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The sorter is one of the most useful educational toys that every child should have. With it, the baby will be able to learn the basic geometric shapes, colors, develop fine motor skills. Technically, sorters are a container with figured holes, each of which fits only one of the molds included in the kit.

A huge number of a wide variety of sorters are now on the shelves of toy stores, so it can be extremely difficult for young parents to choose the right toy that is suitable for the baby by age. Often a situation arises when a gift is too simple or difficult for a child, which is why he refuses to play with it. Compiling this rating, I aimed to help readers understand the variety of products on the market, and choose a toy that will be most useful for the child.

Rating of the best sorters

Fisher-Price Magic Pot

Sorter in the form of a pot with a lid, decorated with a picture of a smiling face. On the sides of the toy, 5 holes are cut: a circle, a square, a triangle, a heart and an asterisk. Each of them has its own figure of the corresponding form, on which a number from 1 to 5 is drawn.

When the mold is placed in the correct hole, the pot gives a motivating message. The model has two modes of operation: for studying numbers and forms. They are switched using the lever on the central panel of the sorter. When you press the nose of the pot, it sings a song or makes a funny sound. The toy runs on three AA batteries.

Material Plastic
Number of figures 5 pieces
Shape type Geometric, with numbers
Age from 6 months
Additional functions Educational messages, light signals
  • Bright design;
  • Easy to learn for young children;
  • Easy to open;
  • Interactive;
  • Allows you to study geometric shapes, colors and numbers.
  • Needs batteries to work.

The child enjoys playing with the sorter. Learned the names of shapes and colors. Very comfortable figurines, bright, safe. I like the size, because they do not fit in the mouth) Very cool and educational toy. I advise everyone!

Do not forget that each child has its own character. Most toddlers love the talking potty, but some can be intimidating.

Polissya Logical tower

The sorter from the Belarusian company «Polesye» is made of high-quality odorless plastic. It is supplied with a set of 4 animal figurines: a red bear with a square base, a yellow hare with a triangle base; a blue piglet with a round base, and a yellow cat with a cruciform base. The figures get into their «rooms» in the house through the holes in the roof — for this, the child needs to press the appropriate button on the body of the toy.

You can get the molds through the doors on the sides of the sorter. They are unlocked and locked with keys, the color and shape of which match the shape of the figure for which the compartment is intended.

Material Plastic
Number of figures 4 things
Shape type Geometric, with animal heads
Age From 3 years
Additional functions Lockable doors with a set of keys
  • Thanks to the presence of keys and lockable doors, it promotes the development of fine motor skills;
  • Helps to learn the names of geometric shapes, animals, colors;
  • Made in the form of a house, can be used for different games.
  • A set of 4 figures is likely to be too simple for a three-year-old child.

Strong thick plastic, nothing broke off in a few months, although the house flew around the room. The paint on the muzzles after active chewing did not come off at all. We still need to grow up to the logic of the toy, but we have already learned how to push the little animals down and try to insert them into place. If anything, the animals can fall down not only by pressing the buttons, but simply by pressing the animals themselves. The keys have not yet been issued, we keep the doors open. We often hide other small toys in the house — we are happy to find them. The toy looks very solid and high quality.

Polissya Cavallino Logic house

Another sorter-house from the Belarusian manufacturer. It has 6 compartments-rooms with lockable doors. Equipped with two sets of molds, 6 pieces each. «Animals» are inserted through the holes in the doors, geometric shapes — through the roof. A color hint will help the child to understand the toy: the door, the key for it, and the figures that fit the corresponding holes are made of plastic of the same color. Paper stickers make the molds more vivid and visual. The model is made of dense, high-quality plastic.

Material Plastic
Number of figures 12 pcs
Shape type Geometric, animal-shaped
Age From 1 year
Additional functions Lockable doors with a set of keys
  • Trains fine motor skills;
  • Helps to learn the names of geometric shapes, fruits and vegetables, animals, colors;
  • Has a universal shape, can act as a house for different toys;
  • Supplied with a spare white key suitable for all doors.
  • A small child will need help opening doors;

Great educational toy! My son takes it out of the shelf every day to play with. We learn colors, shapes, keys, fingers train!

Orion Toys Minibus

The sorter from reliable plastic having the form of the car. The model comes with a set of 6 geometric shapes: square, circle, triangle, hexagon, star and flower. The molds are large enough so that the child could not put them in his mouth. The toy is safe, has no sharp corners. A convenient lid allows the baby to get the figurines on their own without calling mom or dad for help.

Material Plastic
Number of figures 6 pcs
Shape type geometric
Age From 1 year
Additional functions Can be played like a car
  • Bright and attractive;
  • Can be used as a toy car;
  • Easy to open;
  • Inexpensive.
  • Not detected.

The car is straight big, the corners are not scratched anywhere, the door opens. Excellent.

Alatoys 02

Sorter made from natural non-toxic wood. It is made in the form of a box with an easy-to-open retractable lid. The model has 6 holes and comes with a set of 10 figures of different colors. The details are quite large and comfortable, the toy itself is of high quality processing, so that the child will not drive himself a splinter during the game.

