Review of Oberhof confectionery sets: characteristics, equipment, purpose


The profession of a confectioner requires not only time to master, but also attention to detail. Creating a beautiful and appetizing masterpiece at home is far from an easy task. Sometimes even the impossible. But that was before. As the saying goes: “demand creates supply” — and offers are created in order to turn painstaking work into a pleasant hobby. We present to your attention a review of the Oberhof CS-170 and CS-282 confectionery sets, thanks to which the preparation of desserts will become even easier. These sets are suitable for both professionals and those who have just encountered the delights of the confectionery kitchen.

Oberhof CS-170 — the best helper for decorating desserts

The Oberhof CS-170 pastry set was created to bring elegant charm and beauty to dessert decorations. Modern inventory will help to recreate the most daring experiments, and environmentally friendly products will retain their original taste without health risks.

What do we have in the kit?

Rotary table. An indispensable accessory for any confectioner. Thanks to the rotating element, decorating products becomes much easier. Now, to inspect your product from all sides, you don’t even have to move. Just put the cake on the top of the table and rotate it around the axis.

8 stacks for decoration. With their help, you can easily make complex elements of mastic, marzipan. Also, thanks to them, you can apply a drawing of any complexity to the product.

24 small nozzles. All nozzles differ in purpose and design. Each nozzle has its own unique pattern in order to diversify your options and give jewelry a different look.

100 cream bags. With the help of them, you can create decorations of any shape, knead various fillers for your pleasure.

5 nozzles «Russian Tulip». Give your masterpieces a unique look that can captivate at first sight.

3 nozzles with a spherical tip. Make flowers of various plants and sizes. Get creative.

3 spatulas for cream. Environmentally friendly materials are the guarantee of the safety of your products. Spatulas differ in shape and size, which allows you to emerge victorious from the most difficult situations.

1 silicone bag. The product is ready to withstand any temperature changes, and is also suitable for repeated use.

2 nozzle adapters. They will not only simplify the use, but also allow you to secure production from careless errors.

2 pallets and spatula «iron». For work on a flat surface.

Syringe pen with 3 nozzles. Now decorating small details has become even easier, and creating a unique pattern takes a few minutes.

Nails for flowers, Brush, Scissors and Knife-string. All this will simplify and speed up the cooking process, making your work not only pleasant, but interesting and of high quality.

As a result, the set contains everything you need, both for a novice confectioner and for those who have devoted many years to this business. And this set will also be a nice holiday gift for anyone who is interested in confectionery skills.

OberhofCS-282 – the dream of professionals

The CS-282 set is the next step in the confectionery industry. It is suitable for professionals and those who are engaged in the manufacture of cakes and pastries at home. It not only contains the best of the previous set, but also has a number of additions that will appeal to even the most sophisticated masters. Not only the number of items has been increased, but also the functionality.

I would like to draw attention to additional tools.

4 baking dishes. From them you can easily remove the cakes without damage. One movement — and your masterpiece on the table.

2 petal-shaped egg whisks.

1 egg separator to easily separate yolks from whites.

Forms for cupcakes. An indispensable tool for any pastry chef. Thanks to a wide range of forms, you will be able to please your customers much more often.

2 cake spatulas: metal and silicone. Each serves its own purposes.

Cake knife. This accessory will last you so long that you won’t even think about buying another knife.

Also included in the kit you will additionally find a cake stand, decorative ornaments of various shapes and sizes, and a silicone brush made of environmentally friendly materials.

Thanks to this set, you can reach a completely different level in confectionery skills, honing your skills to the ideal.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that the choice of a quality pastry set not only increases the level of products, but also reduces the cost of unsuccessful attempts to get closer to art. With sets from Oberhof, you will have not only professional tools for preparing and decorating various sweets, but also ease of use. Oberhof sets are designed to amaze.

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