TOP 8 best air purifiers for an apartment: rating, functionality, which one to buy, pros and cons


Now there is a fashion for a healthy diet and lifestyle. But few people think about what we breathe. This is especially true for urban residents, where there are a lot of carcinogens, pollution, impurities and exhaust gases in the air. Therefore, simple ventilation will not improve the climate in the apartment. Here you need an air purifier with multi-stage filtration. especially if children, asthmatics and allergy sufferers live in the house.

In the rating, I will tell you in detail about the pros and cons of such equipment, and also help you choose it for your needs. You will learn how the filtration system differs and which models disinfect the air.

Types of air purifiers and how they work

The air we breathe contains dust, pathogens, fungi and pollen. Over time, all this can lead to the development of diseases. Therefore, oxygen purifiers are increasingly found in city apartments. But they all differ in the degree of purification, which depends on the filters installed in the devices.

There are the following types of filters:

View Action Replacement
pre-cleaning Usually made of fine metal mesh. It stands first in order to retain large impurities such as wool and hair. Allows you to extend the life of the main filters. Can be cleaned and washed. Does not require replacement.
Carbonic It perfectly absorbs gas molecules and eliminates odors. The larger the area of ​​such a filter, the more efficient the work. Requires replacement as it cannot be cleaned. It is inexpensive.
HEPA It perfectly retains particles from 0.3 microns on its surface, and these are dust mites, allergens and spores. Indispensable in rooms where allergy sufferers live. There are five classes of this filter from 10 to 14. The best of them are 13 and 14, which clean the air by almost 99.9%. By itself, it is not antibacterial, so bacteria can begin to multiply on its surface over time, which affects air quality over time. Requires regular replacement.
Photocatalytic or UV It perfectly cleans from the smallest contaminants (dust, skin particles, pollen, mold spores, dust mites), and ultraviolet rays, falling on a plate with titanium dioxide, start the oxidation process. Thus, organic matter decomposes, microbes and some viruses are destroyed. It also eliminates unpleasant odors. Does not require replacement.
Ionizing Consists of metal plates with a negative charge, on which dust that has a positive charge settles. In addition, it ionizes oxygen. Require regular rinsing with water to remove dirt from the plates. Reusable.
Water Dirt that gets inside the filter settles on the negatively charged plates and is then washed off in a tray of water. Does not require replacement, but must be constantly flushed.
ULPA It is the next generation of HEPA and the principle of operation is similar, but it retains particles from 0.1 microns. Currently extremely rare, as it is a new development.

Air purifiers can contain several degrees of purification or just one. It all depends on the number of filters installed in them. As can be seen from the table, the quality of the oxygen we breathe will also depend on this.

Rating of air purifiers for the apartment

Philips AC2887

The air purifier with a clogging indicator automatically captures the smallest particles and turns on the corresponding indication on the display. Touch control with a choice of three modes: standard, for allergy sufferers and retention of bacteria and viruses. A highly sensitive sensor informs you when the filter needs to be replaced. If this is not done, the device will not turn on. Built-in charcoal and HEPA filters. But many buyers complain about expensive consumables and poor oxygen purification.

Philips AC2887
Area (sq.m.) 79
Power consumption W 60
Degrees of purification 3
Peculiarities timer
  • destroys unpleasant odors;
  • evaluates the level of oxygen pollution;
  • there are several modes of operation.
  • expensive consumables that require frequent replacement with intensive use.

Perfectly cleans the air when the windows are closed. True, he has a “hysteria” if a cat passes by, shake off the dust or food is fried. Immediately the indicator turns red, indicating a strong level of air pollution. It made it easier to breathe. It perfectly removes the smell of cigarettes, food, and if you open it, you will see a lot of dirt on the filters. By the way, the problem arises with the purchase of consumables, which are not always available.

The carbon filter should not be used in an environment with high humidity. And also if the purifier has only such a filter, then it is ineffective in city apartments. It needs to work in conjunction with other barrier cleaners.

Ballu AP-110

In this purifier, air is sucked in from the front, passes through the pre-cleaner, HEPA filter, UV lamp, and exits from the back. It is possible to separately turn on ionization and ultraviolet processing. Touch control from above. At the bottom there is a cleanliness indicator that signals impurities in the air of the apartment. But this device is very noisy even in the slowest mode and the declared 20 squares are unable to process. It is very light and can be easily carried around the apartment, but it is also easy to drop. There is a timer to turn off, so you can set it for a certain time and it will turn off by itself. Many buyers complain about the frequent replacement of consumables.

