Top 10 best cover stitching machines: key features, tips for choosing


In order to finish the edges of knitted fabrics, a stitching machine was developed. She makes a neat line that does not deform the device and stretches along the length. The principle of operation of such a technique will differ from a standard sewing machine: the device produces a chain stitch, suggesting the absence of a bobbin case in its design.

To facilitate the choice of cover stitching machines, a list of the most functional products has been compiled. Among them there are both simple devices and more productive models. When compiling the rating, the purpose of sewing machines, their advantages and disadvantages, expert assessments and user reviews were taken into account.

Rating of the best sewing machines

Elna 444

A convenient model that is designed to process the bottom and neck of knitwear. With all its functionality, it has a small weight (about 7 kg) and compact dimensions. The maximum number of threaded threads is 4: it is also capable of making 2- and 3-needle flat seams, the stitch length varies from 1 to 5 mm. The car is rather simple in operation, in view of easy access to all elements. The device has an attractive design, a large working area, a removable sleeve plate.

Ergonomic shapes and unique features ensure easy and comfortable sewing. The design is equipped with a presser foot pressure regulator on the fabric and a fabric feed differential switch, so you can work with any fabric. Also, the product is equipped with a removable sleeve platform that allows you to process remote places. The ruler on the body will help you accurately measure the required amount of fabric. Longitudinally located thread tension regulators will facilitate access to these areas and simplify equipment setup.

Maximum sewing speed, stitches per minute 1000
Thread tension control Auto
Weight, kg 9
Power consumption, W 110
Design features Pedal, soft case, color coding, detachable arm, thread cutter, automatic looper threading
  • comfort in use;
  • silent operation;
  • build quality;
  • excellent edge processing;
  • nice design;
  • wide functionality.
  • inconvenient thread adjustment.

Great machine for sewing jerseys. I bought it to carry out the processing of the edges of clothes with high quality and quickly. Sews fabrics of various thicknesses. Practically ceased to buy clothes from knitwear in stores.

Janome Cover Pro D Max

A high-speed three-needle machine that incorporates the latest achievements of the Janome brand. The device has a stylish and sleek design. The product easily copes with the work of any complexity. A large working space will make it possible to work with voluminous projects, a removable sleeve panel is indispensable during the processing of the edges of products. Even a beginner can cope with such a product, quick tips on the instrument panel, convenient thread guides that make threading easier will help.

A characteristic feature of the product will be an effective looper thread control system — TLC. This will make it possible to make high-quality stitches on any fabric. Thanks to the device, you do not need to change the settings of the product while sewing on different types of fabric. When, in the process of working with ultra-fine knitwear, contraction or wrinkling occurs, you need to switch the regulator to SOFT. The cover stitcher is also equipped with a presser foot pressure regulator.

Maximum sewing speed, stitches per minute 1000
Thread tension control Manual
Weight, kg 8.1
Power consumption, W 80
Design features Looper thread tension control system, accessory compartment, fabric pressure adjustment, soft case, color coding, detachable arm, thread cutter
  • nice design;
  • thread tension control system;
  • light weight;
  • comfort of use;
  • build quality;
  • comfortable threaders;
  • tissue pressure regulation.
  • no display.

Stylish and comfortable pouch. I would like to note a large working area, a convenient thread tension control system. Now there are no difficulties to make high-quality stitches on products. I am satisfied with everything, I advise you to buy.

Elna easy cover

A modern three-needle cover stitching machine capable of sewing jerseys at high speed. The device has a large working area and stylish design. The device has 14 sewing modes. The maximum sewing speed is 1000 stitches per minute. For ease of use, the product is equipped with the option of differential tissue feed with pressure control. Thread tension and thread trimming are controlled automatically. A removable sleeve platform will make it possible to work even with the narrowest areas — the necks of children’s clothes and sleeves.

Due to the presence of an effective thread control system in the TLC looper, high-quality stitches can be made even on dense fabrics. Now you do not need to change the settings of the cover machine while sewing on different types of fabric. For comfort, a refill color scheme is applied inside the case. LED lighting covers the entire working area. The device in question is distinguished by a system of useful tips and an additional pedal.

