Top 10 Mouthwash Rating: For Healthy Gums and Teeth


Mouthwashes are special liquids for oral hygiene, gentle care of gums and teeth. They cannot replace brushing with toothpaste, but when used in combination, they enhance its effectiveness and keep the effect of fresh breath longer. Although rinse aids also come in powder form, liquids are more practical, as they can be used almost anywhere, no additional preparation is required. Here we look at the best mouthwashes that strengthen the gums and do not harm sensitive teeth.

The best rinses for gums

LISTERINE Expert Protection

The Italian gum rinse has earned the title of an effective caring liquid that fights dangerous bacteria and dissolves plaque. The liquid easily penetrates into hard-to-reach areas of the interdental space and provides delicate care for the gums and teeth. Menthol essential oil, eucalyptus and thymol are responsible for the antiseptic effect, eliminate bleeding, soothe inflamed tissues and remove bad breath by 70%. With regular use, it is possible to achieve lightening of the enamel by several tones.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Mint
Purpose With bleeding
Compound Essential oils menthol, thymol, methyl salicylate and eucalyptol


  • greatly freshens breath;
  • pronounced anti-inflammatory effect;
  • prevents the formation of plaque;
  • reduces tooth sensitivity;
  • fights harmful bacteria;
  • promotes gum healing;
  • pleasant aftertaste.


  • it is recommended to use no longer than 14 days in a row;
  • a little stings, you need to get used to it.

Review: “Good rinse, not very harsh taste. Already tired of too minty, that already bitterness appears. I recommend buying this one.»

FOREST BALM For inflammation of the gums

Therapeutic and prophylactic mouthwash, which is often prescribed by dentists for complaints of bleeding, inflammation or pain in the gums. The effective composition of the product based on herbal ingredients (cedar oil, extracts of sage, fir, nettle, chamomile) help stop inflammation and accelerate tissue regeneration. The rinse does not contain alcohol and other irritants for the mucous membrane, tooth enamel. The product is characterized by pronounced bactericidal and hemostatic properties.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste sage
Purpose Bleeding, tooth sensitivity
Compound Extracts of fir, resin, juniper, sage, pine nut oil and aloe juice


  • does not cause unwanted reactions;
  • no chemical aftertaste;
  • economically spent, enough for a long time;
  • quickly and effectively removes inflammation of the gums;
  • helps with bleeding;
  • freshens breath.


  • sharp taste of sage;
  • there may be a burning sensation on the tongue.

Review: “The most common, popular and overall best natural mouthwash. I use it regularly, the blood really practically does not go when brushing my teeth, the enamel has become stronger, the sensitivity to sweet and cold has disappeared.

SPLAT Medicinal herbs

A natural rinse that can be prescribed even for children. It is intended for continuous preventive use, in which case the remedy prevents the development of most diseases of the oral cavity. It contains many medicinal herbs that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Thanks to a special combination of lactic ferments and licorice extract, a surface film is formed that protects against caries and prevents plaque. The composition does not contain harmful or questionable components, including synthetic substances.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Mint herbal
Purpose With bleeding, strengthening of enamel, whitening
Compound Chamomile, Sage, Sea Buckthorn, Hawthorn Extracts, Calcium Lactate, Papaya Enzyme


  • without fluorine;
  • perfectly cleans interdental spaces;
  • does not burn much;
  • fresh breath;
  • natural composition.


  • strongly foams in the mouth;
  • not everyone likes a specific taste.

Review: “A wonderful mouthwash, don’t worry, it’s still the same Splat, but with a new bottle design. I love this children’s mouthwash, although it is equally effective for adults. I especially like that the price is quite reasonable.

COLGATE PLAX Medicinal Herbs

Budget and effective liquid for comprehensive care of gums and teeth. The rinse covers all areas of the oral cavity, removing various contaminants and enhancing the effect of the toothbrush. It washes away a significant part of the microbes, and kills the other part, which is facilitated by sage extract, which is a well-known antiseptic. The product fights plaque, restores gums, strengthens tooth enamel. With regular use, it guarantees protection against caries, prevents soft tissue bleeding and blocks inflammation.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Eucalyptus
Purpose With bleeding, strengthening of enamel
Compound Extracts of chamomile, sage, myrrh, eucalyptus


  • sold almost everywhere, including in ordinary supermarkets;
  • strong anti-inflammatory effect;
  • has a hemostatic effect;
  • provides a pleasant smell from the mouth;
  • already after several uses, the gum heals.


  • only sold in 250 ml containers;
  • specific herbal smell.

Feedback: “I recommend it as an alternative to expensive analogues. It’s good, but it’s too sweet for me.»


A complete solution for the care of teeth, gums and tongue. Buyers say that if you constantly use it, the enamel becomes lighter. This rinse aid fights most causes of bad breath, leaving you feeling fresh for hours. It helps to get rid of bleeding gums, eliminate inflammation and irritation of the mucous membrane. The active formula is known for being able to kill most pathogenic microbes. Strengthening and nourishing properties are noticed, the gums become healthier.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste fir
Purpose With bleeding, strengthening of enamel
Compound Castor oil, extracts of ginseng root, nettle, achillea


  • prevents caries;
  • does not dry the mucous membrane;
  • most buyers like the taste;
  • liquid consistency that does not foam very much;
  • leaves a pleasant smell for a long time.


  • the taste is similar to the product with forest herbs;
  • when there is little left, it is inconvenient to use, the vial may leak.

Review: «Causes a very pleasant sensation, quickly relieves inflammation of the gums.»