Ballu AP-110
Area (sq.m.) twenty
Power consumption W fifty
Degrees of purification 2
Peculiarities ionization, UV, child control
  • small-sized;
  • there is ionization and UV treatment, which can be turned on separately;
  • affordable price.
  • ineffective;
  • requires frequent replacement of consumables.

I was tempted by the low price and good functionality. But the declared 20 sq.m. does not process behind closed doors. The filter clogging sensor is triggered after a certain time, so there is no such sensor as such. You have to replace every two months. I have even stopped changing it and use it with a burning indicator. And at low fan speeds it is very noisy, so we don’t set it at night and often try not to use high speeds.


The air intake is on the sides, and the outlet of pure oxygen is on top. Inside is a large fan that drives the air in the room through pre-filters, carbon and HEPA (class 13) filters. It is also possible to turn on ionization and a UV lamp, but the processing in this device is weak. If necessary, you can set a sleep timer up to 8 hours. Smells destroys badly and makes a lot of noise even at the first speed. Due to the good fan power, some users use the devices as an apartment blower on hot summer days.

Area (sq.m.) 40
Power consumption W 55
Degrees of purification 3
Peculiarities ionization, UV, timer
  • stylish design;
  • strong fan and high-quality cleaning;
  • multistage filtration;
  • affordable price.
  • weak UV lamp.

We regularly use this cleaner and rearrange it in different rooms of the apartment. During the day it usually stands in the central one, and in the evening in the nursery or in our bedroom. Dust is noticeably reduced, which means it cleans well. But if you remove the filters, you can see that the UV lamp is hidden behind a box that has practically no holes. Therefore, I can say that there is simply no ultraviolet here. And if you turn it on, then there is no characteristic smell.

Purifiers should be installed away from walls so that nothing interferes with the natural air circulation in the apartment.

Boneco P340

Stylish purifier with three filters: pre-filter, carbon and HEPA. On the display, you can separately turn on ionization, set a shutdown timer at intervals of 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours, as well as adjust the intensity of the air supply to the apartment. Thus, it is possible to regulate the modes and purification of oxygen from dust, wool, pollen and bacteria. Ionization will allow you to get rid of pollution better. If any particles have passed through the multi-layer filtration, they will settle on the floor and furniture. Therefore, within 2 hours after treatment, wet cleaning should be carried out. The maximum capacity of the device is 230 cu. m. per hour.

Boneco P340
Area (sq.m.) twenty
Power consumption W fifty
Degrees of purification 3
Peculiarities ionization
  • copes well with its tasks;
  • there is additional ionization;
  • three-stage filtration.
  • high cost of consumables that need to be changed once a year.

I liked the device for its functionality, efficiency and small dimensions. With him really became less dust in the house. We have an asthmatic in our apartment and when using the cleaner, he began to get sick less. Therefore, I can confidently say that this is a high-quality air purifier. But replacement filters are expensive. I buy once a year and they cost about 5000 rubles.

Many users confuse an air washer and a purifier, so I suggest watching a video that details the difference between these devices and their advantages:

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Max

This device is capable of driving up to 700 cubic meters. m of oxygen per hour. A pollution sensor is installed inside, which analyzes the purity of the air in the apartment, as well as a temperature detector. The data is shown on the display. You can enable automatic mode. Thanks to multi-stage filtration and a large volume, it quickly and efficiently removes dirt and unpleasant odors. The air intake is located on the side, after which it is filtered through a carbon filter and HEPA class 11. Like all Xiaomi equipment, this device can also be controlled from a smartphone through a special application. It weighs about 19 kg, so it is very difficult to carry it around the apartment.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Max
Area (sq.m.) 120
Power consumption W 86
Degrees of purification 3
Peculiarities purity control
  • effective work;
  • auto mode;
  • works quite quietly;
  • can be controlled from a smartphone.
  • expensive consumables that need to be changed about once a year;
  • The app only works when you specify Mainland China.

I was amazed at how quickly he cleans the air in the apartment. It is very powerful and does its job well. Eliminates food and cigarette odors. The indicator on the front panel shows the level of contamination and if the auto mode is on, then the intensity of the air intake changes. But it is quite large and heavy.

Boneco P400

The device is designed for small rooms such as a playroom or a living room. The manufacturer offers to choose the type of filter depending on the need: Allergy, Baby, Smog. This is convenient, since each consumer has his own living conditions and requirements for air purity. Able to clean from allergens, dust and other contaminants with a capacity of up to 280 cubic meters. m. per hour. An additional aromatization function will allow you to give the room not only freshness, but also set the aroma at will. To do this, you just need to drop a few drops of aroma oil into a special compartment. Touch control, and the display changes intensity depending on the light.

