TOP 6 best marker sets: rating, features, which one is better, pros and cons


What can unite adults and children? Of course, markers! This rainbow of colors in one set is able to give a storm of positive emotions and make life brighter. They can be used to draw on paper, as well as paint fabrics and clothes. Yes, these are all markers! We receive them as a gift in childhood and use them in adulthood to highlight text, create a picture or postcard, to color in anti-stress coloring books.

But in order for creativity to be useful and enjoyable, you need to choose high-quality materials. And in the ranking, I will introduce you not only to popular sets of felt-tip pens, but also help you choose the best of them. And I will also show the technique of drawing with felt-tip pens.

Features and varieties of marker sets

We have been familiar with the set of felt-tip pens since childhood. They differ in color saturation and are intended for drawing and writing. And even all the familiar markers also belong to the category of felt-tip pens, they just have a wider writing rod.

The felt-tip pen itself consists of: a body, a plug, a rod, a coloring pigment and a cap. And the base is:

Alcoholic It is applied to any material and is resistant to abrasion.
One To work on paper. There are no smooth transitions and color mixing.
Acrylic Used for outdoor and decorative work. A smooth transition and blending of color can be achieved. Forms a film resistant to water.
Oily Used on ceramics, glass, concrete and rubber. Used in car repair shops and construction.
Chalky Based on liquid colored chalk, easily washed off with water.

In general, markers can be used not only for drawing on paper, as you could already understand from the table above. Modern sets of felt-tip pens have different purposes:

  • for highlighting fragments of text (markers with a wide nose);
  • general purpose are water or alcohol based;
  • artistic or professional for painting, graffiti or sketching, with bright colors and UV-resistant;
  • industrial used in aggressive environments and necessary for marking.

Marker set rating


This set of alcohol felt-tip pens is double-sided. On the one hand, a thin brush-like tip, giving a line 1-2 mm thick. On the other hand, a thickened marker, giving a line of 6-7 mm. The basis of alcohol allows you to use the set for different surfaces, including for painting on glass. The rectangular shape does not allow rolling off the table. You can determine the color of the marker by the cap, and each has a number. You can buy missing or dried colors one by one. Gamma depends on the set. When painting, the colors are mixed. There is no smooth transition.

Qty per set 60
Rod (mm) 1/6
Peculiarities bilateral
  • sealed cap;
  • comfortable to hold in hand;
  • double-sided and you can make different lines.
  • high price;
  • Not all colors are saturated.

In general, I liked the set. It is convenient for them to draw and highlight text, the box is stable and compact. But I just think it’s overpriced. For example, the black marker is not quite contrasting, and some colors are slightly saturated.

Faber-Castell Connector

Children’s set with bright colors. Each cap has a clip in which you can clip another felt-tip pen. Thus, they are not lost and the child has a field for creativity. The set is placed in a metal glass, which can later be used on the table as a stand. The rod is thin, but able to withstand pressure up to 3 kg. Therefore, your child will not spoil the felt-tip pen. Suitable for right-handers and left-handers. The basis is water and safe, as it is made on natural dyes. But because of this feature, there is no mixing effect and creating a new color. Although this is more than compensated by a rich and bright range. If your child has shown his creativity on clothes or interior items, then you can easily wash it all off with water.

Faber-Castell Connector
Qty per set 45
Rod (mm) 0.5-1
Peculiarities washable
  • drawings are washed off with water;
  • rich gamma;
  • convenient glass for storage;
  • can be played with snaps.
  • very thin rod.

Pretty bright set. An interesting solution with clips that keep my child occupied while drawing and he shows more interest in creativity. More clips allow you to fasten the right amount and take it with you without a pencil case. But the brush is very thin and looks more like a capillary pen. It’s not exactly suitable for toddlers.

Many people try to give a second life to dry felt-tip pens. But you shouldn’t do it. Adding alcohol or water will only lead to blots, but will not reanimate the product.

Faber-Castell Castle

The ink of this set of felt-tip pens is water-based. That is why they are safe for babies and can be easily washed from clothes. Can be used not only on paper, but also on wood and cardboard. The thin felt tip can withstand pressure up to 3 kg. The set can become indispensable in the creativity and development of a young child. When creating a background, it streaks, since the base is water.

Faber-Castell Castle
Qty per set 36
Rod (mm) 1-2
Peculiarities No
  • bright and wide range;
  • impact-resistant tip, which is convenient for babies;
  • safe for health;
  • Washes easily from almost all fabrics.

We have been buying art supplies from this brand for a long time. They are high quality and inexpensive. The child likes the set for rich colors and for the scope for creativity.

