TOP 5 best ducks: rating, types, which one to choose, comparison with analogues


In any housewife’s kitchen, you can see different utensils with which you can stew, bake, fry and bake. This allows us not only to cook, but also to truly create masterpieces. Today, not everyone in the house has a duckling, but it allows you to cook meat in its own juice, while maintaining the beneficial properties of the product. In such dishes, the dishes are tender, juicy and appetizing, and most importantly — healthy.

But to enjoy cooking, you need to choose the right tool. Therefore, in the rating, I will talk about the varieties of ducklings, describe their properties and help you choose the best one. And also you will learn about the pros and cons of different materials and shapes of the duck roaster.

Features of ducklings, their shape and material

At its core, the duckling is the same brazier, only having an ellipsoidal shape. And also such dishes must have thick walls. This allows you to simmer the dish in its own juice for a long time, warm air passes through the cooking dish, rises to the lid, where it condenses.

The duckling has several names. Large dishes are called goose, that is, you can put a larger bird in it. And in St. Petersburg, such utensils are called patches from the Lithuanian word, which translates as a boat, which, in principle, conveys the shape of the dishes. In the countries of the Maghreb (Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria) there is a kind of such a brazier and it is called a tagine or tagine. It is a round bowl with a conical lid.

Regardless of the name, the essence is always the same — a long languishing of the product over low heat, by maintaining the temperature of the dishes and evenly distributing heat. The moment of condensation is also important, which makes it possible to cook in your own juice without adding broths and using oil.

Not every material is able to meet such requirements as thermal conductivity, temperature retention and uniform heat distribution. But still ducklings are made from the following materials:

  1. Cast iron. The best option, as it is able to evenly distribute heat and retain heat after turning off the heating element or removing it from the fire. Does not require a non-stick coating, as the products do not burn. But it requires special care so that rust does not go, and such dishes weigh a lot.
  2. Glass. The main competitor of cast iron, since such dishes can be used not only in the oven, but also in the microwave, it can be washed in the dishwasher. And also the duckling has a smooth surface and does not react with acids, so you can use wine and lemon when cooking. Calmly tolerates high temperatures, but is afraid of their changes.
  3. Ceramics. A completely environmentally friendly product, and dishes from it come in different shapes and colors. Evenly distributes heat and allows the dish to languish. But very fragile material.
  4. Aluminum. It is best to use not stamped, but cast aluminum as duck and goose dishes. It is light, heats up quickly, cheap, but oxidizes. Therefore, in such dishes you can not cook food with lemon, vinegar, wine, tomatoes and store food in it. There are, however, models with a coating.
  5. Stainless steel. Most often, such ducklings have the purpose of serving dishes to the table, but not cooking in them. True, there are models made of stainless steel with a copper or aluminum thick bottom. You can cook in these, but there will be no effect of languishing.

When we talk about ducklings and other types of braziers, we mean languor during cooking, and this process is impossible without a lid. Therefore, dishes of such a plan will always be with a lid. Most often made from the same material as the body. It must necessarily be not flat, but convex from the inside, so that the condensate rolls down.

Rating of ducklings

Pyrex O CUISINE 4.5 l

The rectangular duckling dish is made of heat-resistant glass. The lid can be used as a separate container. Its volume is 1.5 liters. The material heats up quickly, it is easy to wash, including in the dishwasher. But such dishes do not like temperature extremes and shocks. And also the glass cools down quickly and the effect of languishing will not be fully here. Although such ducklings are budgetary, easy to handle and are not afraid of sharp objects. Withstands temperatures from -40 to + 300. Can be used in gas and electric ovens, as well as in microwave ovens. The size is suitable for a large family. Because of the pleasant appearance, some housewives use such dishes for table setting.

Pyrex O CUISINE 4.5 l
Dimensions 8.5x19x33
Coating No
Material glass
Peculiarities use in microwave
  • heat-resistant glass, suitable for all types of ovens and microwaves;
  • the lid can be used as a separate container;
  • does not contribute to the burning of the dish;
  • requires a minimum of oil;
  • a budget option.
  • afraid of sudden changes in temperature;
  • do not add water during cooking, as the form will crack.

Kukmara u40a 4 l

The cookware is made of cast aluminum and has a German-made Greblon non-stick coating. It is resistant to water, oil, acid, detergents and abrasives. Therefore, it is safe to use and it can be stewed with lemon, wine, tomatoes. Heats up quickly, economical when used in electric stoves. It has a thick bottom and walls, which allows the dish to languish properly inside. The lid fits snugly into the body. It has a round stainless steel handle on top. Can be used on all stovetops except induction. Bottom thickness 6 mm, walls 4 mm.

