Rating of the TOP 5 best Redmond multi-bakers: panels, which one to buy, pros and cons


Technique helps to create various masterpieces in the kitchen. Therefore, over time, we have waffle irons, electric grills, sandwich makers and other appliances that take up a lot of space. But the Redmond company offers customers to buy a multi-baker with which you can cook juicy steaks, meatballs, grill, bake pies, cookies and waffles.

But the Redmond line has a large assortment, which complicates the choice. In the review, I will talk about popular multi-baker models, describe their strengths and weaknesses. And also you will learn what to look for before buying and why this technique is so convenient.

Features of the multi-baker Redmond

Almost all of us know what a waffle iron is. This is a small press with two plates that heat up and fry delicious and fragrant waffles from both sides at once. The principle of operation was also used to create an electric grill. Only in such a device there are minor modifications.

But it is extremely inconvenient to keep several such electrical appliances at once at home. For most, the storage area is limited and we are forced to choose one thing. Giving preference to the frequently prepared and most favorite dish in the family.

In this regard, a multi-bakery is convenient. The principle of operation is the same: two heated plates prepare the product under pressure. Closed heating element inside. But the difference lies in the fact that there are interchangeable baking sheets and each of them has its own shape.

The Redmond company presents a series of multi-bakers, to which you can purchase up to 40 such forms. Now you choose which dishes your family loves and wants to see on your table often: grilled, cookies, donuts, pancakes, Belgian and Dutch waffles, pies, sandwiches and more.

Among the Redmond multi-bakers, two series are presented: the sixth and the advanced seventh. They are very similar to each other, but the PRO version has a larger working surface, it opens 180 degrees and you can buy only 25 baking sheets. Therefore, in the review, I will not talk about each model, but I will point out the features of the series and highlight interesting specimens among them.

Rating of multi-bakers Redmond


The sixth series opens with the usual model RMB-PM600, which does not include a single mold. This is very convenient for housewives who want to independently choose the baking sheets they need. And the choice is quite rich, amounting to 40 items. The device itself has an average power of 700 watts. But this is quite enough for the preparation of dough products, omelettes and grilled vegetables. As most users note, this does not prevent them from creating delicious and unforgettable dishes for their loved ones. There is no temperature controller or timer. The handle has a lock that can be used while the appliance is in operation.

Power, W) 700
Number of types of panels 0
Control mechanical
Peculiarities without trays
  • a variety of additional panels;
  • fast heating;
  • affordable price.
  • high mold cost.

For a family of 2-3 people, such a multi-baker is quite enough. In addition, I bought 10 forms, although I do not use all of them. Most often I use pizza, grill and pancakes. The rest are still lying, as there is no need. Cooking is very convenient and the dishes are delicious. But now I understand that it would be better to take the 7 series.

The sore point of this series is that when overheating, the protection is triggered and the fuse fails. Therefore, you cannot work with the multi-bakery for a long time and you need to let it cool down.

RMB-M601, M-602, M-603, M-604, M-605, M-607, M-608, M-612, M-613, M-614, M-616

In continuation of the 6th series, several models are presented. The device itself is no different and has the same power of 700 watts. Thermoplastic handles do not heat up and have a lock. It is convenient for storage, and can also be used when preparing dough dishes that can rise during heat treatment. The models differ only in the type of removable panels. For example, in the M-607 there are six of them. About which of them is presented in the selected option, you can find out from the passport. Here you can also buy the necessary baking sheets with non-stick coating. Their size is 250 × 132 × 9 mm. Mechanical control without the ability to change the temperature. The timer is not provided. The on and off button is on the back bottom panel, which is not very convenient, because at the end of work you can get burned.

Power, W) 700
Number of types of panels 3 to 6
Control mechanical
Peculiarities almost every one has a grill
  • easy to clean, as the panels are removable;
  • multifunctional;
  • you can buy forms according to your needs;
  • takes up little space.
  • no temperature controller.

My husband gave this miracle for the New Year, which has become an indispensable assistant to me in the kitchen. I can quickly cook pancakes, waffles, cheesecakes and casseroles for a child. When cooking meat and fish, oil is not needed, which means healthy food.

Some users complain that moisture gets on the internal heating element during cooking. Manufacturer Redmond claims that their multi-bakers were conceived primarily for flour products. And in the second — for meat and fish, which emit a lot of moisture.