Boneco P400
Area (sq.m.) 23
Power consumption W 27
Degrees of purification 2
Peculiarities aromatization
  • the presence of several types of filters;
  • performs its duties well;
  • there is aromatization, auto mode, night mode and a timer;
  • quiet work.
  • consumables are expensive.

I come from the street and immediately turn it on. I have a small studio and this cleaner is enough. After about 30 minutes, you can already feel the freshness in the air. captures dust normally and with it there is less cleaning in the apartment. Doesn’t really remove smells when cooking, but for me it’s not very important.

Walls are natural barriers. Therefore, if the processed area is indicated in the passport as 70 sq.m., then the device will work effectively only in one room, and not in the entire apartment at once. Therefore, it must be periodically transferred.

Stadler Form Roger Little R-012

Room air purifier with a capacity of 249 cu. m. per hour. Oxygen is taken from the front and driven through the carbon and HEPA (class 14) filters. Disinfection does not produce, but perfectly neutralizes unpleasant odors in the apartment, retains wool, hairs, aerosols and fine dust. Electronic control with 5 modes, including auto and night. But many buyers talk about the weak efficiency of the auto mode. This model does not have a display, it has an air pollution indicator. At the first speed it is almost inaudible, but at higher speeds there is noise, but weak.

Stadler Form Roger Little R-012
Area (sq.m.) 35
Power consumption W 40
Degrees of purification 3
Peculiarities auto mode
  • easy to disassemble and easy to clean;
  • there is an indication of oxygen and filter contamination;
  • high performance;
  • perfectly removes odors;
  • reasonable prices for filters.
  • in auto mode, it does not always catch aerosols and fumes;
  • high cost of the cleaner.

We have been using it for about a year, but we turn it on irregularly, but when necessary. I note that it destroys odors very quickly, and in auto mode it only works on very sharp ones. Therefore, it is better to set the necessary functions manually. Excellent quality materials, design and performance. The cord is long and can be placed away from walls.

Clever&Clean HealthAir UV-07

Complex for purification and disinfection of air in apartments. The front panel is mounted on magnets, and behind it is the filtration system: pre-filter, HEPA, carbon and photocatalytic (UV). An ultraviolet lamp stands at the end in front of the fan and disinfects the outgoing oxygen. The indication notifies about the presence of finely dispersed pollution in the air. On top of the display, where you can see the following data: the concentration of particles, speed, humidity and temperature in the apartment. It is possible to turn on ionization separately, as well as set automatic shutdown, fan speed and set a child lock. At maximum speed, the device makes little noise. You can set auto or night mode, in which the indication goes out.

Clever&Clean HealthAir UV-07
Area (sq.m.) fifty
Power consumption W 100
Degrees of purification four
Peculiarities ionization, UV, purity control
  • affordable price;
  • multi-stage cleaning;
  • disinfection and ionization;
  • no noise even at maximum speed.
  • high electricity consumption compared to competitors.

I bought a Clever & Clean cleaner, as it is inexpensive and multifunctional. And also there is a disinfection function, which is very important now. With it, the air in the apartment really became cleaner and less dust. Maintenance is simple and operation is convenient. There is a remote control, so you can control it while lying on the couch.

How to choose the right air purifier for your apartment?

City air is far from ideal and contains many harmful impurities. It is with them that the air cleaner should fight. Therefore, before buying, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. Consider the area of ​​the processed room. This is not the whole apartment, but the largest room. The fact is that the walls prevent air circulation and the device will need to be rearranged.
  2. Power and performance. Look in the passport how many cubic meters the device distills per hour. The rate of air exchange and the efficiency of purification will depend on this.
  3. The noise level is important in apartments where children live. And, in general, a very noisy unit during prolonged operation can be annoying and it will be impossible to turn it on at night.
  4. The filtration system is different. Some are aimed at removing odors, others block large and small particles, aerosols, and there are also disinfectants. All this is important if there are allergy sufferers in the house, who often suffer from respiratory diseases, or if the windows of the apartment overlook the roadway.
  5. Dimensions. It is not always possible to supply large household appliances. Keep in mind that cleaners cannot be placed close to walls, as they must have access to air.
  6. Location. Most often, this technique refers to the floor, but there are also desktop ones. Again, it all depends on the size of the apartment and your convenience.
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