The best smart kettles to control from your smartphone


A smart electric kettle is a device with a simple operating system that supports remote control and control of its functions. For ease of use, most manufacturers offer to work with the device through an application on a mobile phone. Thus, you can not only quickly turn the kettle on or off, but also find out the remaining time until boiling, the current temperature, and sometimes even more detailed data on the level of pollution, etc. The rating includes the best smart kettles with reviews.

The best smart kettles

Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth (YM-K1501)

Xiaomi Smart Kettle is able to heat water to the ideal temperature, for which an intelligent sensor is responsible. It quickly heats up to 80-90°C — it is at this temperature that the taste and aroma of green tea is best revealed. Excessive heat will destroy the nutrients. Through the Mi Home application, the owner can set any temperature necessary for various household chores, but Bluetooth must be enabled on the smartphone. The teapot is based on high quality AISI 304 stainless steel.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 1.5 l
Power 1800 W


  • triple protection;
  • you can set the temperature to maintain for 12 hours;
  • standby power consumption as low as 0.53 kWh;
  • high-quality materials that do not emit toxic substances are absolutely safe for health;
  • resistance to scale formation;
  • ease of cleaning.


  • no level indicator;
  • no wifi.

Review: A cool remote-controlled teapot with a solid stainless flask. Very durable, much longer than conventional glass counterparts. Cleaning is no problem either. The app is functional.

REDMOND SkyKettle G214S

This is a smart kettle controlled from a smartphone through the proprietary Ready for Sky application. Its advantage is a high power of 2.2 kW, which allows you to quickly heat water to the desired temperature. The transparent heat-resistant glass housing with backlight looks especially effective in the dark. The owner can use one of 3 functions: boiling, heating or keeping the temperature up to 12 hours. The Bluetooth kettle not only supports remote control, but there are also buttons on the body for quick launch when accessing the device directly.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 1.7 l
Power 2200 W


  • all the necessary settings are available in the application;
  • you can start the entertainment mode for children (trains memory and attentiveness);
  • the application is available on all Android and iOS devices after 2012 release;
  • no direct access to the heating element;
  • there is protection against heating without water.


  • fragile glass, care must be taken;
  • only works via Bluetooth.

Review: Decent kettle with control from a smartphone. True, the first time you run it, you will have to install and update the application. I liked the presence of protection against dry heating, cool color, there are even games. No smell after boiling. I recommend to buy to friends.

Polaris PWK 1775CGLD

A truly smart and functional kettle that supports remote control via Wi-Fi. You do not need to use auxiliary equipment to connect. You can give commands from anywhere in the world, and the number of users is not limited. Heating up to 40° is available in the app, designed specifically for the quick preparation of infant formula. Thanks to the English-made STRIX controller, the kettle can withstand 15,000 boiling cycles, which in real life corresponds to 10 years of active use.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 1.7 l
Power 2200 W


  • bright backlight;
  • high-quality heat-resistant glass;
  • is able to maintain a given temperature in the range from 40 to 100 ° C;
  • touch panel and display on the body;
  • Lid opening to a right angle for easy cleaning and water replenishment.


  • not very intuitive application, there are incomprehensible moments;
  • sometimes strange notifications come;
  • light weight of the stand, which is pulled down by a rigid cord.

Review: The kettle is just TOP. Connected to Wi-Fi quickly, no problems. I recommend. It would have been even cheaper.

ProfiCook PC-WKS 1167

A stylish smart kettle with a keep warm mode, but it only lasts up to 2 hours, so putting it on overnight will not work. The owner is offered a choice of 5 modes with different temperatures, each of them is selected for the perfect brewing of popular teas and preparing baby food. The Smart Home Kettle can be set up and run from your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Convenient and elementary in mastering the application contributes to comfortable use.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 1.5 l
Power 2200 W


  • quickly integrated into a smart home;
  • there is protection against overheating;
  • high-quality stand;
  • touch control;
  • original glass handle.


  • without water presence sensor;
  • in some cases needs improvement.

Review: The kettle on the ESP8266 is simply flashed via tasmota. I used MQTT to integrate with Home Assistant, tied it to Alice, it works fine.

Xiaomi Mi Kettle

A modern inexpensive Smart-kettle with intelligent functionality and a smooth lid opening mechanism. Among other things, there is protection against steam on the skin during opening. The dual-layer casing ensures that the outer shell does not heat up to dangerous levels that could burn the wearer. Triple electrical protection system, ergonomic handle, high heating rate, protection against running without water and a comfortable spout are what this Xiaomi smart kettle is valued for. The classic minimalist design will suit any interior style.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 1.5 l
Power 1800 W


  • double walls contribute to the preservation of heat for a long time;
  • there is a compartment for the cord;
  • pleasant to the touch plastic;
  • whole flask;
  • does not make much noise during operation.


  • maybe a Chinese plug, you need a high-quality adapter or a remake of the cord;
  • if the plug is replaced, the owner loses the warranty.

Review: A wonderful kettle with a concise design without all the extras. It nods quickly, keeps the temperature for a long time. With a modest price and convenient use — the best model on the market.

REDMOND SkyKettle G203S

A functional kettle-lamp from a well-known brand can start heating water to the desired temperature with just 1 touch on the phone screen. The presence of remote control through the modern Ready for Sky application reduces the number of unnecessary user movements. From the program, you can set the temperature at which the device will turn off. Adjustment accuracy is only 1°C. Complete with original recipe book with different drinks. An auto-heating system (up to 12 hours) is also implemented.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 2 l
Power 2200 W


  • you can change the intensity of boiling;
  • customizable backlight;
  • large capacity;
  • democratic value;
  • boils water quickly.


  • information about the amount of water in the tank is not available in the application;
  • short cord.

Feedback: My daughter and her husband love to play with heating the kettle remotely. It is convenient to turn it on when returning from a walk, when you arrive, the kettle is already hot.

Polaris PWK 1725CGLD

Smart kettle of the middle price segment with Wi-Fi connection (does not require auxiliary equipment). You can turn on and configure the device from anywhere in the world, while supporting an unlimited number of users. The new WATERWAY PRO technology is implemented here for convenient water replenishment without the need to open the lid. Removable lid design makes the container easy to clean. In the proprietary application, 5 heating modes are available to choose from: 50, 70, 80, 90, 100 ° C.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 1.7 l
Power 2200 W


  • convenient touch panel;
  • high-quality heat-resistant glass;
  • pleasant moderately bright backlight;
  • cover is removed;
  • there is protection against switching on without water.


  • there may be an extraneous sound when connected to the network, like a whistle;
  • sold in a small number of shops.

Feedback: I liked the design and lighting. Looks great. There is a water filter — also a useful and not very common option. It is convenient that the spiral is closed, you can put it on the stand at any angle.

How to choose the best smart home kettle?

When choosing, you should look at the main characteristics:

  • Connection type. Bluetooth has a limited coverage range, about 15 meters from a smartphone. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can control the kettle from any distance.
  • Capacity. Depends on family size and personal needs.
  • Power. The higher it is, the faster the heating occurs.
  • Type of shell. Stainless steel is more wear-resistant, plastic is relatively inexpensive and pleasant to the touch, glass is fragile, but looks attractive with backlight.
  • Flask. Best of all — integral, without seams and connection of different materials, it will last longer than the others. It is important that it be made of materials that are easy to clean, resist scale formation, do not affect the composition of the water and are odorless.

These criteria, combined with the ranking of the best smart kettles, will help you choose the perfect model for your home or office. Drinks with them will not only be prepared faster, but also tastier, have a large number of healing properties.

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