Maximum sewing speed, stitches per minute 1000
Thread tension control Auto
Weight, kg 8.7
Power consumption, W 80
Design features Accessory Compartment, Removable Arm, Knife Disable, Thread Cutter, Auto Looper Threading
  • ease of refueling;
  • does not skip stitches;
  • almost silent operation;
  • smooth running;
  • thread cutter;
  • compartment for accessories;
  • auto tension control;
  • several operating modes.
  • slows down at the seams.

Bought this machine 3 months ago. The advantages include a large working area, fairly comfortable control, many varieties of seams. I also note the silent operation. Satisfied with the choice made.

Leader VS 400D

An easy-to-handle product used by professionals and beginners in order to work with thin, dense and elastic fabric. The device has a nice design and good functionality. The stitch length can be adjusted in the range of 1-4 mm, the sewing speed is 1000 stitches/min. A folding platform is installed on the body of the product, covering threading and making it easy enough even for beginners. Regulators for stitch length, presser foot pressure on the fabric help to correctly set up the machine during preparation for work.

The sewing machine helps to sew on elastic bands, braids, hem edges, and make decorative finishes for textile products. The device in question has a large sewing plane, high-speed operation, and can sew with double and triple needles. A bright LED lamp and economical energy consumption will provide high-quality illumination of the working area. The kit comes with a handy needle threader, a special box for accessories.

Maximum sewing speed, stitches per minute 1000
Thread tension control Manual
Weight, kg 7
Power consumption, W 105
Design features Trimming tray, detachable arm platform, cloth pressure adjustment, color coding
  • wide functionality;
  • ease of operation;
  • fast sewing speed;
  • nice design;
  • straight line;
  • build quality;
  • transport comfort.
  • inconvenient design of the presser foot lever.

I reviewed a lot of models of sewing machines, but chose this one. The device is distinguished by excellent lighting, fast sewing speed, even stitching without gaps. I’m happy with everything, I recommend.

Janome Cover Pro 7

Ergonomic sewing machine designed for sewing the bottom and neck of knitwear. Differs in high-quality assembly and comfort of application. Suitable for home and professional purposes. With the help of the integrated presser foot pressure regulator and differential feed, you will get perfectly even seams on any fabric. The product does not need complex settings, it simply adapts to different fabrics.

Threading and color coding of the body help even beginners get used to it faster. Due to the presence of a special switch, the machine is equally effective with different materials. It is equipped with a removable table, 4 auxiliary legs are included in the package. It also comes with a soft storage case and important accessories. You can also purchase high quality sewing threads.

Maximum sewing speed, stitches per minute 1000
Thread tension control Manual
Weight, kg 9.5
Power consumption, W 90
Design features Cloth pressure adjustment, accessory compartment, soft pouch, color coding
  • nice design;
  • ease of refueling;
  • will not skip;
  • build quality;
  • 10 sewing modes are supported;
  • ease of needle replacement;
  • comfortable tension control.
  • there is no trash can.

Functioning without problems for 2 years in the studio. Functionality enough for any job. I note the presence of a presser foot pressure regulator and differential feed. The machine is very high quality, there were no breakdowns. I advise.

For comfortable functioning on sewing machines, it is recommended to buy a special table, on the working area of ​​which the product is installed. In particular, this is true when various sewing work is planned.

Merrylock 009

High-speed sewing machine with universal purpose. A fairly quiet and comfortable device in operation, making 1300 stitches / min. It makes extremely even stitches, and auto-threading of each looper will make the work as convenient as possible. The device has a smooth running, well-coordinated work with various types of fabrics. It is worth noting the option of functioning with 1, 2 or 3 needles at once, as well as the control available for perception.

The hinged looper cover guarantees good visibility and easy threading. Changing the feed rate of the differential feed and pressure of the presser foot will allow you to work with different types of fabrics. Color-coded threads help you thread the looper correctly. There is a sticker on the cover of the product, where the refueling scheme is drawn. The manual has a visual explanation for the needles and looper. By adjusting the cloth pressure, thick and thin fabrics can be sewn without difficulty.

