Top 10 fashion accessories for the modern girl


Nowadays, it is easy to become stylish by having trendy, time-appropriate accessories in your wardrobe. Regardless of the season, it is important to choose a few key elements that will complement the image. Bags, sandals, headbands and some others will make any outfit complete and expressive.
Fashionable accessories:

ten Wide waist belt

A belt is a stylish wardrobe item for all time. The belt at the waist instantly defines the figure, creating an elegant silhouette. This accessory can be used at any time of the year and with any item of clothing. Belts can be worn with dress pants, dresses or skirts. To get a very stylish monochrome look, you need to choose a belt to match the whole outfit. A high-quality belt will serve its owner for many years and will be an indispensable assistant.

9 Shapeless soft clutch

According to the latest trends, the most beautiful bag for the coming seasons will be a soft clutch. It was originally designed by a famous brand as a great and amazing accessory. These bags are great to carry around because they are quite roomy. At the same time, they look like a small stylish pillow.

eight Bag — bucket

There is nothing better than having a handbag that fits absolutely all the necessary things. Such bags were in fashion in the last century, but fashion is cyclical, and here they are again at the peak of popularity. As for colors, you can pick up a bag of neutral shades for classic looks, but if you want something more daring, then there are acid colors: pink, raspberry, lime. Or maybe blue? With this accessory, you can create a great variety of stylish images.

7 Square toe shoes

Fashion comes and goes, but one more pair of sandals never hurts. Shoes, ballet shoes, sandals with square toes look very advantageous on the leg. They visually lengthen the silhouette. Bright colors will dilute a boring casual dress, and classic black sandals can be worn under a suit and go to work.

6 big chain

Whether it’s autumn, winter or summer, the image will be incomplete without jewelry around the neck. There is no single rule with what to wear them: with a sweater, a jacket or with a basic T-shirt. You can choose the option with super-volume links, or you can choose a more classic version.

5 Solokha bandages and hoops

It would seem that they are fashionable, but since this season, large headbands and hoops could be seen at all fashion shows. This accessory looks simple and stylish both with loose hair and with a simple hairstyle. There are many different ways to combine them depending on the model and shape.

four Sunglasses with colored frames

If the sun has already activated on the street, then you need to protect your eyes with a stylish accessory. Sunglasses with a bright eye-catching frame can give the image a charismatic look. You can choose any shape, color of the frame and glass, but animal print is at the peak of popularity.

3 Purse on a bag

Why is there a wallet attached to the belt of the bag? Everything is simple. This is a modern trend inspired by fashion houses from Europe. You can put coins, headphones or even lipstick in a small wallet. This bright element of the wardrobe can be chosen in any color and size. A bag for a woman will always be the perfect option to dilute a simple outfit.

2 Large hoop earrings

Large ear rings were already in vogue in the 80s. And now they’re back. Earrings can spice up any look. Even a basic T-shirt and jeans with the help of hoop earrings will become not the image of a teenager, but a stylish business lady. These earrings are best worn with tied hair.

one Rough boots

With the onset of cold weather, you should definitely think about purchasing shoes for the autumn-winter season. Feet should always be warm. At the peak of popularity now are boots with a rough, voluminous sole. Thanks to their comfortable heel height and rubber platform, they are easy to pair with jeans and trousers, or with dresses or chiffon skirts for a more elegant look. Wearing these shoes, you can arrange an evening walk around the city.

All these accessories allow a woman to become a real fashionista. But it is worth remembering that you do not need to implement everything from this list into your image at once.


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