8 best air ionizers: effective cleaning, which one to choose, reviews


Technological progress brings us not only conveniences and benefits, but also the deterioration of the environment, including at home. Technology contributes to the fact that the air contains mainly positively charged particles, dust, allergens and microbes, as well as polluted air from the street. In nature, ionization occurs naturally, due to a lightning discharge during a thunderstorm, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and so on. That is why we breathe so easily in the forest, near water bodies and after rain.

Today in stores you can find a variety of climatic devices, among which there are ionizers. They improve the quality of oxygen and are especially useful in offices and for people with allergies. In the rating, I will talk in detail about the types of air ionizers and help you choose the best one.

Features of air ionizers for the home

The air we breathe contains predominantly positively charged oxygen molecules, as well as large charged particles, including dust, microbes, bacteria and vapour. If heavy particles predominate, then the air is already considered polluted and harmful. In this case, an ionizer is needed, which saturates the air with negatively charged ions.

In nature, air ionization occurs naturally due to the influence of the following factors:

  • UV radiation;
  • a suspension of water from rain, waterfalls, fountains, etc.;
  • hot surfaces;
  • cosmic radiation or from certain rocks of the earth.

Household ionizers are divided into two types: bipolar and unipolar.

Unipolar Bipolar
Operating principle Forms a new particle, an oxygen ion with a negative charge. It forms positive and negative particles, where the latter are approximately 30% larger.
  • purifies the air in offices;
  • useful next to working office equipment;
  • increases pulmonary gas exchange by 10%.
  • prevents magnetization of objects;
  • close to natural ionization;
  • less safe than a unipolar ionizer as it does not produce ozone.
Minuses All particles in the air, including microbes, receive a negative charge. They are attracted to positively charged molecules. Usually these are walls, floors, ceilings, other items and interior items. In connection with this feature, negative ions with microbes and bacteria can quickly penetrate into a person and accelerate the development of the disease. Good air circulation is required, as positive and negative ions are produced alternately, which leads to the formation of clouds.

As can be seen from the table, unipolar air ionizers are harmful and it is better to pay attention to a new generation of a device with a bipolar action. Ionizers are especially useful in rooms where asthmatics and allergy sufferers live, as well as in offices with a large accumulation of computers. But it is necessary to strictly observe some measures:

  • when the device is in operation, there should be no people in the room;
  • turn on the ionizer only strictly according to the instructions;
  • two hours later, carry out a complete wet cleaning and remove dust from furniture, floors, sofas;
  • do not use the equipment if cancer patients, people with high body temperature, with respiratory diseases or in the postoperative period live here;
  • ventilate the room before turning on the ionizer and if the presence of ozone is felt.

Rating of air ionizers

Super Plus Super Plus Ion

A small air purifier that can be placed on a desk or carried in a bag for use at work. Designed for 20 sq.m. Refers to a passive unipolar ionizer, that is, without a fan and with the production of negative ions by the formation of an ionic wind. There are no removable filters and pollution settles inside, so the ionizer needs to be opened and washed periodically. The manufacturer indicated that the concentration of negatively charged ions reaches up to 40,000 ions/sq. cm. It is recommended to install at a distance of at least 1.5 m from a person. Many users have noted a reduction in dust in the air, but have not experienced an improvement in breathing.

Super Plus Super Plus Ion
Installation desktop
Cultivated area (sq.m.) twenty
Type of unipolar
Peculiarities without replacement filters
  • compact and can be carried with you to work;
  • easy to clean;
  • silent;
  • affordable.
  • weak air purification effect.

The ionizer was presented to me for the New Year, and before that I knew practically nothing about these devices. It is compact and takes up little space, but the design is depressing and reminiscent of a “scoop”. After daily use, I opened it and found a small amount of dust. It can be easily removed with running water, but first you need to remove the block. So the device is still working. I would not say that it became easier to breathe, but over time I noticed that there was less dust in the air. But I began to do wet cleaning more often.

You can not use the ionizer around the clock. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the exact turn-on periods of the appliance.

AirTec XJ-600

Portable ionizer for a car that can be used in rooms up to 10 sq.m. Produces negative air ions. Inside is a dust-collecting metal platinum that requires periodic cleaning. You can do this with chopsticks. It can only be used at positive temperatures, so in cold weather it is recommended to first warm up the interior of the car. The air supply and distribution is passive, i.e. without a fan due to the creation of an ionic wind effect. It is recommended to use with closed windows. There is no power regulator. It has a weak ionization effect, which is quite understandable for its main purpose as an automotive device.

AirTec XJ-600
Installation desktop
Cultivated area (sq.m.) ten
Type of unipolar
Peculiarities automotive
  • affordable price;
  • very compact and takes up little space;
  • silent;
  • reduces unpleasant odors.
  • weak effect.