Maximum sewing speed, stitches per minute 1300
Thread tension control Manual
Weight, kg 7.9
Power consumption, W 100
Design features Trim tray, soft case, color coding, carrying handle, foot pedal, looper auto threading
  • several modes;
  • high sewing speed;
  • low power consumption;
  • straight lines;
  • convenient adjustment of settings;
  • ease of use;
  • nice design.
  • poor lighting.

Comfortable and easy to use car. I sew mainly for the family. It functions properly, jersey of various densities stitches well, even during the transition from thickness to thin there are no gaps. I recommend.

Janome Cover Pro II

Stylish sewing machine that works with various types of knitwear, making a smooth and high-quality stitch. The product functions without the use of a knife, the sewing speed is 1000 rpm. The foot rises to the maximum by 7 mm, which will allow you to make seams on dense fabrics. The number of threads in the device is up to 4. To sew bulky products, it is possible to purchase an additional side table.

To handle the sleeves and legs, a removable platform is provided. This greatly simplifies the work. High-quality and reliable stitching is possible due to the presence of a special STS seam reinforcement system. The threads almost do not sag, the elasticity of the line is not lost. Tips on the top of the case help you quickly navigate through the settings. Thanks to the device, it is possible to create a high-quality author’s knitwear that has a pleasant appearance.

Maximum sewing speed, stitches per minute 1000
Thread tension control Manual
Weight, kg eight
Power consumption, W 90
Design features Puncture force stabilizer, thread cutter, soft case, detachable sleeve, color coding
  • ease of use;
  • easy threading;
  • nice design;
  • build quality;
  • there is a thread cutter;
  • soft case.
  • poor lighting.

Pretty good quality machine. At least 3 years helps to repair clothes. Sews with various threads, both textured and plain. One of the best home products for the price.

Brother CV3550

Comfortable sewing machine, characterized by high functionality, workmanship and excellent ergonomics. The design of the device has been improved thanks to a modern thread tension control system and an enlarged working opening up to 155 mm. The new product implements easier access to the presser foot lever, the regulator for adjusting the length of the seam and the differential feed of the fabric. Each control is located on the right.

The machine has a removable sleeve platform. Designed for sewing cylindrical elements (for example, a sleeve). If you move the front cover, you can see the colored threading of the looper. For the convenience of threading the looper, the looper locking lever is used. Economical LED lamp provides bright illumination. Vertical needles guarantee reliability when working with denser material. A variety of knitted products are made with the help of a sewing machine.

Maximum sewing speed, stitches per minute 1000
Thread tension control Manual
Weight, kg 7.6
Power consumption, W 67
Design features Accessory compartment, detachable arm, soft case, thread cutter, auto-threading looper
  • large working area;
  • nice design;
  • build quality;
  • there is a thread cutter;
  • convenient compartment for accessories;
  • There is a transparent foot in the package.
  • inconvenient auto-refueling of the looper.

A simple efficient machine. Works well for 2 years. I was able to figure it out without any instructions, everything is quite simple. Ideal for sewing knitwear at home. The tension is easily adjustable. Everyone is satisfied.

Merrylock Cover Stitch Auto

A practical, efficient and trouble-free device that is designed to work with knitwear. Equipped with automatic thread tension, assembled according to international standards, which ensures the quality of the manufactured product. The machine combines soft and smooth running with high stitching speed. It can independently thread the looper and control the tension force, you can choose one of 5 operating modes.

Intuitive control and easy setup will make the model accessible even for beginners. A significant advantage will be the automatic control of the thread tension, which will greatly simplify sewing. Thanks to the differential conveyor, the material will be stretched or gathered into folds. The set includes a soft case, a tray for trimming, a compartment for accessories. The comfortable handle guarantees easy transport.