Kukmara u40a 4 l
Dimensions 35x24x12
Coating there is
Material aluminum
Peculiarities durable protective coating
  • roomy, as it is designed for 4 kg;
  • quickly gains temperature and evenly warms up;
  • affordable price;
  • there is a safe cover;
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher;
  • quality materials.

Mallony KV28 4.5 l

Medium-sized cast-iron roaster with a massive lid. An internal volume of 4.5 liters will allow you to safely place a 2 kg chicken. There is no non-stick coating, and since the product is made of cast iron, special care is required. It is necessary to calcine the product, wash it only with warm water without detergents and wipe it dry so that rust does not form. Comfortable handles with slots on the sides. The material is absolutely safe for health, withstands heat and temperature changes. It takes a very long time to heat up, but it also gives off heat for a long time. This effect allows you to cook juicy meat. The lid is rounded on top and the resulting condensate flows back into the container during cooking.

Mallony KV28 4.5 l
Dimensions 33×23.5×14.5
Coating No
Material cast iron
Peculiarities for induction
  • comfortable oval shape;
  • weighs 6 kg, as it should be for cast iron;
  • keeps heat well and the dish languishes properly;
  • comfortable handles with slits.
  • many complain about the appearance of rust, but this is due to improper operation.

Cast iron is demanding in care. He does not like when moisture remains on his surface. This makes it rust. Wash immediately after cooking, do not leave food in it. And be sure to wipe dry.

Biol aluminum G301P 2.5 l

The roaster is made of die-cast aluminum and has a Teflon non-stick coating. The lid inside is made for the grill, but the ribs are shallow. Outside, its bottom is made so that it can be used as a frying pan on the stove. Lies tightly to the base, so when cooking, moisture does not get outside. Compatible with all cooktops except induction. Can be washed in the dishwasher on a gentle cycle. side walls 3.5 mm and bottom 6 mm. This thickness is ideal for stewing. Handles in the form of ears diagonally, not all housewives find this arrangement convenient in everyday life.

Biol aluminum G301P 2.5 l
Dimensions 26×17
Coating teflon
Material aluminum
Peculiarities washing in PMM
  • good workmanship;
  • affordable price;
  • light (weight 1.6 kg);
  • the lid can be used as a grill pan;
  • non-stick coating.

The oval shape of the ducklings and their internal volume are perfect for using them as a bread pan. Cast iron and aluminum products are the best in this regard, as they evenly distribute heat.

Ceramic roaster for roasting poultry 348444, 41.5 cm, pomegranate

The French manufacturer Emile Henry offers a unique 5 liter ceramic roaster. The material is made of high quality clay that does not contain harmful impurities. Glaze resistant to scratches and chips. The main bowl has ribs on the inside, which allows you to lift the dish above the accumulated fat. Due to the shape of the cocoon, natural air circulation occurs and the condensate flows down. Therefore, you do not need to periodically open the lid and pour juice over the meat so that it does not dry out. Very comfortable handles in the form of a hemisphere. The product can withstand temperatures up to 240 degrees. Thanks to its shape and high-quality glaze, the duckling can be used as a table setting.

Ceramic roaster for roasting poultry 348444, 41.5 cm, pomegranate
Dimensions 41.5×27.5×22
Coating glaze
Material ceramics
Peculiarities resistant to chips, scratches
  • high-quality environmentally friendly materials;
  • the form allows you to cook the meat in its own juice and not overdry it;
  • can be used as a table setting;
  • large volume of 5 liters.
  • high price.

How to choose the right duckling?

I would say that ducklings are an underestimated dish, which is used less and less by housewives. In fact, this kind of braziers can greatly facilitate the work in the kitchen and help prepare very tasty and, most importantly, healthy dishes. In them, you can not only stew and bake poultry, but also cook pilaf, steam various cereals, stew vegetables, bake bread and much more. It is important that during cooking, vegetables, meat and fish languish in their own juice and do not need to be watered or added to the broth, well, unless in extreme cases.

When choosing, you should pay attention to several parameters:

  1. The form. The classic oval allows you to cook the bird, as if back to back. It is difficult to add vegetables to this form. But in a rectangular one, both meat and vegetables will fit, and it is also convenient to cook pies in it.
  2. Volume. The internal volume allows you to invest more ingredients. This is important if you have a large family. Approximately count that one liter falls on one person.
  3. Material. Classic ducklings are made of thick-walled and heavy cast iron, but not all housewives know how to care for such dishes. As an alternative, you can look at ceramics or glass.
  4. Lid shape. It is best if it is convex, which allows condensation to form and drain to the bottom of the main bowl.
  5. Grill cover. A cookware innovation that allows you to use the lid as a grill pan. Most often not as functional as it seems at first glance.
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