The sixth series has recently undergone minor changes to improve the 611 model and deliver more comfort when cooking meat and vegetable dishes. It is during their preparation that more moisture is released. The model is supplemented with a grease trap in the form of a small tray, which is installed at the back of the structure. The set also includes three forms: sandwiches for 4 servings, grilled and Belgian waffles for 2 servings. For other indicators, the multi-baker is identical to the 6 series.

Power, W) 700
Number of types of panels 3
Control mechanical
Peculiarities grease trap
  • bowl for collecting juice and fat;
  • multifunctionality;
  • cook quickly;
  • affordable price;
  • compact.
  • There is no timer or temperature controller.

An excellent device for the kitchen, with which you can cook not only waffles and sandwiches, but also grilled meat, fish. Everything turns out very tasty. And when guests are in the house, I always cook different yummy things and surprise them with my culinary skills.

Modification by Redmond was introduced relatively recently. Therefore, in stores you can find even the previous version without a bowl for fat. It is recommended to clarify this point before buying.

RMB-M716/3 PRO, 737, 731, 713, 705, 701

The advanced Redmond series features a work surface that is larger than that of the 6 series. It is 290 x 220 x 12 mm. That is why the power of 1400 watts is also higher. Heating is uniform on both plates. Here, the baking sheets are of better quality and you can cook twice as many dishes at the same time, which means less time wasted. The lid already opens 180 degrees and allows you to get two work surfaces. This is convenient for cooking, for example, meat at the same time as vegetables. The differences between the Redmond 7 models lies in the baking sheets. Therefore, it is worth specifying their type in the product passport.

RMB-M716 PRO, 737, 731, 713, 705, 701
Power, W) 1400
Number of types of panels 3
Control mechanical
Peculiarities lid opening 180 degrees.
  • two working surfaces when opening the lid;
  • you can cook more in a short time;
  • high-quality removable panels.
  • no temperature controller;
  • the lid gets hot.

We often cook sandwiches with ham and cheese, nuts, various waffles and meatballs. Everything is very fast and practical. This is extremely important to me as I have two small children. It is convenient to wash baking sheets by simply wiping with a damp sponge. Included is a recipe book that will help if you do not know where to start getting acquainted with the multi-baker.

The average price of one interchangeable Redmond form is for 6 series from 1200 rubles, and for 7 from 2500 rubles. So you can calculate the benefit of buying a multi-baker already with the trays included in the package.

RMB-M657/1S, 658/3S, 659/3S

Among the Redmond series, SkyBaker is worth highlighting. Here are three models that can be controlled from a smartphone. Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 working in conjunction with smartphones and PCs. To do this, you need to install a special program. Through it, you can set a timer with a shutdown, turn on a delayed start, find out about the readiness of the dish, turn on the heating for up to 3 hours or warm up food from the refrigerator. Thus, Redmond expanded the functionality of its electric bakers. The rest of the device is similar to the sixth series.

RMB-M657/1S, 658/3S, 659/3S
Power, W) 700
Number of types of panels 1 to 3
Control mechanical
Peculiarities smartphone control
  • enhanced capabilities due to remote control connection;
  • a large selection of panels;
  • compactness;
  • affordable price.
  • no significant deficiencies were identified.

I believe that healthy food should not be fatty, and cooking without oil is a holiday for me. I first saw this miracle at a friend’s place and almost immediately ordered it for myself. Control via phone is very convenient and there is also a recipe book. It will definitely be something to please yourself and loved ones. The food turns out on a multi-baker is very tasty and fragrant.

What to Look for When Choosing a Redmond Multibaker

The main differences are presented between series 6 and 7. Therefore, when buying, consider their main characteristics.

  1. For a large family, it is better to choose the PRO version, as it has a larger work surface, which means the cooking process will be faster.
  2. Grill, waffles and sandwiches are considered the main forms. It is with their help that you can cook meat and fish dishes, pies, hot sandwiches and dessert in the form of waffles.
  3. If you do not like the set of baking sheets and want to make your own, then pay attention to the RM-600 model. You just have to order the necessary panels yourself. You can do this in the official Redmond store.
  4. Devices connected to a mobile application are useful for mothers with small children or very busy people. Through it, you can turn on the timer with auto-off and then there will be no trouble.
  5. For those who love juicy steaks and fish, you should look at those Redmond models that have a special bowl for collecting fat.

All molds are made of Silumin, i.e. aluminum with silicon and non-stick coating. They are safe for health and allow you to minimize the use of oil or completely eliminate it. They are very easy to clean with liquid products and a soft sponge. It is not recommended to wash them in the dishwasher.

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