A friend gave this device as a gift, since I often drive a car and sometimes stand in traffic jams for a long time. And that means I’m breathing exhaust gases, which is not good for health. It works silently and at first did not understand that it was performing its functions. But over time, I noticed that it was easier to breathe and generally removed fragrances from the cabin, since this ionizer is quite enough for freshness.

Drivers often experience fatigue and headaches and this can be caused by emissions, fumes from plastics and car upholstery, and smoking in the cabin. Therefore, it is worth periodically turning on the air ionizer to improve the composition of oxygen, especially in the heat and when standing in traffic jams for a long time.

Boneco P50

A compact ionizer with an additional room aromatization function is designed for a cultivated area of ​​​​no more than 10 sq.m. It refers to unipolar devices, that is, they create only negatively charged ions, which is unsafe for health during prolonged use. On the side, it is possible to pull out the filter and apply a few drops of aroma oil, which is included in the kit, on it. The ionization function is disabled. The device has small dimensions and it can be used not only at home, but also in the car. The air intake passes from the side and goes up, so you can safely put it in the car cup holder or put it on its side.

Boneco P50
Installation floor, table
Cultivated area (sq.m.) ten
Type of unipolar
Peculiarities there is flavoring
  • compact and light weight;
  • acts as a flavoring agent;
  • ionization can be turned off manually.
  • expensive device;
  • the instructions do not indicate the period of use;
  • unsafe as unipolar.

A high-quality and compact ionizer that can be used at home, taken on the road or to the office. I liked the opportunity to use it as a flavoring. But I had questions about air ionization, because even after round-the-clock continuous operation, there is no smell of ozone.

Many mistakenly believe that the ionizer kills bacteria and germs. In fact, it does not belong to antiseptics and cannot destroy harmful organisms. And also the device is dangerous for cancer patients, as it enhances the development of the disease.

AIC CF8410

This air cleaner has additional functions of ionization, working on the principle of unipolarity. There are also filters: photocatalytic, carbon and HEPA. The ionizer works together with a UV lamp, which additionally disinfects the air by killing bacteria and viruses. But this combination is undesirable for health, as it increases the production of ozone. Touch control and it is possible to set a countdown timer with auto-off and adjust the fan strength. It is not possible to control functions in this model separately. There is a filter replacement indicator. Floor installation only. The manufacturer did not indicate the number of air ions produced by the ionizer. The price is clearly too high, given the shortcomings of the product.

AIC CF8410
Installation floor
Cultivated area (sq.m.) 35
Type of unipolar
Peculiarities UV sterilization
  • nice design, suitable for any interior;
  • there are additional air purification filters;
  • with frequent use, a noticeable reduction in dust on the surface of the furniture.
  • options cannot be enabled individually;
  • overcharge.

I chose an air purifier with an ionizer for a long time, since my daughter is allergic. In the end, I settled on this model and regretted it. I think the main disadvantages are that you can only turn on the ionizer and UV radiation together, which is basically unacceptable. We did not get sick less, but the dust decreased. This is what I see on the removable filter and after cleaning.

AIC XJ-297

The main function of the device is to purify and humidify the air. It works on water, through which air is driven and cleaned of pollen, dust, viruses and bacteria. To do this, it is possible to separately turn on the UV lamp. The ionization function is auxiliary. It releases negatively charged ions into the atmosphere. There is also a backlight and a night mode that reduces motor and fan noise. Pollution settles in the water. For this, 16 tiers of air purification are provided by running it with a supercharger through water vapor. Touch control with backlight.

AIC XJ-297
Installation desktop
Cultivated area (sq.m.) 28
Type of unipolar
Peculiarities humidifier/purifier
  • multifunctionality;
  • a water filter that collects dirt;
  • antibacterial effect due to ultraviolet radiation;
  • It is possible to separately enable and disable different options.
  • loud noise during operation.

After processing the room with this little thing, it became easier to breathe. I like that it doesn’t mist like many humidifiers. There is enough water for about a day and when you change it, you can see that it has become dirty, which means it works. During operation, it seethes and makes noise, and this is the only negative, since you can’t turn it on at night.

The lack of negatively charged ions in the air causes headaches, choking, fatigue, depression and anxiety, and also provokes the production of the hormones serotonin and histamine.

BIOS Ion-Effect

The air purifier is compact and can be placed on a table or hung on a wall, as well as taken with you to work. It has one mode and after a few minutes a sufficient amount of air ions is already reached. According to the manufacturer, the built-in lamp can be used as a night light, but users noted that it is too bright. The recommended ionization time is 4-5 hours. Produces 50,000 air ions per sq.m per hour. The optimal distance to a person is 3 meters, but it is still recommended to carry out ionization in a deserted room.

