Rating of the TOP 7 best humidifiers-purifiers: the quality of purification, which is better, the pros and cons


Everyone knows that in nature the air is cleaner and therefore we breathe so comfortably and easily. But in the city, the air contains many impurities that are harmful to our health, as well as large particles of dust, wool, pollen, and so on. But modern technologies allow us to improve comfort in the house and make breathing easier due to special equipment.

More recently, a hybrid purifier and humidifier has appeared on the market, which performs several functions at once. It is convenient and good for our health. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of popular and best models of humidifiers / air purifiers, where you will learn about their pros and cons, the quality of work and read customer reviews. And also I will tell you how such devices work and what to look for when buying them.

Features of the Humidifier-Air Purifier

Most recently, we bought various devices for cleaning and humidifying the air. But today, manufacturers offer multifunctional models in which all these options are present.

As you know, there are invisible particles in our air, which, when inhaled, enter our body and can cause not only allergies, but also more serious diseases. Therefore, regular cleaning of the air in the house from dust, germs, bacteria, wool and other allergens is so important. It is also necessary to maintain moisture in order for our immune system to work properly and without failure. Humidifiers are responsible for this. But complex devices perform all these functions simultaneously.

The principle of operation of the humidifier-purifier is as follows: the fan forcibly drives the air through the air filtration system, and then through the water. Thus, the already purified and moistened air flow that we breathe enters the external environment.

There are two types of filtration: water and dry. In the first case, the air flow passes through the water and dust particles settle in it. And in the second, they first pass through dry filters of various degrees of purification. There are the following types:

  1. HEPA has different degrees of purification from antibacterial to the smallest particles and chemical compounds, which is very important for allergy sufferers. Refers to interchangeable and must be replaced, as indicated in the passport.
  2. Coal (carbon) removes odors.
  3. Pre-cleaner retains large particles of dust and wool, thereby protecting the HEPA filter from premature clogging.
  4. Photocatalytic removes unpleasant odors due to UV radiation falling on the surface with titanium dioxide.
  5. Silver disinfects and promotes the retention of the smallest particles and allergens.

The function of steam is also different, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Traditional or “cold evaporation” takes place without heating water, does not leave residue on furniture, but requires the use of purified distilled water. If you pour water from the tap into the tank, a plaque forms in the container.
  2. Hot steam due to the heating element. It quickly saturates oxygen with water vapor, but is unsafe, so you need to think about its location. Especially in homes with small children.
  3. Ultrasonic produces a finely dispersed water suspension that easily rises in the air. Therefore, they are more efficient. Such devices are almost silent and consume little electricity, but leave a white coating on the furniture.

Humidifier/Air Purifier Rating


Floor unit that humidifies the air and partially purifies it in water. There are no dry filters. The whole process is based on the principle of natural evaporation of moisture. Inside are thin round plates, partially submerged in water. They rotate and at the top give off moisture and capture dust, and at the bottom they are cleaned and moistened. Easy to take apart and wash. Inside there is a water level sensor with automatic shutdown of the device. On the case there are indicators showing the current temperature and humidity in the room. You can set the intensity of evaporation depending on your needs. This device can be connected to a smart home system and the MiHome app to control it remotely.

Area (sq. m.) 36
Power consumption W eight
Tank volume (l) four
Peculiarities smartphone control
  • ease of use;
  • good hydration performance;
  • practically silent;
  • can be controlled remotely.
  • primitive cleaning.

A good device, with which I managed to raise the humidity to 57% in a room of 15 sq.m. In winter, there is simply a problem with heating and the air is simply too dry. That is why the choice fell on inexpensive and high-quality Xiaomi. We love it as a moisturizer. Topping up the water is simple and you do not need to open or pull anything out. And as a cleaner, he, of course, is rather weak. But we are quite satisfied.

Dry and polluted air destroys our immunity. In winter, when the heating is turned on, the humidity decreases significantly, which makes our nasal mucosa more susceptible to bacterial attacks. And microbes, pollen, dust, animal hair and so on often fly in the air.

