Which synthesizer to choose: TOP-9 best musical models


A musical synthesizer is a popular instrument that is used both for learning to play the keyboard and in the professional field. On the modern market there are a large number of similar products from various manufacturers at different prices. The main thing is to choose a quality tool in accordance with the purpose of its use. We have compiled a rating of the best music synthesizers, about which the owners have left positive reviews.

Leading Music Synthesizer Manufacturers

Many companies are engaged in the production of musical synthesizers. However, not all companies produce quality products.

A musical synthesizer is a popular instrument that is used both for learning to play the keyboard and in the professional field.

Leading positions in the manufacture of these tools are occupied by the following brands:

  • KORG. It is one of the most popular instrument manufacturers. Brand models are in high demand all over the world. This is not surprising, because the company offers users a wide range of high-quality devices for both beginners and professionals. Models differ in functionality, excellent sounding, are equipped with sensitive keys;
  • Casio. This company occupies a leading position in the production of synthesizers. The brand offers tools for both amateurs and professionals. The manufacturer is constantly improving its products, using only the most advanced technologies for their production. The company’s models are characterized by clear sound, a large number of options, stylish design;
  • Yamaha. Japanese manufacturer operating since 1887. Offers users high quality tools. The product line includes models for both training and concerts. Each synthesizer features pure sound and advanced features that allow you to create unique musical compositions;
  • TESLER. Russian device manufacturer. It has been producing instruments since 2014, but is already a worthy competitor to eminent brands. This is due to the fact that the company offers users high-quality instruments with decent sound at affordable prices.

Devices for learning

3. Tesler KB-6190

Budget model of good quality. Has a limited number of features, but is good for learning. The product is equipped with weak acoustics, so it is better to purchase additional equipment to improve the sound. It has a learning mode that helps you quickly master playing the instrument.


  • low cost;
  • ease of management;
  • the presence of a USB port;
  • good learning mode;
  • durability;
  • suitable for children.


  • weak built-in acoustics;
  • few functions;
  • unweighted uncomfortable keyboard;
  • there is no connector for pedals.

Users say that this is a synthesizer with a good learning mode. It can be used even by children due to the ease of operation. The owners do not like the poor sound quality, a small number of options, an uncomfortable keyboard and the lack of a port for pedals.

2. CASIO LK-136

Model with multiple training modes. Helps to quickly master the game on the synthesizer. The product is equipped with a high-quality display with bright backlight. It is easy to operate, so even a beginner will quickly figure it out using the tool. Suitable for teaching children.


  • clear sound;
  • advanced functionality;
  • bright backlight;
  • a large number of rhythms, timbres;
  • quality materials, assembly;
  • the presence of several training modes of playing the synthesizer;
  • mains and battery powered;
  • affordable cost.


  • it is difficult for a novice musician to figure out some options;
  • few sound settings;
  • keys without tactile feedback.

The owners say that this is a quality model with several training modes. They talk about the ease of control of the tool, so even a child can figure it out. Of the negative points, it is difficult for beginners to understand how some options work, a small number of sound settings. I do not like the keys without a tactile response.


Model recommended for use by beginners. It has a large number of timbres, accompaniments, and other features. The device is equipped with a USB connector, which allows you to connect it to a computer, smartphone to record a song. The product has a large number of convenient control buttons.


  • ergonomic design;
  • external attractiveness;
  • high-quality screen with bright backlight;
  • a large number of options;
  • power supply included;
  • fixation on a threaded stand;
  • high-quality clear sound;
  • ease of management;
  • stamped body.


  • there is no microphone output;
  • there are no tutorials, despite the manufacturer’s claims that this is a tool for learning;
  • a small number of recording tracks.

Users say that this is a tool with convenient control buttons and advanced features. Allows you to record musical compositions on a flash drive, smartphone, computer. Owners do not like the lack of tutorials, despite the fact that this is a model for learning to play the synthesizer, a microphone output and a minimum number of recording tracks.

Devices for Hobbyists

3. The One Light

High quality device with good sound. The instrument has 61 keys. Differs in functionality, the compact sizes. The synthesizer works through a mobile application. This allows you to create various musical compositions, improve the playing technique.


  • the presence of a bright keyboard backlight;
  • USB port for connecting to a computer, smartphone;
  • mobility;
  • there is a metronome;
  • extended polyphony;
  • suitable for learning;
  • a large number of functions.


  • control via a mobile application, so the tool is tied to a smartphone;
  • lack of built-in arrangements;
  • weak acoustics.

Users say that this is a mobile instrument with extended polyphony. It has many functions and is suitable for learning how to play the synthesizer. I don’t like control only through a mobile application, weak built-in acoustics and the lack of built-in arrangements.

