TOP 10 best unisex perfumes: rating, prevailing notes, reviews


Unisex perfumes are great for both genders. If in women’s perfumes the emphasis is on floral notes, and in men’s — on tobacco and woody, then in unisex perfumes the main emphasis is shifted and it is not clear who exactly this toilet water is intended for.

Usually unisex perfumes are light, sharp and unobtrusive. They often have a small price, because they are aimed at young people. In this article I will talk about the best perfume for both sexes, their features and characteristics, selection criteria in perfume shops.

unisex perfume rating


This fragrance is versatile. It is suitable for both women and men. Belongs to the family of citrus, fougere aromas. The iconic fragrance has been produced since 1994 and is still popular with consumers.

Top notes are composed of pineapple, mandarin, bergamot. In the middle, you can hear jasmine, violet and nutmeg. The heart notes are sandalwood, white cedar, musk and green tea. The sillage sounds like woody accords that complete this unusual fragrance. These perfumes embody youth, freedom, lightness and sensuality.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family Citrus, fougere
Notes Top — pineapple, tangerine, papaya; medium — nutmeg, violet, jasmine, lily of the valley; base — sandalwood, musk, white cedar
  • great bottle design
  • fresh aroma;
  • inexpensive.

I love this perfume. Its fresh, light, unobtrusive smell attracts. Eau de toilette is quite persistent. Great bottle design. For me, this is a versatile perfume for everyday use.

Universal perfumes are usually distinguished by neutral packaging, a discreet bottle so that it is impossible to determine gender. But, like everywhere, there are exceptions.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 02

The perfume consists of only one deep note — ambroxan, which is somewhat different from classic perfumes. This molecule is identical to natural ambergris used as an aphrodisiac. The scent is almost invisible on the skin. It is seductive, light, unobtrusive. Belongs to the Oriental family. It has been produced since 2008 and has already managed to win an army of fans.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family Oriental
Notes Ambroxan
  • beautiful bottle design
  • persistent smell;
  • unsharp, not alcoholic.

Pleasant, unsharp, modern fragrance. Long lasting, stays on me for a long time. On things sounds even after several washes. Even my young man began to use them sometimes, he liked them. It’s pricey, of course, but it’s really worth it.

Escentric Molecules Escentric 01

Stylish, energetic perfume belongs to the woody, floral family. The fragrance has been produced since 2006. Unisex perfumes are suitable for creative, talented, modern girls and guys.

A feature of perfume is that they are revealed differently on different skins. The fragrance is based on the iso e super molecule with a pheromone effect. Also, there are notes of iris, lemon and pink pepper. The perfume is fresh, floral, deep.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family Woody, floral
Notes Iris, amalfi lemon, pink pepper, iso e super
  • persistent aroma;
  • pleasant;
  • there is no sharpness;
  • beautiful bottle.
  • not detected.

I have been using this perfume for many years now. Until I found an equal. It even happened that strangers came up and asked for the name of the perfume, although I splash them quite modestly. Long lasting, stays on for more than a day.

Franck Boclet Cocaine

Unisex perfumes have been produced since 2017. The original perfume sounds great on men and women. Pleasant, fougere aroma is felt with orange and caramel in the top notes. In the middle one you can hear an orchid and a lily. The fragrance ends with sensual notes of patchouli and sweet vanilla. Perfume embodies passion, originality, freedom.

Type of Perfume
Family Wine glass
Notes Top — orange, caramel; medium — lily, orchid; base — vanilla, patchouli
  • pleasant train;
  • persistent;
  • amazing aroma;
  • unsharp.

I am in awe of these perfumes. They are truly unisex. Despite the brutality, shades of femininity are felt in the fragrance. I don’t regret for a second that I bought them. Long lasting, nice sillage.

Any perfume is best stored in a cool, dark place.

Mancera Red Tobacco

The French product has been produced since 2017. Eau de Parfum has a sensual, enveloping fragrance that belongs to the spicy, woody family. The top notes are cinnamon, incense and saffron. Middle notes are patchouli with jasmine. The base is musk, amber and Cuban tobacco.

Type of Eau de parfum
Family woody, spicy
Notes Top — cinnamon, saffron, frankincense; medium — jasmine, patchouli; base — tobacco, musk, amber
  • persistent train;
  • pleasant, multifaceted aroma;
  • unfolds differently throughout the day.

A stunning, robust unisex fragrance with incredible longevity. Long train about a meter in the open air. For such an effect, it is enough to spray perfume once and that is a lot. The smell is reminiscent of Tom Ford «Tobacco, Vanilla».

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

Unisex Eau de Parfum is suitable for both sexes. The fragrance belongs to the group of oriental, floral. The top notes are saffron and jasmine. The middle notes are amber and ambergris. The heart notes are spruce resin and white cedar. Produced since 2014. The bottle is made in gold color with a red insert.

Type of Eau de parfum
Family Oriental, floral
Notes Top — jasmine, saffron; medium — amber, ambergris; base — resin, cedar
  • amazing aroma;
  • persistent;
  • economical consumption.