Cuchen Airwash

Stationary air washer with an intensive capacity of 400 ml/h and a water flow rate of 200 ml/h. On the upper surface there are control buttons and indication of operation, humidity level and tank fullness. You can adjust the fan speed and evaporation intensity, set the timer up to 9 hours. The hygrometer is built-in and with the help of an indication shows the level of humidity in the room: orange — dry, blue — normal, white — waterlogged. It is possible to set the required humidity in the room to be maintained. Automatic shutdown when the tank runs out of water. The air passes through the carbon barrier and onto the rotating disks half submerged in the water. Then it passes through a silver filter and exits. Thus, natural evaporation and purification is carried out.

Cuchen Airwash
Area (sq. m.) 40
Power consumption W 44
Tank volume (l) 5
Peculiarities timer
  • quiet work;
  • improves air quality;
  • convenient management in Russian;
  • many functions and automatic shutdown.
  • More of a moisturizer than a purifier.

Living with this device has become much better, and in the morning it has become easier to wake up, and the nose does not breathe better. I turn it on not only in winter, but also in summer. Above is a display with clear controls and a scoreboard that displays the current percentage of moisture. I clean the carbon filter with a vacuum cleaner, and the discs are easy to clean in water. After work, a sediment is visible in the water — it means the sink is working.

AIC XJ-297

Compact station that can be placed on a table or on the floor. The manufacturer claims that its humidifier/air purifier serves up to 28 square meters. m., and per hour 120 cubic meters. m. But judging by the numerous reviews, only up to 40% moisture is achieved. Although this is within the normal range. Inside, the air is cleaned with a photocatalytic filter (UV radiation), which also contributes to disinfection, and water. There is an ionization function. But only distilled water is required for operation. There is a touch control on the case, with which you can change the intensity of the device, as well as turn on the night mode with reduced noise. Although many buyers noted that the device is noisy. As an addition, the lower bulb has 7 backlight colors.

AIC XJ-297
Area (sq. m.) 28
Power consumption W 28
Tank volume (l) 4.5
Peculiarities ionization, UV
  • ionization and UV disinfection;
  • nice design with changing backlight;
  • low price;
  • no dust in the air.
  • makes noise like a fan;
  • weak moisturizing effect.

I was surprised when I opened it for the first time after a one-day job. There was so much dust in it. He takes air from the side and passes it through filters and water, and then throws it up. Of course, as a humidifier, the device is rather weak and I reached a maximum of 40% with the doors closed. Mostly around 30-35%. But judging by the dirty water, it will clean decently and there is much less dust in the house.

Kitfort KT-2811

Stationary climatic complex with an ultrasonic humidifier with the possibility of installation on the floor or table. You can set the desired humidity in the room and the device will maintain it due to the built-in hygrometer. Forms a warm mist due to water heating up to 50 degrees. Inside the water tank there is a demineralization filter that traps harmful impurities. Touch control at the bottom. With it, you can set the timer up to 12 hours and the intensity from 1 to 3. Cleaning thanks only to the HEPA barrier. In addition, the possibility of aromatization of the room with special oils is presented.

Kitfort KT-2811
Area (sq. m.) thirty
Power consumption W 105
Tank volume (l) 5.3
Peculiarities aromatization, hygrometer
  • compact device and interesting design;
  • silent operation;
  • remote hygrometer;
  • the presence of sensors and the ability to set the desired parameters that the device will support.
  • not very convenient bay of water from below;
  • weak air purification effect.

For a long time I chose which model to buy, and when I saw this one, I almost immediately decided that this was the one! I have never regretted after the purchase. Works great. I have it on the windowsill, as in this case the efficiency is higher. Most often I use auto mode, as it is convenient and you do not need to control the air cleaner.

All humidifiers/air purifiers require regular cleaning and filter replacement as well as service. Therefore, if the device is multifunctional, then the cost of its maintenance will be higher than that of a simple one.

SENDO Air 90

Climatic complex with five degrees of purification due to filters: preliminary, HEPA, silver and catalytic. Controls in the upper left, and in the right — a display that shows data, indicators and set modes. It is possible to manually set the operation parameters or set the automatic mode. In this case, the air quality control system is activated and the purifier itself regulates the intensity of air intake and humidification. An indicator located around the control buttons indicates the state of the air. Red indicates the presence of contamination, and blue indicates the norm. Night mode is almost silent and does not interfere with sleep. But many buyers noted that the device as a humidifier is weak.