2. KORG microKORG

Compact 37-key instrument. It is portable, which allows you to take it with you to any event. The model does not have built-in acoustics, so you need an amplifier to increase the volume. It is characterized by ease of operation, clear sound, a large number of various functions.


  • high-quality classical sound for electronic music;
  • ease of management;
  • external attractiveness;
  • mobility;
  • multifunctionality;
  • a large number of sound settings;
  • durability.


  • the editor does not perceive modern operating systems well;
  • small not very comfortable keyboard;
  • low polyphony.

Users say that this instrument is only suitable for playing electronic music. It is light in weight, so it is convenient to take it with you to performances. The owners do not like the narrow focus of the instrument only for electronic music and the small uncomfortable keyboard.

1. Casio WK-6600

Instrument with 76 keys. Differs in high-quality clear sounding which can be adjusted manually by means of semitones. The volume is enough for using the device at home, but an amplifier is required for concerts. The model has a large number of tones and various effects, which expands its functionality.


  • ease of management;
  • a large number of options;
  • suitable not only for performance, but also for composing music;
  • battery power;
  • read, write SD;
  • the presence of a USB port;
  • there is an output for connecting a microphone;
  • high-quality sound with a large number of effects, tones;
  • suitable for child;
  • stylish design.


  • after some time after the start of use, the keyboard starts to make unpleasant sounds;
  • weak built-in acoustics, so loud sound requires an amplifier.

Users say that this is an instrument with convenient controls and clear sound with a lot of effects, the ability to manually adjust using tones, semitones. It can be used not only at home, but also at amateur concerts. I don’t like the unweighted keyboard, which starts to make unpleasant sounds after a while after the start of use, as well as weak acoustics, which makes it necessary to use an amplifier.

Professional Models

3. Behringer Deep Mind 12

A model with a Wi-Fi module that allows you to control the device remotely. Equipped with plug-in pedals, high-quality informative display. It features extended polyphony. A large number of functions allows you to create unique musical compositions.


  • clear sound;
  • a large number of sound settings;
  • comfortable keyboard with beautiful backlight;
  • a lot of memory;
  • the presence of four octaves of sound;
  • the ability to change the pitch;
  • durability.


  • inconvenient control system;
  • lack of built-in acoustics;
  • big weight;
  • overcharge.

Users say that this is a good-sounding instrument that can be tuned. The keys are comfortable, responsive with bright backlighting. Among the shortcomings, there is a lack of acoustics, an inconvenient control system and a lot of weight.

2.Yamaha PSR-E363

Model with connected pedals, a large number of functions. Differs in high quality of sounding which can be adjusted, choosing any musical genres. The functionality of the tool is expanded through the connection to a smartphone, computer.


  • clear sound;
  • ease of setting modes;
  • extended capabilities;
  • informative display;
  • arpeggiator;
  • the presence of a port for connecting headphones;
  • comfortable full-size keys with instant response to pressing;
  • many timbres, accompaniments;
  • automatic period to sleep mode if the tool is not used for half an hour;
  • a light weight.


  • lack of a Pitch Band control wheel;
  • no USB port, no microphone output;
  • bad display backlight
  • easily soiled body that attracts dust.

The owners say that this is a tool with advanced features and simple operation. Has a large number of different functions, comfortable keys. Users do not like the fact that the case gets dirty quickly and the lack of many ports.

1. Korg Pa 600

Handy high quality tool. It is characterized by a large amount of memory, which allows you to record musical compositions. Differs in convenience of management, high-quality pure sounding. The advanced functionality of the tool allows you to manage audio tracks.


  • excellent sounding timbres;
  • advanced functionality;
  • quality materials, assembly;
  • the presence of connected pedals in the kit;
  • powerful built-in acoustics with a good volume margin;
  • a large number of styles, timbres;
  • well implemented guitar mode;
  • ease of management.


  • menu in English only;
  • poorly implemented electronic music options;
  • high price.

The owners say that this is a multifunctional instrument with a clear sound and a good volume margin. Suitable only for use by professional musicians, since it is difficult for amateurs to figure out the options, especially since the interface is only in English. Users do not like the poorly implemented possibilities of electronic music.

Tips and Tricks When Choosing Music Synthesizers

When choosing a synthesizer, it is recommended to consider the following points:

  • key size. There are models with micro, mini and standard key sizes. It is better to give preference to the latter option even for learning the game;
  • number of keys. Their number is chosen, depending on the purpose of using the tool. For beginners, it is best to use a model with a small number of keys. Professionals can use either option;
  • polyphony. It is best to use tools with a score greater than 32 points;
  • number of timbres, styles. The more of them, the more features of the tool, but the higher its cost;
  • the presence of a training mode. It is needed if the user is just learning to play the synthesizer.

A synthesizer is a tool with which you can create unique musical compositions. In our rating, you can choose a model for any purpose of application.

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