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The reverse osmosis filter is the most advanced design for the purification of drinking water, which can only be installed in an apartment or in a private house. They work at the molecular level and are able to remove even nitrates, which the vast majority of other filter systems succumb to. However, in order for osmosis to work correctly, it is necessary to take into account in advance when choosing its characteristics.

There are many models on the domestic market now: Russian and imported, classic, compact and flow-through. In this article, I compared 10 popular reverse osmosis filters. This information will certainly be useful to people who select an effective system for the purification of drinking water.

Rating of reverse osmosis systems


Filter with classic layout. Equipped with three flasks for pre-filter cartridges. The package includes two polypropylene filter elements, with a throughput of 5 and 1 microns, a carbon filter. They are designed to remove mechanical impurities and chlorine. The model is equipped with a membrane element with a capacity of 100 gallons, a carbon post-filter that improves the taste of water after it has been in the storage tank.

The main advantage of classic reverse osmosis is the ability to use third-party filter elements. The BARRIER PROFI Osmo 100 system has an affordable price, but it is quite bulky.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) Filter unit: 38.5×13 x44.5 cm Tank dimensions: 400 x 280 mm
Required pressure 3 atmospheres
Volume of the tank 10 l
Number of cartridges 5 (5 micron polypropylene cartridge, carbon cartridge, 1 micron fine polypropylene cartridge, membrane, carbon post-filter.)
Performance 380 liters per day.
  • Uses universal cartridges standard SlimLine 10;
  • A large tank allows you to have a significant supply of drinking water in case of a shutdown;
  • Affordable price;
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Takes up a lot of space;
  • Difficult to replace cartridges.

I am very satisfied with the system I purchased, because at the lowest price got very clean water. I also solved the problem of water for ultrasonic humidifiers, those who are in the subject will understand me well.

The flasks that come with the key can be unscrewed, but not tightened, as there is a risk of clamping them “tightly”.

Aquaphor DWM-101s Morion

A compact model from a domestic manufacturer, which is a licensed copy of the Japanese OMOIKIRI Pure Drop filter. Its main feature is the built-in water-water tank for 5 liters. This design has a number of advantages over classical systems equipped with a water-air tank. DWM-101s works approximately 2 times faster, filling the tank completely in 40-60 minutes. The second advantage is economy — this filter drains much less water into the sewer. It should be noted the convenience of replacing cartridges — they are removed with one movement of the hand, the owner does not have to unscrew the flasks with a special key.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) 37.1x19x42 cm
Required pressure 2 atmospheres
Volume of the tank 5 l
Number of cartridges 4 (Mechanical cleaning, deep cleaning, reverse osmosis membrane, post-cleaning)
Performance 190 liters per day.
  • Compact size;
  • Elegant design;
  • High performance;
  • Profitability due to less discharge of water into the sewer;
  • Working pressure 2 atmospheres;
  • Easy cartridge replacement.
  • Works only with cartridges from Aquaphor.

I bought it, assembled it myself — installed it, did not cause any serious questions, the instructions are detailed and understandable. it is very compact, the filter system and the tank are located quite tightly, which makes a difference even under a corner sink. Filters — naturally, according to a subjective assessment, it’s good. Plaque has ceased to form on the teapot, the water tastes pleasant.

New water Expert Osmos MO530

This model is approximately 2 times smaller and 3 times lighter compared to classical reverse osmosis systems. The pre-filter, membrane and post-filter are housed in a narrow housing only 8.5 cm thick. The package also includes a plastic storage tank that can hold up to 8 liters of purified water.

The manufacturer uses a modern membrane from the Japanese company Toray. It is characterized by high productivity, a service life of up to 3 years, and an increased permeate recovery rate.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) Filter unit: 34.2×8.5×37.6 cm. Tank: 36 cm high, 30 cm diameter.
Required pressure 2 atmospheres
Volume of the tank 8 l
Number of cartridges 4 (Mechanical cartridge, carbon cartridge, reverse osmosis membrane, post-cleaning)
Performance 270 liters per day.
  • Easy installation;
  • Easy replacement of cartridges;
  • Increased performance;
  • High permeate recovery factor;
  • Replaceable antibacterial bag allows you not to change the entire tank;
  • Ability to connect an intelligent control unit of German production;
  • 3 years warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Works only with «native» cartridges.

