Rating of the TOP 8 best Bosch combines: what worries you, which one to choose, reviews


A real hostess always strives to please her loved ones with real culinary masterpieces. But sometimes it is very difficult to do this without a real assistant, and it takes a lot of time. That’s why Bosch offers a wide range of food processors with different potentials. But here a new problem arises: how to make a choice in such a large variety?

In the ranking, I will talk about modern and popular food processors from the well-known manufacturer Bosch. You will learn about the differences between models, their positive and negative sides. And I will also explain what parameters you need to pay attention to before buying, so that the technique will help you in the realization of culinary masterpieces at home.

Features of Bosch food processors

To facilitate the preparation of dishes in the kitchen allows the processor, which will take over the shredding, slicing and cocktails. The peculiarity of Bosch equipment is that it is multifunctional and made with high quality. This means that it will serve its owner for a long time and will be able to bring a lot of joy.

Modern Bosch models are compact and do not take up much space in the kitchen. There are also options with a blender, juicer, nozzle for kneading dough of different density and even with a meat grinder. Therefore, it is a pleasure to use them, and how much time they save!

The most popular models are considered to be two Bosch lines: MCM and MUM. The first is more compact, with low power and a 2-liter bowl. And the second is designed for large families and most models have a stainless steel bowl that has a planetary rotation. Despite the variety, all Bosch models allow you to create real masterpieces and make gastronomic discoveries.

A feature of Bosch food processors is to cut food into cubes. This is indispensable when harvesting for the winter, cooking vegetable dishes. True, recently the manufacturer has stopped equipping the equipment with a cube cutter and you need to buy it separately in the company store.

Bosch food processor rating


An excellent option for use in the home kitchen by lovers of desserts, pastries and creamy soups. A Bosch combine with low power, since its tasks do not include chopping meat and chopping ice. The body is made of high-quality plastic, and the bowl is made of stainless steel, designed for 2 kg of dough. The rotation is planetary, that is, the whisk moves in three directions, collecting the contents along the walls and from the bottom. But the container itself is in place. This allows you to achieve maximum mixing. There is a lid to prevent the contents from scattering in small drops around the kitchen. Convenient speed adjustment on the side, consisting of 4 stages. This allows you to smoothly change the desired intensity. The bottom of the legs are on suction cups, so the food processor will not budge. But due to the low power, it cannot cope with a dense test. It is possible to buy additional nozzles if necessary.

Power, W) 500
Number of nozzles 3
Bowl volume (l) 3.9
Peculiarities planetary
  • compactness;
  • quiet;
  • you can buy nozzles (blender and meat grinder);
  • whips up creams well.
  • difficult to cope with the dense test.

I often cook cakes and various desserts, so looking after just such a food processor without unnecessary options. I really liked him at work. Doesn’t make noise and takes up little space. Whisks and mixes great. All thanks to planetary rotation. True, sometimes there is not enough power, because you want to cook faster. But overall I’m very happy with the purchase.

A similar model MUMP1000 has the same functionality, but differs in 600 W power and a plastic bowl. The cost of such a combine is from 5100 to 8307 rubles.

The One MUM4657

The food processor was conceived as a multifunctional one, which has all the options, including a meat grinder. This option also attracts the attention of buyers. But the power is weak (550 W) and this is not enough for good scrolling of frozen foods and cores. It is more suitable for chicken and turkey. Otherwise, the Bosch combine perfectly blends, slices and rubs. Works pretty well on tough tests. The unit itself is small, and the nozzles are stored in a special box from which they can be quickly obtained. Management mechanical with switching on speeds.

The One MUM4657
Power, W) 550
Number of nozzles 9
Bowl volume (l) 3.9
Peculiarities meat grinder
  • convenient storage and small dimensions of the device itself;
  • well-made;
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • low power for a meat grinder.

Bought for my wife for her birthday. Almost immediately tried it for making soup dressings. Arrived very quickly and with good quality. There are complaints about the meat grinder. Only semi-thawed meat needs to be filled. In this case, it copes best, though it skips the veins.

If you decide to complete your MUM series food processor, then it is better to order nozzles at Bosch official website. There are both graters and meat grinders, juicers and noodle attachments.