Rating of rinses for sensitive teeth

BIOREPAIR 4-action mouthwash

Expensive tooth rinse with a high-quality composition to reduce the sensitivity of enamel, restore it and eliminate pathogenic bacteria. The presence of zinc ions in the composition guarantees a pronounced antibacterial effect. Thus, the liquid not only removes the unpleasant odor, but also fights the causes of its appearance. Rinsing agent is an effective prevention of caries. Due to the ideal density of the agent, it creates a protective film on the surface of the mucous membrane. Already after 1 week of use, it is possible to achieve a decrease in the sensitivity of the teeth.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Sweet strawberry
Purpose With sensitivity of teeth, with tartar, strengthening of enamel
Compound Hydroxyapatite with zinc ions


  • hydroxyapatite fills microscopic cracks, preventing the formation of caries;
  • strong antiseptic;
  • removes yellowing of enamel;
  • the composition does not contain alcohol and fluoride, so the rinse can be given to children;
  • no need to rinse;
  • nice smell.


  • it is not recommended to swallow, so it will not work for babies under 3 years old;
  • high price.

Review: “Simply the best mouthwash for sensitive teeth. It removes inflammation, for me it is a salvation. A big bottle lasts a long time.

SPLAT Ultracomplex

Complete mouthwash creates pleasant, fresh breath that lasts for hours. The tool creates a protective shell that prevents the formation of caries and plaque. It takes care of the condition of the gums, has an anti-inflammatory effect. The composition is 98% natural. A unique complex of bromelain enzyme and bifidobacteria lysate enhances local immunity, brightens enamel by several tones and reduces tooth sensitivity to irritants.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Mint
Purpose With tooth sensitivity, enamel strengthening, whitening
Compound Essential oils of clove and fennel, sage, bromelain enzyme, bifidobacteria lysate


  • pronounced antibacterial action;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • blocks the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath;
  • fights caries;
  • convenient packaging;
  • acceptable price.


  • the taste is quite strong, not everyone will like it;
  • almost imperceptible whitening effect.

Review: “A decent conditioner in a convenient package with a pleasant taste and a feeling of freshness. It is moderately liquid, so the tool is easy to use.

ELMEX Sensitive

High-quality rinse for hypersensitive teeth, which will become an effective assistant in daily hygiene. When used in combination with the toothpaste of the same name, it reduces sensitivity, enhances the anti-caries effect and strengthens the enamel. It comes as a ready-made liquid that does not need to be mixed, and the procedure itself takes only 30 seconds. The composition contains a protective polymer that forms a bifunctional film.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Mint
Purpose For tooth sensitivity
Compound Potassium fluoride, aminofluoride


  • large volume;
  • closes the dentinal tubules, upon contact with which discomfort appears;
  • effective protection against caries;
  • economically spent;
  • very refreshing;
  • mild taste without alcohol.


  • the effect will become noticeable when used with branded toothpaste;
  • contains fluorine.

Review: «Elmex rinse along with toothpaste is great help, especially for those who wear braces.»


BDIH COSMOS Natural Certified Natural Rinse. It is based on medicinal herbs, including extracts of juniper, cloudberries, needles, mint. They provide a powerful antibacterial effect, quickly remove plaque, have an anti-inflammatory effect and fight bacteria that cause bad breath. These products block the development of caries, are the prevention of gum disease, remove plaque and reduce tooth sensitivity.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Tibetan herbs
Purpose With tooth sensitivity, with tartar
Compound Extracts of juniper, cloudberry, pine needles, mint


  • natural composition;
  • does not burn in the mouth;
  • certificate of the European organization COSMOS, specializing in organic cosmetics;
  • mild taste, not very pronounced;
  • feeling of freshness for a long time.


  • specific herbal taste;
  • at first, the feeling that the liquid is slightly soapy.

Feedback: «It copes with its tasks, the effect is very long-lasting.»


Two-component rinse agent of domestic production, which is prescribed for preventive and therapeutic purposes. The product has 3 most noticeable actions: fights inflammation, kills harmful microbes and analgesic effect. Immediately after rinsing the mouth, the pain becomes less pronounced. The natural formula without alcohol, fluoride, dyes and other questionable additives makes the rinse safe and suitable for daily oral hygiene.

Characteristic Meaning
Taste Mint
Purpose With tooth sensitivity, with bleeding
Compound Menthol, benzydamine hydrochloride, chlorhexidine bigluconate


  • reduces inflammatory processes;
  • removes bleeding gums;
  • does not burn during rinsing;
  • pleasant aftertaste;
  • the feeling of freshness lasts for a long time.


  • the course should not exceed 14 days;
  • big expense.

Review: “I love this rinse, but it’s better to dilute it with water, otherwise the tongue becomes very numb. Cleans well, removes sensitivity, really works.

What is the best mouthwash?

When choosing a mouthwash, you need to consider:

  • Purpose. There are formulations to reduce tooth sensitivity, eliminate bleeding gums, whiten, fight tartar and freshen breath.
  • Compound. Products based on decoctions of herbs fight bacteria in the oral cavity, analogues with chloride have an anti-inflammatory effect and are effective in removing plaque. Liquids with chlorhexidine are known for their antiseptic properties. Essential oil rinses are ideal for daily care, they create a biofilm to protect teeth and kill dangerous bacteria.
  • Taste. Many products have a herbal, or rather mint flavor. However, they differ greatly in severity, some are so strong that they burn in the mouth.
  • Value for money, quality and volume. There are cheap goods on the market with acceptable quality, but ideally, you should prefer analogues of the middle price category. More expensive rinses are recommended for specific needs or advanced conditions.

The ranking lists the best and most effective mouthwashes that can strengthen the gums and eliminate tooth hypersensitivity. They have a safer and more natural composition, reasonable price, there are quality certificates.

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