Material Wood
Number of figures 10 pieces
Shape type Geometric
Age From 3 years
Additional functions Not
  • Made from natural wood;
  • Easy to open;
  • A set of multi-colored molds will allow you to study not only geometric shapes, but also colors;
  • Well polished.
  • Not the most «catchy» design.

Bright, colorful toy, made of wood, no drips, bumps. Overall, I would recommend purchasing, especially considering the price. Daughter hangs on the toy for a long time.

Red cat Big logic cube

Sorter cube made of reliable, durable plastic. Comes with a set of 18 figures of different colors and shapes. The toy contributes to the development of logical and spatial thinking, motor skills. The figures are large enough for a child, he is guaranteed not to be able to put them in his mouth, but you can take any mold in your hand without problems.

Material Plastic
Number of figures 18 pcs
Shape type Geometric, animal-shaped
Age From 3 years
Additional functions collapsible cube
  • A large set of figurines of various shapes;
  • Helps the child to learn colors;
  • The cube itself can be assembled and disassembled like a puzzle;
  • The toy promotes the development of fine motor skills;
  • Low price.
  • The cube may fall apart with strong pressure.

Large, bright, durable material. The child likes it very much. A worthy toy, did not regret that we bought it.

Raduga Kids Smart chest

The original multifunctional wooden sorter 3 in 1. The set includes 80 geometric shapes: circles, rectangles, triangles and squares in blue, green, red and yellow. They can be sorted by color, laid out in separate drawers of the main chest.

In addition, the kit includes 8 planks with shaped holes, designed to explore shapes and allow you to create different color combinations. With the help of a sorter in the form of a hedgehog and 13 cards with tasks, the kid will learn how to do work according to the existing sample.

The toy develops logical thinking, fine motor skills. All parts are perfectly polished, do not leave splinters behind. The elements included in the set are compactly placed in the drawers of the chest.

Material Wood
Number of figures 80 pcs
Shape type Geometric
Age From 3 years
Additional functions Task cards
  • Made from natural wood;
  • Includes 3 games at once;
  • Qualitatively polished;
  • Useful for the development of fine motor skills;
  • Helps to learn basic geometric shapes and colors;
  • Not detected.

The child is 2.2, he is delighted with this game, he is happy to distribute the figures by color and into houses. It doesn’t quite work out for us, but in general I recommend it, because it develops and develops perseverance, the child is active with us, and he likes to sit with this chest.

K’s Kids House

A soft sorter in the form of a bright house, three walls of which have holes in the shape of a circle, a square and a triangle. On the 4th wall there are rustling shutters covering the image of a boy and a girl. On one of the roof slopes there is a folding soft door designed to extract figures from the sorter, on the second there is a plastic insert with 4 smaller holes in the shape of a circle, square, triangle and star.

The set includes: 3 large soft figures (a ball, a pyramid and a cube), sewn from different fabrics, inside of which there are bells and tweeters, 3 large transparent plastic figures of the same shape that make knocking and rustling sounds, 4 smaller figures made of colored plastic and designed to play with holes on the roof.

Material Textiles with plastic inserts
Number of figures 10 pieces
Shape type Geometric
Age From 1 year
Additional functions Mirror in lid
  • Does not injure the child if he accidentally falls on him;
  • Contains 3 sets of figurines at once;
  • A safe shatterproof mirror is inserted into the lid of the house;
  • Does not lose relevance, can be used by a child as a house for a variety of toys.
  • Soft figures can be squeezed and pushed into holes that are not intended for this.

The house is beautiful and bright. Good quality, no smell. The presence of a large number of different surfaces. Soft figures: a ball, a cube and a pyramid, each has a velvety, silky and rustling surface, like a raincoat fabric. The ball rings, the pyramid squeaks, and the cube rustles. There are small ones in large plastic figures. All fillers rattle differently, have different sizes and colors. Figures for the sorter are made of red, green, blue and purple plastic. The colors are bright, the edges are rounded.

The strength of this sorter is its versatility. In particular, textile and transparent plastic molds perfectly replace rattles.

Tomy Funny Eggs

The original sorter having the form of a box with 6 eggs. The base of each of them has the shape of a geometric figure, so the eggs can only be installed in the holes intended for them. Multi-colored faces are painted on the shells, each with its own emotion. The upper part of the shell is removed, revealing colorful chickens, by clicking on which the child will hear a funny squeak.

Combining shells and chickens, the baby will learn colors, and with the help of parents, he will remember the names of the main emotions. By placing the eggs themselves on a stand, the child will train memory, logical thinking, remember what a square, circle, star, heart, cross and triangle look like.

Material Plastic
Number of figures 6 pcs
Shape type Eggs with a base in the form of geometric shapes
Age From 1 year
Additional functions Built-in tweeters
  • Allows you to study colors, geometric shapes, emotions;
  • Trains memory;
  • Has an original, eye-catching design;
  • The manufacturer uses high-quality dye, so the toy does not fade and does not fade in the sun;
  • Eggs and the box for them are made of durable plastic.
  • Not detected

Pts cool toy) you need to collect and understand the so-called eggs. Inside them are chickens of different colors. Each egg has its own specific emotions, figures. A convenient container for storing toys is also very cool, in the form of an egg pack. In general, we are satisfied.

