Rating TOP 6 best pencil sharpeners: sharpening quality, which is better, comparison with peers


The pencil sharpener or shavings appeared in 1828 thanks to the French mathematician Bernard Lassimon. Before that, pencils were sharpened exclusively with a penknife, but this is inconvenient and traumatic. Although today some artists prefer the old way. But the improved sharpener allows you to quickly cope with this work and, moreover, to do it efficiently.

In stores, you can buy ordinary manual sharpeners for a school pencil case, as well as office ones installed on a table. It is precisely about such stationary products that I will tell in the rating, I will help you choose them and pay attention to important nuances.

Varieties of sharpeners and the rule of caring for pencils

There are two types of sharpeners according to the method of removing chips from a pencil: mechanical and electric. The first ones are the simplest and they are often used by schoolchildren in the classroom. Such products are portable and compact, as well as stationary. Hand sharpeners are small and often have a small reservoir to store chips. They are convenient to carry with you or put in a pencil case.

But large mechanical (rotary) ones are placed on tables. The pencil is inserted into the hole. When the handle is turned, a mechanism works inside, which conducts sharpening.

By the name «Electric» you can already understand the method of removing chips. Here you do not make any efforts, and the whole process takes place automatically: you insert the writing medium into the hole and the typewriter prepares it for writing. This kind of equipment is often powered by batteries, but there are models with a cord for connecting to the mains.

It is convenient if the sharpener has a special container for collecting chips, especially when it is voluminous. In this case, you do not need to look for something to chip on.

In general, a good sharpening will allow you to write and draw for a long time without sharpening. The secret is to leave the sharpened wood about 2-4 cm and the lead 8-10 mm. In this case, self-sharpening will take place, and this can only be achieved using a clerical knife. True, the method is unsafe, but professional artists like to use it.

pencil sharpener rating

Faber Castell Grip 2001

Manual sharpener with three holes of different diameters. There are two containers for collecting shavings. They are opaque, so the filling is not visible. But they are enough for about 20 sharpenings. Consists of two opening parts. It cannot be used when folded, as the holes are located inside. On one side there is a sharpener for colored pencils, and on the other side there are two for large and standard diameter black lead products for writing. The blades are German. Despite the quality, there are small complaints about the poor quality of the product. But it’s more of a marriage.

Faber Castell Grip 2001
Number of holes 3
Principle of operation mechanical
Peculiarities there is a lid
  • there are three hole diameters;
  • convenient design;
  • two tanks;
  • German blades that will last a long time;
  • affordable price.
  • sharpening is short on the lead.

I can finally sharpen pencils of any diameter quickly and without blisters. I use not only for color, but also for cosmetic. The angle of inclination quite satisfies me. When opened, the containers do not fall out, which means that the contents will not crumble.

Berlingo Power TX

Electric sharpener with a removable transparent chip container. There are two holes for a diameter of 6-8 mm and 8-12 mm. Can be used with batteries and manually. Such equipment can take its rightful place on the desk of a student or office worker. It is important to put good batteries in it so that it works properly and has enough power.

Berlingo Power TX
Number of holes 2
Principle of operation electric
Peculiarities battery operated and manual
  • excellent quality of work;
  • affordable price;
  • There are two holes for different diameters.
  • from some users there are complaints about the marriage and breakage of the stylus.

I bought a child so that there would always be sharpened pencils for school. Works amazing. We use it with batteries, since it is necessary to sharpen colored and black lead pencils, and manually it is long and laborious. The sharpener does everything quickly and accurately.

Pencil sharpness is checked by drawing a line across the paper. The thinner it is, the better the sharpening. It is also important that the stylus is long. In this case, you will write to them for a long time.


The device is suitable for plastic and wooden pencils of various configurations with a diameter of up to 8 mm. The electric sharpener can be used from the mains or from batteries. Spiral sharpening device is made of high quality carbon steel. There is a fuse that prevents the mechanism from working if the case is open. But here in the options there is no hitchhiking. During the process, you need to manually hold the writing instrument from scrolling. Anti-slip feet on the bottom. There is no table attachment.

Number of holes one
Principle of operation electric
Peculiarities diameter 8 mm
  • quality product from a German manufacturer;
  • easy to clean;
  • work from a network and batteries;
  • fuse against tripping when the mechanism is open.
  • a little lack of power;
  • dexterity is needed.

Quite a normal sharpener that can work on mains or batteries. True, there is not enough power to sharpen perfectly. But it does not leave burrs, the rod does not break, which is already excellent. Children cannot remove the chip container on their own, as it is not very convenient to do this. A bit noisy, but that’s a minor thing.

