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It’s not always easy to find the right facial product. Until now, not all girls know what matting powders are. This is natural, because not every person will like to understand the intricacies of modern cosmetics. However, powder powder is a very useful thing for everyday use: it is applied in a thin layer, removes the oily sheen of the skin, as a result of which the face begins to appear smooth and silky. Experts note that the tool is also suitable for those who do not like foundation.

In this article, we have selected for you the most popular mattifying powders, so after reading, you can easily choose the right option for you.

Rating of the best matting powders

Essence All about matt

This compact powder is ideal for mattifying the skin of the face. When applied to the skin, it becomes transparent, and then adjusts to your tone, creating the desired matte effect. One universal shade suitable for all skin types. The tool can be applied to the face with a brush or puff.

This compact powder effectively sets makeup and gives coverage the desired tone, while keeping it all day long. The product provides a visual smoothing of skin irregularities, creates an attractive finish, allows you to beautifully shade other dry products.

The microparticles of sapphire dust contained in the powder eliminate redness, smooth fine wrinkles, stimulate cell renewal and make the skin soft and silky.

Country of origin: Poland.

Texture compact
Finish matte
Peculiarities adapts to skin tone
  • well motivated;
  • lasts a long time;
  • invisible on the face;
  • democratic price.
  • not detected.

O.TWO.O Rose Gold

The specialists of this brand are inclined to believe that beautiful, matte skin can be created at any age. This can be achieved with the help of a unique compact powder, with which the skin acquires smoothness, velvety and a beautiful even tone. Such a “canvas” will always be an excellent basis for creating the perfect makeup. No oily sheen throughout the day.

The features of this powder are fine grinding, weightless and almost invisible on the skin delicate texture, the ability to smooth the relief of the epidermis, hide imperfections and mattify. The compact case with a convenient lid is complemented by a powder puff for comfortable application of the product. Also, the powder can perfectly adapt to the natural skin tone.

The product is applied to clean skin of the face or over makeup base with a round brush or sponge.

Country of origin: China.

Texture compact
Finish matte
Peculiarities nutrition, hydration, toning; suitable for all skin types, equipped with a mirror
  • lays down well;
  • convenient format;
  • pleasant texture;
  • economically spent.
  • not detected.

Vivienne Sabo Ideal Sublime

This compact anti-blemish powder from the leading cosmetologists of VIVIENNE SABO perfectly masks the visual imperfections of the epidermal layer, making makeup perfect. The composition of the powder includes matting powder, tea tree oil essence, salicylic acid, vitamins A and E, which give significant results: provide control over the production of sebum and the work of the sebaceous glands, prevent the appearance of oily sheen during the day, prevent the formation of rashes, localize the action of pathogenic microorganisms, moisturize the skin at the cellular level, do not clog pores, provide protection against free radicals and other negative environmental factors, perfectly smooth the outer layer of the epithelium, filling wrinkles and making them visually invisible, minimize the visual manifestation of skin imperfections — acne, age spots , scars, scars, acne marks.

The powder is evenly applied and distributed over the surface, does not create the effect of a mask on the face and does not leave streaks. The tool can be used both separately and in a duet with a basic make-up base. This powder is the perfect choice for problematic skin prone to oily sheen.

Brand country: France.

Texture compact
Peculiarities antiseptic, persistent
  • well applied;
  • pleasant texture;
  • does not clog pores;
  • does not cause acne.
  • not detected.

Limoni Transparent Matte Powder

This compact mineral powder with a mattifying effect eliminates skin imperfections, conceals oily sheen and makes wrinkles invisible. The appearance of the face becomes beautiful, fresh and healthy. At the same time, the powder is invisible when applied. Its use serves as an excellent option for completing makeup. Thanks to its unique texture, the powder is ideal for any skin tone.

The powder owes these features to its composition. One of the main components are minerals that effectively absorb excess sebum, mattify, protect against ultraviolet rays and have anti-inflammatory properties. The second component is vitamin E, which gives hydration and nourishment to the skin, protects against negative environmental factors and is a natural antioxidant.

A small amount of the product should be applied to the entire face or T-zone over foundation or on its own. For best results, it is recommended to use brushes from the same brand.

Brand country: South Korea.

Texture compact
Finish matte
Peculiarities mineral
  • convenient packaging;
  • there is a sponge and a mirror;
  • well motivated;
  • convenient packaging.
  • not detected.

