks.

Manufactured in accordance with GOST 108-2014. Product shelf life: 12 months.

Package package
Weight, g fifty
Calorie content, kcal 235
Compound alkalized cocoa powder
  • high organoleptic properties;
  • rich aroma;
  • good composition;
  • ideal for baking.

All pastries and desserts with this cocoa powder acquire an extraordinary chocolate taste and aroma. Ideal for brownies, the packaging is enough for one time, which is convenient. Have you tried making hot chocolate? It turns out also very tasty, but more often we take it for cooking.

Lists of the best

As a result of our investigation, we would like to highlight three brands of cocoa powder for brewing. These brands are distinguished by good composition and organoleptic properties, which means they can be recommended for purchase.

Golden Anchor — value for money

The organoleptic properties of this sample are highly appreciated by most folk tasters. According to the manufacturer, the product is made in accordance with GOST, which means it is made from natural cocoa fruits without the addition of carob and other questionable ingredients. The price of the powder is more than democratic: from 59 rubles per pack of 100 g. Considering the numerous positive customer reviews, this copy deserves to win in the nomination for the best price-quality ratio.

«Kommunarka» — the choice of experts

The Belarusian confectionery factory has long established itself on the positive side and has been confidently holding on to the Russian market for the past few years. According to the expert analysis of the Roskontrol organization, Kommunarka is a high-quality and safe product without obvious violations, therefore it can be recommended for purchase. Buyers also highly appreciate this product both in terms of taste and consistency.

«Orgtium» — premium quality

This product stands apart from the main range of cocoa powders. It is not so often seen on sale and the price is much higher than the rest. This is due to its excellent quality and environmental friendliness. It is emphasized that cocoa powder is not just natural, but organic, that is, when grown, the beans were not treated with pesticides. Fruits from Indonesia are used as raw materials. The color and consistency of the product can be seen through the transparent window of the label, unlike competitors with completely closed packaging.

Tips for choosing cocoa powder in the store

Manufacturers often compete with each other with the help of marketing ploys and pricing policy in order to attract the attention of the buyer to their product. The following recommendations should help you make the right choice of cocoa powder in the store.

  • The first step is to study the information on the package. The label must include: manufacturer’s name or trademark with location, product weight, date of manufacture and expiration date, standard of manufacture, cooking recommendations, and calorie and nutritional information.
  • Cocoa powder should only contain ground cocoa and nothing else. Vanilla flavor may be added, preferably of natural origin.
  • The presence of cocoa shells (husks of cocoa beans) in the composition of the powder should alert. The prepared drink will be translucent and will most likely precipitate. The consistency should be completely homogeneous. Such a product is a fake, so it is not recommended to purchase it.
  • Do not be afraid of the word «alkalized» — such cocoa is safe for health. The lye-treated powder will have a rich light brown hue and a brighter flavor. The shelf life of the product will also be twice as long as that of a regular one. Of the minuses, one can name a slight loss of useful substances in the process of alkalization.
  • Pay attention to the variety of cocoa used, if the manufacturer indicated it on the label. It is good if only one variety was used, such as krillo, trinitario and forastero (elite varieties). To reduce the cost of the product, blends from inexpensive varieties are often used with the addition of a small amount of premium cocoa.
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