SENDO Air 90
Area (sq. m.) fifty
Power consumption W fifty
Tank volume (l.) 2
Peculiarities silver filter
  • air cooling on hot summer days;
  • reduces the amount of dust;
  • high-quality cleaning;
  • There is an automatic mode and remote control.
  • small water tank;
  • poor quality of moisture;
  • difficult to buy accessories.

We bought it for an apartment specifically for humidification and as an addition to air purification, since a small child was born and I wanted to create acceptable conditions. But there is no device as a humidifier. In winter, when the heating is on and at maximum speed, the percentage does not rise above 25. But the air cleans quite decently and the filters can simply be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. I noticed that there really was less dust on the floor and furniture.

Stadler Form Oskar big Limited O-040LM/O-041LM

Steam generator and cleaner with aromatization function using aromatic oils. It has 4 cellulose barriers to keep large particles and wool out. As well as an antibacterial Water Cube filter with silver ions that destroys bacteria. The downside is that these consumables are expensive and need to be changed during intensive use every 3 months. The device is able to maintain humidity at the level of 45-55%, but under the condition of working in only one room. Despite the fact that it is designed for an area of ​​​​100 square meters, it will only work effectively in one room, since the circulation is limited by walls. The water tank has a window to control the flow. Inside there are two fans that provide the intensity of air movement, but they work quietly.

Stadler Form Oskar big Limited O-040LM/O-041LM
Area (sq. m.) 100
Power consumption W 32
Tank volume (l) 6
Peculiarities humidity 40-55%
  • quiet work;
  • stylish design;
  • efficiency;
  • simple control.
  • expensive consumables that need to be replaced frequently.

At first I noticed the design, which is different from others. Yes, and I was pleased with the functionality. Now it is easy to breathe in the apartment and the plants reacted positively, which means it works efficiently. The bad thing is that filters are expensive and you have to change them constantly. It is also inconvenient to carry from room to room.

Humidity in the room should be within normal limits: in summer from 30 to 60%, and in winter from 30 to 50%. The critically low figure starts around 20%.

Electrolux EHU-5010D / EHU-5015D

An ultrasonic humidifier is more effective than others, as it quickly saturates the room with fine mist. But the disadvantages include the presence of white plaque on the furniture. It can be placed on the floor or on a table. Cleaning passes through a carbon barrier, which also traps unpleasant odors. Touch control with one button and illumination of the water level in the tank. It works silently, so you can turn it on in the nursery and at night. In addition, it is possible to aromatize the room.

Electrolux EHU-5010D / EHU-5015D
Area (sq. m.) thirty
Power consumption W thirty
Tank volume (l) four
Peculiarities aromatization
  • simple control;
  • upper bay of water;
  • easy to move;
  • perfectly moisturizes.
  • air purification is not very good.

Easy-to-use humidifier-purifier. There is only one on/off button on the case. You can’t really hear him, even if you stand next to him. It is convenient to pour water from the top and not a drop spills past. But from his work, you have to wipe the furniture more often, as a white coating appears. The tank is enough for a full-fledged work all night.

Any equipment effectively cleans the air in only one room, as walls, partitions and doors significantly reduce its circulation. Therefore, you should not overpay for a humidifier / purifier, designed for 100 sq.m., if it is installed in a room of 15 sq.m. m.

What to look for when choosing a humidifier-purifier?

When choosing a climate complex, you need to focus not only on customer reviews and the brand. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the device, as in the passport you will find the exact data and will be able to determine whether you need a thing or not. So, what to pay attention to first of all:

  1. Served area. Remember that no matter what the device is and no matter what the manufacturer says about it, it works most efficiently only in one room, since walls interfere with air circulation. Therefore, we take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe largest room if we intend to move the humidifier-air purifier as needed.
  2. humidification type. I described them in detail at the beginning of this review and talked about the pros and cons of each.
  3. Water filling option. The most convenient top, but less noisy in the tank. This is individual preference.
  4. Purification is most effective in the presence of several stages, provided by different degrees of air filtration. I also spoke about their types at the beginning of the review.
  5. Additional functions. It is convenient if the air cleaner has a hygrometer and a hygrostat. The first determines the degree of air humidity, and the second monitors the set humidity level. There are also models with aromatization, a timer, sensors for dirty filters and running out of water.
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