This scent is perfect for me. It is unisex, which means it will suit girls too. My wife also likes the smell, she says that the plume is simply amazing. Perfume resistant, and for this a couple of drops are enough. The aroma is tart, with a pleasant sweetness.

Nasomatto Black Afgano

Unusual unisex perfume was released in 2009. The fragrance belongs to the family of woody, fougere. Suitable for people with a strong, firm character. The basis of the aroma is made up of notes of hemp. The middle notes are pitch, coffee and tobacco. The base is incense and oud. The smell is rich and multifaceted, attracts intellectual, creative natures.

Type of Perfume
Family Woody, fougere
Notes Upper — hemp; medium — resin, coffee, tobacco; base — oud, incense
  • persistent aroma;
  • great for the cold season;
  • stylish, original bottle.

Bold, warm scent. Amazing, smoky, long lasting scent. It seems to me that it is best suited for cold weather, since it will “suffocate” in the summer. The sillage opens for about an hour and lasts almost a day. The bottle is also stylish and unusual. The lid is made of ebony wood, which is rare.

MONTALE Chocolate Greedy

The unisex French fragrance has been in production since 2009 and is great for men and women. Perfume belongs to the gourmet, oriental, spicy family. The chocolate aroma differs from competitors in the absence of cloying sweetness and harshness. The perfume composition is made up of notes of cocoa, coffee and beans, orange and vanilla.

Type of Eau de parfum
Family gourmet
Notes Coffee, cocoa, tonka bean, bitter orange, vanilla, dried fruit
  • sweet aroma;
  • persistent;
  • interesting bottle design.

A pleasant aroma that attracts everyone’s attention. Unisex perfume is very persistent, amazing train. Perfume stays on clothes for several days, and on the skin for about a day. I think that it will not work for the summer, because it will be «stuffy».

Not all common scents are appropriate for work or a business meeting. But, a unisex perfume is suitable for all occasions. This is their advantage.

BYREDO Bal d’Afrique

The brand was founded in 2006. The unisex fragrance embodies passion, warmth and romance. This is how the creator sees African culture. Top notes are lemon and bergamot. Middle notes are violet and jasmine. Amber finishes.

Type of Eau de parfum
Family Oriental, woody
Notes Top — lemon, bergamot, blackcurrant; medium — violet, jasmine; base — amber, musk
  • persistent;
  • unusual;
  • economical consumption;
  • stands out from the crowd.

I have been using this perfume for a long time. Once my husband gave them to me for one of the holidays, since then they have been my favorite. The smell is very individual and cannot be compared with anything else. It’s sweet, but not fresh or cloying. Definitely stands out in the crowd.

Tom Ford Oud Wood

The unisex scent is great for both genders. It belongs to the group of woody, oriental. The composition is made up of notes of vanilla, sandalwood, cardamom and amber. Perfume has been produced since 2007 and quickly gained popularity among consumers. The smell is warm, sensual, incomparable.

Type of Eau de parfum
Family Oriental, woody
Notes Cardamom, sandalwood, vanilla, amber
  • nice smell;
  • persistent;
  • unusual.

Amazing scent, unique. It sounds different on women and men. My husband uses them, but sometimes I splash too. Incense, vanilla and spices are strongly felt. Expensive, but it’s a brand and it’s worth it.

Pros and cons

Creating unisex compositions is a complex procedure. After all, it is not so easy to make a fragrance that would suit both a fragile girl and a brutal man. Unisex perfumes have some advantages and disadvantages as described below:

pros Minuses
Universal, appropriate for any occasion due to the lightness, freshness of the aroma. Perfect for formal celebrations and evening walks. With the help of unisex perfumes, it is unlikely that it will be possible to emphasize brutality, or, conversely, femininity.
Convenient, especially for couples, for spouses who can use one fragrance for two. It is economical and close.
Usually a unisex perfume has a loyal price tag.

Basically, such fragrances are suitable for young people, but it happens that older people also prefer unisex perfumes.

How to choose

Choosing the right fragrance is important not only for a unisex fragrance, but also for any other perfume. If you do everything right, the smell will become your calling card and will be associated with you by others. Therefore, when choosing a perfume, pay attention to the following parameters:

Type of perfume Perfume is divided into perfumes, eau de parfum and eau de toilette. The first option is the most persistent, since the composition contains about 30% essential oils. Perfume lasts up to 12 hours, they are very persistent and have a long train.

Perfumery water already contains a little less essential oils — about 13%. Characterized by durability and economical consumption.

Eau de toilette is the least persistent, but it’s affordable and doesn’t have a harsh scent.

Types of fragrances Odors are divided into four types:

  • greenery, which is associated with a bright, unsharp aroma;
  • fruit and flower;
  • woody, associated with warm, soft, subtle aromas;
  • oriental, characterized by a sweet smell, appropriate in the evening or in the cold season.
Notes Responsible for the sound, the disclosure of perfume. The upper sounds immediately after application, are characterized by sharpness. Further, middle notes are heard, characterized by softness and durability up to five hours. The heart notes, the base affect the trail, which lasts a very long time.

You will immediately hear your perfect scent. Now you can always try on perfume in stores using testers. It is enough to apply a drop of perfume on the wrist, here the smell is revealed best.

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