Blush and eyeshadows are good on powder. It is great for girls who do not like too heavy makeup and are so sensitive that they can feel a layer of ordinary powder or foundation as a real mask.

Enough Collagen Hydro Moisture Two Way Cake SPF25 PA++

This moisturizing refillable collagen powder is suitable for all skin types. It perfectly fixes makeup, mattifies, makes the skin smooth and velvety. Does not provoke the appearance of dryness and peeling. The powder contains marine collagen, which accelerates the synthesis of its own collagen and elastin in tissues, increases skin elasticity and moisturizes. The product gives a light, weightless coverage, perfectly fixes makeup, eliminates oily sheen and lasts all day.

The main active ingredient is marine collagen. It improves the general condition of the skin, smoothes and evens out the relief, makes it firm and elastic, smoothes fine wrinkles and refreshes, has a wound healing and soothing effect, retains moisture in the deep layers of the skin, and has a regenerating effect.

Powder is presented in three shades. Suitable for dry, oily and combination skin and has no age restrictions.

Country of origin: South Korea.

Texture compact
Finish matte
Peculiarities moisturizing, sun protection
  • lies flat;
  • invisible on the face;
  • protects from the sun;
  • hides imperfections a bit.
  • not detected.

Rimmel Stay Matte Repack

This powder gives skin control of shine for up to 5 hours. Effectively hides pores and gives a natural matte finish. Contains coconut milk powder and aloe vera for long-lasting hydration and nourishment of the skin. Features a light, weightless, fragrance-free texture. Compact packaging fits in any cosmetic bag. The grinding is very fine, not dusty, light and airy.

Suitable for the final touch and the perfect finish to make-up, contains vitamin E. It is best to use a fluffy brush for application. Although the powder itself has a slightly pink or yellow tint, it is almost colorless, so it will suit girls with different skin tones. Well adjusted to the tone.

Country of manufacture: UK.

Texture compact
Finish matte
Peculiarities hydration
  • no mask effect;
  • light texture;
  • matting effect;
  • does not yellow.
  • not detected.


  • Mattifying powder contains stearates combined with talc, finely ground and colorless. Due to their texture, they lie on the face in a thin layer, remove oily sheen and give the skin a pleasant, mysterious shimmer. Sometimes, if you take funds from an expensive segment, you can find powders that contain fragrances and vitamin supplements that can positively affect the condition of the skin.
  • Mattifying powders give the face an even, healthy tone. This is the main advantage and at the same time the purpose for which this powder was created in general. The tool lays down evenly, it seems that the skin is tender and almost velvet. A pleasant feeling of well-groomedness is guaranteed to you.
  • You can use this powder both at a young age and in the elderly. It masks wrinkles well and at the same time does not overload, does not clog pores and does not cause acne even during the transition period.
  • The thinness of the layer. This is also a big plus. The powder is not felt on the face, it is almost invisible. It does not cause allergies and is great for sensitive skin. For the same reason, it is good for summer.
  • Mattifying powder is suitable even for oily skin. It does not provoke the development of black dots and copes well with shine, so it can be a real salvation.
  • There are compact powders. Most of them fit easily into a pocket. Most often they are equipped with a small mirror, easily fit in a women’s handbag. Great option to take with you.
  • Loose mattifying powder is made on the basis of minerals. This texture is best for oily skin. The grind resembles light dust. Lies down in a thin delicate layer, does not clog pores. With its help, you can mask imperfections if put in two layers. And this powder usually leaves a pleasant velvety shimmer.
  • Powder cream is best for dry skin. It is based on a moisturizing cream, which must be spread over the skin with a brush. Often contains vitamin supplements that help solve the problem of excessive dryness. And oily skin is completely contraindicated, because it will clog the pores tightly.
  • There are also translucent powders. They are the most popular of the varieties. Of course, there are white and beige options, there is even pink, but they are less common. The main plus of transparent powder is grinding. It is very fine, the layer is so thin that the original color is not visible. Only a light haze remains. Pink, white and beige give a light shade, which gradually intensifies if you apply several layers.

Selection Tips

  • For oily skin, powders with fine grinding are suitable. The finer the grind, the better. Sometimes special drying additives are even added to the composition of such a product, which help to solve the problem (permanently or temporarily).
  • When choosing a cosmetic product, it is important to look at what kind of skin it is supposed to be applied to. The same powder on a greasy type of skin will give a completely different effect than on a dry one.
  • For oily skin, it is better to choose a colorless powder, or a perfectly matching skin color.
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