Rating of the cheapest electric scooters: Top 7 options for city driving


It is difficult to meet a person who has not ridden a scooter at least once in his life as a child. However, in recent years this type of transport has become extremely popular among adults: it is quite practical, especially in cities where it is problematic to have personal vehicles due to traffic jams, and besides, such a transport gadget does not cause environmental damage.

For those who love speed and comfort, it is worth turning to e-scooters: thanks to modern developments in the field of batteries and accumulators, there are many models that allow you to achieve high speeds and travel long distances.

There is nothing complicated in the design of an electronic scooter: it is actually a battery pack (usually lithium-ion) and a special controller in order to be able to control the engine.

In addition to the engine, the headlights, on-board computer, stop signal and other additional functions are also powered by the battery. This allows the electric scooter to be a versatile, high-tech and safe mode of transport.

Why might an electric scooter be useful to you? Firstly, it is convenient: you can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour, and the carrying capacity increases annually.

It is safe for nature: such transport does not use fuel, running on batteries.

Scooters are functional and versatile: they can be used to make small recreational trips or ride to work, as well as organize real trips.

When choosing a scooter, you need to focus on the functionality and safety of the model. We do not recommend paying attention to too budget options from unknown manufacturers: they may use low-quality components, which ultimately leads to accidents and injuries.

Rating of the cheapest electric scooters

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Pro

This variant of the electric scooter was updated in 2019, and has received a number of new advantages along with a slightly increased price.

First of all, the improvements relate to a more powerful engine and the ability to travel long distances. The maximum distance is 45 kilometers (15 kilometers more than its predecessor!). And the weight gain was quite insignificant. Riding this scooter is very pleasant — the battery holds a charge well, and now it will not work to be on the road without a charge even in a difficult road.

The 120mm brake disc is an improvement over previous models.

There are several driving modes: eco, drive and sport (the main difference in charge consumption).

This model has a good informative screen, as well as a steering wheel height that is quite comfortable for driving — this is quite pleasant compared to previous options.

Unfortunately, this scooter could not avoid its shortcomings: there are problems with the wires on the rear fender, the device requires manual refinement, which not everyone can do. There are gaps when folding. For some reason, these shortcomings have not been corrected by the manufacturer for about three years.


  • excellent battery;
  • long running distance (45 km).


  • takes a long time to charge;
  • the second brake is missing.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S

Continuing to consider the line of electronic transport from Xiaomi, we cannot ignore this model. Aluminum frame, comfortable 9-inch wheels make this scooter quite light and versatile. The price remains affordable.

Disc brake, located at the rear. Not very smooth.

This “gadget” weighs about 12 kilograms.

You can choose from three available driving modes: economy, normal and sport. The difference is that the first two reduce the motor power to 250 watts.

The computer is no longer limited to stingy LEDs and a mobile application: this model has a full screen. The scooter is equipped with a bell.

How many kilometers will such a unit travel? According to the manufacturer — 30 kilometers. However, we should not forget that this is the footage under normal conditions, close to ideal: that is, the economy mode is on and a flat asphalt surface. Therefore, count on 15-20 kilometers and watch the charge indicator.


  • pneumatic wheels;
  • good brakes;
  • accelerates well and quickly;
  • it is possible to “adjust” the parameters through the application;
  • updated on-board computer.


  • not very smooth running of the brakes;
  • tires wear out quickly.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter

And, completing our analysis of transport “gadgets” from Xiaomi, we want to draw your attention to this model.

The characteristics of this scooter are almost basic, no frills: a 250 W motor, a medium-capacity battery. By the way, the battery compartment has a plastic case, which is not very reliable. However, the enterprising Chinese make it possible to order a metal coating.

There is no full-fledged on-board computer on this model — instead, there are only power buttons and LEDs indicating the amount of charge. All management and information is in a special application. This may not seem very convenient, as it distracts from the trip.

This scooter compares favorably with its competitors by its braking system: disc brakes with a classic lever are reliable and comfortable.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting the backlash during assembly, as well as quickly rubbing tires. In addition, the sound signal is not loud.


  • excellent braking system;
  • convenient to store and fold.