Learning Resources Berry Pie

One of the most popular and original sorters, made in the form of a pie with a removable lid, under which there is a divider that divides the space of the toy into 5 compartments. The set also includes 60 rubber figures depicting colorful fruits and berries. The child will be able to take them with his hands or with one of two special tweezers — in the second case, the toy will also develop fine motor skills. By placing one of the double-sided inserts on the bottom of the sorter, you can set various sorting criteria, whether it be color, shape, or a combination of both.

Material Plastic, rubber
Number of figures 60 pcs
Shape type Fruit
Age From 3 years
Additional functions Sorting cards
  • original shape;
  • Large set of figurines in 5 colors;
  • Two handy tweezers in a set;
  • The toy develops logical thinking, helps to learn the colors and names of fruits.
  • Not detected.

The best visual aid ever! Each fruit and berry is drawn. Like real ones. The colors are very bright. We studied the score and colors with him. I especially liked the cards, the child will need to turn on the logic. When you ask a child to do it at speed, it starts to get confused, it sharply develops attention.

comparison table

For the convenience of readers, I have compiled a comparative table in which I have collected all the main characteristics of the sorters presented in the rating in a form convenient for comparison.

Model Material Number of figures Shape type Age Additional functions
Fisher-Price Magic Pot plastic 5 pieces Geometric, with numbers from 6 months Educational messages, light signals
Polissya Logical tower Plastic 4 things Geometric, with animal heads From 3 years Lockable doors with a set of keys
Cavallino Logic house Plastic 12 pcs Geometric, animal-shaped From 1 year Lockable doors with a set of keys
Orion Toys Minibus Plastic 6 pcs Geometric From 1 year Can be played like a car
Alatoys 02 Wood 10 pieces Geometric From 3 years Not
Red cat Big logic cube Plastic 18 pcs Geometric, animal-shaped From 3 years collapsible cube
Sorter Raduga Kids Smart chest Wood 80 pcs Geometric From 3 years Task cards
K’s Kids Cabin KA460 Textiles with plastic inserts 10 pieces Geometric From 1 year Mirror in lid
Tomy Funny Eggs Plastic 6 pcs Eggs with a base in the form of geometric shapes From 1 year Built-in tweeters
Sorter Learning Resources Berry Pie Plastic, rubber 60 pcs Fruit From 3 years Sorting cards

What are sorters

Depending on the material of manufacture, there are 3 categories of sorters:

  • plastic;
  • Wooden;
  • Textile printed.

Plastic is the most common material. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, and washes well. Wood is more environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch, but it is important to ensure that it is carefully crafted. Fabric sorters are ideal for babies up to a year old, as the risk of injury with them is minimal.

Most often, sorters are made in the form:

  • Domika;
  • Cars;
  • cube or ball;
  • pot;
  • Bucket.

In addition, many manufacturers now produce toys of the original form, but here you should remember that they must be intuitive for the baby, and excessive originality does not contribute to this.

What to look for when choosing a sorter

In order for the sorter to please the child for a long time, and not to lie in the toy box with a dead weight or become “thrown away” money, parents should carefully consider the choice. In this section, I will give a number of recommendations that will help the reader find the ideal option.

Complexity and age of the child

In order for the child to be able to figure out why such a toy is needed, it must correspond to his age. It is best for a one-year-old baby to offer a model that has 3-5 holes of the most common shapes: round, square, triangular, in the shape of an asterisk, since he will quickly lose interest in something more complex. Models with lots of complex shapes and additional sorting criteria are best left to older children.


Always try to buy only toys from large manufacturers, make purchases in large stores, where you are less likely to purchase counterfeit goods.

If you make a purchase in person, make sure that the toy does not emit an unpleasant odor, that its surface is smooth and will not cause splinters and scratches. Evaluate the size of the molds, because if the child can put them in his mouth, he will do it. Watch as the sorter opens and make sure your child doesn’t get their hand stuck in it or pinch their finger while trying to get the figures. Ask the seller for certificates for the goods, and if he refuses to show them, refrain from buying.

If you plan to place an order via the Internet, be sure to look at the reviews and read the reviews.


A characteristic closely related to the previous one. It is necessary to make sure that the toy does not have sharp edges, places that are easy to scratch. It is also worth checking how the figures fit into the holes. They must pass easily, without getting stuck, otherwise the child will become nervous or quickly lose interest in the toy. On the other hand, each mold should pass only into the hole intended for it. If this condition is not met, the toy will not be useful.

Interactive elements and additional features

Talking sorters with music, lighting and other additional elements are very popular with parents, but keep in mind that the toy should not be overloaded with such functions. If she blinks lights and sings in response to any action of the child, he will quickly get tired and be distracted directly from sorting.

Convenient opening lid

The child should be able to independently put his hand into the sorter and get molds out of it. If the design of the lid is too complicated, then the parents will have to leave their affairs every few minutes and rush to help. So, models of sorter-houses, the doors of which are locked, are unlikely to suit a one-year-old baby, unless you leave them open and hide a bunch of keys until the child grows up a little.

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