BIOS Ion-Effect
Installation wall, table
Cultivated area (sq.m.) 25
Type of unipolar
Peculiarities there is a lamp
  • affordable price;
  • fast air ionization;
  • compactness and the ability to easily carry the device;
  • low electricity consumption.
  • too bright indicator light.

A useful thing that I use not only for the nursery, but also in other rooms. Ionizes quickly and well. After application, sleep improved and headaches disappeared. Apparently the air was polluted, even with ventilation. And with an ionizer it is really easier to breathe. It is impossible to use as a night light, as it shines like a spotlight.

Super Plus Super Plus Turbo (2009)

The desktop air cleaner works on the principle of air ionization. It belongs to the unipolar type, which means it enriches the room only with negatively charged ions. As a by-product, ozone is produced, conditionally acting as an antibacterial agent. But the device does not kill viruses, but only reduces the amount of dust due to its settling. The modes are designed for the size of the cultivated area: 1 — up to 12 sq.m., 2 — from 12 to 22 sq.m., 3 — from 22 to 35 sq.m. and 4 — turbo at maximum speed. It is easy to disassemble, but inside the blocks have flimsy rivets. There are no removable filters, so you need to periodically rinse. It is better to keep away from children, as they can be electrocuted if they stick their hand or fingers inside.

Super Plus Super Plus Turbo (2009)
Installation desktop
Cultivated area (sq.m.) 35
Type of unipolar
Peculiarities 4 modes
  • good air ionization;
  • affordable price;
  • it is possible to adjust the speed of work;
  • easy to clean.
  • large dimensions.

I like that there are no replaceable filters, which means extra costs for their purchase. All the dirt from the air settles on metal plates that are easy to clean with a toothbrush. I turn it on for a couple of hours in the bedroom and in the room. Eliminates odors so-so, but the dust is noticeably less. Convenient power control.

Ionized air improves the quality of sleep, metabolic processes, immunity, and increases efficiency. But ionization is accompanied by the release of ozone, which is a strong oxidizing agent and harmful to humans. Therefore, it is recommended to ventilate the room if you smell “like after a thunderstorm”. It is also necessary to frequently carry out wet cleaning in order to collect the dust that has settled on the surface after processing.

MILLDOM M900 Premium

Russian developers have released a series of ozonizers-ionizers MILLDOM, which differ from each other in the amount of ozone production. From this and the name of the series: M600, M700, M900. The device is designed for the treatment of air, water and food. To do this, the kit has all the necessary accessories: spray nozzle and tubes. Touch control on the front side of the ionizer, with the ability to set the work timer and turn it off for safety purposes. All components are made in Japan, and the ozonizer-ionizer itself is assembled in Russia. Many users noted the ease of use of the equipment and its quality. It is worth noting the multifunctionality and the ability not only to ionize the air, but also to ozonize. The disadvantages include the fact that this is a unipolar ionizer, that is, you need to turn it on for a short time. The instructions have all the necessary parameters and periods of inclusion.

MILLDOM M900 Premium
Installation wall-mounted
Cultivated area (sq.m.) 160
Type of unipolar
Peculiarities ozonator
  • two in one;
  • quality parts from Japan;
  • complete set and nothing to buy;
  • high ionization in a short time (90000 units per m³).

Bought on sale and use it often. Ionize and ozonize rooms. I sterilize clothes, masks, a vegetable pit, and also process food and water. During the use of the shortcomings did not reveal, only advantages. In general, I do not regret that I bought for such money. For example, ozonation of a car costs 2,000 rubles. And I do it myself and there is no smell of smoky interior.

Ozonation, unlike air ionization, allows you to kill bacteria, microbes, mold spores and eliminate unpleasant odors, for example, from tobacco, mustiness. But ozone is a strong oxidizing agent and can cause serious deterioration in well-being. During the operation of the ozonator, it is impossible to stay in the room, as well as breathe the concentrate. And after a couple of hours, you need to carefully ventilate the room.

What to look for when choosing an air ionizer for your home?

Do not be frivolous about buying an air ionizer. Despite the seeming simplicity and safety, a low-quality device can be harmful to health.

Before buying, pay attention to the following points:

  1. It is better to purchase a bipolar air cleaner, as it is less safe and creates a natural climate.
  2. The presence of regulators, automatic shutdown and indicators will allow more accurate ionization.
  3. Each device is designed for a certain area. If in the characteristics it is less than in reality, then the work is reduced to zero. And in the opposite situation, it will lead to a supersaturation with ozone, which is unsafe for health.
  4. For a child’s room, choose salt ionizers. They are harmless to the growing body and can be turned on in the presence of children.
  5. Even before buying, find out about the possibility of cleaning the ionizer from the inside, as dust will accumulate in it, and, consequently, efficiency will decrease.
  6. The presence of a UV lamp allows you to destroy bacteria, but, on the other hand, increases the production of ozone. Therefore, frequent use is not recommended.
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