The filter is easy to use, installed itself, without any difficulty. Cartridges are very easy to change, as the connection fittings close themselves, you don’t need to tighten anything. One big plus, for me personally, is that the cleansing membrane has a service life of three years, the water from it is soft, pleasant to the taste, food and tea, on the water from this filter, become tastier.

Atoll A-550m STD

Reverse osmosis system from the American manufacturer. It features high build quality, comes with a set of 3 pre-filter cartridges and a membrane from the American company DOW — one of the best manufacturers of membrane filter elements in the world. The design of the model allows the use of cartridges from third-party companies, but it itself takes up a lot of space.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) Filter unit: 43×15 x42 cm Tank dimensions: 39 x29 cm
Required pressure 3 atmospheres
Volume of the tank 12 l
Number of cartridges 5 (5 micron polypropylene cartridge, granular carbon cartridge, 1 micron fine polypropylene cartridge, 50 gallon membrane, carbon post-filter with mineralization function.)
Performance 200 liters per day.
  • Use of interchangeable cartridges;
  • Capacious storage tank for creating a supply of water;
  • American build quality.
  • Takes up a lot of space;
  • Difficult to replace cartridges.

I am very pleased with this system. To be honest, I did not compare it with other systems, but the quality and taste of water satisfy. The kettle is without a single trace of scale, traces of tea on the mugs do not remain. I have not done a chemical analysis of water, but in the future I will definitely do it. Every six months I change the filters according to the instructions and am satisfied. Installation is very simple, you just need to follow the instructions, and of course the American quality is on top.

Remember that the useful volume of most storage tanks is usually less than the declared one, since air is pumped into them, creating the necessary pressure to supply water to the faucet.

Geyser Prestige 2

A compact flow type reverse osmosis system that works without a storage tank. It uses a high performance membrane, a unique sorption filter element developed by the Geyser company. It effectively removes chlorine, iron and some of the hardness salts from water, is capable of self-washing, due to which the declared cartridge life is from 6 to 12 months. The manufacturer also offers a version with a tank and a mineralizer.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) 34.5×14.5×9.5 cm
Required pressure 1.5 atmospheres
Volume of the tank Not included in the basic version
Number of cartridges 2 (Sorption filter element, membrane)
Performance Up to 400 liters per day
  • Compact size;
  • Low operating costs due to the small number of cartridges;
  • Sufficiently high resource of the pre-filter and membrane;
  • Efficient removal of dissolved iron from water.
  • Due to the lack of a tank, water collection takes longer;

I was looking for an inexpensive system with Osmosis. The geyser is great for the price. The kit is good, everything you need is present. Quick connect tubes are generally a masterpiece))) I also bought a transparent flask with a pre-filter to save the resource of an expensive pre-filter from Geyser. The water itself tastes good.

If there is sand or other impurities in the water, then it will not be superfluous to also put a mechanical filter, otherwise the cartridges will quickly become clogged and fail.

Geyser Prestige M (12 l)

Reverse osmosis system of domestic production. It has a classic layout with a separate storage tank. Model M is additionally equipped with a mineralizer that saturates the water with useful microelements. The filter is equipped with a double connection tap, which allows you to choose between pure and mineralized water. The design of the reverse osmosis system allows the use of pre-filters, membrane and post-filters from third-party manufacturers.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) Filter block: 40x14x42 cm. Tank: 35×24 cm.
Required pressure 3 atmospheres
Volume of the tank 12 l
Number of cartridges 6 (5 micron polypropylene cartridge, two pressed activated carbon carbon blocks, membrane on, carbon post-filter, mineralizer.)
Performance 200 liters per day.
  • Uses widely used filter elements;
  • The tank allows you to always have a supply of water on hand;
  • Double faucet for drinking water.
  • Difficult to install in small kitchens.

