5 Best goat milk mixes: features, which one to choose, reviews


Increasingly, newly-made parents prefer dry mixes with goat’s milk. When breastfeeding becomes impossible, the question arises as to which alternative will be the safest and most beneficial for the baby. Goat milk in its protein composition has much in common with breast milk.

In its pure form, it is not recommended to give milk to children from cows and goats — in the first stages of life, it will not be absorbed as well as mother’s. In infant formulas, the concentration of substances is the most optimal, and in combination with trace elements and vitamins, this product can become a complete nutritional option for the proper development of the baby. We have studied the 5 most popular brands of goat milk dry mixes and are ready to talk about their features.

Rating TOP 5 mixtures on goat milk

I analyzed the market and identified the most popular goat milk-based mixtures among Russian buyers. The five most popular brands are as follows:

“Kabrita 1 GOLD”

Soluble mixture based on natural goat milk with vitamins and microelements. The patented DigestX complex is maximally adapted to the fat composition of breast milk. It helps to improve the functioning of the digestive tract of the baby, softens the stool and eliminates constipation, and also promotes the absorption of calcium. The mixture also includes probiotics and prebiotics, nucleotides to strengthen the immune system, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to develop brain and visual functions.

The product does not contain cow’s milk, emulsifiers and sweeteners. The mixture is made from our own raw materials, which allows you to track the entire process from feeding goats to the final stage of production of the finished product. Osmolality: 300 ml/osmol per litre. The shelf life is 547 days.

Serum content, % 63
Active Ingredients bifidobacteria, prebiotics, probiotics, goat milk
Not included sugar, preservatives, cow protein
Producing country Netherlands
  • own production;
  • rich vitamin composition;
  • contains the same fats as in breast milk;
  • good osmolality.
  • not detected.

They started giving “Kabrita” to my daughter from the age of 1 month, she eats it with great pleasure. The child suffered from colic and constipation for a long time, there were rashes, only candles and mini-enemas helped. With the transition to this mixture, everything went pretty quickly, the baby got better and we are very happy with it.

The osmolality level indicates the concentration of salt and proteins per 1 liter of the mixture. Too high a concentration of 400 ml / osmol, as in whole milk, creates a serious burden on the child’s kidneys and can disrupt nutritional metabolism. The allowable rate for infant formula varies from 280 to 320 ml / osmol per liter.

“Nanny 1”

Powdered mix based on whole goat milk from New Zealand. The product contains prebiotics — inulin and oligofructose, which restore digestion and improve the microbiota. The composition also includes fatty acids, sweetener and prebiotic maltodextrin, minerals and a complex of vitamins that are important for the full development of the baby.

Contains soy lecithin and citric acid. Osmolality: 310 ml/osmol per litre. Expiration date: 912 days.

Serum content, % twenty
Active Ingredients prebiotics, goat milk
Not included sugar, palm oil, preservatives, starch
Producing country New Zealand
  • well absorbed;
  • balanced composition;
  • restores the work of the digestive tract;
  • hypoallergenic.

A very good blend with a pleasant smell and taste. Before that, they took another one, from which the child was sprinkled with everything, after switching to “Nanny”, everything went away, colic disappeared and even sleep returned to normal. Of the shortcomings, I would name the high cost and inconvenient location of the measuring spoon (you have to look for it inside for a long time, which is not very convenient and hygienic).

“MAMAKO 1 Premium”

Powdered baby formula based on goat’s milk with an approximate fat and amino acid composition to breast milk. Contains plant pigment lutein and polyunsaturated acids, which contribute to the development of vision. Prebiotics and bifidobacteria have been added to restore the intestinal microflora. L-carnitine improves metabolism and protein digestion. Nucleotides strengthen the immune system.

Contains emulsifier soy lecithin and sweetener maltodextrin. Osmolality: 300 ml/osmol per litre. Shelf life: 24 months.

Serum content, % 60
Active Ingredients bifidobacteria, prebiotics, probiotics, goat milk
Not included artificial flavors, sugar, palm oil, preservatives, starch, gluten, artificial colors, eggs
Producing country Spain
  • good tolerance;
  • regular soft stools;
  • safe composition;
  • dissolves well in water.

My daughter is 5 months old and has been formula feeding regularly since the second week. Everything is just fine, we don’t know any colic, the chair is regular, she eats with pleasure. It is a pity that it is not sold in all stores (usually we order on the Internet) and the price is exorbitant.

“MD mil Goat 1″

Adapted goat milk formula for infant feeding in the first six months of life. The product contains a complex of vitamins and minerals, which fully meets the needs of the baby’s body. To prevent dysbacteriosis and improve digestion, prebiotics are present in the composition. Nutrients provide the full formation of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and also participate in fat metabolism.

Osmolality: 278 ml/osmol per litre. Whey to casein ratio: 60:40. Expiration date: 730 days.

