TOP 10 best aloe vera gels for face, body and hair


Aloe gels are cosmetic products with pronounced healing properties, for which the plant itself is known. Its composition is from 92% to 99%, which allows you to use the product almost everywhere where aloe itself is. It is actively used for face, body and even hair care. Helps soothe irritation after shaving, relieves sunburn symptoms, cares for sensitive skin around the eyes, and more. The abundance of useful elements in the composition helps to moisturize, nourish, soothe and tighten the dermis. The best aloe vera gels are described in the ranking.

best aloe face gel for acne

ChocoLatte Aloe Vera

Aloe vera cream gel has exactly the same properties as pure plant juice. It is suitable for the care of all skin types, promotes its restoration and healing. Helps relieve redness, eliminate inflammation and irritation of the dermis. Due to its soft texture, the gel is easily distributed over the skin, nourishing it with useful substances. With regular use, it removes dryness, peeling, promotes recovery, removes small and medium wrinkles, and eliminates puffiness. It differs not only in anti-inflammatory, but also matting properties.

Characteristic Meaning
skin type For all types
Active substance Panthenol
Volume 60, 200 ml


  • skin recovers faster;
  • helps with sunburn, cuts and wounds;
  • can be used as a skin and hair conditioner;
  • effective for acne;
  • removes irritation after epilation and shaving.


  • the skin remains sticky, as if dirty;
  • very strong smell.

Reviews: “A favorite aloe vera gel with excellent composition and deep hydration. Quickly soothes and heals the skin. Can be used on face and body.

BioAqua Aloe Vera 92%

A popular gel based on aloe vera juice, but with a relatively low content of it — only 92%. The original formula of the product allows you to use it for face and body skin care. Useful extracts of the composition deeply nourish, have an anti-inflammatory effect, and hyaluronic acid moisturizes the dermis. The complex action of the product allows it to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis, accelerating the production of collagen and elastin fibers. This has a positive effect on the firmness and elasticity of the skin, and also helps to eliminate wrinkles, even out the tone of the face.

Characteristic Meaning
skin type For all types
Active substance Hyaluronic acid
Volume 160 ml


  • moisturizes well;
  • removes puffiness;
  • delicate texture, easy to apply;
  • suitable for use after sunburn, cools and soothes the dermis;
  • smells good.


  • slightly sticky, this feeling lasts 30 minutes;
  • may not be suitable for those with very sensitive skin;
  • not completely natural composition.

Reviews: “In all respects, this is a pleasant gel with high-quality moisturizing. I use it instead of a mask, it removes puffiness, as if by hand. One jar is enough for a season. I recommend buying it for those who struggle with acne and girls who constantly burn under the sun or in a solarium.

Royal Skin JEJU Aloe Vera 95%

Pleasant Korean gel with a light texture for easy distribution on the skin and fast absorption. It has 95% aloe juice, which is known for wound healing, soothing and moisturizing properties. It can be used to treat dry hands, problematic facial skin or for the care of the whole body. It is a transparent gel with a mild, pleasant aroma of the plant. The product is economically consumed and is distinguished by the quality inherent in Korean cosmetics.

Characteristic Meaning
skin type For all types
Active substance Panthenol, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts
Volume 300 ml


  • convenient packaging, easy to unscrew and just collect the gel;
  • not very pronounced smell;
  • large volume;
  • significantly accelerates wound healing;
  • dries quickly.


  • some users call the consistency slightly runny;
  • leaves a film on the skin.

Reviews: “A special 95% aloe juice gel that moisturizes and removes skin irritation. Perfectly soothes after sunburn and is economically consumed. Suitable as a skin care product for the skin around the eyes, and even so it can be used everywhere.

Welcos Aloe Vera Moisture Real

Korean cosmetics with aloe is a real find for dry, oily skin care, which effectively moisturizes even the deep layers of the epidermis. The product is 98% aloe extract, so it has a neutral aroma and a slightly sticky texture. The gel is consumed very economically, a few peas of the product are enough to treat the face. Can be used as a hair mask, eye mask or body gel. Provides high-quality and deep hydration — the main property of natural aloe. It also tightens pores, reducing the number of acne, fights inflammation, oiliness, skin aging.

Characteristic Meaning
skin type For oily, problematic, dry
Active substance Green tea extract
Volume 150, 300, 500 ml


  • makes the skin velvety;
  • quickly reduces inflammation;
  • moisturizes the dermis;
  • does not cause oily skin;
  • removes bags under the eyes;
  • instantly absorbed.


  • stickiness after application;
  • may cause allergies.

Reviews: “I used it as a mask for the area around the eyes, for this I pre-cooled it in the refrigerator. The skin became moisturized, traces of fatigue disappeared.

Holika Holika Aloe 99%

The best 99% aloe gel for all occasions. It helps to soothe problem skin, cools after sunburn, removes dryness and oiliness, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Can be used for all skin types, regardless of return. Aloe Holika Holika is especially effective on the hair or skin around the eyes when used without rinsing. In the case of regular use, it helps to make the dermis soft, velvety and tender.

Characteristic Meaning
skin type For all types
Active substance lotus extract
Volume 55, 250 ml


  • mild pleasant smell;
  • refreshes qualitatively;
  • tones the skin;
  • quickly absorbed;
  • after absorption does not leave a sticky layer.


  • dense tube, which is why squeezing is not very convenient;
  • the dispenser may dispense too much gel at a time;
  • slimy consistency.

Testimonials: “Good gel that dries quickly leaving the skin hydrated. I don’t like the strong smell of aloe, but it dissipates quickly.»