When using an ultrasonic humidifier, a white coating appeared on the furniture. The Euro geyser (on the tap) did not save at all, even when filtered with a minimum pressure force (a thin stream), with Prestige M there was no plaque on the furniture. Very satisfied with the purchase.

New water Econic Osmos Stream OD320

A compact direct-flow reverse osmosis model that does not require a bulky storage tank to operate. The use of high-performance low-pressure polymer membrane from the Japanese company Toray provides the system with high performance. Preliminary cleaning occurs due to a compressed carbon cartridge that removes chlorine and mechanical particles with a diameter of 1 micron. The mineralizer cartridge saturates the purified water with useful microelements and improves its taste.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) 26x34x13 cm
Required pressure 2 atmospheres
Volume of the tank Missing
Number of cartridges 3 (Pressed carbon filter, membrane, combined with mineralization function)
Performance Up to 1.5 liters per minute
  • Compact size;
  • High permeate recovery rate
  • Productive Japanese membrane;
  • Water is filtered in real time, does not stagnate in the storage tank;
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Easy cartridge replacement.
  • Not secure enough.

In the spring, I had to change the old filter, which did not clean the water well from impurities and odors. An old friend advised me to install the New Water Econic Osmos Stream OD320 system. Got the install done in a couple of hours. After installing this system, the quality of the water has noticeably improved — the white coating from the kitchen utensils has disappeared, there is no smell of bleach and the water has become softer.

Aquaphor DWM-31

Modern reverse osmosis system, characterized by a compact size. Instead of a standard storage tank, the model is equipped with a removable jug. It detaches easily and can be stored safely in the refrigerator in summer to always have clean and cool water on hand. The model uses a 100 gallon diaphragm, equipped with two non-separable pre-cleaner cartridges that can be removed without the use of a special key. By means of an adapter to the filter it is possible to connect large bottles with a capacity of 5 and 10 liters. Thanks to the float valve, you are guaranteed not to flood your neighbors, even if you forget that a storage tank is connected to the DWM-31.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) Filter unit: 26.5x10x36.5 cm. Storage capacity: 28×26.5×11 cm
Required pressure 1.5 atmospheres
Volume of the tank 2.5 l
Number of cartridges 3 (Mechanical filter K5, Deep filter with aqualen K2, membrane K-100S)
Performance 380 liters per day
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Has an adapter for connecting bottles of 5 and 10 liters;
  • Equipped with a float valve that automatically turns off the filter after filling the connected container;
  • The included jug is equipped with a mineralizer;
  • Works with low water pressure in the water supply.
  • Compatible only with Aquaphor cartridges.

Still, Aquaphor is great, they produce filters for any technical conditions, for all occasions. We had nowhere to attach even the ultra-compact Morion under the sink, but we wanted reverse osmosis to eliminate both hardness and bacteria. This model with a jug as a tank seemed to be made for us, an ideal option. Very satisfied with the purchase, the water from the filter is just wonderful.

Sendo Aqua A12 boost

This filter is made in South Korea and comes with a 75 gallon membrane. It is housed in an ultra-thin body of just 8 cm thick, so it fits easily even in a small kitchen. The package includes a water-air plastic tank with a total volume of 12 liters, which is completely filled in 35-40 minutes.

Thanks to quick-release connections, the installation of reverse osmosis takes up to half an hour. The boost model is equipped with a special pump, so the filter can be used even at low pressure in the plumbing system.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) Filter block dimensions: 41×8.5×33 cm. Tank dimensions 32x25cm.
Required pressure 0t 0.5 atmospheres
Volume of the tank 12 l
Number of cartridges 4 (Mechanical filter M6, carbon filter C6, membrane R12, mineralizer D6)
Performance 184 ml per minute.
  • Compact body;
  • Easy replacement of filter elements;
  • Built-in pump;
  • Function of manual washing of a membrane;
  • Stylish design;
  • Membrane made in South Korea;
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Compatible with Sendo cartridges only.

I like the taste of water. I also judge by tea and coffee — a rich rich taste. We not only drink this water, I also give it to cats and water the flowers. The filter itself has 4 stages of purification and a built-in mineralizer, which gives the water a special taste. The build quality, according to her husband, is at its best — there are no incomprehensible tubes, nothing flies out.


