TOP best gift ideas for the New Year for children: boys and girls


New Year holidays in childhood are a time of miracles, surprises and magic, when you really want to believe in a fairy tale. Think of yourself as a child: you want to sculpt a snowman, gobble up sweets and tangerines, burn sparklers and watch the fireworks in fascination. Then wake up in the morning and see the long-awaited gifts from Santa Claus under the Christmas tree.

TOP best gift ideas for the New Year

Chocolate adventcalendar

My niece has such a sweet tooth, so the advent calendar with candy as a gift fell into the “direct hit on target” category. However, in order to really please the child, I chose a gift with great care — not each of the options was really worthy and interesting. The standard calendar is a colorful box with windows for each day of the month, behind which hides a sweet mini-surprise. It is important that sweets are different and can surprise, this is the essence of Advent. In online stores, you can even choose themed calendars with designs from your favorite cartoons.

desktop the game

Everyone loves board games, but my godson is seriously interested in them, so the choice of a New Year’s gift for an addicted teenager suggested itself. Before acquiring one or another option, it is worth studying the personal interests of the child and starting from this information. In my case, the boy turned out to be a fan of the Gravity Falls cartoon, so I bought a board game on this topic.

Drawing tablet with backlight

This gift is perfect for girls who are fond of art, drawing, go to art school. The gadget allows you to draw, write on it, erase unnecessary things. Even inexpensive tablets are made from high-quality, child-safe plastic. Most models are equipped with a bright LCD screen.

For a girl, it is recommended to choose a gadget that is resistant to scratches and other external influences, since few children are careful about things and technology.

Usually, styluses for drawing are included with such a tablet. The device can always be carried with you in a backpack, especially if a protective case is included in the kit.

The following brands of tablets are perfect as a gift for a girl:

  • LCD Writing Tablet for drawing with stylus, 8.5 inches;
  • children’s drawing tablet Vertex Paint 8-1.

Such a gift will be an unusual, interesting find for a child, will contribute to his intellectual development.

LEGO set

The versatility of this gift lies in the fact that different Lego sets are designed for children of different ages. For little boys, easy-to-assemble sets marked “3-5 years old” are suitable; for children of school age, it is worth choosing more complex structures marked “7-8 years old”.

The Lego designer perfectly trains fine motor skills, develops imagination and logic. In addition, your child will have fun with his friends, collecting such a toy in the company. Among the wide selection of branded sets from Lego, there are entire series with favorite children’s characters, heroes of the animated series. The most popular among them are:

  • Batman;
  • city;
  • creator;
  • Disney;
  • junior;
  • Marvel;
  • Technic.

In addition, LEGO usually releases limited gift sets before the New Year.

3D pen

My godson is interested in modern technologies, loves creativity. That’s why I decided to give him a 3D pen. This is the original plastic painting tool. The scope of such a device is unlimited. Skillful patterns, original figurines and decorations are just a small part of what the godson did. With the help of such an accessory, he also created real 3-dimensional objects. I consider it a very good gift for a child.

Stylish backpack

Backpacks have become very popular as a practical and stylish accessory. My niece is growing up very active and mobile. Since she often spends time on the road, I decided to give her a backpack. Since she loves everything bright and unusual, such an item will be very useful to her at school, on a walk, on a trip, on a hike. If desired, you can print your favorite character on the backpack.

Kit for beading

Girls from an early age show interest in jewelry. But how great it is to be able to show imagination and make a decoration for yourself. I believe that such a gift has a number of advantages.

Firstly, it will allow the individuality of the child to manifest itself. Knowing that you are wearing a bracelet that has no analogues is much more pleasant than the one that others have.
Giving others your crafts and seeing that they are being worn is another joy for the child.

Although at first glance the process of weaving may seem simple, for a child it will be a real challenge, which, among other things, will help develop thinking, taste and perseverance.

I also like these sets because they can be selected by age. Simple ones for little ones and more complex ones for older children. And the modern market presents a wide range of a wide variety of sets: it can be not only jewelry, but also other crafts, including key chains and various toys.

Paint by numbers

My niece loves to draw. And if a few years ago she practiced on wallpaper, now her talent (fortunately for her parents) is splashing out on the pages of albums. If your child willingly takes up paints and brushes, it may be time to give him the opportunity to create a real masterpiece with his own hands.
Paintings by numbers are divided by complexity and subject, so they are easy to pick up for children of any age and gender. If you have a boy who loves to draw and loves sports bikes, he will love a picture of a motorcycle.
Interestingly, if at the very beginning the canvas looks rather boring, then after applying paints such creativity is not a shame to hang on the wall, and the development of perseverance and patience will be a pleasant bonus for you.


I would like to believe that we managed to throw at least one or a few good ideas to please the kids on New Year’s holidays — be it your own children, younger sisters or brothers, nephews or godchildren. Our recommendations were compiled based on our own experience, so they may be useful to someone else. In order not to miscalculate with a present for sure, you can ask the child about his desire directly or ask his parents. It will definitely not be superfluous to take into account the gender and age of the young recipient of the gift.

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