Junlandia “Drawing Lessons” (151416)

Felt pens are designed for children’s creativity. They are non-toxic and water-based, so they can be easily washed off clothes and washed off hard, non-porous surfaces. The color scheme is rich and suitable for creating juicy drawings. They can create lines of 1 mm, so the set is also suitable for writing. The writing tip does not fray and withstand pressure, so it does not sink into the body.

Junlandia “Drawing Lessons” (151416)
Qty per set 12, 24
Rod (mm) 2.1
Peculiarities washable
  • value for money;
  • bright palette;
  • They don’t dry out for a long time if used properly.

This is not the first time I buy this set of felt-tip pens for children. I like the affordable price and acceptable quality. It is convenient to write and draw with markers, draw contours and paint small details of coloring books. There are all the basic colors, as well as some shades. Includes pink and purple.

Maped “Jungle” (845421)

The set is intended primarily for preschool children, as the writing tip is thickened and has a diameter of 2.8 mm. This is convenient for children, as they quickly color the drawing and their hand does not get tired, and interest in creativity does not fade away. The set contains a lot of bright felt-tip pens and only a few dark primary colors: black, brown and purple. There are shades that allow you to expand the horizons of creativity and learn more about the color palette. The pigment is natural, water-based and safe for children. Unwanted art is easily washed off.

Maped “Jungle” (845421)
Qty per set eighteen
Rod (mm) 2.8
Peculiarities for fabric
  • many bright colors and shades;
  • excellent pigmentation;
  • cleans well from all surfaces.
  • the cap does not close until it clicks, so you need to make sure that the felt-tip pen does not dry out.

I decided to buy markers more expensive, hoping for better quality. And I didn’t guess. The set is the best I have ever tried. Very bright and saturated colors that practically do not streak. You can draw thin and thick lines. My daughter draws with it, and I also sometimes use it for anti-stress coloring. Pleased with a set of yellow shades, one of which is neon.

The writing medium got its name from the brand Flo-Master, which means color artist. And the idea was brought from Japan in 1960 by the German company Edding.

Carioca Perfume (42672)

A set of felt-tip pens from an Italian manufacturer is standard in terms of colors, but the difference lies in the fact that each marker has its own flavor. There is a smell of fruits, chocolate, lavender, mint and vanilla. Thus, the child enters the world of fantasy and implements his ideas on paper. It is more fun for him to spend time drawing and learning colors, he associates them with aroma. Thanks to the tapered nose, you can draw lines of different thicknesses from 1 to 4.7 mm. The kit is absolutely safe and hypoallergenic, and the paints are easily washed off with soapy water.

Carioca Perfume (42672)
Qty per set 12
Rod (mm) 4.7
Peculiarities scented, washable
  • the fragrance stays on paper for a long time;
  • saturated colors;
  • there is a special plug from pushing the tip inward;
  • convenient to use.

In general, I have long been a fan of the Italian brand Carioca, which has proven itself only from the best side. There are many different sets of felt-tip pens in it, and my daughter and I have not tried everything yet. But these are the ones we love the most. My child loves to draw with this set. After all, the picture is not only bright, but also fragrant.

The Italian brand Carioca has another similar Perfume Stamp set, but each marker has a stamp on the top. The body itself is slightly thicker, which is convenient for kids.

What to look for when choosing a set of felt-tip pens?

It seems that you can choose a set by price and scale. But in fact, in order for him to give the joy of creativity, you should pay attention to other equally important parameters.

First, it is worth deciding on the direction of use of felt-tip pens. As I said at the very beginning, they are different: for paper, fabric and other surfaces. If you are planning to draw with a child, then look at water-based felt-tip pens with good pigmentation. This type is also durable.

Secondly, an important point is the thickness and shape of the writing tip. There are three thicknesses:

  • thin: 1 to 2 mm;
  • medium: from 4 to 10 mm;
  • thick: from 10 mm.

For small preschool children, it is better to choose thick ones, and then gradually move to medium ones.

Third, pay attention to the fibers of the tip. They must be well pressed, which will allow them not to become shabby over time and not to give blots when creating a picture.

Fourth, give preference to a case made of polypropylene, not polystyrene. It is he who is more durable and retains moisture well inside, which means that the marker will not harm the child, and the ink will retain its brightness for a long time.

A properly selected set for creativity will allow your child to reveal their talents, create on a full scale, and you will not worry about damaged things. High-quality markers are easy to wash off and safe for health, and you need to buy them only in specialized stores so as not to get a fake. I wish you new creative discoveries and creation of masterpieces. And don’t be afraid to create and create!

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