Attache Selection Expert

This model has one hole, but it is designed for a diameter of 7 to 11 mm. Thus, you will sharpen not only standard, but also thick pencils. Powered by the mains, which means there will be no costs for buying batteries. But you need to have an outlet near the table. And also the cord can get in the way. The bottom has an anti-slip coating. In addition, there is an auto-stop option that protects the lead from breakage. That is, at the end of the work, the sharpener itself stops. On the case in a semicircle there is a reservoir for storing writing media. Therefore, the sharpener performs another function of the organizer. Product size 111×92×172 mm.

Attache Selection Expert
Number of holes one
Principle of operation electric
Peculiarities diameter adjustment
  • compactness and functionality;
  • quality work;
  • network connection;
  • acts as an organizer;
  • capacious and transparent reservoir.
  • the difficulty of sharpening products whose length is less than 10 cm.

Perfectly sharpens even those pencils that are made of low-quality wood. There is an automatic shutdown after reaching the sharpening standard. Very easy to use, even a child can figure it out. I would give five stars, but it’s impossible to sharpen a pencil less than 10 cm.

When the pencil is too short, you can put a felt-tip pen cap on it and in this case sharpening will be more convenient.

ErichKrause 6798

Desktop assistant with a mechanical principle of operation. Inside is a helical carbon steel sharpening element that does its job perfectly. It is possible to attach the device to the table. Available for standard sizes up to 8 mm. The inlet is one and automatically adjusts to the pencil, firmly fixing it. The brand is German, but the product is made in China. Despite this, the quality is quite good. Significant disadvantages include the fact that the mount to the table does not fix the sharpener tightly. But it can be used without it. When sharpened, it gives a good lead length, as well as excellent sharpness.

ErichKrause 6798
Number of holes one
Principle of operation mechanical
Peculiarities adjustable hole
  • Convenient use;
  • capacious transparent tank for shavings;
  • light and compact;
  • when the front panel is fully extended, it sharpens correctly and sharply.
  • fastening to the table does not hold well.

The lead does not break and sharpens sharply and quickly. Almost no effort. You need to get used to it the first time you use it. I push the panel all the way. In this case, the pencils come out as sharp as they should. When the handle turns freely, it means the job is done.


A rotary sharpener for colored and black lead pencils from a well-known German brand is designed for diameters up to 8 mm, that is, for standard pencils. Sharpens with a steel roller blade. Below is a container in the color of the body, that is, opaque. Therefore, it is necessary to check its filling and timely throw out garbage. Management is easy and even young schoolchildren can handle it. Bottom anti-slip feet. There is no table mount in the package, but without it it is quite convenient to work with the equipment. The design is stylish and perfect for office and home use.

Number of holes one
Principle of operation mechanical
Peculiarities adjustable diameter
  • compact dimensions;
  • convenient management;
  • reliable fixation of the pencil;
  • acceptable cost.
  • no fastening to the table;
  • opaque container.

She sharpened a lot of pencils. We have been using it for about 3 years now and are very happy with our purchase. Children especially love using this sharpener. We had no difficulty understanding her work. The sharpening is sharp and the lead does not break.

How to choose the right pencil sharpener

Sometimes it seems to us that choosing a sharpener is not difficult. But as soon as you start to understand this issue, you understand that the models differ in several parameters, and a quality product will allow you to sharpen quickly, and most importantly, extend the life of pencils.

ALT Colored pencils sharpened with an electric sharpener.

Manual sharpeners are convenient to carry with you, for example, in a student’s pencil case. Be sure to see that they have a container for chips, otherwise you will have to look for a trash can. The blade should not wobble, but is made of steel.

Recently, users began to encounter low-quality knives. It is worth noting here that for rotary and electric sharpeners, they allow sharpening almost like at the factory, and such a knife is highly resistant to blunting and has a long service life.

In general, any sharpener must meet several criteria:

  • quality materials;
  • no shaky elements;
  • reliable fastening of the container for shavings;
  • has a small weight;
  • simplicity and ease of use.

Mechanical sharpeners differ from manual ones in that there is a spiral blade inside, and when working with it, you make less effort. In a rotary typewriter, the pencil is securely fixed, and you only need to twist the handle. Check all elements for fragility and quality. The blade must be out of the reach of children during operation.

When choosing an electric model, it is better to take one that has two power options, that is, from the mains and batteries. See if there are autorun and autostop functions. This will make it easier to use. Check it for noise. Sharpeners that make sharp and loud sounds should be put aside. It will be uncomfortable for you to work in her office.

If you have pencils of different diameters in your arsenal, then pay attention to the holes in the sharpener. Popular brands indicate this data on the packaging. And also rubberized and non-slip feet on the bottom will tell about the high quality.

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