Serum content, % 60
Active Ingredients prebiotics, goat milk
Not included sugar, preservatives, starch
Producing country Spain
  • low osmolality;
  • affordable price;
  • optimal ratio of whey protein and casein;
  • normalizes stool.

This mixture suited us, no allergies and side effects. The taste is pleasant: not bitter and smells like real goat’s milk. The price is also good compared to competitors. Absorbed very well tummy no problem.


Infant formula based on whole goat’s milk with the addition of sheep’s. The product has a similar fatty structure with breast milk, is easily digested and normalizes the digestive tract. The nucleotides that are part of goat milk help to strengthen innate immunity. Dietary fiber from chicory root ensures the health of the intestinal microflora.

Osmolality: 310 ml/osmol per litre. Shelf life: 18 months.

Serum content, % 52
Active Ingredients prebiotics, goat milk, whey proteins
Not included palm oil, cow’s milk
Producing country Czech
  • useful composition;
  • normalizes the work of the digestive tract;
  • affordable price;
  • contains sheep’s milk whey.
  • poor solubility.

The composition of the mixture is very good, without palm oil, which is important to me. The child tolerates well, other mixtures are constantly spitting up. Goes to the toilet steadily, no constipation. To dissolve in water, you need to mix thoroughly. Of the minuses, I would single out a small package, it is consumed very quickly.

It is better to pour the dry mixture packed in a box or bag into a sealed container after opening. It can be a jar with a tight lid made of food-grade plastic or glass. So you will save the product from premature spoilage. It is recommended to store the jar with the mixture in a dark, well-ventilated area.

Lists of the best

Goat milk mixtures are considered the most comfortable for the digestive system of the baby. Based on the study, I selected the three most worthy brands that were able to get ahead of competitors in certain parameters and criteria.

«Kabrita 1 GOLD» — own production and unique composition

Among all the producers of goat milk baby formulas, only Kabrita can boast of its own farm production. Each jar of formula has a unique code that can be scanned and traced back to the specific batch of milk and farm name. The specially developed fat complex Digest X has a balanced composition, as close as possible to breast milk. It enriches the microflora of the baby, improves the absorption of calcium, and also contributes to soft and regular emptying. There is nothing superfluous in the composition, including sugar and maltodextrin, so the mixture is suitable even for children with diabetes.

«MAMAKO 1 Premium» — a rich vitamin and mineral complex

The Spanish manufacturer produces custom-made infant formula specifically for the Russian consumer. As part of «Mamako» added bifidobacteria and prebiotics for comfortable digestion of the baby, lutein for the formation of vision, nucleotides and polyunsaturated acids to strengthen the immune system. This mixture is often recommended by pediatricians for babies with poor health who get sick a lot. Buyers note that the mixture is well tolerated and children eat with pleasure.

“MD mil Goat 1” – low osmolality and affordable price

One of the most budget options in today’s ranking is another Spanish manufacturer that produces blends for the Russian market. The product has the lowest osmolality among all today’s participants, which means that the load on the baby’s kidneys and liver is the smallest. The mixture has a balanced composition with all basic vitamins and microelements, contains prebiotics and fatty acids. In terms of price-quality ratio, the product will be the most optimal for infants with a mild form of lactase deficiency.

What to look for when choosing dry infant formula

When choosing an infant formula, the most reasonable decision will be guided by the recommendations of a pediatrician. It is the doctor who will be able to choose the most optimal nutrition, taking into account the age and individual needs of the child’s body. However, being a savvy parent in this matter will not be superfluous, therefore, before buying, you must consider some basic rules:

    • If you have been prescribed a specific product, carefully read the information on the package. First of all, make sure that the age category of the baby is relevant: it is usually indicated by numbers (“1” — from birth to six months, “2” from six months to a year, etc.).
    • Newborns need to take only adapted milk formulas — these are the ones that are as close as possible to breast milk in composition. For babies with poor health and digestive problems, specialized therapeutic mixtures are usually prescribed.
    • If the child suffers from flatulence and often spit up, it is usually recommended to take mixtures that contain starch. With constipation, the presence of probiotics and prebiotics in the composition is important. With intolerance to cow’s milk, a diet based on casein and whey is prescribed.
    • As part of the infant formula, the amount of protein should not exceed 15 g per liter of product. Abuse of proteins in the first year of a child’s life can lead to obesity in the future.
    • Pay attention to the proportions of whey proteins and casein. It is important that there is more serum in the composition.
    • The presence of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in baby food is very important. They not only help strengthen the immune system, but also stimulate the development of vision and brain cells.
    • It is best to buy infant formula at a pharmacy or baby store, but not at all in a supermarket. This is a recommendation from Roskachestvo experts, which should not be neglected so as not to run into a fake or a mixture with a dubious composition.
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