MultiTalent 3 MCM 3200

A fairly powerful appliance that in the kitchen can become an indispensable assistant in the preparation of everyday dishes, salads and preparations. There are no unnecessary accessories in its arsenal: a universal knife, nozzles for dough and whipping, a grater (large and small), slicing and a 1 liter blender bowl. The main capacity is 2.3 liters. There is a disc without holes for making sauces, delicate creams and mayonnaise. This Bosch model is useful for everyday use or as needed. Storage is compact. Cheaper due to the presence of only two speeds and plastic containers.

MultiTalent 3 MCM 3200
Power, W) 800
Number of nozzles four
Bowl volume (l) 2.3
Peculiarities storage compartment
  • small dimensions due to convenient storage;
  • affordable price;
  • all the basic graters and nothing more;
  • sufficient power.
  • the main grater rubs either coarsely or very finely.

I use about 1-2 times a week. But I noticed that the plastic is not very high quality and, apparently, will not last long. That is, if the food processor is used daily, it will quickly crack or burst. And so I even make minced meat on it and chop vegetables.


Bosch food processor with two bowls: main and blender. All of them are closed with lids, which prevents contamination of the workplace. The main compartment is provided for supplying products. It has the main functions: cutting, shredding and whipping. The set includes a centrifugal juicer for citrus fruits. Therefore, the unit is suitable for those who are on the right diet. With it, you can quickly prepare cocktails, smoothies, sauces and juice. There is a stainless steel knife for fine cutting of meat, poultry and vegetables. The power is quite decent, so there shouldn’t be any problems with solid ingredients. The dough kneader is made of hard plastic. There is a smooth speed control on the body, which is very convenient, since you can easily select the desired intensity.

Power, W) 1100
Number of nozzles 7
Bowl volume (l) 3.9
Peculiarities smooth adjustment
  • suitable for a large family;
  • many different attachments, including a juicer;
  • high power;
  • smooth adjustment.

I just needed such a combine in the kitchen, as it replaces many household appliances. After the purchase, I immediately began to conduct experiments. I added frozen berries to smoothies and he quickly coped with his task. There are no problems with the grater either. Handled four large carrots in a minute.


A fairly powerful food processor with the main functionality: blending, slicing, fine and coarse grater, whipping and cooking dough. As you can see, all the main options are provided here. Unlike the Bosch MC812W620 combine, there is no juicer here. Otherwise, they are very similar. It is not possible to buy additional nozzles for these units. Therefore, you need to immediately choose the right package. Adjustment of turns smooth by means of the mechanical handle. In my opinion, the price is a little high, given that such a high power is not needed for a food processor, but 700-1000 watts is quite enough. And for a lower price, you can buy a quite decent unit from Bosch lines that have similar options.

Power, W) 1250
Number of nozzles 7
Bowl volume (l) 3.9
Peculiarities smooth adjustment
  • main functions;
  • high power;
  • quickly cuts, grinds and whips.
  • unable to knead stiff dough.

An indispensable thing in the household, especially when preparing blanks for the winter. This food processor saves me a lot of time in the kitchen. Shredded or grated the vegetables and seasoned the soup. Cooking creams for cakes or kneading biscuit dough is generally a pleasure.

The power indicator does not always affect options such as a meat grinder and kneading tight dough. To perform this kind of work, that is, where effort is needed, the food processor must have a special drive capable of operating in two modes: high-speed (the main functions of cutting and whipping) and low-speed (meat grinder and tight dough).


A device with a power of 500 W can knead dough of different consistency, beat, chop and cut food. Thus, the processor performs all the main functions in the kitchen and copes with them perfectly. You can buy additional attachments, but keep in mind that the power does not allow you to chop meat. It is small in size and has compact storage, which means it is suitable for small kitchens. On the side there is a knob for adjusting the intensity in 4 positions. This ensures a smooth transition between modes. Many users noted that the device perfectly whips cream into a tight foam. All this is due to the planetary rotation of the corolla. Removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Power, W) 500
Number of nozzles 6
Bowl volume (l) 3.9
Peculiarities planetary rotation
  • basic no-frills options;
  • fast cutting and shredding;
  • little noise;
  • large capacity.
  • no significant deficiencies were identified.

For such money, just a supercombine for the kitchen. It does everything I need and takes up little space. All nozzles fit neatly into the bowl. Only with him I managed to whip the cream into a tight foam. At high speeds it wobbles and seems to tip over, but so far everything is fine.