Domestic compact reverse osmosis filter in a monoblock housing. Equipped with two pre-cleaning cartridges, mechanical and carbon, post-filter, refreshing water after being in the storage tank. The system looks elegant enough that it can be placed on the wall above the sink without ruining the look of the kitchen. A stand-alone tank can be easily replaced after it has reached its end of life.

Dimensions (Length*width*height) Filter unit: 32x46x15.3 cm
Required pressure 3 atmospheres
Volume of the tank 8.3 l
Number of cartridges 4 (Mechanical pre-cleaning, activated carbon cartridge, membrane cartridge, carbon post-filter with silver)
Performance 180 liters per day
  • The compact monoblock body can be mounted under or above the sink;
  • The model is easy to install;
  • The use of quick-release cartridges allows for effortless replacement.
  • Compatible only with domestic cartridges;
  • It is completed with a domestic membrane of low productivity.

The quality of filtered water is really beyond praise. Taganrog officially has non-potable tap water, its quality is one of the worst in Russia, however, the filter turns it into very clean. Parents have a regular 3-stage filter, and even after replacing the cartridges, the taste is not the same and a slight scale remains, while K-OSMOS produces very clean water, not the slightest scale.

The principle of operation of reverse osmosis systems

All reverse osmosis filters work on the same principle. A special membrane is installed in them, the pores on which only water molecules and oxygen pass through. Any impurities with a large molecular size are effectively eliminated, osmosis completely removes bacteria, hardness salts, nitrates and many other contaminants from the water. Most membrane elements are susceptible to chlorine and particulate fouling, so one or more carbon or polypropylene precleaner cartridges are always installed in front of them. The filtration rate of reverse osmosis is relatively low, so most models are equipped with a special tank for clean water.

Filtered contaminants do not remain on the membrane — in this case, it would quickly become clogged and fail. The water entering it is divided into two uneven streams. A smaller, purified part, or permeate, enters the storage tank or directly to the user, and the concentrate containing all impurities is discharged into the sewer, which is recorded by any modern meter. The percentage of concentrate and permeate depends on the performance of the membrane and the water pressure in the water supply.

What to look for when choosing reverse osmosis

In order for the filter to serve for a long time and please the owner with tasty and clean water, you need to carry out some preparation in advance. I have highlighted the main points that you need to check before making a purchase.

Water quality

The documentation for any reverse osmosis indicates the maximum allowable water quality indicators at which the manufacturer can guarantee its uninterrupted operation. If the content of iron or hardness salts is too high, the membrane will not work for the prescribed 1-3 years, becoming clogged much earlier. Before buying and installing a reverse osmosis system, be sure to take samples of your water for analysis and compare its results with the requirements prescribed in the instructions. If the available numbers greatly exceed the required ones, it makes sense to think about installing an additional filter at the point of entry of water into the house.


For correct operation, reverse osmosis requires a certain amount of water pressure in the water supply. Manufacturers indicate the exact numbers in the documents for a specific model. If the pressure is less than recommended, all the water will be drained into the sewer, and the owner will not receive a drop of permeate, and if the pressure is too high, the risk of breakthroughs and flooding increases.

Before buying, be sure to measure the water pressure in the house and compare it with the indicators in the instructions. Insufficient pressure is compensated by installing a filter with an electric pump, and excess pressure is compensated by means of a gearbox.

Cartridge Availability

The vast majority of reverse osmosis systems with a classic layout use Slim Line 10 cartridges, which are easy to find replacements for. Compact models are most often equipped with filters that are unique to each manufacturer. They are usually easier to install, but finding a spare set can be difficult, especially in a small town, so make sure you can buy consumables for your osmosis in advance.


It is always good if pressed rather than screwed fittings are used in the filter design — this gives the reliability of the entire structure. Evaluate whether the tubes are securely fixed, and whether an unexpected water hammer will knock them out, take a look at the thickness and quality of the plastic. So you protect yourself and your neighbors from below from the flood.

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