Maximum sewing speed, stitches per minute 1300
Thread tension control Auto
Weight, kg 7.47
Power consumption, W 120
Design features Carry handle, accessory compartment, color coding, soft case, puncture force stabilizer, looper auto-thread
  • ease of settings;
  • smooth running;
  • compartment for accessories;
  • sews any kind of knitwear;
  • automatic threading of the looper;
  • soft case;
  • there is a carrying handle.
  • bad light.

Convenient stitching machine, I use it for 4 months, I am satisfied with everything. Although there is no display, the controls are still quite simple. Functions perfectly, sews softly, quickly, takes dense types of fabrics easily. I advise.

Before buying, you should decide on the width and length of the stitches to be performed. Seams with a width of 1-5.6 mm are used when sewing children’s clothing, and a width of 3-15 mm is often needed for decorative stitches. Regarding the stitch length, the smaller the distance, the more reliable the seams will be.

Family MasterLock 8000W

Convenient household three-needle sewing machine designed for processing the bottom of knitwear and the neck. It has a pleasant design, a large working area, a removable sleeve platform and a powerful engine. In view of this, it is extremely convenient to work on it. With the help of the device, it is possible to perform fairly accurate and high-quality seams on models from various fabrics. The power of the product will allow you to immediately work with 3-4 threads, do up to 1000 stitches / min. The height of the presser foot will help to finish the edges of any fabric.

The product is quite easy to use, due to easy access to all elements. The differential transport makes it easy to process elastic materials. A removable sleeve will help you work with cuffs and collars of products. The seam reinforcement system guarantees less slack in the looper thread. Quick prompts on the machine panel allow you to conveniently set up the device for working with fabric. With the help of a side table, it is possible to further increase the working area.

Maximum sewing speed, stitches per minute 1000
Thread tension control Manual
Weight, kg 10.5
Power consumption, W 90
Design features Removable arm platform, soft case, puncture force stabilizer, color coding
  • ease of material clamping control;
  • works with different fabrics;
  • increased productivity;
  • convenient threading;
  • stable construction;
  • compact dimensions;
  • silent operation;
  • nice design.
  • sometimes skips stitches.

I have been using this machine for 3 years, I am satisfied with everything. Optimally combines the necessary functionality, which is suitable for sewing various knitwear. I note the reliability and long warranty period from the manufacturer. I recommend.

The best manufacturers of cover stitching machines

Before choosing a quality product, you should familiarize yourself with the best manufacturers of products. Most Popular Brands:

  • Merrylock. Produces household and professional appliances that perform the option of overcasting sections of textile products.
  • Janome Sewing Machine Co. Ltd. It produces sewing equipment, accessories and software for it. The technique is suitable for beginners and professionals.
  • Bernina International AG. A Swiss brand that produces accurate and durable sewing machines.
  • Minerva. A trade brand that produces reliable and functional equipment at an affordable price.
  • tovaro. A Swiss brand that produces quality and innovative products.
  • Juki. Japanese brand that manufactures household and industrial sewing equipment. In the production, innovative developments are used and original high-quality parts are used.

Selection Criteria for Cover Stitching Machine

Before buying a cover stitching machine, you should pay attention to the main selection criteria:

  • Distance between needles. This parameter specifies the line width. The standard parameters are 5.5 (2 needles) and 6.5 mm (3 needles). Single-needle for 2 threads are used for ordinary stitching of parts, two-needle for 3 allow you to make stitches of the same type, and three-needle for 4 — various options for seams.
  • conveyor and platform. A separate conveyor is installed to collect and stretch the stretch material. Complex elements are processed on platforms.
  • Thread tension. Perform in 2 modes: manual and automatic. Manual is suitable for experienced seamstresses with proper dexterity. Automatic is much easier, makes it possible to prevent errors.
  • Mass and power. Modern devices are equipped with a powerful mechanism and electronic control, which ensures the correct functioning of the product. The higher the power, the more electricity is needed. The weight of sewing machines is 5-12 kg.
  • Equipment. A protective case is included as standard. Also available are small and large screwdrivers, cleaning brush, looper, spool holder, needle set and thread storage net.
  • The degree of noise and ease of movement. Smooth running and low noise during operation are typical only for models from the middle and premium class.
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