  • not the highest quality assembly;
  • lack of shock absorbers.

Ninebot KickScooter ES4

The electric scooter from Ninebot has a fairly powerful 800W motor, which allows it to accelerate faster than its competitors. If desired, you can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour, but such a process puts a great battery.

The hardware and the battery are installed inside the steering wheel, which gives a plus to safety: when driving into a puddle, there is much less chance of encountering a short circuit. All it affects is the volume of the steering wheel, which is higher than analogues.

Also, an additional battery can be connected to this scooter, which significantly increases the traveled distance.

The control takes place using a special application in which you can see all the necessary characteristics: speed, battery, as well as how many more kilometers the scooter can travel. You can change the modes, they are standard (from economical to sporty). An additional plus for safety is the ability to set a limited speed.

Wheels on 200 millimeters, with double depreciation. This makes the ride very comfortable. There are also two brakes — mechanical foot and electronic on the steering wheel. Might seem a bit out of the ordinary for those used to a standard bicycle brake and will require some dexterity.


  • stroke up to 25 kilometers;
  • double depreciation;
  • It is possible to use a second battery.


  • not very comfortable brake;
  • takes a long time to charge.

Tribe Himba

Another Chinese manufacturer that will delight you with price and quality. Let’s start with the dimensions: only 12 kilograms and a convenient compact storage system. The wheels are wide, pleasant to ride, the brakes are double, providing additional safety.

It will take 4 hours to charge such a device. The average distance for one “reserve” charge is 20 kilometers.

Model Features:

  1. Allows you to carry weight up to 120 kilograms.
  2. Steering brake.

Perhaps the engine power is rather weak (250), but this is enough for everyday tasks.


  • nice design;
  • good quality components;
  • careful move.


  • the battery does not last long enough;
  • difficult to develop high speed.

KUGOO C1 11 Ah

This is a good and solid model for those who need an everyday scooter for trips over short distances. An option for walking around the city and shopping trips. For the latter, a nice bonus is provided: a basket for things.

The display on the steering wheel is quite convenient, you can clearly see the picture in the light of the bright sun. The backlight is adequate.

The material of the wheels is rubber, the frame is aluminum. The wheels are well cushioned and allow you to ride even on uneven roads.

This is a safe model, as it is equipped with good insulation of the battery and motor from moisture.

Important! The manufacturer provides a one year warranty.


  • the battery lasts for a long time;
  • ergonomic design;
  • conveniently folds;
  • quality signal.


  • there are some disadvantages in the design (for example, the lack of fixation of the inner nut).

Yamato PES 0810

This is a fairly compact and ergonomic scooter that will please you with a budget price. Wins in terms of price and quality. There is a choice of colors: black or white. In general, the design is neat, without any frills.

Rugged one-piece construction with quality wheels and front shock absorption.

There is protection against moisture, which will not only protect against short circuits in contact with puddles, but also allow you to ride in the rain.

It is equipped with two headlights: one of them behind, the second in front (LED).

Has a smooth ride.


  • good on-board computer display;
  • water protection;
  • smooth brake.


  • poorly protected charging connector.

How to choose and use

The transition to electronic batteries in modern transport is certainly a very positive step. Despite the fact that not everyone still has personal vehicles, more and more people are beginning to actively use electric scooters, hoverboards, as well as various models of bicycles. People trust modern types of personal transport.

The scooter today is considered the most versatile and practical. Why? Everything is simple. The fact is that on a single battery charge, such a device is able to cover quite long distances without wasting the user’s energy: you can ride such a scooter and not get tired.

It is convenient to store and transport, many models can be disassembled or folded: then they take up less space. If you need to cover a long distance in a fairly short time, but there is no way to use a car, an electric scooter will always come to the rescue!

So, what characteristics deserve attention when choosing such a device?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the power of the engine. It can be small, less than 250 W: such models are best for teenagers or fragile girls who do not have high physical strength. Models with a power of more than 250 W will suit self-confident fans of high-speed driving.

Let’s take a closer look.