Rating of the best aloe vera gels for hair

Sendo Aloe

Universal gel for sensitive skin of the body and face, which nourishes the deep layers of the epidermis, blocking excessive moisture loss. Helps in the fight against peeling of the dermis. It is actively used in recovery after sunburn. The cooling effect helps to reduce the severity of discomfort after sunburn. The formula contains natural aloe juice, so the gel can be used for face, body and hair care. When applied to strands, they cease to be brittle, and also begin to grow actively.

Characteristic Meaning
skin type For sensitive
Active substance Panthenol
Volume 200 ml


  • affordable price;
  • improves the condition of the hair;
  • regulates the fat content of the skin and strands;
  • cooling effect;
  • nourishes the skin and hair.


  • rarely comes up for sale;
  • the exact percentage of aloe in the composition is not known.

Testimonials: “This gel can be used on the whole body. After applying it, freshness appears, the hair begins to look better, and you have to wash it less often. ”

HandMade Natural Aloe Extract

A product of a special handmade line — created by oneself. The gel consists almost entirely of aloe, which helps to reduce the oiliness of the scalp, positively affecting the sebaceous glands. Hair becomes neater and healthier. Due to the active moisturizing of the dermis, dandruff disappears, itching, dryness disappears, without leaving a feeling of tightness. Aloe juice is a biogenic stimulant that strengthens hair, accelerates its growth and prevents baldness.

Characteristic Meaning
skin type For all types
Active substance Not
Volume 200 ml


  • restores the structure of the hair;
  • strands become shiny;
  • removes brittleness, restoring the natural elasticity of the rods;
  • helps against hair loss;
  • fights dandruff;
  • completely natural product.


  • too slimy gel;
  • only sold on ozon.

Reviews: “What you need for hair. The gel takes care of them, making the strands healthier, shinier and more beautiful.”

The best Korean aloe gels

The Saem Jeju Fresh Aloe 99%

Hypoallergenic Korean aloe gel, which is 99% of the juice of this plant. It is actively used to care for vulnerable children’s skin. It has a natural smell, moderately pronounced, so it will suit even those who do not particularly appreciate the aroma of aloe. Due to the natural composition of the product effectively moisturizes the skin, quickly absorbed into it. The convenient consistency of the gel makes it easy to distribute the product over the skin. It can be used to care for the epidermis of the whole body and hair.

Characteristic Meaning
skin type For all types
Active substance oregano extract, basil extract
Volume 120, 300 ml


  • moisturizes and nourishes the skin;
  • lifting effect;
  • pure composition without alcohol and other things;
  • creates a feeling of coolness;
  • great packing and reasonable price.


  • may slightly dry sensitive skin;
  • slimy film on the dermis.

Reviews: “We have very hard water at home, so the skin needs extra care. After this gel, it becomes soft and moisturized. I recommend».


Multifunctional aloe gel, which is ideal for hair care, body skin, face and eye area. The product is suitable for use as a make-up base. When applied in a dense layer, it is possible to achieve the effect of a mask. Aloe vera extract has a multifaceted positive effect on the skin, softening, moisturizing and restoring the epidermis. The natural product is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving no stickiness and making it easy to use the gel in any area.

Characteristic Meaning
skin type For all types
Active substance Green tea extract
Volume 100, 200, 300 ml


  • great help with burns;
  • soft and gentle smell;
  • quickly absorbed;
  • low price for such a volume;
  • 99% aloe vera.


  • may cause a feeling of tightness;
  • bakes when applied to sensitive areas.

Reviews: “For the body — perfect. Comes in a jar with a protective film and a plastic membrane, which is good for hygiene. The smell is unobtrusive, it is absorbed instantly and moisturizes the skin.

Eyenlip with Aloe 98% Aloe Vera

Korean gel with aloe to improve the condition of the skin on the face and all over the body. It can also be used to care for hair and even nails. The gel saturates the dermis with moisture, has a calming effect, removes irritation and peeling. Helps to recover from sunburn, and the cooling effect dulls discomfort. The product is known for its healing effect. It has a positive effect on the epidermis, restoring it at the cellular level.

Characteristic Meaning
skin type For all types
Active substance Not
Volume 100 ml


  • there is protection against the first opening;
  • pleasant feeling of cooling;
  • can be used as a primer;
  • deeply moisturizes the skin;
  • removes inflammation.


  • small volume;
  • leaves a film on the skin.

Reviews: “I liked the gel, I take it not for the first time. For me, it has become an ideal option as a wash-off mask or night cream.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gels

The list of useful properties of aloe vera and gels based on them is quite large, here are the main ones:

  • bactericidal action;
  • removes inflammation;
  • antiallergic effect;
  • triggers cell regeneration;
  • accelerates the healing of wounds on the skin;
  • rejuvenates the skin;
  • moisturizes the dermis;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • removes brittleness and accelerates hair growth;
  • fights hair loss.

How to choose aloe gel?

Quality aloe gel should be:

  • Completely natural. Alcohol and various additives are highly undesirable, especially for use on sensitive skin. At the same time, the presence of additional extracts will be a pleasant addition.
  • With a high concentration of aloe. Ideally, the percentage should be over 95%.
  • In high quality and convenient packaging.
  • Quickly absorbed. This will help you save time and feel more comfortable.
  • Comfortable texture. Optimal — the texture is medium in liquid and density, it is easiest to distribute it over the skin.
  • No sticky effect. It is very unpleasant, so the absence of a sticky film on the skin is highly desirable.

The best aloe gels from domestic and Korean brands are described in this ranking. These are good products with a high content of medicinal plant juice, rich compositions, as well as an excellent combination of price and quality.

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