All Bosch food processors in the rating have overload protection. Therefore, their operation time is unlimited and there is no need to wait between operations.

HomeProfessional MUM59M55

The uniqueness of this Bosch combine lies in the presence of not only a centrifugal juicer, but also a meat grinder. It can do almost everything you need to cook meals. Therefore, it is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. There are two containers: for whipping and mixing, for slicing and shredding. Each has a lid. It is necessary for safety and to avoid splashing food. Dough kneading is done both for fritters and pancakes (up to 2.7 kg) and dumplings (up to 1.9 kg). The mini blender will allow you not only to mix goodies, but also to take them on the road, closing them with a tight lid. You can smoothly change the intensity, as the control is mechanical with 7 speeds and turbo mode.

HomeProfessional MUM59M55
Power, W) 1000
Number of nozzles ten
Bowl volume (l) 3.9
Peculiarities blender bowl
  • multifunctionality, excluding the purchase of additional household appliances;
  • high productivity;
  • smooth change of rotation intensity.

I have been using it for only a month, but from the very first day I fell in love with this combine from Bosch. He has become a real helper in the kitchen. I initially chose this model because of the meat grinder, but then I decided to try all the other options. He copes with his tasks perfectly. And now all sorts of blenders, juicers, mixers and meat grinders are not needed. Everything is here and storage does not take up much space.

Bosch is a German brand, but food processors are assembled in Slovenia. The equipment is of high quality and safety.

MUM 5 MUM58K20

A fairly powerful device with which you can carry out many kitchen operations with the help of nozzles: a large and small grater, chopping, whisks, a dough hook and a blender. The main bowl is made of stainless steel, which means it is not subject to the formation of chips and cracks. The rotation of the whisk in three directions allows you to collect the contents from the bottom and walls. But, apparently, due to the small dimensions, when kneading thick dough, it staggers a lot, which confuses many buyers. Mechanical control with smooth speed change.

MUM 5 MUM58K20
Power, W) 1000
Number of nozzles 7
Bowl volume (l) 3.9
Peculiarities stainless steel bowl steel
  • all main functions;
  • high power;
  • stylish design;
  • automatic cord winding;
  • compact and easy storage.

Stylish and multifunctional harvester. It is powerful enough and therefore quickly copes with all operations. But here it worries a little when kneading the dough for dumplings. The hook moves along with the hull. Apparently it is unstable, although the legs are rubberized. Other than that, I’m very satisfied with them.

Only for the MUM line it is possible to order the missing complete set. Therefore, you can purchase meat grinders and other graters a little later. The drive allows you to knead products of different densities.

How to choose the right food processor?

When choosing a food processor, we want to buy a real helper that will make it easier for us to prepare food and prepare for the winter. Therefore, it is worth focusing on the following indicators:

  1. Power. It is best if it is more than 600-700 W, as this contributes to better grinding of solid ingredients, quick shredding and whipping. This indicator indicates the cutting speed.
  2. Number of turns. The quality of shredding and cutting depends on this parameter. The best option is 11-12 thousand per minute. The meat grinder requires a smaller number of revolutions.
  3. Speeds. In the simplest combines, there are only two, but it is better when it is smoothly regulated. Another convenient addition is the Turbo button, which is necessary for making cocktails, whipping ingredients or crushing ice.
  4. Dimensions. Many combines are impressive in size, so they take up a lot of space in a small kitchen. In this regard, Bosch has launched several series with compact storage of accessories.
  5. Bowl. Firstly, they are plastic, tempered glass and metal. In budget series, mostly the first option. They reduce the weight of the entire kitchen unit, but are prone to chips and cracks. Secondly, volume is an important indicator. For a large family and housewives who like to make preparations for the winter, it is better to look at bowls from 3 liters.
  6. Equipment. The parameter is purely individual. Bosch harvesters often have many attachments, most of which you will not use. Therefore, be determined in the choice of the needs of your family. In addition, in the MUM series, you can separately buy removable parts and complete the kitchen assistant.
  7. Functional. More often, a blender is presented in addition, since it can be used to prepare a variety of dishes and grind food. But there are models with a meat grinder. True, in this case it is often necessary to look for the combine to be with high power.

All food processors from Bosch are made with high quality, regardless of the type of control and materials. All components can always be ordered if something is broken or the nozzle is lost.

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