From this characteristic depends the ability to quickly accelerate and use all the possibilities of traction when climbing uphill. The higher the weight of the passenger, the greater the power must be. However, for a weight of less than 90 kg, 250 or even less watts will be enough. Importantly, less powerful engines provide a quieter and smoother ride, which can be important for those who value agility and confidence over speed. In this case, the battery is consumed much more slowly.

Taking a motor around 1000 watts is impractical: you will get a quick climb uphill, but put the battery to almost zero in a few minutes. Such scooters are usually not designed for long distances with the engine running to its fullest.

The next parameter that we recommend that you familiarize yourself with is the diameter of the wheels.

The larger it is, the more difficult obstacles and bumps the scooter will be able to overcome. Wheels with a diameter of less than 7 inches will be suitable for smooth urban paved paths. Even to overcome small bumps, tiles or cracks, a larger wheel diameter is required.

A wheel size of about 10 inches is considered universal. They handle both conventional or wet asphalt, as well as rocky surfaces, dirt and other surface options. The load on the battery is quite gentle.

We are looking for a balance: what should be the size of the scooter? If we consider the classic universal version with eight-inch wheels, then its average weight will be about 13 kilograms, and in terms of dimensions it will take just over a meter.

Few people regard these characteristics as key, because they usually store such a device folded at home. However, in some cases this can be quite important: for example, in order to transport a scooter in the trunk, it is necessary that its length on the longest side does not exceed a meter. In general, you need to pay attention to the dimensions immediately when buying. An interesting note: the larger the wheels, the larger the dimensions of the transport will be. So, a scooter with 10-inch wheels will not fit in the trunk.

Everything is interconnected in the device: larger wheels will require a powerful engine, which, in turn, needs a much larger battery. All these factors cannot but increase the weight of the scooter. Even with small input values, the resulting weight can be very, very different.

Now let’s talk about nutrition. As you know, the electric scooter is powered by a battery that can be charged from the power supply. Depending on its capacity, the operating time will vary and, accordingly, the distance that such a scooter can travel.

The 4000 mAh battery will allow you to drive about 9 kilometers (sometimes a little less), provided that the passenger’s weight is not very high. A battery with twice the capacity, up to 8000 mAh, allows you to cover a distance of about 15 kilometers, and the highest capacity, 12000 mAh, will allow you to make long races and travels of 20-25 kilometers.

These figures are average when making a trip on a flat asphalt road without serious slopes and slides. Don’t forget: if you plan to return home on the same scooter, divide the distance in half.

Is there a need to purchase scooters with the most capacious batteries, over 20,000 mAh? Only if long runs over rough terrain are the norm for you. Under normal conditions, the charge simply will not have time to run out, and this adversely affects the battery. In addition, such scooters weigh significantly more, and their charging time increases to 12 hours.

A few words should be said about shock absorbers.

You have the opportunity to purchase vehicles with a good set of shock absorbers — this will make it possible to calmly and without discomfort overcome obstacles and drive on uneven roads. Yes, this adds weight to the scooter, but if you live in an area where there is not only perfectly smooth asphalt, this is a good solution. You can purchase only the front shock absorbers or a complete set — depending on the needs and weight of the passenger. In general, the difference in the mass of a scooter with full or partial depreciation is about two kilograms.

Almost all scooters are equipped with headlights (or at least LEDs), brakes (a necessary condition for a safe trip), many have an on-board computer with a display that displays useful information.

Make sure that all these additional functions work correctly. For example, the headlight should emit a soft but bright diffused light onto the road, and not a large beam of light into the eyes of passers-by. Ideally, the ability to adjust the direction of the light beam is good.

Also note that the brake control is convenient, comfortable and, if necessary, can be used as quickly as possible — in emergency situations, seconds can count, delay when looking for a small lever can cost your health.

Ideally, it is best to take a scooter with a good on-board computer equipped with a bright screen. Here is the information it should display:

  • the speed at which the scooter is traveling;
  • mileage since the start of the trip;
  • battery charge indicator.

A non-obvious detail: if you have a color display, you may need a special visor to cover it from the sun. Black-and-white screens do not have such a need and display information equally brightly in any light.

We recommend the most classic brake: lever on the left. Typically, scooters equipped with such brakes have a softer ride (unlike the disc version), and are also better protected from harmful external influences (sand, water, etc.).

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